The Bohermore House by Boyd Cody Architects is Entirely Open Concept

By: Amelia Roblin - Mar 3, 2011
References: boydcodyarch & archdaily
Privacy is a given when you live on an open field, and the Bohermore House by Boyd Cody Architects makes use of its isolation to exude a confident sense of clarity. The view of the home from the road reveals nothing but fragments of concrete walls, but a step to the side proves pristine vista all the way through each room of the abode.

The building's program draws strength from a single story to complement the horizontality of its planar landscape. Altogether, the site is home to five intersecting occupiable entities, joined together through a light-filled corridor, whitewashed like the exterior and interior of every room. With 50% of all walls as expansive glass fenestration, the Bohermore House by Boyd Cody Architects takes on a clean look, as radiant as a diamond in the Irish agricultural setting.