Boksem Beer is Inspired by Legendary Adventures in South Africa

By: Jamie Danielle Munro - Jun 18, 2014
References: & packageinspiration
The branding design for Boksem Beer, turns to the legend of "Trompie en die Boksem bende" in South Africa, according to Package Inspiration. The tale talks of a group of boys and the antics they would get up to.

Because this legend is based on boys with a cheeky, prank-like nature, the graphic designer Janus Badenhorst used a billy goat to represent the playful nature of the characters. Conveniently, the beer package comes with a string attached to the top so that people can pick up a six pack and carry it conveniently back home. Each bottle is slightly different, according to the different characters in the South African legend. The beer identity even comes with a slingshot with a beer opener on the end, fittingly tying the entire theme together.