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Top 100 World Ideas in August

1 Top 100 World Ideas in August

From Gourmet Airplane Menus to Affordable Hotel Minibars • 42,151 views
Stunning Aerial Beach Images

2 Stunning Aerial Beach Images

Artist Tommy Clarke Hangs Out of Helicopters to Capture These Photos • 1,022 views
Japanese Landscape Photography

3 Japanese Landscape Photography

This Photographer Uses an App to Express Emotions Through His Art • 955 views
10 Inventive Travel Memberships

4 10 Inventive Travel Memberships

From Crowdsourced Reward Apps to Accommodating Loyalty Programs • 643 views
Flat-Comfort Airplane Seats

5 Flat-Comfort Airplane Seats

The Virgin Australia Airline Unveiled Super Comfortable Business Seats • 590 views
10 Business Travel Aircrafts

6 10 Business Travel Aircrafts

From Futuristic Jet Cabins to App-Powered Airline Services • 551 views
Luxury Business Travel Services

7 Luxury Business Travel Services

St Heliers House of Travel Arranges Home Consultations with Agents • 535 views
Solar-Powered Airports

8 Solar-Powered Airports

India is Set to Build the First 100% Solar Reliant Airport in the World • 368 views
32 Water-Saving Campaigns

9 32 Water-Saving Campaigns

Celebrate World Water Day with These Resource-Awareness Initiatives • 368 views
Protective Curving Canopies

10 Protective Curving Canopies

Zaha Hadid Erected a Sheltering Canopy for New York's High Line • 358 views
10 Professional Air Travel Concepts

11 10 Professional Air Travel Concepts

From In-Flight Connectivity Upgrades to Airplane Tablet Clips • 347 views
Multifacted Travelling Devices

12 Multifacted Travelling Devices

The HooToo is a USB Port, Battery Pack and Travel Router All in One • 307 views
Typographic Egg Maps

13 Typographic Egg Maps

This Tiny Map Expands When Squeezed to Show Close-Up Directions • 292 views
Luggage Collection Services

14 Luggage Collection Services

This Service Will Collect a Customer's Airport Luggage for Them • 240 views
Timeless Film Cafes

15 Timeless Film Cafes

Disney World's 50's Prime Time Cafe Pays Tribute to Film Nostalgia • 223 views
10 Frequent Flier Innovations

16 10 Frequent Flier Innovations

From VIP Lounge-Booking Apps to Accommodating Loyalty Programs • 213 views
Food-Donating Selfie Campaigns

17 Food-Donating Selfie Campaigns

The #DrinkGoodDoGood Will Donate 500,000 Pound of Fresh Produce • 209 views
Dizzying Aerial Walkways

18 Dizzying Aerial Walkways

This Transparent Cliff Walkway is Asia's Largest Glass Viewing Platform • 200 views
Private Business Traveler Abodes

19 Private Business Traveler Abodes

The Airbnb Business Travel Program Provides Private Accomodations • 177 views
Solo Holiday-Making Guides

20 Solo Holiday-Making Guides

This Helpful Infographic Recommends Advice on Travelling Solo • 169 views


Mini DIY Homes

1 Mini DIY Homes

This Tiny, Portable House is Delivered to You and Ready for Assembly • 19,618 views
Air Travel Sleeping Guides

2 Air Travel Sleeping Guides

This Helpful Infographic Offers Advice on How to Sleep on Planes • 18,923 views
50 Compact Housing Units

3 50 Compact Housing Units

From Solar-Powered Micro Homes to Super Slender Houses • 14,871 views
Top 65 Travel Trends in August

4 Top 65 Travel Trends in August

From Nationwide Scavenger Hunts to Gourmet Airplane Menus • 6,146 views
Uncommon Traveling Hacks

5 Uncommon Traveling Hacks

Business Insider's Travel Tips Infographic Offers Unheard-Of Advice • 5,177 views
46 High-Tech Luggage Tools

6 46 High-Tech Luggage Tools

From Smart Suitcase Trackers to One-Touch Luggage Locks • 3,574 views
Island Motorsport Resorts

7 Island Motorsport Resorts

Canada's West Coast is Home to a Stunning Motorsport Destination • 2,557 views
Business-Class Capsule Hotels

8 Business-Class Capsule Hotels

This Tokyo Hotel Offers Luxury Pods for Business Travelers • 2,125 views
Elevated Mountainside Homes

9 Elevated Mountainside Homes

This Elevated Home in Chile Has Breathtaking Views in All Directions • 1,991 views
29 Travel Sleeping Products

