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Top 45 Marketing Trends in March

1 Top 45 Marketing Trends in March

From Color-Changing Business Cards to Experiential Jelly Kits • 32,023 views
Restorative Nap Cafes

2 Restorative Nap Cafes

Nescafe's Cafe in Japan Offers Space for Napping on World Sleep Day • 741 views
Retrofitted Family Cruise Ships

3 Retrofitted Family Cruise Ships

The Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess was Upgraded for Families • 619 views
Indonesian Toy Block Museums

4 Indonesian Toy Block Museums

The Nanoblock Pop-Up's Exhibits are Inspired by Local Architecture • 480 views
West African-Inspired Streetwear

5 West African-Inspired Streetwear

The Maharishi Africa Collection Draws from the Area's Artworks • 476 views
Skill-Based Travel Platforms

6 Skill-Based Travel Platforms

'Stay on Skill' Enables World Traveling for Free by Using Your Skills • 472 views
Eye Mask Travel Pillows

7 Eye Mask Travel Pillows

The 'Voyage Pillow' Travel Neck Pillows Ensure a Comfortable Trip • 264 views
Famous Shipwreck Excursions

8 Famous Shipwreck Excursions

The Blue Marble Titanic Expeditions Take Guests to the Famous Wreckage • 260 views
Caribbean-Inspired Boomer Resorts

9 Caribbean-Inspired Boomer Resorts

The First Latitude Margaritaville Will Be in Daytona Beach • 200 views
Multi-Sensory Airport Bars

10 Multi-Sensory Airport Bars

Ballantine's Hard Fired Scotch Whiskey Bar Powers Phones and More • 198 views
Gourmet Bus Tours

11 Gourmet Bus Tours

Willer Travel's Open-Top Bus Pairs Tourism and Food Made Locally • 129 views
Social Cycling Tours

12 Social Cycling Tours

Cycle City Tours Allows Participants to Learn About Areas in a Unique Way • 94 views
Family Packing Travel Apps

13 Family Packing Travel Apps

The Packing Pro App Was Designed To Ease the Process of Travel • 75 views
Curated Kids Activity Apps

14 Curated Kids Activity Apps

The 'Yuggler' App Finds Activities to Partake in Nearby • 55 views
Inebriated Navigation Apps

15 Inebriated Navigation Apps

The Ekisupaato Railway App Now Features a One-Touch 'Drunk Mode' • 53 views
Loyalty Exchange Programs

16 Loyalty Exchange Programs

Jumeirah Sirius is a Program That Trades Points for High-End Goods • 37 views
Interactive Theme Park Apps

17 Interactive Theme Park Apps

The 'My Disney Experience' App Customizes the Park Experience • 32 views
Airport Facility Exploration Apps

18 Airport Facility Exploration Apps

'Gate Guru' Scans Airport Terminals for Play Areas and More • 30 views
Upscale Family Resorts

19 Upscale Family Resorts

The Village Vacances Valcartier Family Hotel Resort is Ideal for All Ages • 29 views


Top 15 Los Angeles Innovations

1 Top 15 Los Angeles Innovations

From Fashion-Forward Coffee Shop to 3D Printing Culinary Labs • 19,182 views
Top 35 Luxury Products in February

2 Top 35 Luxury Products in February

From $2,000 Golden Pizzas to $15,000 Dining Experiences • 13,827 views
Floating Hotel Sleeping Capsules

3 Floating Hotel Sleeping Capsules

The Mizukami Hotel at Huis Ten Bosch Puts Guests on the Sea • 6,116 views
Luxurious Boomer-Centric Caravans

4 Luxurious Boomer-Centric Caravans

Elite Caravans are Geared Toward Wealthy Baby Boomers • 4,034 views
Top 30 Travel Ideas in March

5 Top 30 Travel Ideas in March

From In-Flight Beer Brews to Airplane Streaming Services • 3,949 views
Cozy Mini Hotel Cabins

6 Cozy Mini Hotel Cabins

The In-Tenta 'Drop Box' Portable Hotel Suite is Compact Yet Functional • 3,869 views
Feminist Activism Apparel

7 Feminist Activism Apparel

The 'Tory's Angry Uterus Tee' Supports Women's Health Funding • 2,707 views
Artisanal Animal Lollipops

8 Artisanal Animal Lollipops

Ameshin Specializes in Creating Intricate Lollipop Art Sculptures • 1,376 views
Travel-Inspired Trousers

9 Travel-Inspired Trousers

Global Clothing by MATTER Takes Cues from Cultures Around the World • 1,367 views
Nomadic Lifestyle Hotel Subscriptions

10 Nomadic Lifestyle Hotel Subscriptions

'StayAwhile' Lets You Live in Hotels for a Monthly Fee • 1,240 views
Music-Focused Travel Platforns

11 Music-Focused Travel Platforns

Travel Together Combines Flights and Hotels with Entertainment • 795 views
Printed Electric Scooter Taxis

