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Linguistic Learning Infographics

1 Linguistic Learning Infographics

This Chart Explores How Long it Takes to Learn a New Dialect • 3,487 views
Stress-Reducing Luggage

2 Stress-Reducing Luggage

The Outlier x Boreas Ultrahigh Travel System Won't Increase Tension • 2,479 views
Quirky Scenic Photography

3 Quirky Scenic Photography

These Candid Photos of Romanian Scenes are Both Unusual and Mundane • 2,164 views
Visionary Modern Airlines

4 Visionary Modern Airlines

This Airline of the Future is App-Connected and Offers "Cinema Class" • 849 views
Electricity-Carrying Sculptures

5 Electricity-Carrying Sculptures

These Giant Human Figures are Actually Icelandic Power Pylons • 624 views
Helpful Travel App Charts

6 Helpful Travel App Charts

This Infographic Shares Helpful Planning Apps for Sharp Travellers • 607 views
Sea Captain Hotels

7 Sea Captain Hotels

This All-White Converted Hotel Was a 19th Century Sea Captain's Home • 575 views
4D Sci-Fi Theme Parks

8 4D Sci-Fi Theme Parks

The 'Mass Effect' Video Game Trilogy is Becoming a Thrilling Attraction Park • 530 views
Topographic Coloring Pages

9 Topographic Coloring Pages

The 'The City Works' Map is an Intricate Fill-in-the-Lines London Scene • 471 views
Multi-Level Airplane Seating

10 Multi-Level Airplane Seating

This Airbus Patent Proposes Stadium-Style Seating for Plane Travel • 430 views
Personalized Hotel Closets

11 Personalized Hotel Closets

'The Curated Closet' Prepares Clothing Selections for Hotel Guests • 379 views
3D-Printing Waste Solutions

12 3D-Printing Waste Solutions

This Thesis Turns Pacific Ocean Waste into Materials for 3D-Printing • 293 views
Outdoor Treehouse Resorts

13 Outdoor Treehouse Resorts

The Bangkok Treehouse Resort Lets Guests Sleep Under the Stars & Foliage • 274 views
Airport Tower Photography

14 Airport Tower Photography

Carolyn Russo Captures the Beauty in Airport Traffic Towers • 220 views
Illegal Mining Photos

15 Illegal Mining Photos

The 'War for Minerals' Photos Investigates Illegal Mining in the Congo • 173 views
Sumptuous Vegan Tea Services

16 Sumptuous Vegan Tea Services

This Afternoon Tea at the Shangri-La Paris is 100% Animal-Free • 153 views
Television-Themed Retreats

17 Television-Themed Retreats

This Monastery Lets Consumers Binge Watch Their Favorite Shows in Peace • 140 views
Vibrant Airline Birthday Campaigns

18 Vibrant Airline Birthday Campaigns

The easyJet 20th Birthday Campaign Looks Back on Trips Taken • 138 views
British Fashion History Charts

19 British Fashion History Charts

This Diagram Chronicles Iconic English Style Through the Ages • 129 views
Cultural Subscription Services

20 Cultural Subscription Services

This Service Helps Consumers Learn About Different Cultures • 126 views


Top 100 Design Trends in September

1 Top 100 Design Trends in September

From Multi-Sensory Hotel Designs to Handy Texting Umbrellas • 26,748 views
Top 100 World Concepts in September

2 Top 100 World Concepts in September

From Geotagged Destination Apps to Solar-Powered Airports • 23,556 views
Top 65 Travel Trends in September

3 Top 65 Travel Trends in September

From Immersive Bookstore Vacations to Hotelier Chain Apps • 10,983 views
34 Reclaimed Urban Rooftops

4 34 Reclaimed Urban Rooftops

From Rooftop Hotel Pods to Plant Pot-Inspired Buildings • 5,639 views
International Maternity Photos

5 International Maternity Photos

These Portraits Juxtapose Swedish and Tanzanian Women in Labor • 5,001 views
Shire-Inspired Accommodations

6 Shire-Inspired Accommodations

This Treehouse by Gordon Mack Embodies the Lord of the Rings Films • 2,681 views
Imagined Supersonic Planes

7 Imagined Supersonic Planes

These Jet Designs Could Spark Advancements in Aviation Technology • 2,521 views
Japanese Snack Guides

8 Japanese Snack Guides

This Detailed Poster Explains Popular Desserts and Foods in Asian Cuisine • 2,092 views
Playful Hand-Drawn Tattoos

9 Playful Hand-Drawn Tattoos

The Paris Tattoo Club Creates Charming Doodle-Like Designs • 1,932 views
Eco Desert Retreats

10 Eco Desert Retreats

This Solar-Powered Eco Retreat is a Private Resort in the Secluded Desert • 1,625 views
Sound-Amplifying Meditation Pods

