HUMMINGBIRD Folding Bicycles are the Lightest Design on the Planet

By: Michael Hemsworth - Nov 17, 2015
References: kickstarter & gearhungry
Lugging your bike up and down the stairs at your office or apartment can be the perfect way to sustain an injury, so HUMMINGBIRD Folding Bicycles are here to offer an innovatively light option for cyclists. Designed out of carbon fiber, HUMMINGBIRD Folding Bicycles are purported to be the lightest designs in the world with a weight of just 14.3-pounds.

Able to be customized with either 16 or 20-inch wheels, HUMMINGBIRD Folding Bicycles come in a variety of different color styles to suit your preference and, as the name denotes, are capable of folding up to take up as little floorspace as possible.

Made and designed in Britain, HUMMINGBIRD Folding Bicycles are a fashionable yet functional option for the urban cyclist.