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45 Tiny House Designs

1 45 Tiny House Designs

From Charitable Micro-Homes to Mini DIY Homes • 15,968 views
Top 35 Commuting Ideas in June

2 Top 35 Commuting Ideas in June

From Boosted Hybrid Vehicles to Trackable Rideshare Programs • 9,537 views
Top 30 Transportation Ideas in June

3 Top 30 Transportation Ideas in June

From Eco Flying Cable Cars to Turbine-Powered Trucks • 4,835 views
Top 35 Travel Ideas in June

4 Top 35 Travel Ideas in June

From Millennial Scavenger Hunts to Family-Friendly Resort Passes • 3,766 views
Floral Lounge Areas

5 Floral Lounge Areas

This Art Installation Covers the Ceilings of a Lounge • 855 views
Major City Jewelry

6 Major City Jewelry

This Jewelry Reveals Maps from Around the World • 832 views
Parisian Vegan Burgers

7 Parisian Vegan Burgers

This Restaurant Offers Vegan Burgers For a Foreign Market • 521 views
Towering Manmade Waterfalls

8 Towering Manmade Waterfalls

Olafur Eliasson's 'Waterfall' is Temporarily on Display at Versailles • 308 views
Promotional Escape Rooms

9 Promotional Escape Rooms

This Escape Room Challenge Highlights a New Norwegian Airlines Route • 211 views
Kid-Friendly City Guides

10 Kid-Friendly City Guides

ZigZag's City Guide for Kids Comes in a Fun and Educational Kit • 124 views
Layered Bean Desserts

11 Layered Bean Desserts

This Haagen-Dazs Japan Ice Cream is Filled with Adzuki Red Beans • 100 views
Smile Assessment Apps

12 Smile Assessment Apps

This Shiseido App Reads the Quality of a Smile • 91 views
Chinese Crime Dramas

13 Chinese Crime Dramas

'Yu Zui' is a TV Program That Stars a Bad Boy Police Officer • 90 views
Luggage-Collecting Robots

14 Luggage-Collecting Robots

'Leo' is an Autonomous Bot That Cares for the Geneva Airport's Luggage • 83 views
Credit-Scoring Apps

15 Credit-Scoring Apps

The Credit Scores of Chinese Citizens are Gamified with 'Sesame Credit' • 49 views
Beneficial Airline Loyalty Programs

16 Beneficial Airline Loyalty Programs

The Emirates Skywards Plan Helps Members Earn Rewards Faster • 46 views
People-Powered Travel Apps

17 People-Powered Travel Apps

'People Make Places' is a Travel City Guide Centered Around People • 39 views
Destination-Promoting Suitcases

18 Destination-Promoting Suitcases

This Airport Advertising Campaign is a Cost-Effective Solution • 32 views
Engaging Reality Shows

19 Engaging Reality Shows

This Chinese Reality Show is Recruiting Contestants on Twitter • 32 views
Commuter Safety Devices

20 Commuter Safety Devices

This Electronic System Uses Sensors to Ensure the Safety of Users • 28 views


Converted Sprinter Vans

1 Converted Sprinter Vans

Filmmaker Cyrus Sutton Shows How He Lives on the Road in His Converted Van • 6,973 views
Connected Aircraft Cabins

2 Connected Aircraft Cabins

The New Cathay Pacific Aircraft Feature Internet and Comfortable Seats • 2,231 views
Revitalized Glamping Experiences

3 Revitalized Glamping Experiences

This Camping Facility Features Livable Pods and Cabins • 1,914 views
Promotional Floating Apartments

4 Promotional Floating Apartments

This Airbnb Was Created with Disney Pixar for 'Finding Dory' • 1,875 views
Greek Island Villas

5 Greek Island Villas

hhh architects Designs a Trio of Secluded Luxe Apartments • 1,682 views
Stair-Climbing Suitcases

6 Stair-Climbing Suitcases

The 'TraxPack' Carry-On Cases Feature Tank-Inspired Tracks for Stairs • 1,383 views
Enormous Pier Installations

7 Enormous Pier Installations

The Floating Piers on Lake Iseo Offer Stunning Sights of Italy • 1,019 views
Car-Specific Vacations

8 Car-Specific Vacations

Auto Enthusiasts Can Now Book a Supercar-Specific Getaway in Canada • 917 views
Versatile Leather Backpacks

9 Versatile Leather Backpacks

These Versatile Backpacks Can Be Used for Work or Travel • 886 views
Private Cabana Suites

10 Private Cabana Suites

This Hotel Offers Private Cabanas for Residents • 845 views
Otherworldly Travel Ads

