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20. Travel Mentorship Campaigns

This Netherlands Travel Campaign Teaches Americans How to Be Cool (VIDEO)
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Endless Summer Photography

1 Endless Summer Photography

Travel by Magdalena Wosinska is a Series for Dreamers and Adventurists • 86,284 views
Asianic Protest Editorials

2 Asianic Protest Editorials

'SHUT DOWN' by Tom Potisit and Marty Angsakul Highlights Social Issues • 12,709 views
Authentic Eagle Hunting Images

3 Authentic Eagle Hunting Images

The Asher Svidensky Captures Showcase Traditional Kazakh Activities • 7,806 views
Rustic Mobile Campers

4 Rustic Mobile Campers

This Truck Adds Elements of Luxury to Mobile Camping • 4,176 views
Surreal Underworld Photography

5 Surreal Underworld Photography

Robbie Shone Captures Stunning Cave Photography During Expeditions • 2,641 views
Stone Slab Vacation Homes

6 Stone Slab Vacation Homes

This Rock Home Brings New Meaning to Living Under a Rock • 1,762 views
Juxtaposed Mexican Hotels

7 Juxtaposed Mexican Hotels

The Downtown Mexico Hotel Brings Colonial and Modern Style Together • 1,618 views
Sightseer-Hating Locals

8 Sightseer-Hating Locals

F*cking Tourists by Jolipunk Captures Residents' Exasperation of Travelers • 1,145 views
44 Destinations for City Dwellers

9 44 Destinations for City Dwellers

From Luxe City Hotels to Plush Parisian Pads • 908 views
Ibiza Beach Abodes

10 Ibiza Beach Abodes

A Vacation Home in Spain is Your Ticket to Warm Weather • 685 views
11 Bold Brewery Concepts

11 11 Bold Brewery Concepts

From Eco-Friendly Breweries to Crowd-Bought Breweries • 500 views
Bubble-Wrapped Soccer Matches

12 Bubble-Wrapped Soccer Matches

'Bubble Soccer' is Becoming an Extremely Popular Sport in Japan • 459 views
Retro-Inspired Space Tourism

13 Retro-Inspired Space Tourism

Intergalactic Travel Bureau Posters by Steven Thomas is Adventurous • 432 views
Easter Bunny Hop Competitions

14 Easter Bunny Hop Competitions

This Real Life Bunny Hop Competition is Adorably Festive • 400 views
Eagle Eye Landmark Photography

15 Eagle Eye Landmark Photography

PolicyMic's Photos of Famous Landmark Surroundings are Shocking • 385 views
Hotel Easter Egg Hunts

16 Hotel Easter Egg Hunts

The Thompson Chicago Hotel is Offering an In-Room Easter Egg Hunt • 332 views
17 Conflict-Intervening Social Businesses

17 17 Conflict-Intervening Social Businesses

From Peace Pillows to Altruistic Apprenticeships • 296 views
Anti-Establishment Luxury Hostels

18 Anti-Establishment Luxury Hostels

A New Breed of Luxury Hostel is Making Its Mark in Liverpool • 279 views
Travel Mentorship Campaigns

19 Travel Mentorship Campaigns

This Netherlands Travel Campaign Teaches Americans How to Be Cool • 268 views
Wake and Bake Restaurants

20 Wake and Bake Restaurants

This Wake and Bake Restaurant in Colorado is Now Legal • 144 views


35 Public Transport Photography Shots

1 35 Public Transport Photography Shots

From Human Pile Photography to Subway Snapshots • 18,128 views
65 Crazy Japanese Restaurants

2 65 Crazy Japanese Restaurants

From Eroticized Coffee Shops to Toilet-Themed Restaurants • 15,822 views
Peekaboo Parisian Apartments

3 Peekaboo Parisian Apartments

The Residence Poissonniers Turns Old French Architecture Contemporary • 7,321 views
38 Experimental Theme Parks

