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Top 65 Travel Ideas in September

1 Top 65 Travel Ideas in September

From Lavish Festival Accommodations to Minimalist Youth Hostels • 22,859 views
Hyper-Connected Hotels

2 Hyper-Connected Hotels

This Integrated Hotel Was Designed to Target the Millennial Demographic • 488 views
Manta Ray Resorts

3 Manta Ray Resorts

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas Give Guests the Chance to Swim with Manta Rays • 440 views
Pilot View Photography

4 Pilot View Photography

This Series Reveals Views That Pilots Have from Cockpits • 373 views
Alien-Hunting Telescopes

5 Alien-Hunting Telescopes

China's FAST Will Search for Extraterrestrial Life • 181 views
Music-Minded Rental Suites

6 Music-Minded Rental Suites

Sonos and Rough Trade Joined to Create a Music-Geared Experience • 127 views
Turf-Topped Office Buildings

7 Turf-Topped Office Buildings

The AXA Building by Santiago Calatrava Will Be in a Train Station • 117 views
Smartphone Taxi Meters

8 Smartphone Taxi Meters

Flywheel TaxiOS is Officially Sanctioned in Several American Cities • 79 views
Compact Police Cars

9 Compact Police Cars

The New York Police Department Received a Fleet of Smart Fortwos • 43 views
Wanderlust Email Apps

10 Wanderlust Email Apps

Qantas is Changing Out-of-Office Emails from Boring to Travel-Inspiring • 42 views
Expat Online Marketplaces

11 Expat Online Marketplaces

'ExpatGenius' Connects Users to Other Expats and Local People • 41 views
Voter Registration Bots

12 Voter Registration Bots

HelloVote Registers Voters Through Facebook Messenger • 34 views
Pioneering Woman-Celebrating Apps

13 Pioneering Woman-Celebrating Apps

This Walking Tour App Celebrates Historical Woman Activists • 30 views
Voter Registration Graphics

14 Voter Registration Graphics

Google's Doodle Helps Voters on National Voter Registration Day • 26 views
Surreal Airline Ads

15 Surreal Airline Ads

This British Ad Features a Strange Flower-Covered Person and a Giant Woman • 23 views
Riverside Livestream Contests

16 Riverside Livestream Contests is Launching a Unique Online Livestream on Periscope • 19 views
Charter Flight Booking Apps

17 Charter Flight Booking Apps

This App Allows Sentient Jet Passengers to Quickly Book Private Travel • 18 views


Top 75 Luxury Experience Ideas in September

1 Top 75 Luxury Experience Ideas in September

From Lavish Sporty Yachts to Updated Mercedes-Maybachs • 7,795 views
Modern Mini Camping Trailers

2 Modern Mini Camping Trailers

The Airstream Basecamp is a Camper for Young Adventurers • 6,372 views
Immersive Brewery Tours

3 Immersive Brewery Tours

Toronto's Beer Lovers' Tour Company Highlights the Best Brews in the City • 5,720 views
City-Sized Cruise Ships

4 City-Sized Cruise Ships

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship 'Harmony of the Seas' is Astounding • 3,004 views
Multi-Functional Travel Backpacks

5 Multi-Functional Travel Backpacks

This Backpack Makes Packing for Short Trips Much More Convenient • 2,738 views
Cylindrical Log Cabins

6 Cylindrical Log Cabins

Jan Henrik Jansen's 'Birkedal' is a Holiday Home in Denmark • 1,495 views
NYC Denim Editorials

7 NYC Denim Editorials

AG Jeans Used the Graffiti-Covered Streets of NYC for Its Backdrop • 1,044 views
Cosmopolitan Library Photos

8 Cosmopolitan Library Photos

Olivier Martel Savoie's Instagram Series Shows Different Libraries • 1,025 views
Sustainable 3D-Printed Buildings

9 Sustainable 3D-Printed Buildings

The De Slaapfabriek Hotel Conference Building is Eco-Friendly • 941 views
Anime-Themed Capsule Hotels

10 Anime-Themed Capsule Hotels

This Women-Only Hotel Features Anime Men Next to the Beds • 829 views
Space-Saving Train Seats

11 Space-Saving Train Seats

PriestmanGoode's Seat Design Can Increase Capacity by 30 Percent • 774 views
Multi-Functional Bike Sidecars

12 Multi-Functional Bike Sidecars

This Detachable Sidecar Makes Transporting People and Things Easier • 762 views
Subway Ride Illustrations

