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Top 100 Social Media Trends in 2016

1 Top 100 Social Media Trends in 2016

From Album-Promoting Snapchat Filters to Selfie Soda Bottles • 25,534 views
Top 100 Social Good Trends in 2016

2 Top 100 Social Good Trends in 2016

From Awareness-Raising Photography to DIY Wooden Beehives • 17,549 views
Top 100 Travel Trends in 2016

3 Top 100 Travel Trends in 2016

From Malleable Travel Pillows to Comprehensive Travel-Planning Apps • 15,453 views
Top 15 London Innovations

4 Top 15 London Innovations

From Moving Observation Towers to Content Creator Shops • 12,927 views
Top 100 Hotel Trends in 2016

5 Top 100 Hotel Trends in 2016

From Gin-Themed Hotels to Hostels Made from Shipping Containers • 10,452 views
Top 15 Los Angeles Innovations

6 Top 15 Los Angeles Innovations

From Fashion-Forward Coffee Shop to 3D Printing Culinary Labs • 8,568 views
Top 15 Chicago Innovations

7 Top 15 Chicago Innovations

From Exclusive Menswear Boutiques to Old-School Donut Shops • 4,490 views
Top 15 Las Vegas Innovations

8 Top 15 Las Vegas Innovations

From Shipping Container Shopping Centers to Minimalist Dessert Bars • 3,757 views
Top 15 Orlando Innovations

9 Top 15 Orlando Innovations

From Artisan Food Markets to Community-Focused Coworking Spaces • 3,743 views
Top 15 New York City Innovations

10 Top 15 New York City Innovations

From Plant-Based Burger Joints to Wine-Soaked Spa Experiences • 3,735 views
Top 75 Regional Trends of 2016

11 Top 75 Regional Trends of 2016

From Urban Tree Maps to Legendary Basketballer Holidays • 2,880 views
Durable Color-Blocked Bags

12 Durable Color-Blocked Bags

These PORTER Bags Come from a Collaborative Effort with Marni • 798 views
Private Ocean Hotels

13 Private Ocean Hotels

The Sanya Edition Luxury Hotel Resort in China is Located on 50-Acres of Land • 693 views
Family-Specific Hotel Suites

14 Family-Specific Hotel Suites

The Holiday Inn KidSuites Make Family Travel More Comfortable • 359 views
Airport Pop-Up Ice Rinks

15 Airport Pop-Up Ice Rinks

Denver International Airport Opened a Free Ice Rink During the Holidays • 273 views
10 Adventurous Family Travel Options

16 10 Adventurous Family Travel Options

From Eco Obstacle Courses to Family-Friendly Fishing Events • 209 views
Revitalized Cultural Boutique Hotels

17 Revitalized Cultural Boutique Hotels

The Jiangnan Boutique Hotel Was Constructed from Old Housing • 194 views
17 Family-Friendly Accommodations

18 17 Family-Friendly Accommodations

From Family-Specific Suites to Structured Hotel Kids' Clubs • 119 views
Local Citizen Travel Apps

19 Local Citizen Travel Apps

'SuperLocal' Connects Travelers to Local Travel Guides for Tips • 111 views
Muslim-Friendly Japanese Hotels

20 Muslim-Friendly Japanese Hotels

The Syariah Hotel Fujisan Caters to Muslims Travelers in Japan • 107 views


100 Gift Ideas for Travelers

1 100 Gift Ideas for Travelers

From Translating Travel Shirts to Mouthwash Capsules • 56,849 views
Hidden Ticket Giveaways

2 Hidden Ticket Giveaways

The Qatar Airways Treasure Hunt is Offering a Mysterious Free Flight • 598 views
Colossal Indian Statues

3 Colossal Indian Statues

India's Statue of Shivaji Maharaj Will Be the Tallest in the World • 561 views
Candid Sri Lankan Photography

4 Candid Sri Lankan Photography

Lucas Dumortier Captured Stunning Images Throughout His Travels • 544 views
Portable Napping Stands

5 Portable Napping Stands

'PowerSiesta' Is an Ideal Sleep Solution for Frequent Travelers • 435 views
Remote Worker Travel Programs

6 Remote Worker Travel Programs

'The Remote Trip' is a Way to Work while Traveling • 187 views
Private Flight Comparison Services

7 Private Flight Comparison Services

'AirProxima' Lets Consumers Browse Private Flight Options • 148 views
Lighted Pedestrians Crosswalks

8 Lighted Pedestrians Crosswalks

'Lighted Zebra Crossing' is a Safe Road Feature in the Netherlands • 131 views
Metropolitan Gift Box Retails

9 Metropolitan Gift Box Retails

'Cleveland in a Box' Sells City-Specific Treats and Product Packages • 100 views
Multi-Cultural Music Festival

10 Multi-Cultural Music Festival

The Latin Carassauga Festival Celebrates Countries Around the World • 76 views
Refugee Child Animated Stories

