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Top 80 World Trends in April

1 Top 80 World Trends in April

From Floating Army Hotels to Airport Sleeping Pods • 9,234 views
Top 55 Travel Trends in April

2 Top 55 Travel Trends in April

From Artistic Travel Anthologies to Travel Wishlist Apps • 7,012 views
Staggered Airplane Seating

3 Staggered Airplane Seating

Cozy Suite by Thompson Aero Seating Makes Booking Middle Seats Better • 5,273 views
Remote Traveling Infographics

4 Remote Traveling Infographics

This Infographic Helps Travelers Navigate the Australian Outback • 1,616 views
Carbon Neutral Travel Sites

5 Carbon Neutral Travel Sites

Eco Travel Agency GreenHotelWorld Offsets CO2 Emissions for Free • 1,422 views
In-Flight Comfort Charts

6 In-Flight Comfort Charts

This Air Travel Guide Includes Performing Seven Exercises on Planes • 1,257 views
Oceanic Restaurant Branding

7 Oceanic Restaurant Branding

Sushi & Co is a Cruise Ship Eatery That Recently Got a Makeover • 1,229 views
Culturally Immersive Travel

8 Culturally Immersive Travel

Backstreet Academy Offers Authentic Travel Experiences and Local Hosts • 654 views
Dynamic Destination Branding

9 Dynamic Destination Branding

The New National Park Branding for Norway Was Created by Snohetta • 552 views
Chinese Sailing Infographics

10 Chinese Sailing Infographics

This Infographic Explores the History of Chinese Junk Boats • 398 views
In-Flight Meditation Programs

11 In-Flight Meditation Programs

British Airways Aims to Mindfully Improve Passenger Well-Being • 315 views
Pet Passenger Trackers

12 Pet Passenger Trackers

Delta is Offering Free Pet Tracking to Flyers Travelling with Animals • 297 views
Purple Potato Lattes

13 Purple Potato Lattes

Subspace Coffee Specializes in Making Colorful Taro Lattes • 282 views
Turkish Travel Infographics

14 Turkish Travel Infographics

This Infographic Documents Turkish Ruins Turned Tourist Hotspots • 266 views
Toy-Themed Accommodations

15 Toy-Themed Accommodations

The LEGOLAND Hotel Winter Haven is Perfect for Family Getaways • 248 views
Musical Japanese Roads

16 Musical Japanese Roads

The Ashinoko Skyline Changes the Way Drivers Listen to Music on the Road • 227 views
Off-Roading Survival Guides

17 Off-Roading Survival Guides

The Infographic Offers Survival Tips for Road Trips That Are Dangerous • 201 views
Social Travel Extensions

18 Social Travel Extensions

momoondo's ClickTwo Travel Increases the Ease of Online Travel Booking • 176 views


71 Handy Travel Gadgets

1 71 Handy Travel Gadgets

From Portable Diagnostic Gadgets to Novelty USB Humidifiers • 26,611 views
Pouring the Perfect Pint

2 Pouring the Perfect Pint

The Heineken Bartender Final 2015 Serves up a Winner with Star Factor • 11,134 views
Top 95 World Concepts in March

3 Top 95 World Concepts in March

From Asian Cycling Tours to Travel Upgrade Games • 8,732 views
Top 65 Travel Trends in March

4 Top 65 Travel Trends in March

From Aurora Borealis Airplanes to Bag-Tracking Beacons • 8,209 views
Desert Water Makers

5 Desert Water Makers

This Innovative Concept Imagines Gathering H2O in the Driest Conditions • 5,768 views
Vibrant Upscale Hostels

6 Vibrant Upscale Hostels

The Generator Paris Hostel Boasts Private Balconies and Hammocks • 5,020 views
19 Leisurely Experiences for Women

7 19 Leisurely Experiences for Women

From Female-Focused Festival Lounges to Natural Cosmetic Spas • 4,310 views
Designer-Furnished Airports

8 Designer-Furnished Airports

Japanese Lifestyle Brand Muji Decorated Narita Airport's New Terminal • 3,196 views
Interactive Travel Agencies

9 Interactive Travel Agencies

The Addin Store Has Tourism Displays That Customize to Dream Vacations • 3,048 views
45 Engaging Social Activities

10 45 Engaging Social Activities

From Branded Fitness Communities to Boomer-Friendly Boat Cruises • 2,599 views
Cosmopolitan Luxury Hotels

11 Cosmopolitan Luxury Hotels

The Belgraves Thompson Hotel in London is Sophisticated Hospitality • 2,552 views
12 Examples of Travel Wearables

