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20. Iranian Father-Daughter Photos

The 'Iranian Fathers & Daughters' Photos Defy Stereotypes (GALLERY)
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Top 100 Design Ideas in September

1 Top 100 Design Ideas in September

From Tongue Tea Infusers to Angular Victorian Residences • 206,461 views
Top 100 Fashion Ideas in September

2 Top 100 Fashion Ideas in September

From Urban Professional Attire to Retro Superhero Leggings • 65,799 views
Top 75 Unique Ideas in September

3 Top 75 Unique Ideas in September

From Cat-Operated Pizza Stores to Purple Potato Milkshakes • 58,018 views
Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in September

4 Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in September

From Music Festival Photography to Disney Princess Pin-Ups • 38,135 views
Top 35 Luxury Ideas in September

5 Top 35 Luxury Ideas in September

From Designer Festival Cakes to Prized Luxury Coffee • 25,667 views
Bizarre Tattoo Exhibits

6 Bizarre Tattoo Exhibits

The Human Gallery Displays Real Inked People as Fine Art • 6,583 views
20 Wonderful Weather Apps

7 20 Wonderful Weather Apps

From Fashion-Focused Forecasts to Globetrotter Temperature Predictions • 1,818 views
Super Slim Condominiums

8 Super Slim Condominiums

The AIR-Madalena Building Celebrates Tall and Thin Construction • 1,603 views
Mysterious Landscape Photography

9 Mysterious Landscape Photography

Nicolas Bouvier Captures the Surreal in the Everyday • 1,462 views
World Travel Start-Ups

10 World Travel Start-Ups

Remote Year Helps People Find Work as They Explore the Globe for a Year • 1,304 views
Text-Detecting Radar Guns

11 Text-Detecting Radar Guns

This Texting Gun Can Tell if a Driver is Sending a SMS While Driving • 1,129 views
Iranian Father-Daughter Photos

12 Iranian Father-Daughter Photos

The 'Iranian Fathers & Daughters' Photos Defy Stereotypes • 989 views
Pasta-Infused Burgers

13 Pasta-Infused Burgers

Lotteria's Neapolitan Spaghetti Burger Comes Pre-Loaded with Pasta • 866 views
Mountain Top Cabins

14 Mountain Top Cabins

People Can Enjoy a Free Place to Stay If They Climb 8303 Feet to Get There • 842 views
Transparent Kayaks

15 Transparent Kayaks

Molokini by Clear Blue Hawaii is Made out of Bulletproof Glass • 695 views
Drinkable Water Maps

16 Drinkable Water Maps

This Guide Explores Where in the World Travelers Can Find Safe Tap Water • 551 views
Shareable Air Travel Beacons

17 Shareable Air Travel Beacons

The Common-Use Beacon Registry Lets Airports Share Beacon Data • 542 views
Security-Provoking Totes

18 Security-Provoking Totes

Trevor Jackson's Safe Travel Bag Begs to be Searched by Officials • 539 views
Flavor-Controlling Musical Instruments

19 Flavor-Controlling Musical Instruments

The Flavor Conductor Uses Sound & Light to Influence Tastes • 508 views
Daredevil Tightrope Gatherings

20 Daredevil Tightrope Gatherings

The International Highline Meeting Was Held at Monte Piana • 461 views


Flesh Panelled Cycling Suits

1 Flesh Panelled Cycling Suits

People are Reacting Strongly to the Colombian Women's Cycling Uniform • 423,356 views
Naked Handstander Portraits

2 Naked Handstander Portraits

One Guy is Doing Naked Handstands Around the World for a Cause • 34,972 views
Clinical Food Photography

3 Clinical Food Photography

Hospital Food from Around the World is Eye-Opening • 14,188 views
Upcycled Airplane Homes

4 Upcycled Airplane Homes

Bruce Campell's Boeing 727 Home Makes Living in an Airplane Seem Cozy • 11,668 views
Utopian Commune Photography

5 Utopian Commune Photography

'The Communitarians' Series Captures Life in a Virginia Commune • 11,185 views
Versatile Bike Trailers

6 Versatile Bike Trailers

Alejandra Castelao’s Concept is Designed for Destination Camping • 5,159 views
Excessively Rainy Community Captures

7 Excessively Rainy Community Captures

Amos Chapple Photographs the Wettest Place on Earth • 4,542 views
100 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Tributes

8 100 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Tributes

From Candid Celebrity Editorials to Family Photoshoots • 3,641 views
Revived Hip Hotels

9 Revived Hip Hotels

The Verb Hotel in Boston Embraces Counter-Cultural Art and Music • 3,569 views
Lifelike Insect Desserts

10 Lifelike Insect Desserts

Akai Tento no Koohii Ten's Gummy Bugs are Filled with Jams • 3,168 views
Wonderful Wilderness Photos