12 Printed Electric Scooter Taxis

Etran Plans to Launch a 3D-Printed Transportation Fleet in Thailand • 537 views
Cultural Motif Chocolates

13 Cultural Motif Chocolates

Chocolat de Kissho's Japanese Sweets Boast Traditional Kimono Patterns • 513 views
Emoji Tasting Menus

14 Emoji Tasting Menus

Bangkok's Gaggan Uses Icons to Represent Its Food Items • 464 views
Landscape-Mimicking Billboards

15 Landscape-Mimicking Billboards

These Billboards in California Draw Attention to Natural Beauty • 464 views

16 S'Mores Dessert Pancakes

The J.S. Pancake Cafe is Serving Decadent 'S’more Pancakes' • 389 views
All-In-One Travel Apps

17 All-In-One Travel Apps

Sygic's Trip-Planning GPS App Inspires, Handles Bookings and More • 368 views
Artistic Lacquered Toilets

18 Artistic Lacquered Toilets

'Bidocoro' is a Luxury Toilet Crafted in the Tradition of Lacquerware • 296 views
Cost-Saving Travel Memberships

19 Cost-Saving Travel Memberships

'Travel Cat Flights' Saves Members Hundreds of Dollars on Flights • 289 views
Craft Brewery Hotels

20 Craft Brewery Hotels

BrewDog is Crowdfunding for the World's First Craft Beer Hotel • 195 views


Top 100 Social Media Trends in 2016

1 Top 100 Social Media Trends in 2016

From Album-Promoting Snapchat Filters to Selfie Soda Bottles • 40,804 views
Top 100 Travel Trends in 2016

2 Top 100 Travel Trends in 2016

From Malleable Travel Pillows to Comprehensive Travel-Planning Apps • 29,252 views
Top 100 Social Good Trends in 2016

3 Top 100 Social Good Trends in 2016

From Awareness-Raising Photography to DIY Wooden Beehives • 27,549 views
Top 100 Hotel Trends in 2016

4 Top 100 Hotel Trends in 2016

From Gin-Themed Hotels to Hostels Made from Shipping Containers • 17,755 views
Top 35 Travel Ideas in February

5 Top 35 Travel Ideas in February

From Halal-Friendly Game Lodges to Multigenerational Hotel Perks • 5,391 views
Top 75 Regional Trends of 2016

6 Top 75 Regional Trends of 2016

From Urban Tree Maps to Legendary Basketballer Holidays • 5,222 views
Converted Airplane Eateries

7 Converted Airplane Eateries

The 'Hawai Adda' Airplane Restaurant Serves Vegetarian Cuisines • 4,772 views
Heavy-Duty Expedition Vehicles

8 Heavy-Duty Expedition Vehicles

Bliss Mobil's Campers are Perfect for Traveling to Remote Areas • 4,283 views
Suitcase Desk Attachments

9 Suitcase Desk Attachments

The 'SMARTOO' Foldable Desk Transforms a Carry-On to a Desk • 3,527 views
22 Developing World Business Innovations

10 22 Developing World Business Innovations

From Cashless Crop Payments to African Youth Platforms • 3,243 views
Sneaky Luggage Coats

11 Sneaky Luggage Coats

The Airport Jacket Helps People Avoid Extra Baggage Fees • 2,164 views
Cozy Commuter Pods

12 Cozy Commuter Pods

Vaillant Set Up 'Warmth Pods' in UK Travel Stations for Warmth Week • 2,011 views
Space-Maximizing Airplane Seats

13 Space-Maximizing Airplane Seats

The Side-Slip Seat System Makes the Middle Spot More Desirable • 1,793 views
Digital Detox Spa Holidays

14 Digital Detox Spa Holidays

The Kamalaya Resort Offers Time Away From Daily Commitments • 1,790 views
Connected Travel Luggage

15 Connected Travel Luggage

The 'Ready' Smart Carry-On Baggage Has a Scale, Charger and More • 1,365 views
Variably Sized Travel Bags

16 Variably Sized Travel Bags

The TAB Expandable Bag Comes with Four Different Styles in One • 1,306 views
USSR Bus Stop Photography

17 USSR Bus Stop Photography

Peter Ortner Captured 500 Bus Stops Around the Former Soviet Union • 1,248 views
Sleep Pod Hotels

18 Sleep Pod Hotels

The SLEEEP Hong Kong Capsule Hotel is Devoted to Providing Quality Sleeps • 1,157 views
Slash-Proof Duffle Bags

19 Slash-Proof Duffle Bags

The 'Pacsafe' Anti-Theft Duffle Luggage Bag Ensures Safety When Travelling • 933 views
High-Quality Low-Cost Suitcases

20 High-Quality Low-Cost Suitcases

Marlowe Luggage Suitcases are Lightweight, Durable and Inexpensive • 795 views