From Fishy Jewelry Pieces to Real Blood Pendants

By: Katherine Vong - Published:
Pendant necklaces have floated in and out of fashion for centuries, but there are some very strange versions of the pendant necklace that aren't restricted to any particular season -- or style, for that matter. These peculiar pendants range in oddness, from those that are charmingly offbeat, such as beach-specific necklaces, greek chic necklaces and MP3 player pendants, to those that are disarmingly eccentric, including potted plant necklaces and spiked pacifiers.

Whether you are a jewelry nut or just a nut, you might find that these peculiar pendants offer an interesting way to show off your personal style. These peculiar pendants, whether it's a picture frame pendant, religious tool jewelry or a web browser pendant, can instantly add spark to your look and make you stand out from the crowd.