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Top 40 Commuting Ideas in July

1 Top 40 Commuting Ideas in July

From Connective Carpooling Apps to Commuter Safety Devices • 5,276 views
Top 40 Travel Ideas in July

2 Top 40 Travel Ideas in July

From VR Observation Scopes to Crowdsourced Discovery Apps • 3,478 views
70 American Presidential Election Innovations

3 70 American Presidential Election Innovations

From Politically Charged Apparel to Makeup Tutorials • 913 views
Travel-Friendly Apparel Lines

4 Travel-Friendly Apparel Lines

These Clothes Make the Wearer Comfortable During Their Travels • 710 views
Humorous Language Ads

5 Humorous Language Ads

These Ads Shows the Struggles Many Face in Learning to Speak English • 696 views
24 Olympic Brand Campaigns

6 24 Olympic Brand Campaigns

From International Chip Flavors to Olympic Video Game Giveaways • 672 views
Suspended Origami Art

7 Suspended Origami Art

These Suspended Origami Pieces Come Together to Form a Flock of Birds • 395 views
Running Track Trains

8 Running Track Trains

This Themed Tokyo Train Celebrates the Japanese Team at the Olympics • 374 views
High-Definition Adventure Images

9 High-Definition Adventure Images

Jeff Dodson Captures the Human Relationship with Nature • 364 views
Infrared Landscape Photos

10 Infrared Landscape Photos

The 'Rome in Infrared' Series Photographs the City With a Pink Filter • 278 views
Floating Urban Hotels

11 Floating Urban Hotels

The OFF Hotel Offers a Suspended Aquatic Bar and Luxe Accommodations • 226 views
Reflective Concert Hallls

12 Reflective Concert Hallls

The 'Elbphilharmonie’ Has Over 1,000 Curved Glass Panels • 196 views
Migrant Housing Photography

13 Migrant Housing Photography

Marco Tiberio's Photo Series Documents Refugee Huts in France • 142 views
Clear Rolling Suitcases

14 Clear Rolling Suitcases

This Transparent Suitcase Displays the User's Belongings Front and Center • 134 views
Political Estate Billboards

15 Political Estate Billboards

Jeff Cook Real Estate Offers to Help Americans Move to Canada • 116 views
Hygienic Subway Straps

16 Hygienic Subway Straps

These Hanging Straps for Subways Ensure Personal Space • 115 views
Cartoon Amusement Rides

17 Cartoon Amusement Rides

Disney's 'Tower of Terror' Will Be Replaced with 'Guardians of the Galaxy' • 112 views
Anime-Transformed Monuments

18 Anime-Transformed Monuments

A Spherical Statue in Russia Was Painted to Look Like a Huge Poké Ball • 108 views
P2P Lending Libraries

19 P2P Lending Libraries

London's 'Library of Things' is a P2P Lending Library for a Variety of Goods • 102 views
Sheep-Mounted Map Imaging

20 Sheep-Mounted Map Imaging

'Sheep View 360' Maps the Faroe Islands Using Sheep-Mounted Cameras • 65 views


Top 35 Commuting Ideas in June

1 Top 35 Commuting Ideas in June

From Boosted Hybrid Vehicles to Trackable Rideshare Programs • 13,480 views
Expressive Adult Photography

2 Expressive Adult Photography

This South African Photographer Captures Jamaica's Male Adult Stars • 10,380 views
Top 30 Transportation Ideas in June

3 Top 30 Transportation Ideas in June

From Eco Flying Cable Cars to Turbine-Powered Trucks • 7,584 views
Top 35 Travel Ideas in June

4 Top 35 Travel Ideas in June

From Millennial Scavenger Hunts to Family-Friendly Resort Passes • 6,369 views
Bicycle-Car Hybrids

5 Bicycle-Car Hybrids

This Vehicle Could Resolve Transport Issues That Stem from Overpopulation • 4,902 views
21 Intriguing Japanese Oddities

6 21 Intriguing Japanese Oddities

From Face-Lifting Cushions to Stylish Sushi Knapsacks • 3,266 views
37 Adventurous Luggage Options

7 37 Adventurous Luggage Options

From Upcycled Plane Seats to Intelligent Robotic Suitcases • 1,853 views
Solar-Powered Parasols

8 Solar-Powered Parasols

The 'LEAF for life' Solar Parasol Provides Shade and Collects Energy • 1,190 views
Multi-Feature Travel Sets

9 Multi-Feature Travel Sets

The 'Nomatic' Bag's Multiple Features Make It Perfect for Backpacking • 1,138 views
Functional Luxury Luggage

