From Godly Fast Food Art to Shocking Biblical Musicals

By: Lacey-Jane Walsh - Published:
These righteous biblical art creations use religion for the sake of art and entertainment. While not everyone is religious, anyone can appreciate the beauty (or humor) in these fascinating Bible-based art creations. These intriguing art projects range from sculptures and paintings to live art and fashion editorials. The godly fast food art paintings portray fast food employees in a holy new light, which is both funny and visually interesting.

Religiously crafted tank sculptures feature elaborately crafted churches planted on top of tiny tanks, possibly to make a statement about how religion and war often go hand in hand. Many of these fashion-based religious creations focus in on nun couture. Who knew there was a market for chic religious attire?

From manipulated photos to biblical architecture, these intriguing art creations are stunning and controversial.