The America VS. Taliban Chess Set Lets You Checkmake Bin Laden with Bush

By: Michael Hines - Jun 22, 2011
References: hedwigandsergeantmajor & theworldsbestever
Just in time for the fourth of July comes the America vs. Taliban chess set. Created by Hedwig & Sergeant Major, the America vs. Taliban chess set pits the forces of America against the Taliban in a game that is both offensive and fun.

I could see how some people could be rubbed the wrong way as the American's rook is represented by the WTC towers and the Taliban's queen is a woman in a burqa. The game is entertaining however simply because it is so controversial, with a Taliban suicide bomber as a knight and George Bush Jr. as the king. Hedwig & Sergeant Major make many other types of chess sets, including Canadian forces vs. Taliban and Americans vs. Iraqi insurgents. All of this politically incorrect gaming comes at a price, as each of these chess sets sells for $250. Nobody ever said checkmating Bin Laden would be cheap.