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Top 30 Start-Up Concepts in April

1 Top 30 Start-Up Concepts in April

From Vending Machine Apps to Interactive LED Lounges • 16,110 views
Late-Night Meal Deliveries

2 Late-Night Meal Deliveries

With Door Dash, Jack in the Box is Offering Night Meal Delivery • 610 views
At-Home Espresso Subscriptions

3 At-Home Espresso Subscriptions

This Service Helps to Perfect the Art of Making Espresso at Home • 502 views
Sneakerhead Subscription Boxes

4 Sneakerhead Subscription Boxes

Sneakerbox Supplies Accessories for the Sneaker Connoisseur • 464 views
Pop-Up Beach Bars

5 Pop-Up Beach Bars

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel Created a Luxurious Space to Watch Surfing • 401 views
Automaker Personal Driver Programs

6 Automaker Personal Driver Programs

Lincoln Chauffeur Lets Owners Request A Private Driver Via App • 394 views
Body Positive Beauty Salons

7 Body Positive Beauty Salons

Babydoll Beauty Couture Caters Specifically to Plus-Size Consumers • 342 views
Same-Day Meal Delivery Services

8 Same-Day Meal Delivery Services

Martha & Marley Spoon is Offering Quick Delivery Through Amazon • 272 views
Trackable Designer Fashion Trucks

9 Trackable Designer Fashion Trucks

Kat's Closet Offers an App to Let Loyal Consumers Stay in Touch • 238 views
Customizable Gift-Giving Kits

10 Customizable Gift-Giving Kits

'Giftkit' Introduces a Modern Way to Shop for Gift Baskets Online • 237 views
Exlcusive Toronto Streetwear Launches

11 Exlcusive Toronto Streetwear Launches

Stussy Toronto's Re-Opening Will Feature Unique Apparel • 226 views
Matcha Pudding Snacks

12 Matcha Pudding Snacks

Starbucks Japan is Adding a Tasty Green Pudding to Its Menu • 219 views
New York Bagel Burgers

13 New York Bagel Burgers

Mcdonald's New Bagel Supreme Has Two Patties, Bacon, and Coleslaw • 200 views
One-Way Car Rental Apps

14 One-Way Car Rental Apps

AAA's Gig Car Share App Doesn't Make You Pay to Park • 176 views
Virtual Reality Cafes

15 Virtual Reality Cafes

'Vrei' is a Hub for Trying Out Virtual Reality Technology and Games • 130 views
Plant-Based Sneakers

16 Plant-Based Sneakers

Reebok's Cotton + Corn Sneakers Can Be Composted After Use • 124 views
Digital Payment Messaging Apps

17 Digital Payment Messaging Apps

This WhatsApp Update Will Allow Users to Sell and Buy Goods • 124 views
Crowdsourced Food Delivery Apps

18 Crowdsourced Food Delivery Apps

JoyRun Lets Users Pick Up Food from Restaurants for Others • 118 views
Vending Machine Apps

19 Vending Machine Apps

'Acure Pass' Allows One to Pre-Purchase Drinks from a Smartphone • 106 views
Body-Positive Vegan Gyms

20 Body-Positive Vegan Gyms

Portland's 'Liberation Barbell' Celebrates Self-Love and Empowerment • 77 views


Top 30 Start-Up Ideas in February

1 Top 30 Start-Up Ideas in February

From Soup Delivery Services to Automated HR Tools • 69,365 views
Top 40 Start-Up Trends in March

2 Top 40 Start-Up Trends in March

From B2B Co-Working Spaces to Craft Supply Marketplaces • 63,362 views
Feminist Activism Apparel

3 Feminist Activism Apparel

The 'Tory's Angry Uterus Tee' Supports Women's Health Funding • 4,128 views
Nitro Coffee Carts

4 Nitro Coffee Carts

Warbler Coffee Roasting's Mobile Drinks Cart Sells Nitro Beverages • 2,319 views
Creative Fitness Studios

5 Creative Fitness Studios

'Project by Equinox' Empowers Trainers to Create the Future of Fitness • 1,922 views
Interactive LED Lounges

6 Interactive LED Lounges

Melbourne's Spice Market Has Artificial Snow and Flying Scenery Nightly • 1,629 views
Farm Fresh Food Delivery

7 Farm Fresh Food Delivery Provides Fresh Produce Delivery Straight From Delhi Farmers • 1,228 views
Vegan Deli Restaurants

8 Vegan Deli Restaurants

Montreal's Gusta Foods is a New Gourmet, Plant-Based Restaurant • 1,007 views
Playroom-Inspired Cinemas

9 Playroom-Inspired Cinemas

CinĂ©polis' Movie Theater for Kids Boasts Playground Equipment • 932 views
Spy-Themed Bars

10 Spy-Themed Bars

The Bletchley Requires Patrons to Crack Tricky Codes to Get Drinks • 831 views
Donated Startup Offices

11 Donated Startup Offices

3Space's BuyGiveWork Program Does Buy 1 Give 1 For Non-Profit Office Space • 660 views
Caribbean-Inspired Boomer Resorts

12 Caribbean-Inspired Boomer Resorts

The First Latitude Margaritaville Will Be in Daytona Beach • 512 views
Simplified Nut Spreads

13 Simplified Nut Spreads

Abby's Better Nut Butter Spreads Boast Just Five Ingredients or Less • 448 views
Popped Potato Bites

14 Popped Potato Bites

Lay's 'Poppables' Introduce a New Way to Enjoy Potatoes as a Snack • 363 views
Cost-Saving Travel Memberships

15 Cost-Saving Travel Memberships

'Travel Cat Flights' Saves Members Hundreds of Dollars on Flights • 360 views
Service-Aggregating Mobile Wallets

16 Service-Aggregating Mobile Wallets

Puut Wallet Provides Mobile Financial Service Aggregation • 358 views
Sacred Feminine Spaces

17 Sacred Feminine Spaces

'WMN Space' is a LA Destination for Women Only • 358 views
Social Cycling Tours

18 Social Cycling Tours

Cycle City Tours Allows Participants to Learn About Areas in a Unique Way • 353 views
Craft Brewery Hotels

19 Craft Brewery Hotels

BrewDog is Crowdfunding for the World's First Craft Beer Hotel • 313 views
Bespoke Spirit Festivals

20 Bespoke Spirit Festivals

The Gin & Vodka Festival Features Handcrafted Alcohol from All Over • 222 views