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Top 100 New Venture Trends of 2016

1 Top 100 New Venture Trends of 2016

From Custom Wedding Dress Deliveries to Excrement-Themed Cafes • 43,592 views
High-Tech Concept Cafes

2 High-Tech Concept Cafes

'The New Black' in London is a High-Tech Cafe Oriented at Businesspeople • 9,260 views
Minimal Marijuana Accessories

3 Minimal Marijuana Accessories

The Tokyo Smoke and Van der Pop Collection is Elegantly Designed • 3,509 views
B2B Co-Working Spaces

4 B2B Co-Working Spaces

Unilever Foundry's 'Level3' is a New Co-Working Space in Singapore • 2,094 views
Virtual Reality Arcades

5 Virtual Reality Arcades

'Ctrl V' Uses Virtual Reality Technology for a New Kind of Arcade • 1,832 views
French-Inspired Fast Food Cafes

6 French-Inspired Fast Food Cafes

McDonald's Concept Cafe in NYC Boasts an Upscale Parisian Vibe • 1,583 views
Robotic Cafe Baristas

7 Robotic Cafe Baristas

'Cafe X' Features Coffee Prepared by Industrial Robots • 1,301 views
Simplified Funeral-Arranging Apps

8 Simplified Funeral-Arranging Apps

Umer is a Funeral Planning App and Niche Business Concept • 1,213 views
Millennial Programming Advertising Agencies

9 Millennial Programming Advertising Agencies

Virtue Worldwide is a New Ad Agency from Vice Media • 983 views
Burger-Dispensing ATMs

10 Burger-Dispensing ATMs

The 'Big Mac ATM' Offers a New Way to Order a McDonald's Burger • 977 views
Alternative Protein Collections

11 Alternative Protein Collections

MOM's Organic Market Offers Sauces and Chips Made with Insects • 965 views
Smart Home-Controlling Apps

12 Smart Home-Controlling Apps

Truthing is a Home Automation Startup That Offers One Gateway • 844 views
Cruelty-Free Butcher Shops

13 Cruelty-Free Butcher Shops

'The Very Good Butchers' is a New Vegan Butcher Shop in Canada • 831 views
Craft Supply Marketplaces

14 Craft Supply Marketplaces

'Etsy Studio' is a New Online Destination for Crafters to Buy and Sell • 805 views
Cubicle Dining Experiences

15 Cubicle Dining Experiences

Ichiran Ramen Offers the Perfect Design for Anti-Social Food Lovers • 761 views
Alcohol Delivery Services

16 Alcohol Delivery Services

Postmates Alcohol Deliveries are Available in San Francisco and LA • 658 views
Home Furnishing Gift Registries

17 Home Furnishing Gift Registries

IKEA is Introducing a Gift Registry Service for Special Occasions • 622 views
Male Makeup Brand Campaigns

18 Male Makeup Brand Campaigns

Rimmel is Featuring Lewys Ball in Its Newest Marketing Campaign • 567 views
Flavored Mixable Tonic Waters

19 Flavored Mixable Tonic Waters

Coca Cola's New Royal Bliss Collection Features Tonic Waters • 519 views
Drummer Boy Dolls

20 Drummer Boy Dolls

The Newest American Girl Doll is Logan Everett, the Brand's First-Ever Boy • 453 views