13 Subway Ride Illustrations

The Instagram Page 'Subway Doodles' Makes Transport Look More Creative • 673 views
Trailer Compound Hotels

14 Trailer Compound Hotels

This Hotel Was Made from What Was Once a Rooftop Car Park • 641 views
Retro Hotel Redesigns

15 Retro Hotel Redesigns

The Oddsson Hotel in Reykjavik Puts a Contemporary Spin on Historic Style • 615 views
Versatile Travel Gadgets

16 Versatile Travel Gadgets

The TripMate Titan is a Travel Router, a Device Charger and More • 583 views
Tea-Inspired Popcorn

17 Tea-Inspired Popcorn

This Flavored Popcorn Snack from Morinaga Tastes Like Lemon Tea • 573 views
Rapper-Themed Pop-Up Restaurants

18 Rapper-Themed Pop-Up Restaurants

Powamekka Cafe Memorializes Tupac Shakur with Food • 497 views
Fiery Hatch Chile Cheeseburgers

19 Fiery Hatch Chile Cheeseburgers

The New Hatch Chile Charburger Celebrates a Regional Ingredient • 495 views
Interconnected Floating Piazzas

20 Interconnected Floating Piazzas

'Arcipelago di Ocno' Floats on a Lake in Mantova, Italy • 418 views


Top 40 Travel Ideas in August

1 Top 40 Travel Ideas in August

From Sleep-Inducing Hotels to Underground Art Tours • 7,493 views
Abandoned Olympic Venue Photography

2 Abandoned Olympic Venue Photography

This Series Offers a Sobering Perspective on the Olympics • 7,096 views
Worldly Headdress Photography

3 Worldly Headdress Photography

The 'Etno' Series Shows Each Woman Adorned in a Beautiful Headdress • 6,752 views
Foldable Electric Bikes

4 Foldable Electric Bikes

This Compact E-Bike Makes for Easy Portability Between Rides • 5,046 views
35 Commuting Trends in August

5 35 Commuting Trends in August

From Electric Taxi Fleets to Running Track Trains • 3,699 views
48 Olympic-Inspired Ideas

6 48 Olympic-Inspired Ideas

From Rio-Navigating Chatbots to Olympian VR Experiences • 3,479 views
Top 30 Eco Transportation Trends in August

7 Top 30 Eco Transportation Trends in August

From Eco-Friendly Limousines to Durable Car Chargers • 3,287 views
Multi-Use Sleeping Bags

8 Multi-Use Sleeping Bags

The 'Kachula' Sleeping Bag Can Turn into a Pillow and a Hoodie • 2,356 views
Minimalist Travel Sets

9 Minimalist Travel Sets

This Compact Travel Set Makes It Easy to Carry Necessities While Commuting • 2,294 views
House-Sharing Design Studios

10 House-Sharing Design Studios

'Samara' is a New Design Studio Division from Airbnb • 2,068 views
Gilded Ice Cream Cones

11 Gilded Ice Cream Cones

At Its Gilded Temple, Kinkakuji Serves a Gold Leaf Ice Cream Topping • 2,006 views
Traveling Style Portraits

12 Traveling Style Portraits

'Around the World in 80 Styles' Captures Subjects from Across Cultures • 1,969 views
Traffic-Alleviating Elevated Buses

13 Traffic-Alleviating Elevated Buses

China's TEB-1 is a Bus That Allows Cars to Pass Underneath It • 1,906 views
Hypnotizing Art Installations

14 Hypnotizing Art Installations

The Shimmering 'Liquid Shard' Installation Mesmerizes Visitors • 1,738 views
Bohemian Spanish Hotels

15 Bohemian Spanish Hotels

La Granja Ibiza is a Departure from the Island's Club Culture • 1,607 views
Integrated Landscape Hotels

16 Integrated Landscape Hotels

This Hotel Was Built with Nature Rather Than Destroying It • 1,519 views
Modular Military Backpacks

17 Modular Military Backpacks

'Colfax Design Works' Creates Carriers That are Durable and Ergonomic • 1,456 views
Minimalist Youth Hostels

18 Minimalist Youth Hostels

This Space Was Designed to Accommodate Passing Travelers • 1,303 views
Commuter-Cooling Fan Installations

19 Commuter-Cooling Fan Installations

This Currys PC World and Dyson Stunt Helps Travelers Cool Off • 1,297 views
Open-Air Luxury Villas

20 Open-Air Luxury Villas

This Maldives Resort Offers Villas With Retractable Roofs • 1,225 views