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Top 25 Hospitality Ideas in May

1 Top 25 Hospitality Ideas in May

From Home Rental Matchmaking Apps to Marathon-Centric Hotels • 1,637 views
Comprehensive Travel Apps

2 Comprehensive Travel Apps

The Google Trips App Makes It Easier to Book Vacations on a Smartphone • 903 views
Short-Term Apartment Rentals

3 Short-Term Apartment Rentals

This Network of Co-Living Spaces Lets Workers Live All Over the World • 679 views
Social Olympic Snapshots

4 Social Olympic Snapshots

In Partnership with NBC, Snapchat Will Be Showing Rio Olympic Highlights • 247 views
Ivory Stockpile Burns

5 Ivory Stockpile Burns

Kenya Lit the Largest Ever Ivory Bonfire in Order to Save Their Elephants • 90 views
Luxe Lightweight Luggage

6 Luxe Lightweight Luggage

The Rolls-Royce Luxe Suitcases are Manufactured With Carbon Fibre • 77 views
Crying Child Discounts

7 Crying Child Discounts

JetBlue's 'FlyBabies' Gives Flight Deals Each Time an Infant Cries • 42 views
Exclusive Game-Showcasing Deals

8 Exclusive Game-Showcasing Deals

Snapchat and BuzzFeed Will Be Able to Show the Olympics in Rio • 39 views
Customizable Holiday Booking Websites

9 Customizable Holiday Booking Websites

The HolidayMe Service Targets the Middle Eastern Market • 38 views
Snapshot Travel Incentives

10 Snapshot Travel Incentives

Wow Air's Influencers Will Share a Love of Travel and Social Media • 33 views
45 Talks About Poverty

11 45 Talks About Poverty

From Changing the Way We Donate to Sustainable Solutions to Disease • 25 views
Hospitable Greeting Campaigns

12 Hospitable Greeting Campaigns

Accor's Hotel Welcome Stunt Made Newcomers to Twitter Feel at Home • 24 views
Social Media Travel Programs

13 Social Media Travel Programs

The WOW Air SnapTravelers Program Rewards Creative Snapchat Users • 12 views
Remote-Controlled Security Robots

14 Remote-Controlled Security Robots

The Home Patrolling Robot is Controlled via Smartphone • 5 views
Fast Casual Hospitality

15 Fast Casual Hospitality

Hotel brands buck complex structure with youthful diffusion brands • 0 views
Prosumer Tourism

16 Prosumer Tourism

Influencers infiltrate the travel and tourism space • 0 views


Top 100 Design Ideas in April

1 Top 100 Design Ideas in April

From Modernized Airplane Cabins to Galleria Sushi Kiosks • 59,627 views
Top 47 Travel Ideas in April

2 Top 47 Travel Ideas in April

From Soft Brand Hotel Chains to Interactive Booking Experiences • 5,771 views
Top 60 World Trends in April

3 Top 60 World Trends in April

From Curated Adventure Travel Services to District Discovery Apps • 4,391 views
23 Unique Airbnb Listings

4 23 Unique Airbnb Listings

From Rentable Artist Abodes to Bookstore Rental Properties • 3,480 views
Shared Home Designs

5 Shared Home Designs

Airbnb-Styled Homes Shows How the Company is Shaping the Future of Housing • 1,665 views
16 Virtual Reality Tours

6 16 Virtual Reality Tours

From 360-Degree Train Tours to Fantasy Spaceship Tours • 1,631 views
Luxury Travel Pop-Ups

7 Luxury Travel Pop-Ups

'The Carry-On' is Pop-Up Series from High-End Retailer Kit and Ace • 1,522 views
Supportive Airplane Head Rests

8 Supportive Airplane Head Rests

The HeadRest is a Device That Could Make Flying More Comfortable • 1,173 views
Space-Saving Baggage Compressors

9 Space-Saving Baggage Compressors

The 'VAGO' Clothing Compression Device Saves Up to 50% of Space • 974 views
Contemporary Bayside Hotels

10 Contemporary Bayside Hotels

The Axiom Hotel San Francisco Boasts an Elegant Modern Decor • 635 views
Art Deco Italian Hotels

11 Art Deco Italian Hotels

Milan's Hotel Senato Boasts Opulent and Gilded Design Accents • 587 views
Barbie Hotel Suites

12 Barbie Hotel Suites

The Hilton Panama's Barbie-Inspired Rooms Feature Doll-Themed Packages • 572 views
Chewable Tooth Cleaners

