The Drink NYC Tap Water Glassware Encourages Turning on the Faucet

By: Francis Tiangson - May 1, 2011
References: fishseddy & curatedmag
The Drink NYC Tap Water Glassware from Fishs Eddy is a reminder for local New York City residents that it's okay to drink the water from their faucets. Having these cups in your cupboard, even if you don't live in the Big Apple, would also remind you that your city's water is also more than likely safe to consume.

Included in the Drink NYC Tap Water Glassware product line are 12-oz cups, a 40-oz decanter and coasters that come in a set of 10. Instead of wasting money buying bottled water, if you take the Drink NYC Tap Water Glassware, you'll also reduce the amount of plastic bottles you throw away. If you don't like the taste of water, you could always make some juice or iced tea to fill these cups.