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100 Gift Ideas for Travelers

1 100 Gift Ideas for Travelers

From Translating Travel Shirts to Mouthwash Capsules • 24,212 views
70 Gifts for the Music Festival Enthusiast

2 70 Gifts for the Music Festival Enthusiast

From Illuminated Water Bottles to Slim Camping Showers • 4,838 views
Vast Bicycle Hotels

3 Vast Bicycle Hotels

The Lillestrom Bicycle Hotel Lets People Store Bicycles for Monthly Fees • 1,206 views
Mystery Adventure Travel Websites

4 Mystery Adventure Travel Websites

The Jubel Adventure Travel Website Creates Randomized Trips • 488 views
Cartoon-Themed Resorts

5 Cartoon-Themed Resorts

'Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts' is Opening a New Location in Riviera Maya • 445 views
Surface-Inspired Cliffside Hotels

6 Surface-Inspired Cliffside Hotels

The Alps Cliff Hotel Draws Inspiration from the Landscape • 416 views
Apologetic Tourism Campaigns

7 Apologetic Tourism Campaigns

Montreal's Sorry Tourism Campaign Sarcastically Apologizes to Cities • 372 views
Reversible Souvenir Jackets

8 Reversible Souvenir Jackets

GrowthRing & Supply Joined with HOSU CO. for This Design • 189 views
Gin-Themed Hotels

9 Gin-Themed Hotels

'The Distillery' Hotel Will Have Offer a Gin Museum and Bars • 148 views
Luxury Disneyland Hotels

10 Luxury Disneyland Hotels

The Original Disney Theme Park Will Be Offering a New High-End Hotel • 106 views
Japanese Chicken-Flavored Chips

11 Japanese Chicken-Flavored Chips

These Pringles Flavors Remind of Japanese Fried Chicken • 86 views
Ketchup-Filled Donut Burgers

12 Ketchup-Filled Donut Burgers

Burger King Created a New Whopper in Celebration of Hanukkah • 73 views
Sign-Translating Resort Apps

13 Sign-Translating Resort Apps

The Globili App Translates Disney World Signs into Over 100 Languages • 38 views
Staff-Paying Expense Platforms

14 Staff-Paying Expense Platforms

Expense App TravelBank Rewards Traveling Employees for Being Frugal • 36 views
Anime-Branded Hotel Rooms

15 Anime-Branded Hotel Rooms

The Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo Offers Hello Kitty Rooms for Families • 34 views
Beach-Themed LEGO Retreats

16 Beach-Themed LEGO Retreats

'LEGOLAND Beach Retreat' Features Scores of Beachy Bungalows • 30 views


Top 30 Luxury Experiences in November

1 Top 30 Luxury Experiences in November

From Sleek Superpowered Minicars to Lavish Chocolate Museums • 8,374 views
Top 25 Travel Ideas in November

2 Top 25 Travel Ideas in November

From Airport Layover Sleep Pods to High-Speed Airplane WiFi • 3,432 views
Shipping Container Resorts

3 Shipping Container Resorts

This Vietnamese Recycled Hotel Utilizes the Functions of a Hostel • 3,073 views
Experiential Hotel Hybrids

4 Experiential Hotel Hybrids

This Hotel Fuses With the Format of Hostels to Target Millennials • 1,878 views
Strategically Lit Hotel Interiors

5 Strategically Lit Hotel Interiors

Lighting Designers Enhanced This Hotel's Appearance with Light • 1,092 views
Revived Supersonic Airlines

6 Revived Supersonic Airlines

'Boom' Hopes to Succeed in Place of Concorde with Supersonic Aircraft • 1,007 views
Bookstore-Themed Hostels

7 Bookstore-Themed Hostels

The 'Book and Bed' Hotel Has a New Location in Kyoto, Japan • 907 views
Urban Planning Furniture Collections

8 Urban Planning Furniture Collections

'Objects of Devotion' Pays Homage to Le Corbusier • 757 views
Noise-Cancelling Airport Loungers

9 Noise-Cancelling Airport Loungers

The Frankfurt Airport's Silent Chairs Block Out Ambient Noise • 657 views
16 Modern Meditative Spaces

10 16 Modern Meditative Spaces

From Tranquil Meditation Pavilions to Boutique Mindfulness Studios • 546 views
Reindeer Pizza Deliveries

11 Reindeer Pizza Deliveries

In Japan, Domino's Pizza Delivery is Being Offered with Santa's Fleet • 539 views
Finnish Sledding Excursions