11 Otherworldly Travel Ads

These Ads for Azul Airlines Show the Ease of Discovering New Worlds • 816 views
Luxurious Business Class Cabins

12 Luxurious Business Class Cabins

United Airlines Has Revealed Its Revamped Business Class Cabins • 791 views
Tourist-Inspired Concept Stores

13 Tourist-Inspired Concept Stores

The Away Store Conceptualizes Travel to Two Cities in One Space • 752 views
DIY Airplane Headphones

14 DIY Airplane Headphones

These Newly Proposed Airplane Headphones are Extremely Compact • 699 views
Ice Block Noodle Bowls

15 Ice Block Noodle Bowls

Japan's Tempura Matsu Restaurant Uses Melting Vessels for Its Noodle Bowls • 664 views
Haircut-Suggesting Robots

16 Haircut-Suggesting Robots

At 'PERCUT,' Pepper the Robot Suggests Hairstyles for Men • 587 views
Travel Security Systems

17 Travel Security Systems

'TripSafe' Introduces a Portable Security System for Use Away from Home • 581 views
Charity Ball VR Presentations

18 Charity Ball VR Presentations

The Charity Water VR Was Presented at Its Annual Black-Tie Gala • 572 views
Anime Beauty Boutiques

19 Anime Beauty Boutiques

Bandai's 'Otona Joshi Biyori' Appeals to Adult Women with Cute Cosmetics • 550 views
VR Shooter Games

20 VR Shooter Games

'VR Shoot' is an Immersive Video Game That Makes Use of Room-Scale Tracking • 515 views


Top 40 Travel Ideas in May

1 Top 40 Travel Ideas in May

From Supportive Airplane Head Rests to Female-Only Capsule Hotels • 57,745 views
Top 35 Commuting Innovations in May

2 Top 35 Commuting Innovations in May

From Driverless Transportation Pods to Bus-Tracking Apps • 17,618 views
Exotic Tourism

3 Exotic Tourism

Three Tourist Locations Finally Open To The Rest Of The World • 8,607 views
Teardrop Trailer House Hybrids

4 Teardrop Trailer House Hybrids

This Tiny Home Combines the Features of a Teardrop Trailer • 6,958 views
Car Pop-Up Campers

5 Car Pop-Up Campers

The BlackFin Camper Box is a Hard-Shell Pop-Up Tent • 6,183 views
Hilarious Couple Photography

6 Hilarious Couple Photography

This Follow Me To Parody Shows Girlfriend Dragging Boyfriend Around • 4,839 views
Top 25 Hospitality Ideas in May

7 Top 25 Hospitality Ideas in May

From Home Rental Matchmaking Apps to Marathon-Centric Hotels • 3,931 views
Solitary Travel Photography

8 Solitary Travel Photography

Lorenzo Scudiero Captures Picturesque Scenes of Adventurers • 3,798 views
Hotel-Like Airplane Cabins

9 Hotel-Like Airplane Cabins

First Spaces Brings Additional Luxury to the Idea of First Class • 3,283 views
60 Modern Hotel Offerings

10 60 Modern Hotel Offerings

From Couture Branded Spas to Room Service Vinyl Menus • 2,466 views
Tiny Functional Homes

11 Tiny Functional Homes

Artist Jeff Smith's Design is The Smallest House in the World • 2,344 views
35 Boutique Hotel Designs

12 35 Boutique Hotel Designs

From Southern Art Museum Hotels to Luxury Hotel Concierge Cats • 2,233 views
Sunlit Private Jets

13 Sunlit Private Jets

The New Embraer Kyoto Airship Has Door-Sized Windows • 2,048 views
Improved Business Class Cabins

14 Improved Business Class Cabins

Virgin Australia Created an All-New Business Class Experience • 1,900 views
Cinematic Boutique Hotels

15 Cinematic Boutique Hotels

The Hotel Andre Latin in Paris is Inspired by the Belle Epoque Era • 1,594 views
Technology-Focused Luggage

16 Technology-Focused Luggage

The Arlo Skye Carry-On Suitcases Feature Charging Capabilities • 1,448 views
Comprehensive Travel Apps

17 Comprehensive Travel Apps

The Google Trips App Makes It Easier to Book Vacations on a Smartphone • 1,357 views
Eco Flying Cable Cars

18 Eco Flying Cable Cars

Chicago Will Run Flying Cable Cars to Show Tourist Attractions • 1,244 views
Short-Term Apartment Rentals

19 Short-Term Apartment Rentals

This Network of Co-Living Spaces Lets Workers Live All Over the World • 1,020 views
Fisheye Accessory Lenses

20 Fisheye Accessory Lenses

This Removeable Lens Lets Users Take Circular Images with GoPros • 1,010 views