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70 Global Breakfast Dishes

1 70 Global Breakfast Dishes

From Babylonian Egg Breakfasts to Sweet Ethiopian Porridges • 2,382 views
Luxury Hotel Resident Cats

2 Luxury Hotel Resident Cats

Le Bristol Paris Has Two Birman Kitties Watching Over the Lobby • 1,204 views
Ultramodern Hotel Amenities

3 Ultramodern Hotel Amenities

Hotel Cappuccino Lets Guests Forward Unused Amenities to Charity • 960 views
Rugged Retro Carry-Ons

4 Rugged Retro Carry-Ons

This Durable Suitcase Combines Vintage Design with Modern Features • 885 views
Feline Luxury Hotel Mascots

5 Feline Luxury Hotel Mascots

The Algonquin Hotel in NYC Has a Kitty Concierge Named Matilda • 389 views
Smart Collapsible Suitcases

6 Smart Collapsible Suitcases

This Hard Shell Suitcase Aims to Solve All Storage Problems • 332 views
Swimming Swine Getaways

7 Swimming Swine Getaways

The Island of Swimming Pigs Lets Consumers Bathe with Piglets • 185 views
City Exploration Apps

8 City Exploration Apps

The 'Guides' App by Lonely Planet Makes a Great Digital Travel Buddy • 171 views
Modernist Tropical Inns

9 Modernist Tropical Inns

The Pat Inn Offers a Contemporary Minimalist Stay on a Secluded Island • 160 views
Drone-Capturing Eagles

10 Drone-Capturing Eagles

Dutch Police are Using Eagles as a Way to Thwart Unauthorized Drones • 143 views
Worldly Breakfast Burritos

11 Worldly Breakfast Burritos

Sweet Earth's Vegetarian Burrito Wraps Channel Global Cuisine • 88 views
26 Spicy Breakfast Ideas

12 26 Spicy Breakfast Ideas

From Piquant Breakfast Burritos to Spicy Potato Waffles • 86 views
Luxury Hotel Canine Concierges

13 Luxury Hotel Canine Concierges

The Fairmont Hotel Chain Has a Series of Canine Ambassadors • 83 views
Mediterranean Egg Bowls

14 Mediterranean Egg Bowls

This Eatery Serves 'Shakshuka,' an Egg, Cheese and Tomato Breakfast • 57 views
Ultra-Authentic Thai Eateries

15 Ultra-Authentic Thai Eateries

Thai Food Restaurant 'Dee Daa' Flash-Freezes Its Sauces Overseas • 53 views
Traveler-Guiding App

16 Traveler-Guiding App

Lonely Planet's 'Guides' App Lets You Stay Informed During Your Travels • 47 views
Water Supply-Monitoring Apps

17 Water Supply-Monitoring Apps

The 'Water Monitor' App Tracks Water Supplies in Urban Southern India • 44 views
Morning Rice Salads

18 Morning Rice Salads

Sqirl Serves Globally Inspired Exotic Meals for Breakfast • 42 views
Sourdough-Infused Gourmet Chocolate

19 Sourdough-Infused Gourmet Chocolate

This Sourdough & Olive Oil Chocolate Bar is Spanish-Inspired • 38 views
Binge-Flight Subscriptions

20 Binge-Flight Subscriptions

OneGo Allows You To Fly Major Airlines With a Fixed Monthly Fee • 26 views


Top 100 Internet Trends of 2015

1 Top 100 Internet Trends of 2015

From Multicultural Emoji Characters to Pet Personality Quizzes • 38,645 views
Top 100 Social Media Trends of 2015

2 Top 100 Social Media Trends of 2015

From Viral News Services to In-Store Selfie Contests • 37,384 views
Top 100 Multimedia Trends of 2015

3 Top 100 Multimedia Trends of 2015

From Smart Wireless Headphones to 3D-Printed Latte Art • 31,034 views
Top 100 Publicity Stunt Trends of 2015

4 Top 100 Publicity Stunt Trends of 2015

From Social Media Rum Tastings to Temporary 12-Hour Stores • 28,457 views
Top 100 World Trends of 2015

5 Top 100 World Trends of 2015

From Retrofitted Hotel Lobbies to Interactive Travel Agencies • 25,394 views
100 Sustainable Energy Solutions

6 100 Sustainable Energy Solutions

These Products Aid the Drive of National Cut Your Energy Cost Day • 13,466 views
35 Travel Tech Solutions

7 35 Travel Tech Solutions

From WiFi Hotspot Luggage to Travel-Friendly Printers • 6,089 views
Top 50 Credit Crunch Trends of 2015

8 Top 50 Credit Crunch Trends of 2015

From Urban Co-Living Spaces to Customized Finance Apps • 4,837 views
Top 100 Hip Hotel Trends of 2015

9 Top 100 Hip Hotel Trends of 2015

From Scenic Desert Resorts to Transparent Mountainside Pods • 4,102 views
Breathtaking Travel Photography

