ENPA's 'Petize Yourself' Encourages Walking in Puppies' Paws

By: Amelia Roblin - Dec 15, 2010
References: comunicazionesviluppoenpa.org & adsoftheworld
ENPA's 'Petize Yourself' is effective. The online activity encourages web users to essentially turn their own faces into those of household pets in order to communicate a message about relating to voiceless living creatures.

ENPA's Petize Yourself lets you insert your own picture into the cut-out face of a dog. You then select your preferred breed and begin the photo editing process of becoming a canine yourself. Brought to you by the Lowe Pirella Fronzoni Milano agency for the Society for the Protection of Animals, this puppy-loving program is good fun, and all in the name of animal rights awareness.