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Thanks for being part of my food keynote in Miami on February 25, 2013. As a thank you, I've included tons of extras. If you want to know more about my Innovation Accelerator, Future Festival, research or workshops, email HERE.
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Top-tier innovators at Budweiser, Crayola and Intel rely on our big data and unrivalled trend report platform to Find Better Ideas, Faster. If you get the Full 2017 Trend Report (via email) you will also be able to choose if you'd like to stay inspired with our free weekly trend report.

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Take the Better & Faster Innovation Assessment / Personality Test

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Enjoy my other innovation keynote videos (& feel free to share with your team)

Custom Trend Reports Platform
Custom Report Market Research Testimonials Better & Faster
Innovation Keynote Speaker on Creativity and Trends Disrupt or be Disrupted - NEW! 2,500,000 Views
Custom Research Advisors Exploiting Chaos 1,100,000 Views
Insight Conference 2017 Trend Report

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Best Innovation Keynote Speaker
Better and Faster is a New York Times Bestseller, an Amazon #1 bestseller and one of the most popular innovation keynote speaker videos with over 5,000,000 views. Exploiting Chaos is a visual book about how chaos creates opportunity, one of Inc Magazine's Best Books, and winner of the Axiom International Book Award.

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Come see me at Future Festival, my company's epic innovation conference & workshop series

Best Innovation Conference
trend report client aflac "Undoubtedly the most meaningful conference I've ever attended."
- Vice President, Sales Strategy, Aflac

trend report client honda "The best event I've ever attended, and we go to Motorcycle Races" - Honda R&D
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Custom Trend Reports Platform
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If you'd like to ignite your company's innovation potential, create a culture of innovation, or make change happen when change is hard, check out my keynote website:

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