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Top 100 Design Trends in July

1 Top 100 Design Trends in July

From Illuminated Public Benches to Energetic Airport Makeovers • 34,470 views
Top 85 Architecture Trends in July

2 Top 85 Architecture Trends in July

From Upcycled Carton Pavilions to Crowdsourced Building Designs • 24,556 views
Top 75 Travel Trends in July

3 Top 75 Travel Trends in July

From Energetic Airport Makeovers to Cannabis-Friendly Resorts • 9,683 views
Top 100 World Concepts in July

4 Top 100 World Concepts in July

From Domestic Getaway Tools to Energetic Airport Makeovers • 8,477 views
27 Outdoor Adventure Bags

5 27 Outdoor Adventure Bags

From Transforming Backpack Chairs to Inflatable Protective Packs • 7,496 views
23 Portable Note-Taking Tools

6 23 Portable Note-Taking Tools

From Note Pad Phone Cases to Handsome Notebook Carriers • 6,768 views
An Elevated Dining Experience

7 An Elevated Dining Experience

Cleverly Expandable Suitcases

8 Cleverly Expandable Suitcases

Shelfpack by Ken McKaba Boasts Built-In Shelving for Organization • 6,232 views
Transparent Mountainside Pods

9 Transparent Mountainside Pods

These Peruvian Hotel Pods are Attached to the Side of a Rocky Cliff • 4,863 views
Continental Boutique Hotels

10 Continental Boutique Hotels

The Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam Offers Stunning Canalside Lodging • 4,155 views
Gigantic Public Saunas

11 Gigantic Public Saunas

The Arctic Circle Houses the World's Largest Public Sauna • 2,689 views
Barcelona-Inspired Swimwear

12 Barcelona-Inspired Swimwear

The William Tempest Swimsuit Line has One Bikini & One Pair of Trunks • 1,836 views
Denim Kimonos

13 Denim Kimonos

Tsukada Nojo and American Demin Retailer Lee Teamed Up to Create Kimono Fashion • 1,823 views
Urban Ballerina Portraits

14 Urban Ballerina Portraits

This Image Series Captures a Dainty Ballerina in Harsh City Scenes • 1,793 views
Retro Camping Vehicles

15 Retro Camping Vehicles

This Vintage Camper Combines Retro Designs and Contemporary Features • 1,774 views
15 Pod-Like Furniture Pieces

16 15 Pod-Like Furniture Pieces

From Airport Sleeping Pods to Relaxing Office Capsules • 1,761 views
Customized Coloring Luggage

17 Customized Coloring Luggage

These Luggage Pieces Allow Consumers to Track Their Travels in Color • 1,610 views
Hexagonal Airplane Seating

18 Hexagonal Airplane Seating

This Airline Wants to Stagger Its Seats in a Hexagonal Arrangement • 1,543 views
Durable Solar Lamps

19 Durable Solar Lamps

These Eco-Friendly Lamps are Designed for People Living Without Electricity • 1,519 views
Gourmet Airplane Menus

20 Gourmet Airplane Menus

The New Qatar Airways Menu is Revamped for Business Class Flyers • 1,517 views


Luxe Floating Hotels

1 Luxe Floating Hotels

Serbia's Salt & Water Studio Transforms Catamarans Into Functional Rooms • 15,449 views
63 Heartwarming Homeless Initiatives

2 63 Heartwarming Homeless Initiatives

From Homeless Haircut Projects to Mobile Charitable Laundry • 11,474 views
Top 55 Travel Trends in June

3 Top 55 Travel Trends in June

From Photo Location Apps to Balloon Space Travel • 9,655 views
Top 75 World Trends in June

4 Top 75 World Trends in June

From Underwater Oxygen Bars to Calming Vacation Ads • 8,396 views
Unusual Dispenser Charts

5 Unusual Dispenser Charts

This Infographic Lists Weird Vending Machines Located Internationally • 6,356 views
Gripping Gang Portraits

6 Gripping Gang Portraits

Jono Rotman Photographed Haunting Portraits of Mob Members • 5,303 views
25 Kids Play Area Inspirations

7 25 Kids Play Area Inspirations

From Personalized Neighborhood Map to Collapsible Dollhouse Chairs • 4,208 views
Life Quality World Maps

8 Life Quality World Maps

This Infographic From MoveHub Displays the Global Quality of Life • 4,166 views
40 Portable Drinking Devices

9 40 Portable Drinking Devices

These Products Make Drinking and Travel a Happy Pairing • 3,747 views
Ultramodern Industrial Hotels

10 Ultramodern Industrial Hotels

The Latest Outpost from Puro Hotels is Located in Gdansk • 3,309 views
Drill Bit Buildings

11 Drill Bit Buildings

The United Tower in Bahrain Bay is a Striking Spiralling Structure • 2,721 views
40 Top-Notch Travel Tours

12 40 Top-Notch Travel Tours

From Extreme Polar Excursions to Volcanic Adventure Tours • 2,709 views
Upcycled Travel Products

13 Upcycled Travel Products

The 'Plane to Product' Project Turns Old Plane Pieces into New Objects • 2,140 views
Cannabis-Friendly Resorts

14 Cannabis-Friendly Resorts

'Cannacamp' is a New Colorado Ranch Where Guests Can Bring in Marijuana • 2,116 views
Upcycled Van Campers

15 Upcycled Van Campers

'Caravan Tokyo' Turns Old Vehicles into Traveling Accommodations • 2,077 views
Conscripted Soldier Portraits

16 Conscripted Soldier Portraits

These Images Reveal Men's Raw Reactions to Joining the Army • 1,963 views
Empowering Female Platforms

17 Empowering Female Platforms

'Uncompromising Women' is a Female-Oriented Online Community • 1,789 views
Energetic Airport Makeovers

18 Energetic Airport Makeovers

London's Luton Airport Recently Received a Pastel-Hued Rebrand • 1,640 views
30 Innovative Airline Services

19 30 Innovative Airline Services

From Personalized In-Flight Magazines to Android-Powered Airlines • 1,582 views
Luxurious Camping Hotels

20 Luxurious Camping Hotels

Jerome Borazio's 'St. Jerome's: The Hotel' Makes Camping More Glamorous • 1,567 views