After a recent break-in, hip-hop legend and actor LL Cool J burglar detaining skills provided a forewarning for future robbers. If the robber was able to break into a celebrity home that is filled $15,000 front doors, luxury wristwatch vaults and $85,000 home security dogs, it goes to show that it is better to be safe than sorry.

But, we may not all be badass celebrities with a large budget for security or the bravery to take one down, so have a look at these affordable home alarms to protect yourself and your loved ones. Simple multi-functioning devices, such as video game security setups or paintball home security, can not only keep a house safe, but also entertained. Video door displays will help parents feel at ease when leaving their children at home.

These home security precautions will prevent homeowners from having to make a courageous move like LL. Essentially, ladies may love Cool James, but after LL Cool J burglar-detaining skills were showed off, robbers definitely do not.