The 'Apocalypse Later, Surf Now' Short Shows Severe Sport Dedication

By: Regan Canie - Published: • References: youtube and buzzfeed
Everyone has their own opinions as to what the latter half of 2012 will bring, but why not put that Armageddon adrenaline to good use like the extreme-sport enthusiasts captured in the 'Apocalypse Later, Surf Now' video do?

YouTube user Keef70 created an insane short that depicted a group of fearless surfers taking advantage of some sweet whitecaps while the world comes to an apocalyptic end. Capturing real footage of brave board-riders with a GoPro surf camera and then adding in fiery destruction effects makes for a scary yet captivating clip. Watch it with the audio cranked up and let the haunting track it's set to make you feel like you're a part of the apocalyptic action.

The 'Apocalypse Later, Surf Now' video has got to be the coolest fabrication of the highly-propagated, potentially disastrous future.