The Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen '100 Posterworks' Project is Witty

By: Romina S. Cortellucci - Jul 8, 2012
References: ryannaprojects & mymodernmet
The Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen '100 Posterworks' project finds humor in the world. The 100 black-and-white poster series was created by married artistic duo Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen, who indirectly ended up documenting their lives. The idea for the project is stated on their website as a way to, "encourage and participate in public dialogue. Through the posters [they] address philosophical questions, comment on political or artistic issues, quote, complain, poke fun."

Aesthetically the duo uses the same composition for each photograph, keeping a dead-pan expression on their faces as they hold up the witty banners. Covering a wide range of subjects, Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen add some thoughtful observations to the world around them. The banners carry comical statements such as "the real fight is against mediocrity" to "are we just wasting paper," and are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.