11 Refugee Child Animated Stories

'Unfairy Tales' Reveal the Lives of Refugee and Migrant Children • 67 views
AI Audio News Apps

12 AI Audio News Apps

British Startup Lstn AI Uses Text to Speech Technology to Keep You Informed • 58 views
Ramen Clam Chowders

13 Ramen Clam Chowders

Ippudo is Now Producing a Limited-Edition Clam Chowder Ramen • 55 views
After-Hours Email Laws

14 After-Hours Email Laws

France's 'Right to Disconnect' Law Forbids Forced After Hours Work • 40 views
Compensation-Winning Travel Startups

15 Compensation-Winning Travel Startups

ClaimCompass Fights to Get Europeans Compensation for Flights • 40 views
Reward Mile Commerce Apps

16 Reward Mile Commerce Apps

'Par' Lets Users Buy and Sell Airline Reward Miles to Book Flights • 34 views
Family-Friendly Outdoor Adventures

17 Family-Friendly Outdoor Adventures

This British Tour Operator Helps Families Embrace the Outdoors • 34 views
Refugee-Aiding Hotlines

18 Refugee-Aiding Hotlines

This 24 Hour Hotline Helps Syrian Refugees Crossing the Mediterranean • 17 views
Provincial Climate Change Campaigns

19 Provincial Climate Change Campaigns

Ontario's Ministry of Environment Takes on Climate Change • 16 views
Yuzu Passion

20 Yuzu Passion

Yuzu is embraced as a mainstay ingredient stateside • 0 views


70 Gifts for the Music Festival Enthusiast

1 70 Gifts for the Music Festival Enthusiast

From Illuminated Water Bottles to Slim Camping Showers • 11,146 views
Top 25 Travel Ideas in November

2 Top 25 Travel Ideas in November

From Airport Layover Sleep Pods to High-Speed Airplane WiFi • 4,015 views
Mobile Double Decker Cafes

3 Mobile Double Decker Cafes

London's 'B Bakery' Offers an Afternoon Tea Bus Tour • 2,974 views
Vast Bicycle Hotels

4 Vast Bicycle Hotels

The Lillestrom Bicycle Hotel Lets People Store Bicycles for Monthly Fees • 2,057 views
Floating Urban Workout Tours

5 Floating Urban Workout Tours

The 'Paris Navigating Gym' Gives a Workout Tour of Paris by the Seine • 1,662 views
Strategically Lit Hotel Interiors

6 Strategically Lit Hotel Interiors

Lighting Designers Enhanced This Hotel's Appearance with Light • 1,346 views
Bookstore-Themed Hostels

7 Bookstore-Themed Hostels

The 'Book and Bed' Hotel Has a New Location in Kyoto, Japan • 1,223 views
Smartphone-Cleansing Tissue Rolls

8 Smartphone-Cleansing Tissue Rolls

Japan's Narita Airport Has Toilet Paper Rolls to Clean Phones • 1,157 views
Neon-Clad Entertainment Districts

9 Neon-Clad Entertainment Districts

Las Vegas' Fremont Street Experience is a Multisensory Adventure • 1,049 views
Surface-Inspired Cliffside Hotels

10 Surface-Inspired Cliffside Hotels

The Alps Cliff Hotel Draws Inspiration from the Landscape • 847 views
Beautifying Red Wine Baths

11 Beautifying Red Wine Baths

'Castello di Casole' Offers a Spa Treatment Based Around Wine • 615 views
Mystery Adventure Travel Websites

12 Mystery Adventure Travel Websites

The Jubel Adventure Travel Website Creates Randomized Trips • 590 views
Apologetic Tourism Campaigns

13 Apologetic Tourism Campaigns

Montreal's Sorry Tourism Campaign Sarcastically Apologizes to Cities • 565 views
Cartoon-Themed Resorts

14 Cartoon-Themed Resorts

'Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts' is Opening a New Location in Riviera Maya • 543 views
Finnish Sledding Excursions

15 Finnish Sledding Excursions

The Aurora Bubble Winter Sled Provides Views of the Northern Lights • 522 views
15 Travel Reward Initiatives

16 15 Travel Reward Initiatives

From Gen Z-Targeting Programs to Perks Through Direct Booking • 467 views
Reversible Souvenir Jackets

17 Reversible Souvenir Jackets

GrowthRing & Supply Joined with HOSU CO. for This Design • 422 views
Luxury Disneyland Hotels

18 Luxury Disneyland Hotels

The Original Disney Theme Park Will Be Offering a New High-End Hotel • 347 views
Beach-Themed LEGO Retreats

19 Beach-Themed LEGO Retreats

'LEGOLAND Beach Retreat' Features Scores of Beachy Bungalows • 307 views
Anime-Branded Hotel Rooms

20 Anime-Branded Hotel Rooms

The Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo Offers Hello Kitty Rooms for Families • 303 views