10 Breathtaking Travel Photography

Johan Lolos Epically Photographs His New Zealand Road Trip • 3,524 views
16 Compact Wi-Fi Devices

11 16 Compact Wi-Fi Devices

From 4K Action Cameras to Pocket-Sized Digital Cameras • 2,924 views
55 Innovative Booze Boutiques

12 55 Innovative Booze Boutiques

From Drive-Thru Liquor Stores to Secondhand Booze Shops • 2,681 views
45 Imaginative Dining Concepts

13 45 Imaginative Dining Concepts

From Communal Garden Eateries to Converted Prison Restaurants • 2,106 views
Functional Backpacker Luggage

14 Functional Backpacker Luggage

The 'ProGo' Carry-On Backpack Provides Exceptional Functionality • 1,625 views
Cityscape Metallic Rings

15 Cityscape Metallic Rings

These Metropolis-Honoring Rings Feature Panoramic Views of Iconic Cities • 1,467 views
Photography-Deterring Visitor Centers

16 Photography-Deterring Visitor Centers

This Tourist Attraction Forces Visitors to Focus on Nature • 1,317 views
Outdoor Urinal Installations

17 Outdoor Urinal Installations

The First Open-Air Urinal in San Francisco is Now Open for Business • 1,296 views
Aircraft-Queuing Algorithms

18 Aircraft-Queuing Algorithms

MIT's Airport Runway System Saves Time and Fuel • 1,197 views
Lavish Ice Hotels

19 Lavish Ice Hotels

Quebec City’s Hôtel de Glace Boasts an In-House Chapel • 963 views
Casual Rooftop Beer Gardens

20 Casual Rooftop Beer Gardens

Kimoto is a Rooftop Beer Garden Located in Downtown Brooklyn • 925 views


100 Gifts for the Adventurer

1 100 Gifts for the Adventurer

From Backup Phone Accessories to Rechargable Knapsacks • 89,136 views
80 Gift Ideas for Commuters

2 80 Gift Ideas for Commuters

From Touchscreen Texting Mittens to Ultra-Thin eReaders • 49,542 views
100 Gift Ideas for Travelers

3 100 Gift Ideas for Travelers

From Flight Amenity Kits to Ergonomic Airplane Pillows • 43,404 views
Top 100 Life Trends of 2015

4 Top 100 Life Trends of 2015

From Workout-Bartered Subway Fare to Cardio Workout Desks • 16,372 views
Modular Backpacks

5 Modular Backpacks

Black Ember Modular Backpacks are Focused on Streamlined Travel and Adventure • 7,918 views
Top 100 Regional Trends of 2015

6 Top 100 Regional Trends of 2015

From Pride Parade Livestreams to Experiential Japanese Feasts • 5,684 views
20 Regional Advertising Examples

7 20 Regional Advertising Examples

From Targeted Highway Billboards to Localized Fitness Campaigns • 4,819 views
Transformative Travel Outerwear

8 Transformative Travel Outerwear

'Anywhere' Premium Travel Jackets Offer Useful Features for Travel • 4,216 views
Top 100 Travel Trends of 2015

9 Top 100 Travel Trends of 2015

From Stress-Reducing Luggage to Gourmet Airplane Menus • 3,523 views
Kimono-Inspired Outerwear

10 Kimono-Inspired Outerwear

Snow Peak's Casual Outerwear Line Boasts a Camping-in-Japan Aesthetic • 2,778 views
48 Travel Dining Experiences

11 48 Travel Dining Experiences

From Luxe Airport Champagne Bars to Spanish Food Vacations • 2,444 views
Carbon Fiber Airplanes

12 Carbon Fiber Airplanes

This Carbon Fiber Plane Defeats Jet Lag for Passengers • 1,583 views
Eco Submarine Architecture

13 Eco Submarine Architecture

This Underwater City Would Be 3D Printed Using Found Ocean Garbage • 1,290 views
Remote Ocean Wedding Venues

14 Remote Ocean Wedding Venues

The Four Seasons Resort Maldives Provides Secluded Ceremony Options • 1,244 views
In-Flight Streaming Launches

15 In-Flight Streaming Launches

The Amazon on JetBlue Pop-Up Showcases the New In-Flight Media • 1,222 views
Floating Forest Initiatives

16 Floating Forest Initiatives

Rotterdam Will Install a "Bobbing Forest" in 2016 for a Greener City • 1,013 views
Anti-Theft Travel Bags

17 Anti-Theft Travel Bags

The 'SecureTrek' Travel Bags are Set to Debut at CES 2016 • 948 views
Creative Boutique Hotels

18 Creative Boutique Hotels

The Stylish Ace Hotel Pittsburgh Recently Opened Its Doors • 944 views
Panoramic Airplane Decks

19 Panoramic Airplane Decks

The SkyDeck Offers Flyers a 360-Degree View from Their Seats • 779 views
Defiant 3D Printed Monuments

20 Defiant 3D Printed Monuments

The Palmyra Temple of Bel Arch is Being Recreated in the West, Twice • 714 views