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Abandoned Hotel Photography

1 Abandoned Hotel Photography

Sabine Haubitz and Stefanie Zoche Capture Despondent Accommodations • 2,179 views
Zodiac Basketball Jerseys

2 Zodiac Basketball Jerseys

The Golden State Warriors Now Sport Chinese New Year Uniforms • 862 views
360-Degree City Tours

3 360-Degree City Tours

Dubai 360 Offers an Interactive, Immersive City Tour • 812 views
Sketched Ceramic Branding

4 Sketched Ceramic Branding

Illustrated Tequila Bottles Feature Doodles of the Mayan Gods • 720 views
Twisted Grid Towers

5 Twisted Grid Towers

This Pixelated Office Building Parametrically Consumes Its Irregular Site • 703 views
Candy-Covered Streets

6 Candy-Covered Streets

China's Sweet as One Installation is Made of 13 Tons of Wrapped Candy • 700 views
Rural Vinyard Hotels

7 Rural Vinyard Hotels

The Torre De Palma Wine Hotel Received an Extension and Upgrade • 653 views
Happiness-Calculating Infographics

8 Happiness-Calculating Infographics

This Infographic Measures the Happiness of Denmark's Citizens • 513 views
17 Examples of Bollywood

9 17 Examples of Bollywood's Influence

From Catwalk Film Promotions to Virtual Red Carpet Campaigns • 375 views
Skyscraper Ceiling Lamps

10 Skyscraper Ceiling Lamps

Stalaclights Feature Upturned Forms of NYC's Iconic Modern Architecture • 300 views
Futuristic Desert Cities

11 Futuristic Desert Cities

Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City is Designed for Self-Sufficient Communal Living • 288 views
Consumer Discovery Drones

12 Consumer Discovery Drones

The Fleye Quadcopter Can Scope Out Sites for Stationary Users • 270 views
Hotel Phone Apps

13 Hotel Phone Apps

Virgin's First Hotel Launches with Lucy, a Personal Comfort App • 266 views
Animal Airline Terminals

14 Animal Airline Terminals

'The Art' at the JFK Airport Will Serve as a New Animal Terminal • 220 views
Flight Advisor Apps

15 Flight Advisor Apps

Hopper Analyses Flight Prices and Tells You the Best Time to Book • 212 views
Fingerprint-Activated Luggage

16 Fingerprint-Activated Luggage

Delsey's Smart Luggage is a Computer On Wheels • 208 views
Travel Upgrade Games

17 Travel Upgrade Games

Air France's Airline Marketing Stunt Had Travelers Compete for Better Seats • 187 views
Ballooner Jungle Gyms

18 Ballooner Jungle Gyms

A Hot-Air Balloon Swing May Grace a Riverside Park in Queens, New York • 147 views
Local Solutions to Mass Violence

19 Local Solutions to Mass Violence

Severine Autesserre's Lecture on Peace-Building is on the Congo • 99 views
Family Cultured Campaign

20 Family Cultured Campaign

Aspects of family life to appeal to ethnically diverse groups • 0 views


Top 100 Travel Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Travel Trends of 2014

From Mile High Accommodations to Naked Handstander Portraits • 289,110 views
Life Drawing Parties

2 Life Drawing Parties

Toronto's Graphic Stallion Hosts Bachelorette, Retirement & Divorce Parties • 27,638 views
60 Railway Transport Innovations

3 60 Railway Transport Innovations

From Personal Metro Pods to Underwater Speed Train Concepts • 14,371 views
World Living Condition Infographics

4 World Living Condition Infographics

Movehub Illustrates the Cost of Living Around the World • 10,338 views
Roller Coaster Restaurants

5 Roller Coaster Restaurants

This Abu Dhabi Restaurant Delivers Food Like Theme Park Rides • 5,794 views
Partitioned Travel Bags

6 Partitioned Travel Bags

Accordia Case Keeps Possessions Compartmentalized for Easy Security Checks • 4,898 views
Bizarre Meteorite Stilettos

7 Bizarre Meteorite Stilettos

The Meteorite Shoe is Designed to Resemble Chunks of Space Rock • 3,833 views
25 Examples of Hispanic Art

8 25 Examples of Hispanic Art

From Politically Surreal Street Art to Sugar Skull Dame Paintings • 3,449 views
Gallery-Style Patisseries

9 Gallery-Style Patisseries

The À La Folie Pastry Shop Displays its Sweet Treats Like Works of Art • 2,498 views
12 Examples of Multicultural Art

10 12 Examples of Multicultural Art

From Global Art Galleries to Mixed Family Portraits • 2,326 views
Deluxe Dorm-Style Hotels