10 29 Travel Sleeping Products

From Pillowy Eye Masks to Soothing Sleep Sprays • 1,865 views
Airport Pod Hotels

11 Airport Pod Hotels

These 'Napcab' Napping Pods Provide On-the-Go Accommodation for Travelers • 1,712 views
51 Examples of Hybrid Hotels

12 51 Examples of Hybrid Hotels

From Tent-Like Pod Hotels to Hybrid Bookstore Hotels • 1,303 views
Multi-Sensory Hotel Designs

13 Multi-Sensory Hotel Designs

This New Mexico City Hotel is an Amalgamation of Several Concepts • 1,246 views
10 Business Travel Innovations

14 10 Business Travel Innovations

From Ultramodern Airline Clubhouses to Half-Day Hotel Rentals • 1,167 views
Cigar-Shaped Dessert Sticks

15 Cigar-Shaped Dessert Sticks

YOKU MOKU's 'Cigare Ice Cream' Sticks are Shaped Like Cigars • 1,094 views
16 Alcohol-Free Bars

16 16 Alcohol-Free Bars

These Alternative Bars Serve Hot Tea, Cold Water & Fresh Juice • 931 views
Shipping Container Block Parties

17 Shipping Container Block Parties

The Minto Westside Celebrated with This Community Block Party • 925 views
Toy-Inspired Car Makeovers

18 Toy-Inspired Car Makeovers

Tonka Made an Overland SUV Look Like a Life-Sized Toy Monster Truck • 903 views
35 Eccentric Beer Flavors

19 35 Eccentric Beer Flavors

From Semen-Infused Beers to Cherry Blossom Brews • 852 views
Connected Baggage Tags

20 Connected Baggage Tags

This Smart Luggage Tag Contains a User's Contact Information • 809 views


Top 100 Design Trends in July

1 Top 100 Design Trends in July

From Illuminated Public Benches to Energetic Airport Makeovers • 39,735 views
Top 85 Architecture Trends in July

2 Top 85 Architecture Trends in July

From Upcycled Carton Pavilions to Crowdsourced Building Designs • 26,205 views
Transparent Mountainside Pods

3 Transparent Mountainside Pods

These Peruvian Hotel Pods are Attached to the Side of a Rocky Cliff • 11,907 views
Top 75 Travel Trends in July

4 Top 75 Travel Trends in July

From Energetic Airport Makeovers to Cannabis-Friendly Resorts • 10,571 views
Top 100 World Concepts in July

5 Top 100 World Concepts in July

From Domestic Getaway Tools to Energetic Airport Makeovers • 9,639 views
27 Outdoor Adventure Bags

6 27 Outdoor Adventure Bags

From Transforming Backpack Chairs to Inflatable Protective Packs • 9,190 views
23 Portable Note-Taking Tools

7 23 Portable Note-Taking Tools

From Note Pad Phone Cases to Handsome Notebook Carriers • 7,786 views
Cleverly Expandable Suitcases

8 Cleverly Expandable Suitcases

Shelfpack by Ken McKaba Boasts Built-In Shelving for Organization • 7,191 views
An Elevated Dining Experience

9 An Elevated Dining Experience

Continental Boutique Hotels

10 Continental Boutique Hotels

The Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam Offers Stunning Canalside Lodging • 5,021 views
25 Kids Play Area Inspirations

11 25 Kids Play Area Inspirations

From Personalized Neighborhood Map to Collapsible Dollhouse Chairs • 4,835 views
Gigantic Public Saunas

12 Gigantic Public Saunas

The Arctic Circle Houses the World's Largest Public Sauna • 4,564 views
Barcelona-Inspired Swimwear

13 Barcelona-Inspired Swimwear

The William Tempest Swimsuit Line has One Bikini & One Pair of Trunks • 3,873 views
Retro Camping Vehicles

14 Retro Camping Vehicles

This Vintage Camper Combines Retro Designs and Contemporary Features • 3,844 views
Luxury Modular Villas

15 Luxury Modular Villas

This Coastal Living Concept Features a Series of Luxurious Floating Villas • 2,955 views
Upcycled Van Campers

16 Upcycled Van Campers

'Caravan Tokyo' Turns Old Vehicles into Traveling Accommodations • 2,659 views
Durable Solar Lamps

17 Durable Solar Lamps

These Eco-Friendly Lamps are Designed for People Living Without Electricity • 2,232 views
Urban Ballerina Portraits

18 Urban Ballerina Portraits

This Image Series Captures a Dainty Ballerina in Harsh City Scenes • 2,149 views
Multitool Travel Jackets

19 Multitool Travel Jackets

The BauBax Jacket Offers Fourteen Excellent Features For Travel • 2,067 views
Denim Kimonos

20 Denim Kimonos

Tsukada Nojo and American Demin Retailer Lee Teamed Up to Create Kimono Fashion • 2,034 views