From Emotional Toy Statues to Subtle LEGO Photography

By: Michael Hines - Dec 9, 2012
Anything you've ever made out of toy bricks pales in comparison to all of these epic Nathan Sawaya LEGO sculptures. Artist Nathan Sawaya is a pro at turning the Danish toy bricks into amazing works of art. He has created sculptures of famous celebrities, life-size instruments and organs from the human body.

Sawaya's celebrity sculptures are perhaps what he's most known for. His Conan O'Brien superhero statue and Stephen Colbert statue are both amazing. However, it's his non-celeb pieces that are his best work. It takes someone with true skill to make a detailed model out of a heart using only LEGOS. If you ever fancied yourself an artist with toy bricks, then you'll want to check out all of these epic Nathan Sawaya LEGO sculptures.