11 Deluxe Dorm-Style Hotels

Mezzanine Hotel Rooms Demonstrate Creative Shifts in Luxury Accommodation • 2,148 views
Worldly Culinary Guides

12 Worldly Culinary Guides

This Infographic Teaches Readers About International Eating Etiquette • 1,967 views
Aquatic Grain Carriers

13 Aquatic Grain Carriers

Fishy Rice Packaging is Practical, Emblematic and Beautiful • 1,837 views
16 Examples of Hi-Tech Luggage

14 16 Examples of Hi-Tech Luggage

From Speaker Dock Suitcases to App-Connected Travel Bags • 1,770 views
Family Flying Cabins

15 Family Flying Cabins

Thomson Airways Aims to Make Family Travel More Comfortable • 1,645 views
Beautified Bomb Shelters

16 Beautified Bomb Shelters

The Bunker Pavilion is a Reclaimed Refuge with Contemporary Comforts • 1,488 views
Lovely Library Illustrations

17 Lovely Library Illustrations

Daniel Rotsztain's Sketches Celebrate Buildings That Unify Toronto • 1,452 views
Smart Unicycle Segways

18 Smart Unicycle Segways

The Tokyo Smart Wheel Would Be an Automatic Guide for Tourists in Japan • 1,310 views
30 Examples of Liberating Cuban Art

19 30 Examples of Liberating Cuban Art

From Punctured Plain Sculptures to Che Guevara Portraits • 1,293 views
Real-Time Translation Apps (UPDATE)

20 Real-Time Translation Apps (UPDATE)

The Improved Google Translate App Works Instantaneously • 1,098 views


86 Gifts for Wine Lovers

1 86 Gifts for Wine Lovers

From Hooded Wine Sleeves to Magnetic Bottle Openers • 86,924 views
Top 100 Lifestyle Ideas in December

2 Top 100 Lifestyle Ideas in December

From Terrifying Wedding Photography to Surreal Digital Museums • 48,519 views
Pop Bottle Houses

3 Pop Bottle Houses

The USA Can End Homelessness by Building Plastic Bottle Houses • 43,643 views
Top 80 Unique Ideas in December

4 Top 80 Unique Ideas in December

From Brain-Covered Biscuits to LEGO Strip Club Sets • 33,134 views
Top 50 Luxury Ideas in December

5 Top 50 Luxury Ideas in December

From Sapphire Secret Watches to Gold-Infused Beer • 27,940 views
Top 65 World Ideas in December

6 Top 65 World Ideas in December

from Seasonal Travel Apps to holiday Selfie Suggestions • 26,218 views
Top 55 Social Media Ideas in December

7 Top 55 Social Media Ideas in December

From Secure Login Apps to Internet Mentoring Novels • 20,479 views
Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in December

8 Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in December

From Superimposed Butt Cartoons to Slumber Party Editorials • 16,736 views
Top 70 Social Good Ideas in December

9 Top 70 Social Good Ideas in December

From world Hunger Photoshoots to Feminine Mustache Ads • 14,472 views
Top 100 World Trends of 2014

10 Top 100 World Trends of 2014

From Glass-Bottomed Vacation Homes to Endless Summer Photography • 13,662 views
Icelandic Landscape Photography

11 Icelandic Landscape Photography

Alban Henderyckx Captures Magical Scenes Found in the Nordic Land • 10,150 views
Top 50 Travel Trends in December

12 Top 50 Travel Trends in December

From InFlight Cocktail Kits to Scenic Route Map Apps • 7,335 views
Secluded Nature Cabins

13 Secluded Nature Cabins

The Juvet Landscape Hotel Offers a Natural Getaway • 3,430 views
48 Millennial-Friendly Hotels

14 48 Millennial-Friendly Hotels

From Cyclist-Catering Accommodations to Extreme Outdoor Oasises • 2,809 views
Bespoke Jet-Setting Experiences

15 Bespoke Jet-Setting Experiences

XOJet and Element Lifestyle Team Up to Enhance Consumers' Travels • 2,683 views
Crafty Camouflage Cabins

16 Crafty Camouflage Cabins

Antoine by Bureau A is an Alpine Cabin Cleverly Disguised as a Boulder • 2,344 views
Urban Park Airports

17 Urban Park Airports

The Singapore Changi Airport to Offer Greenery and Fresh Air for Travelers • 2,255 views
Premium Travel Services

18 Premium Travel Services

Heathrow by Invitation Opens VIP Travel to the Public Who Can Afford It • 1,995 views
Stratospheric Observation Decks

19 Stratospheric Observation Decks

Dubai's 'At The Top Sky' is the World's Highest Observation Deck • 1,728 views
Airplane Armrest Extensions

20 Airplane Armrest Extensions

The Inventive Soarigami Offers Air Travel Passengers More Elbow Room • 1,544 views