11 Wonderful Wilderness Photos

The 'Wilderness Forever' Photo Exhibit Celebrates the American Wild • 2,618 views
Stunning Icelandic Photography

12 Stunning Icelandic Photography

This Iceland Photography Series Captures Captivating Natural Beauty • 2,530 views
12 Examples of Retirement Destinations

13 12 Examples of Retirement Destinations

From Senior House Swap Sites to Luxury Liner Recreations • 2,469 views
Aerial Beach Photography

14 Aerial Beach Photography

Bernhard Lang Captures a Bird's Eye First of the Adriatic Coastline • 2,160 views
58 Tributes to the Royal Family

15 58 Tributes to the Royal Family

From Mommy-To-Be Royal Frocks to Parodical Princess Memes • 2,042 views
Zionist Exorcism Photos

16 Zionist Exorcism Photos

The Touch of God Photo Series Captures Grim Exorcism Rituals in Swaziland • 1,752 views
Made Up Vacations

17 Made Up Vacations

Zilla van den Born Devises a Prank to Explore Reality Presented on Social Media • 1,743 views
Spicy Ramen Donuts

18 Spicy Ramen Donuts

Japanese Restaurant Osaka Ohsho Debuts a Limited Edition Dish • 1,437 views
Designated Texting Lanes

19 Designated Texting Lanes

This Chinese Theme Park Has Designated Lanes For People Who Walk & Text • 1,323 views
Foot Massaging Computer Covers

20 Foot Massaging Computer Covers

The Leggage Laptop Travel Case Increases Circulation on Airplanes • 1,263 views


Top 85 Business Ideas in August

1 Top 85 Business Ideas in August

From Grilled Cheese Deliveries to Toy Rental Services • 190,607 views
Top 100 Unique Ideas in August

2 Top 100 Unique Ideas in August

From Octopus Coffee Stands to Root Vegetable Ice Creams • 164,024 views
Top 100 Design Ideas in August

3 Top 100 Design Ideas in August

From Sleek Spanish Abodes to Towering Toilet Exhibits • 101,276 views
Punk Princess Illustrations

4 Punk Princess Illustrations

Emmanuel Viola Turns Popular Disney Princesses into Tattooed Rebels • 88,794 views
Top 35 Luxury Ideas in August

5 Top 35 Luxury Ideas in August

From Clock Tower Penthouses to Champagne Ice Cream • 29,681 views
Artist-Designed Luxury Suites

6 Artist-Designed Luxury Suites

The Park Hotel Tokyo Boasts Customized Artist Rooms • 9,810 views
Sleek Tourist Cabins

7 Sleek Tourist Cabins

The Rabot Tourist Cabin Shelters Hikers in the Mountains • 7,419 views
Impact-Absorbent Braces

8 Impact-Absorbent Braces

The Neck Frame Acts Like a Second Skin • 5,537 views
Oppressive Wall Photography

9 Oppressive Wall Photography

These Photos Capture the Palestinian View of the Separation Wall • 4,956 views
Bed-Like Airline Seats

10 Bed-Like Airline Seats

Abercrombie & Kent's Jet Seats Recline into a Comfortable Bed on a Plane • 4,687 views
Snowflake-Shaped Floating Hotels

11 Snowflake-Shaped Floating Hotels

The Krystall Hotel Will Offer Best View of the Aurora Borealis • 3,803 views
Religious Ceiling Photography

12 Religious Ceiling Photography

Mohammad Domiri Showcases Iranian Architecture • 3,668 views
26 Cosmetics for Travel

13 26 Cosmetics for Travel

From Jetsetter Grooming Kits to Travel-Themed Perfumes • 3,406 views
29 Classic Hotel Innovations

14 29 Classic Hotel Innovations

From Allergy-Free Hotel Rooms to Luxury Eco-Hotels • 3,027 views
Isolated Country Photography

15 Isolated Country Photography

Julia Leeb's Photos in North Korea are Truly Fascinating • 2,987 views
Carry-on Customizing Crafts

16 Carry-on Customizing Crafts

This DIY Luggage Tag Will Help You Distinguish Your Suitcase • 2,968 views
Late Actor Headlines

17 Late Actor Headlines

Robin Williams News Culminates in a Series of Last Front Pages • 2,915 views
Shark Proximity Maps

18 Shark Proximity Maps

Travelocity's Interactive Map Lets You Find the Sharks Nearest You • 2,613 views
Bionic Boat Cruises

19 Bionic Boat Cruises

The Quantum of the Sea Cruise Offers Robotic Bars and High-Tech Amenities • 2,458 views
Mixed Material Clocks

20 Mixed Material Clocks

Dutch-Based Studio PS Created the MOAK Clock • 2,296 views