12 Finnish Sledding Excursions

The Aurora Bubble Winter Sled Provides Views of the Northern Lights • 367 views
Vibrant Geometric Street Crossings

13 Vibrant Geometric Street Crossings

Christo Guelov Artfully Transformed Madrid's Zebra Crossings • 360 views
Music-Themed Boutique Hotels

14 Music-Themed Boutique Hotels

The 'Idol Hotel' in Paris is Inspired by Different Music Genres • 335 views
Personalized Mapping Apps

15 Personalized Mapping Apps

'SNUKR' is a Unique New App for Discovery and Sharing Locations • 312 views
City Flag Redesigns

16 City Flag Redesigns

Column Five Created a Series of Revamped and Simplified Urban Flags • 259 views
Travel Planning Messaging Apps

17 Travel Planning Messaging Apps

This Comprehensive Site Provides a Platform to Organize Trips • 250 views
Online Map Animators

18 Online Map Animators

'Google Maps Streetview Player' Collates Images for a Complete Trip • 228 views
Cosmopolitan Photography Series

19 Cosmopolitan Photography Series

'Cosmopolis' Features Torontonians from Every Country in the World • 177 views
Kaleidoscopic Postcard Designs

20 Kaleidoscopic Postcard Designs

This Kaleidoscope Travels in the Mail Like a Postcard • 147 views


Top 60 Luxury Experiences in October

1 Top 60 Luxury Experiences in October

From Lavish Eco-Friendly Resorts to Perfumed Mirror Mazes • 29,341 views
Top 40 Travel Ideas in October

2 Top 40 Travel Ideas in October

From Assistive Airport Robots to Travel-Focused Hoodies • 6,066 views
Top 30 Regional Trends in October

3 Top 30 Regional Trends in October

From Locally Sourced Restaurants to Culture-Celebrating Events • 4,591 views
Top 35 Transporation Ideas in October

4 Top 35 Transporation Ideas in October

From Compact Police Cars to Machine Learning Cars • 4,226 views
Glass Pod Accommodations

5 Glass Pod Accommodations

PurePods Offers a One-of-a-Kind New Zealand Experience • 2,415 views
Wellness-Focused Travel Kits

6 Wellness-Focused Travel Kits

Bird & Anchor Curates Natural Beauty Wellness Kits for Travelers • 2,190 views
Architectural Barrier Walls

7 Architectural Barrier Walls

Prison-Wal' Turns a Controversial Idea into a Celebration of Mexico • 1,980 views
Tech-Centric Travel Pillows

8 Tech-Centric Travel Pillows

This Travel Air Pillow Enables One to Rest While Using Their Phone • 1,924 views
Luggage-Storing Airport Loungers

9 Luggage-Storing Airport Loungers

The Nest Airport Bed Stores Luggage Inside as Travelers Rest • 1,863 views
Chic Designer Hostels

10 Chic Designer Hostels

Generator Offers Beautiful Boutique Hostels for Low Nightly Prices • 1,784 views
Ayurvedic Snack Boxes

11 Ayurvedic Snack Boxes

Wanderfuel Offers Healthy Meal Boxes for Travelers • 1,419 views
Japanese Elder Photography

12 Japanese Elder Photography

Lee Chapman's 'Tokyo Times' Project Shows People in Their Daily Lives • 1,225 views
Modernized Aircraft Cabins

13 Modernized Aircraft Cabins

The Qantas Airplane Cabins for its New Fleet are Sophisticated • 1,164 views
Translating Travel Shirts

14 Translating Travel Shirts

This Shirt Has Icons That Allow Its Wearer to Navigate in New Countries • 1,139 views
Fast Food Vacation Experiences

15 Fast Food Vacation Experiences

Taco Bell Let Fans Stay in One of Its Restaurants as a SteakCation • 960 views
Immersive Aircraft Experiences

16 Immersive Aircraft Experiences

Qatar Airways is Showing Off Its Airbus A350 at a London Station • 952 views
Inflatable Hotel Room Exhibits

17 Inflatable Hotel Room Exhibits

'Hotel Rehearsal' Satirizes the Premiums for Hotels Around NYC • 897 views
Luxury Cat Hotels

18 Luxury Cat Hotels

The Cats Castle Cat Hotel Lets Owners Pamper Their Pets While Away • 853 views
Dual-Space Travel Bags

19 Dual-Space Travel Bags

The 'Henty CoPilot' Has a Variety of Features Ideal for Traveling • 779 views
Transformative Stroller Suitcases

20 Transformative Stroller Suitcases

The 'Born to Fly' Suitcase Unfolds into a Baby Stroller • 757 views