12 12 Examples of Travel Wearables

From Smartwatch Air Travel Apps to WiFi Hiking Helmets • 2,167 views
Private Commuter Pods

13 Private Commuter Pods

The Japan Rail Co.'s Travel Pod Aims to Reduce Congestion on Public Transit • 1,773 views
Medieval Church Cafes

14 Medieval Church Cafes

This Amsterdam Cafe is Located Within the City's Oldest Building • 1,550 views
Backpack BBQ Grills

15 Backpack BBQ Grills

The GoBQ is a Foldable Fabric Grill That Can Withstand High Temperatures • 1,516 views
Nationally Inspired Storefronts

16 Nationally Inspired Storefronts

Lululemon Edmonton Location Celebrates Canadian Values in Symbols • 1,408 views
Luxe Aviation Discos

17 Luxe Aviation Discos

The Virgin Atlantic 787 Dreamliner is an Airline With an In-House Night Club • 1,381 views
Refurbished Avian Accommodations

18 Refurbished Avian Accommodations

This Converted Helicopter is Apart of a New England Resort • 1,059 views
Wish-Granting Campaigns

19 Wish-Granting Campaigns

Wish Upon a Coke Brings 'Wish Booths' to India, Pakistan & the Philippines • 1,001 views
Behemoth African Cities

20 Behemoth African Cities

The Capital Cairo Project Will Create a New City East of Cairo • 992 views


Efficient Folding Suitcases

1 Efficient Folding Suitcases

Nendo Kame Luggage Has a Flexible Fabric Cover That Simply Rolls Aside • 20,813 views
Top 75 World Concepts in February

2 Top 75 World Concepts in February

From Flight Advisor Apps to Icy Nordic Hotels • 13,483 views
The Greatest Expedition of Your Life

3 The Greatest Expedition of Your Life

See What South Africa's Stunning Natural Scenery Has to Offer • 8,348 views
Hand-Choreographed Commercials

4 Hand-Choreographed Commercials

The Coca-Cola Glass Bottle Ad Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary • 5,071 views
18 Examples of Shared Spaces

5 18 Examples of Shared Spaces

From Temporary Vacation Pods to Affordable Working Hubs • 4,884 views
Homey Camping Pods

6 Homey Camping Pods

Podpads' Festival Tents Provide the Comforts of Home on a Small Scale • 3,447 views
Floating Army Hotels

7 Floating Army Hotels

This 134-Year-Old British Sea Fort is Now a Full Fledged Luxury Hotel • 3,195 views
Floating Mountainside Eateries

8 Floating Mountainside Eateries

The Cloud Restaurant by a21studio Boasts a Phenomenal View • 2,900 views
Boutique-Inspired Hotel Chains

9 Boutique-Inspired Hotel Chains

Holiday Inn Express Boasts a Hip Redesign • 2,840 views
Charming Garden Oases

10 Charming Garden Oases

The Hivernacle in Barcelona is a Greenhouse with a Coffeeshop • 2,683 views
Cheeky Road Signs

11 Cheeky Road Signs

The Hayward Traffic Signs Cleverly Target Distracted Drivers and Pedestrians • 2,303 views
Aurora Borealis Airplanes

12 Aurora Borealis Airplanes

Icelandair's Hekla Aurora Recreates a Northern Lights Experience Inside • 2,065 views
15 Big Data Research Projects

13 15 Big Data Research Projects

From Disease Data Visualizations to Stolen Bicycle Maps • 1,703 views
Snowy Mountain Bungalows

14 Snowy Mountain Bungalows

The Hotel Iso Syote Boasts Breathtaking Views of Finland's Lapland • 1,627 views
Lost-in-Translation Trinkets

15 Lost-in-Translation Trinkets

Translated Spanish Phrases Make Nonsensical and Loveable Products • 1,627 views
Lavish Festival Suites

16 Lavish Festival Suites

The H&M Airbnb SXSW Sweepstakes is Giving Away Three Free Stays • 1,458 views
Sleep-Only Hotels

17 Sleep-Only Hotels

Ninehours in Japan Lets People Pay Just for the Time They Need to Rest • 1,429 views
Danger-Focused Travel Services

18 Danger-Focused Travel Services

The Adventurists Provide Adrenaline-Pumping Experiences for Clients • 1,317 views
Credit Card Travel Perks

19 Credit Card Travel Perks

Amex Cloud 10 Expands Pearson Airport Partnership to Include Free eBooks • 1,261 views
Pristine Minimalist Hotels

20 Pristine Minimalist Hotels

The Miss Clara Hotel in Stockholm is Housed in an Art Nouveau Building • 1,192 views