13 Chewable Tooth Cleaners

'Rolly' is a Portable Toothbrush That Works Without Toothpaste and Water • 525 views
Sporty Stadium Bedrooms

14 Sporty Stadium Bedrooms

This Airbnb Rio De Janeiro Accommodation is Inside the Rio Olympic Arena • 458 views
Educational Travel Websites

15 Educational Travel Websites

Icelandair Lets People Create Their Own Aurora Borealis • 455 views
Fast-Tracked Language Programs

16 Fast-Tracked Language Programs

Lingohop Makes Learning a Foreign Language More Intuitive • 370 views
Eclectic Hostel Experiences

17 Eclectic Hostel Experiences

The Generator Hostel Amsterdam Exudes an Ultramodern Aesthetic • 364 views
Contemporary Southern Cookhouses

18 Contemporary Southern Cookhouses

Urban Cookhouse Encourages Diners to 'Buy Local, Eat Urban' • 336 views
Interest-Based Navigation Apps

19 Interest-Based Navigation Apps

Walking App Sidekix Helps You Discover New Places En Route • 331 views
Communicative Symbol Shirts

20 Communicative Symbol Shirts

The IconSpeak T-Shirt Uses Symbols to Universally Exchange Information • 330 views


Top 70 World Trends in March

1 Top 70 World Trends in March

From Hotel Concierge Animals to LGBT Cruise Events • 21,348 views
25 Self-Serve Business Ideas

2 25 Self-Serve Business Ideas

From Futuristic Postal Offices to Digital Ordering Kiosks • 15,569 views
40 Examples of Luxury Travel Services

3 40 Examples of Luxury Travel Services

From Adventurous Hotel Menus to Shoe Incentive Spas • 8,867 views
Top 90 Social Good Ideas in March

4 Top 90 Social Good Ideas in March

From Inclusive Runway Shows to Educational Crayon Sets • 8,409 views
Tech-Centric Travel Packs

5 Tech-Centric Travel Packs

'Lifepack' Travel Backpacks Feature Anti-Theft and Solar Technology • 8,196 views
Top 55 Travel Ideas in March

6 Top 55 Travel Ideas in March

From Edible Travel Guides to Ultramodern Hotel Amenities • 4,307 views
Massage-Inspired Sleeping Aids

7 Massage-Inspired Sleeping Aids

The Woollip Travel Pillow Brings Comfort to Planes and Trains • 4,213 views
Modernized Airplane Cabins

8 Modernized Airplane Cabins

The 'Airspace by Airbus' Cabin is Designed Around Comfort and Ambiance • 3,332 views
Sea Tree Planters

9 Sea Tree Planters

The TetraPOT is a Living Solution to Sea Defense Around the World • 2,883 views
Sneaker Heritage Festival Venues

10 Sneaker Heritage Festival Venues

The Nike Air Max Con Hong Kong Event Shows the Shoe's History • 2,553 views
Discreet Expandable Pouches

11 Discreet Expandable Pouches

The SPIbelt Provides a useful Pocket to Store Valuables When On-the-Go • 2,353 views
Travel-Focused Jeans

12 Travel-Focused Jeans

The Aviator Travel Jeans Combine Comfort and Style with Security • 1,917 views
Award-Winning Airport Restaurants

13 Award-Winning Airport Restaurants

The Jamie's Italian Gatwick Location Was Designed by Blacksheep • 1,154 views
Mobile Festival Accommodations

14 Mobile Festival Accommodations

The 'Nearby' Mobile Hostel Expands to Offer Enhanced Amenities • 1,131 views
Chic Hotel School Designs

15 Chic Hotel School Designs

The William Angliss International Hotel School is Located in Melbourne • 1,113 views
Stylish Smart Luggage

16 Stylish Smart Luggage

RADEN Combines Suitcases with an App for Convenient Features • 973 views
Luxury Hotel Farmers Markets

17 Luxury Hotel Farmers Markets

The Rosewood London Has Launched a Weekly Farmers Market • 861 views
Nudist Art Fair Tours

18 Nudist Art Fair Tours

This Art Cologne Tour Will Invite Participants to Strip Down • 827 views
Virtual Time-Travel Apps

19 Virtual Time-Travel Apps

This Virtual Reality App Lets You Witness Events From History • 647 views
Cinematic Castaway Vacactions

20 Cinematic Castaway Vacactions

Docastaway Lets Consumers Pay to be Stranded on a Tropical Island • 636 views