10 Functional Luxury Luggage

The New Louis Vuitton Roller Luggage Was Designed By Apple's Design VP • 1,034 views
Modular Travel Bags

11 Modular Travel Bags

The 'Arcido Bag' is Specifically Designed for Carry-On Luggage • 996 views
Social Good Hotels

12 Social Good Hotels

Every Facet of 'The Purpose Hotel' Supports Meaningful Causes in the World • 984 views
Long-Lasting Travel Cosmetics

13 Long-Lasting Travel Cosmetics

The 'trèStiQue' Makeup Line Offers Easy, Lasting Coverage • 917 views
Partition-Free Hotel Rooms

14 Partition-Free Hotel Rooms

This Open Air Hotel Room is in the Middle of the Swiss Alps • 867 views
Electric-Assist Bike Motors

15 Electric-Assist Bike Motors

This Smart Engine Can Be Attached to Any Bike to Make It Ride Faster • 851 views
Interactive Passport Encyclopedias

16 Interactive Passport Encyclopedias

'Passport Index' Tells Users What Rights Their Passports Afford • 840 views
Mosque Architecture Photography

17 Mosque Architecture Photography

This Photographer Captures the Intricate Beauty of Mosques • 838 views
Genesis Ark Buildings

18 Genesis Ark Buildings

'The Ark Encounter' is Inspired by the Noah's Ark Story • 771 views
18 Convenient Travel Apps

19 18 Convenient Travel Apps

From Geotagged Storytelling Apps to Authentic Locale Travel Apps • 735 views
Metaphorical World Maps

20 Metaphorical World Maps

This Artist Uses a Re-Imagined Map of the World To Promote His Passion • 706 views


45 Tiny House Designs

1 45 Tiny House Designs

From Charitable Micro-Homes to Mini DIY Homes • 27,503 views
Revitalized Glamping Experiences

2 Revitalized Glamping Experiences

This Camping Facility Features Livable Pods and Cabins • 2,857 views
Promotional Floating Apartments

3 Promotional Floating Apartments

This Airbnb Was Created with Disney Pixar for 'Finding Dory' • 2,804 views
Connected Aircraft Cabins

4 Connected Aircraft Cabins

The New Cathay Pacific Aircraft Feature Internet and Comfortable Seats • 2,471 views
Greek Island Villas

5 Greek Island Villas

hhh architects Designs a Trio of Secluded Luxe Apartments • 2,314 views
Stair-Climbing Suitcases

6 Stair-Climbing Suitcases

The 'TraxPack' Carry-On Cases Feature Tank-Inspired Tracks for Stairs • 2,013 views
Private Cabana Suites

7 Private Cabana Suites

This Hotel Offers Private Cabanas for Residents • 1,722 views
Versatile Leather Backpacks

8 Versatile Leather Backpacks

These Versatile Backpacks Can Be Used for Work or Travel • 1,559 views
Major City Jewelry

9 Major City Jewelry

This Jewelry Reveals Maps from Around the World • 1,332 views
Otherworldly Travel Ads

10 Otherworldly Travel Ads

These Ads for Azul Airlines Show the Ease of Discovering New Worlds • 1,279 views
Enormous Pier Installations

11 Enormous Pier Installations

The Floating Piers on Lake Iseo Offer Stunning Sights of Italy • 1,197 views
Floral Lounge Areas

12 Floral Lounge Areas

This Art Installation Covers the Ceilings of a Lounge • 1,136 views
Smart Bike Helmets

13 Smart Bike Helmets

This Smart Helmet Ensures the Safety of Avid Bikers • 1,056 views
DIY Airplane Headphones

14 DIY Airplane Headphones

These Newly Proposed Airplane Headphones are Extremely Compact • 1,026 views
Luxurious Business Class Cabins

15 Luxurious Business Class Cabins

United Airlines Has Revealed Its Revamped Business Class Cabins • 988 views
Ice Block Noodle Bowls

16 Ice Block Noodle Bowls

Japan's Tempura Matsu Restaurant Uses Melting Vessels for Its Noodle Bowls • 983 views
Car-Specific Vacations

17 Car-Specific Vacations

Auto Enthusiasts Can Now Book a Supercar-Specific Getaway in Canada • 964 views
Charity Ball VR Presentations

18 Charity Ball VR Presentations

The Charity Water VR Was Presented at Its Annual Black-Tie Gala • 903 views
Promotional Escape Rooms

19 Promotional Escape Rooms

This Escape Room Challenge Highlights a New Norwegian Airlines Route • 892 views
Anime Beauty Boutiques

20 Anime Beauty Boutiques

Bandai's 'Otona Joshi Biyori' Appeals to Adult Women with Cute Cosmetics • 888 views