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Teardrop Trailer House Hybrids

1 Teardrop Trailer House Hybrids

This Tiny Home Combines the Features of a Teardrop Trailer • 3,582 views
60 Modern Hotel Offerings

2 60 Modern Hotel Offerings

From Couture Branded Spas to Room Service Vinyl Menus • 984 views
Technology-Focused Luggage

3 Technology-Focused Luggage

The Arlo Skye Carry-On Suitcases Feature Charging Capabilities • 911 views
Global Resume Infographics

4 Global Resume Infographics

This Infographic Explains What is Expected in a Resume Format Globally • 612 views
Converted Post Office Hotels

5 Converted Post Office Hotels

The 11 Howard Hotel in NYC Was Designed by Beyer Blinder Belle • 577 views
Travel-Themed Jelly Shops

6 Travel-Themed Jelly Shops

Bompas and Parr's 'Harrods Jelly Parlour' Reveals Edible Landmarks • 389 views
35 Boutique Hotel Designs

7 35 Boutique Hotel Designs

From Southern Art Museum Hotels to Luxury Hotel Concierge Cats • 365 views
Countryside Camera Obscuras

8 Countryside Camera Obscuras

This Subterranean Camera Obscura Brings Back the Old Device • 297 views
Balinese Spa Vacations

9 Balinese Spa Vacations

The Surf Goddess Retreat is Designed for Adventurous Women • 250 views
Portable Energy System Concepts

10 Portable Energy System Concepts

This Solar Energy Concept Would Harness Energy to Power Daily Tech • 229 views
Individuality-Embracing Travel Ads

11 Individuality-Embracing Travel Ads

The Expedia Campaign Encourages You to "Be You, Somewhere Else" • 195 views
Cartoon Turtle Apartments

12 Cartoon Turtle Apartments

This Airbnb Apartment is Styled Like the Ninja Turtles' Hangout • 149 views
Transient Traveler Guide Books

13 Transient Traveler Guide Books

'Travel the Planet Overland' Guides Those with the Urge to Travel • 138 views
Spaciously Sophisticated Briefcases

14 Spaciously Sophisticated Briefcases

These Bags Would Make a Sophisticated Gift for Father's Day • 129 views
Record-Breaking Pizzas

15 Record-Breaking Pizzas

A Group of Italian Chefs Created a Long Pizza That Spans Two Kilometers • 103 views
Waterproof Circular Lenses

16 Waterproof Circular Lenses

This Attachable Lens Lets Users Take Circular Images with GoPros • 82 views
Hotel Loyalty Program Perks

17 Hotel Loyalty Program Perks

Hilton HHonors is Offering 30% Discounts Exclusively for Members • 66 views
Outdoor Writing Retreats

18 Outdoor Writing Retreats

The Wilder Running and Writing Retreat Emphasizes Fitness and Creativity • 62 views
Co-Living Nomad Projects

19 Co-Living Nomad Projects

The Roam Network Aims to Make Nomadic Travelers' Transitions Easier • 58 views
Pyramid Museum Extensions

20 Pyramid Museum Extensions

The Switch House is an Addition to the Tate Modern Art Gallery • 49 views


Top 40 Travel Ideas in May

1 Top 40 Travel Ideas in May

From Supportive Airplane Head Rests to Female-Only Capsule Hotels • 54,423 views
Exotic Tourism

2 Exotic Tourism

Three Tourist Locations Finally Open To The Rest Of The World • 8,452 views
Car Pop-Up Campers

3 Car Pop-Up Campers

The BlackFin Camper Box is a Hard-Shell Pop-Up Tent • 3,919 views
Hilarious Couple Photography

4 Hilarious Couple Photography

This Follow Me To Parody Shows Girlfriend Dragging Boyfriend Around • 3,795 views
Top 25 Hospitality Ideas in May

5 Top 25 Hospitality Ideas in May

From Home Rental Matchmaking Apps to Marathon-Centric Hotels • 3,423 views
Solitary Travel Photography

6 Solitary Travel Photography

Lorenzo Scudiero Captures Picturesque Scenes of Adventurers • 3,356 views
Hotel-Like Airplane Cabins

7 Hotel-Like Airplane Cabins

First Spaces Brings Additional Luxury to the Idea of First Class • 2,571 views
Tiny Functional Homes

8 Tiny Functional Homes

Artist Jeff Smith's Design is The Smallest House in the World • 1,720 views
Improved Business Class Cabins

9 Improved Business Class Cabins

Virgin Australia Created an All-New Business Class Experience • 1,534 views
Sunlit Private Jets

10 Sunlit Private Jets

The New Embraer Kyoto Airship Has Door-Sized Windows • 1,470 views
Eco Flying Cable Cars