11 Sound-Amplifying Meditation Pods

These Structures Turn the Sounds of the Forest Into Ambient Music • 1,392 views
Luxurious First Class Cabins

12 Luxurious First Class Cabins

The 787-9 Dreamliner is Designed for Total Comfort • 1,232 views
Artistic Flower Sculptures

13 Artistic Flower Sculptures

This Van Gogh-Inspired Dutch Art is Made Out of Thousands of Dahlias • 1,177 views
Night-Time Vietnamese Photos

14 Night-Time Vietnamese Photos

These Stunning Photographs Capture the Beauty of Hanoi At Night • 1,153 views
Wrinkle-Preventing Travel Bags

15 Wrinkle-Preventing Travel Bags

The 5.11 Tactical Overwatch Carry On Keeps Clothes Looking Tidy • 1,101 views
Single-Room Design Hotels

16 Single-Room Design Hotels

The Droog Bedroom is Surprisingly the Only Room at the Droog Hotel • 1,074 views
Luxury Fashion Label Spas

17 Luxury Fashion Label Spas

The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Hosts the First Dior Spa in Asia • 928 views
Dignified Wildlife Photography

18 Dignified Wildlife Photography

These Black and White Photos Beautifully Portray African Animals • 732 views
Event Rental Platforms

19 Event Rental Platforms

'Splacer' is a Venue Rental Site for Off-Site, Party & Event Space Rentals • 697 views
Intimate Luxury Hotels

20 Intimate Luxury Hotels

Hotel Bachaumont is a Stunning New 49-Room Parisian Hotel • 691 views


Top 100 World Ideas in August

1 Top 100 World Ideas in August

From Gourmet Airplane Menus to Affordable Hotel Minibars • 62,468 views
50 Compact Housing Units

2 50 Compact Housing Units

From Solar-Powered Micro Homes to Super Slender Houses • 24,715 views
Mini DIY Homes

3 Mini DIY Homes

This Tiny, Portable House is Delivered to You and Ready for Assembly • 24,275 views
Floating Survival Houses

4 Floating Survival Houses

This Device is Vital Survival Tool in Case of a Disaster • 22,094 views
Air Travel Sleeping Guides

5 Air Travel Sleeping Guides

This Helpful Infographic Offers Advice on How to Sleep on Planes • 20,298 views
Mobile Vacation Homes

6 Mobile Vacation Homes

Hristina Hristova's Mini Vacation Home is a Small House on Wheels • 12,628 views
46 High-Tech Luggage Tools

7 46 High-Tech Luggage Tools

From Smart Suitcase Trackers to One-Touch Luggage Locks • 6,813 views
Compact Camping Trailers

8 Compact Camping Trailers

The 'Vintage Overland' Trailer Allows Campers to Live Deep Within Nature • 5,564 views
29 Travel Sleeping Products

9 29 Travel Sleeping Products

From Pillowy Eye Masks to Soothing Sleep Sprays • 4,246 views
Business-Class Capsule Hotels

10 Business-Class Capsule Hotels

This Tokyo Hotel Offers Luxury Pods for Business Travelers • 3,855 views
22 Innovative Spa Ideas

11 22 Innovative Spa Ideas

From Slimy Reptile Spas to Urbanized Spa Cabins • 3,567 views
Island Motorsport Resorts

12 Island Motorsport Resorts

Canada's West Coast is Home to a Stunning Motorsport Destination • 3,305 views
Ergonomic Airplane Pillows

13 Ergonomic Airplane Pillows

The Kooshy Travel Pillow Makes Taking a Snooze at 30,000 Feet Easy • 3,177 views
Elevated Mountainside Homes

14 Elevated Mountainside Homes

This Elevated Home in Chile Has Breathtaking Views in All Directions • 3,076 views
Political Clothing Campaigns

15 Political Clothing Campaigns

Undz' Political Hoodie is Marketed with Controversial World Leaders • 3,011 views
Nostalgic Vacation Editorials

16 Nostalgic Vacation Editorials

This Series by Neil Bedford Captures a Child's Brotherly Vacation • 2,733 views
51 Examples of Hybrid Hotels

17 51 Examples of Hybrid Hotels

From Tent-Like Pod Hotels to Hybrid Bookstore Hotels • 2,593 views
Stress-Relieving Rage Rooms

18 Stress-Relieving Rage Rooms

Toronto's 'Rage Room' Provides a Novelty Experience in Smashing Things • 2,593 views
Airport Pod Hotels

19 Airport Pod Hotels

These 'Napcab' Napping Pods Provide On-the-Go Accommodation for Travelers • 2,582 views
Japanese Landscape Photography

20 Japanese Landscape Photography

This Photographer Uses an App to Express Emotions Through His Art • 2,500 views