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Eco Jumbo Jets

1 Eco Jumbo Jets

The Progress Eagle Aircraft Seats 800 and Employs Sustainable Energy • 20,681 views
Top 75 World Concepts in February

2 Top 75 World Concepts in February

From Flight Advisor Apps to Icy Nordic Hotels • 8,702 views
Feng Shui Homes

3 Feng Shui Homes

The Ssangdalri House is Arranged According to Chinese Philosophy • 7,672 views
Top 45 Travel Trends in February

4 Top 45 Travel Trends in February

From Extravagant Safari Tours to Real-Time Translation Apps • 6,858 views
The Greatest Expedition of Your Life

5 The Greatest Expedition of Your Life

See What South Africa's Stunning Natural Scenery Has to Offer • 6,735 views
42 Glacier-Inspired Innovations

6 42 Glacier-Inspired Innovations

From Global Warming Candles to Paper Iceberg Installations • 4,185 views
Award-Winning Mexican Restaurants

7 Award-Winning Mexican Restaurants

Pujol Serves Gourmet Dishes in an Understated Dining Environment • 2,518 views
Portable Outdoor Showers

8 Portable Outdoor Showers

Summer Shower is Solar-Powered to Supply Comfortable Hot Water • 2,507 views
Majestic Russian Photography

9 Majestic Russian Photography

Photography Elena Shumilova Captures the Unspoiled Beauty of Russia • 2,420 views
12 Coffee Beverages

10 12 Coffee Beverages

From Vietnamese Egg Coffee to Honeyed Espresso Drinks • 2,172 views
Facial Abstract Prints

11 Facial Abstract Prints

Sally King Benedict Created a Variety of Faces Using Multiple Platforms • 2,104 views
Animal Underground Commuters

12 Animal Underground Commuters

Sky Atlantic Put a Polar Bear on the Subway to Promote a New TV Show • 2,047 views
Volcano Boarding Excursions

13 Volcano Boarding Excursions

Nicaragua's Tierra Tour Will Appeal to Adventurous Thrill Seekers • 1,985 views
Extreme Secret Agent Tourism

14 Extreme Secret Agent Tourism

James Bond Operation Involves Civilians in Boat Chases and Shootouts • 1,964 views
Resin-Lensed Eyewear

15 Resin-Lensed Eyewear

These Polarized Sunglasses Feature Better Optical Clarity • 1,927 views
Experiential Gift Services

16 Experiential Gift Services

Tinggly Lets Your Recipient Choose the Gift They Want to Get • 1,920 views
Astronomic Cutting Boards

17 Astronomic Cutting Boards

This Solar System Chopping Board Teaches You Science While You Slice • 1,689 views
21 Free Internet Initiatives

18 21 Free Internet Initiatives

From Internet Access Vending Machines to Free Data Devices • 1,576 views
Collapsible Travel Pillows

19 Collapsible Travel Pillows

Cocoon's Car Travel Pillow Shrinks to the Size of a Baseball • 1,528 views
Digital Detox Programs

20 Digital Detox Programs

Myhotels Bloomsbury Offers a Way for Guests to Disconnect & De-Stress • 1,456 views


Top 100 Travel Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Travel Trends of 2014

From Mile High Accommodations to Naked Handstander Portraits • 297,791 views
Life Drawing Parties

2 Life Drawing Parties

Toronto's Graphic Stallion Hosts Bachelorette, Retirement & Divorce Parties • 30,011 views
60 Railway Transport Innovations

3 60 Railway Transport Innovations

From Personal Metro Pods to Underwater Speed Train Concepts • 16,518 views
World Living Condition Infographics

4 World Living Condition Infographics

Movehub Illustrates the Cost of Living Around the World • 13,525 views
Partitioned Travel Bags

5 Partitioned Travel Bags

Accordia Case Keeps Possessions Compartmentalized for Easy Security Checks • 7,881 views
Roller Coaster Restaurants

6 Roller Coaster Restaurants

This Abu Dhabi Restaurant Delivers Food Like Theme Park Rides • 7,335 views
Deluxe Dorm-Style Hotels

7 Deluxe Dorm-Style Hotels

Mezzanine Hotel Rooms Demonstrate Creative Shifts in Luxury Accommodation • 5,858 views
Gallery-Style Patisseries

8 Gallery-Style Patisseries

The À La Folie Pastry Shop Displays its Sweet Treats Like Works of Art • 5,324 views
Bizarre Meteorite Stilettos

9 Bizarre Meteorite Stilettos

The Meteorite Shoe is Designed to Resemble Chunks of Space Rock • 4,524 views
24 Examples of Hispanic Art

10 24 Examples of Hispanic Art

From Politically Surreal Street Art to Sugar Skull Dame Paintings • 4,062 views
Beautified Bomb Shelters

11 Beautified Bomb Shelters

The Bunker Pavilion is a Reclaimed Refuge with Contemporary Comforts • 3,599 views
Smart Unicycle Segways

12 Smart Unicycle Segways

The Tokyo Smart Wheel Would Be an Automatic Guide for Tourists in Japan • 3,142 views
Abandoned Hotel Photography

13 Abandoned Hotel Photography

Sabine Haubitz and Stefanie Zoche Capture Despondent Accommodations • 3,079 views
Aquatic Grain Carriers

14 Aquatic Grain Carriers

Fishy Rice Packaging is Practical, Emblematic and Beautiful • 2,984 views
12 Examples of Multicultural Art

15 12 Examples of Multicultural Art

From Global Art Galleries to Mixed Family Portraits • 2,862 views
Worldly Culinary Guides

16 Worldly Culinary Guides

This Infographic Teaches Readers About International Eating Etiquette • 2,693 views
16 Examples of Hi-Tech Luggage

17 16 Examples of Hi-Tech Luggage

From Speaker Dock Suitcases to App-Connected Travel Bags • 2,386 views
Sketched Ceramic Branding

18 Sketched Ceramic Branding

Illustrated Tequila Bottles Feature Doodles of the Mayan Gods • 2,380 views
Family Flying Cabins

19 Family Flying Cabins

Thomson Airways Aims to Make Family Travel More Comfortable • 2,235 views
Real-Time Translation Apps (UPDATE)

20 Real-Time Translation Apps (UPDATE)

The Improved Google Translate App Works Instantaneously • 2,195 views