11 Eco Flying Cable Cars

Chicago Will Run Flying Cable Cars to Show Tourist Attractions • 1,168 views
Comprehensive Travel Apps

12 Comprehensive Travel Apps

The Google Trips App Makes It Easier to Book Vacations on a Smartphone • 1,016 views
Short-Term Apartment Rentals

13 Short-Term Apartment Rentals

This Network of Co-Living Spaces Lets Workers Live All Over the World • 944 views
Single-Purpose Museums

14 Single-Purpose Museums

The Museum of Apoxyomenos Was Created to House a Single Exhibit • 626 views
Luxe Lightweight Luggage

15 Luxe Lightweight Luggage

The Rolls-Royce Luxe Suitcases are Manufactured With Carbon Fibre • 594 views
Cinematic Boutique Hotels

16 Cinematic Boutique Hotels

The Hotel Andre Latin in Paris is Inspired by the Belle Epoque Era • 516 views
Social Olympic Snapshots

17 Social Olympic Snapshots

In Partnership with NBC, Snapchat Will Be Showing Rio Olympic Highlights • 485 views

18 Children's Luxury Villas

The 'Pineapple Villa' is Inspired by the Classic Kid's Show Spongebob • 414 views
Holographic Museum Displays

19 Holographic Museum Displays

ColliderCase Creates a More Interactive Museum Experience for Art Fans • 272 views
Elevated Beachside Hotels

20 Elevated Beachside Hotels

This Elevated Building is Built with Protection from Extreme Weather • 265 views


Top 100 Design Ideas in April

1 Top 100 Design Ideas in April

From Modernized Airplane Cabins to Galleria Sushi Kiosks • 67,299 views
Tech-Centric Travel Packs

2 Tech-Centric Travel Packs

'Lifepack' Travel Backpacks Feature Anti-Theft and Solar Technology • 10,269 views
Top 47 Travel Ideas in April

3 Top 47 Travel Ideas in April

From Soft Brand Hotel Chains to Interactive Booking Experiences • 6,007 views
Top 60 World Trends in April

4 Top 60 World Trends in April

From Curated Adventure Travel Services to District Discovery Apps • 5,332 views
Supportive Airplane Head Rests

5 Supportive Airplane Head Rests

The HeadRest is a Device That Could Make Flying More Comfortable • 4,867 views
23 Unique Airbnb Listings

6 23 Unique Airbnb Listings

From Rentable Artist Abodes to Bookstore Rental Properties • 4,562 views
Luxury Travel Pop-Ups

7 Luxury Travel Pop-Ups

'The Carry-On' is Pop-Up Series from High-End Retailer Kit and Ace • 4,559 views
Space-Saving Baggage Compressors

8 Space-Saving Baggage Compressors

The 'VAGO' Clothing Compression Device Saves Up to 50% of Space • 2,253 views
Shared Home Designs

9 Shared Home Designs

Airbnb-Styled Homes Shows How the Company is Shaping the Future of Housing • 2,227 views
16 Virtual Reality Tours

10 16 Virtual Reality Tours

From 360-Degree Train Tours to Fantasy Spaceship Tours • 2,088 views
Stylish Smart Luggage

11 Stylish Smart Luggage

RADEN Combines Suitcases with an App for Convenient Features • 1,551 views
Art Deco Italian Hotels

12 Art Deco Italian Hotels

Milan's Hotel Senato Boasts Opulent and Gilded Design Accents • 1,510 views
Palatial Parisian Lodgings

13 Palatial Parisian Lodgings

Hotel Providence in Paris is a Stunning, Velvet-Adorned Palace • 1,242 views
Barbie Hotel Suites

14 Barbie Hotel Suites

The Hilton Panama's Barbie-Inspired Rooms Feature Doll-Themed Packages • 954 views
Communicative Symbol Shirts

15 Communicative Symbol Shirts

The IconSpeak T-Shirt Uses Symbols to Universally Exchange Information • 831 views
Shark-Infested Underwater Bedrooms

16 Shark-Infested Underwater Bedrooms

This Airbnb Aquarium Suite is the Brand's Latest Contest • 828 views
Sporty Stadium Bedrooms

17 Sporty Stadium Bedrooms

This Airbnb Rio De Janeiro Accommodation is Inside the Rio Olympic Arena • 799 views
Contemporary Bayside Hotels

18 Contemporary Bayside Hotels

The Axiom Hotel San Francisco Boasts an Elegant Modern Decor • 738 views
Chewable Tooth Cleaners

19 Chewable Tooth Cleaners

'Rolly' is a Portable Toothbrush That Works Without Toothpaste and Water • 687 views
Art Gallery Hotel Suites

20 Art Gallery Hotel Suites

The BnA Hotel Tokyo Immerses Travelers in Work by Local Artists • 636 views