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NCA's 2013 State of the Industry Conference - $1,000 of Exclusive Extras

Thanks for being part of my food  keynote in Miami on February 25, 2013. As a thank you, I've included this page with $1,000 of free extras from Trend Hunter, the world's #1 most popular, most powerful trend platform.

If you'd like to learn how top-tier innovators at Adidas, Nestle, Pepsi, Samsung and Target rely on Trend Hunter's science to find better ideas, faster, connect with me and we can talk about Custom Report Trials.


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1. FREE: $1,000 of sample custom reports

Top-tier innovators at Budweiser, Crayola and Intel rely on our 24-hour turnaround of custom idea-filled trend reports to deep dive new markets & Find Better Ideas, Faster. With our revolutionary science and six stadiums of people hunting for you, you will out-adapt, outsmart and out-innovate your competitor.
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2. Trial our custom service

Join leading innovators, like Samsung, Nestle, Mattel, and Target, who save time & effort by relying on our dedicated advisors to scope new markets, track competitors and filter inspiration. You'll get custom monthly research directly from your dedicated advisor and our award-winning research team.
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3. Stay inspired with a free sign-up to our Weekly Trend Report

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Join 140,000 CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators who rely on our weekly report to stay inspired!
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4. Learn to spark innovation with bonus keynote videos

Learn how to exploit chaos or brush up on the latest trends with our bonus videos! If you're looking for WAY more video content, you might also like our website where we feature 3,000+ videos organized into courses.

5. Download my last award-winning innovation book

Exploiting Chaos is our award-winning book on, "150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change." Translated in to 7 languages, the book was awarded an Axiom International Book Award and one of Inc Magazine's Best Books.
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6. Preview my next book and be the first to be Better & Faster

BETTER & FASTER is my exciting innovation book, launching Feb 2015. It will teach you the proven path to unstoppable ideas, based on our unparalleled research of 250,000 ideas.

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5. Explore the world's largest collection of ideas

Trend Hunter is the world's largest, most popular collection of cutting edge ideas, fueled by 140,000 hunters. We help creative people Find Better Ideas, Fasterâ„¢
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If you'd like to ignite your company's innovation potential, visit:
• Better & Faster - The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas
• Exploiting Chaos (Innovation & Cultural Change)
• Infectious Messaging (Communication & Alignment)
• Customer Obsession (Creating Deeper Connections)
• How to Spark a Revolution (Making Change Happen)
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