The David Mach Coat Hanger Sculptures are Jaw-Dropping Masterpieces

By: Marriska Fernandes - Jan 7, 2012
References: davidmach & bitrebels
These David Mach Coat Hanger Sculptures are intriguing and also disturbing.

David Mach is known for his genius sculptures, and he has once again put on his thinking cap and come up with even more artwork full of spikes. He has transformed many thousands of metal coat hangers into jaw-dropping sculptures that will make onlookers take a second glance. His sculptures range from huge bears to roaring gorillas and even crucified men.

Such extraordinary artwork takes patience, precision and a lot of dedication. The David Mach Coat Hanger Sculptures inspire artists all over to extend their artistic talent and try new mediums. Mach is extremely innovative in his field, and pushes the boundaries when it comes to art.