The Kirin World Kitchen Salt & Fruit Beverage Blends Lychee and Sodium

By: Michael Hemsworth - Mar 1, 2016
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Although the Kirin World Kitchen Salt & Fruit Beverage might seem like a strange combination of ingredients, the actuality is that the beverage offers an exotic taste experience. Packed with the flavor of lychee and salt, the balanced beverage is also capable of balancing a person's sodium levels. High-intensity workouts cause us to lose essential salts and liquids, which the Kirin World Kitchen Salt & Fruit Beverage looks to help replenish.

Freshly crushed lychees and sea salt from Okinawa are incorporated into the beverage that is almost like a natural sport beverage. The drink is finished with peppermint and lemongrass for a total taste experience intended to refresh and relax the drinker with every sip. The beverage comes in a variety of bottle size formats to suit individual use or value-sized preferences.