4 38 Experimental Theme Parks

From Underworld Amusement Parks to Surreal Designs • 4,962 views
Decreasing Origami Cartons

5 Decreasing Origami Cartons

The U Shape Travel Set Conveniently Downsizes During Your Trip • 4,483 views
Sky-Piercing Luxury Suites

6 Sky-Piercing Luxury Suites

Stay High in the Sky at the World's Highest Suite in Abu Dhabi • 4,309 views
Fashion Editorial-Like Travel Ads

7 Fashion Editorial-Like Travel Ads

The Air France 2014 Campaign is Inspired by Destinations • 3,778 views
Aerial Packing Photography

8 Aerial Packing Photography

Daniel Eckler Snaps 100 Global Creatives' Packing Essentials • 3,453 views
Panoramic Flight Tours

9 Panoramic Flight Tours

The 'Triton' Luxury Aircraft Will Offer Panoramic Views to Tourists • 3,114 views
Candid Jerusalem Photography

10 Candid Jerusalem Photography

Yaakov Israel’s Photo Series on Israel is Whimsical and Raw • 2,995 views
Eco-Friendly Foldable Bicycles

11 Eco-Friendly Foldable Bicycles

Montague Created a Full-Sized Line of Foldable Bikes • 2,993 views
Harrowing Candid Slum Captures

12 Harrowing Candid Slum Captures

The 'Dead Traffic' Slum Photo Series is Haunting and Raw • 2,985 views
Masculine Business Manicures

13 Masculine Business Manicures

The 'Business Nail' Japanese Manicure is a Strange Phenomenon • 2,944 views
Chinese Ceramic Cups

14 Chinese Ceramic Cups

This Chinese Travel Mug Takes Cues from Chinese Tradition • 2,759 views
Monochrome Sculpted Hairstyle Photography

15 Monochrome Sculpted Hairstyle Photography

These Artistic Hairstyles of Nigerian Women are Stunning • 2,738 views
One-Touch Operational Luggage

16 One-Touch Operational Luggage

This Compact Carryon Luggage From Torq is Scratch Resistant • 2,420 views
Afrofuturism Paintings

17 Afrofuturism Paintings

Komi Olaf's '3014' Depicts an African Woman a 1000 Years in the Future • 2,200 views
Minimalistic Luxury Spas

18 Minimalistic Luxury Spas

The Cafe Royal Spa by David Chipperfield Offers Relaxation in London • 2,108 views
3D-Printed Travel Necessities

19 3D-Printed Travel Necessities

Lost Luggage by Janne Kyttanen Moves Away from Suitcase-Schlepping • 1,880 views
100 Marvellously Distinct Maps

20 100 Marvellously Distinct Maps

From Edible City Maps to US Sitcom Maps • 1,877 views


100 Bizarre Art Projects

1 100 Bizarre Art Projects

From Provocative Vaginal Knitting to Bird Feces-Produced Artistry • 48,998 views
Nostalgic Surreal Village Photography

2 Nostalgic Surreal Village Photography

Iveta Vaivode's Tiny Village Photography Series is Mystical • 28,507 views
Hayrack-Inspired Homesteads

3 Hayrack-Inspired Homesteads

The Black Barn Pulls from Pastoral Influences to Make a Mod Domicile • 10,162 views
Garden-Embedded Interiors

4 Garden-Embedded Interiors

The SISII Office Brings Refreshing Elements Together Under One Roof • 9,800 views
Glammed-Up Garage Gazebos

5 Glammed-Up Garage Gazebos

Illuminated Waterfront Cabin is an Elegant Skeleton of an Old Structure • 8,541 views
Luxurious Treehouse Resorts

6 Luxurious Treehouse Resorts

The Lion Sands Game Reserve Provides Travellers With Luxury Rooms • 7,452 views
Caribbean Cruise Competitions

7 Caribbean Cruise Competitions

Royal Caribbean Presents the Caribbean Cup Challenge (SPONSORED) • 6,949 views
Honey Hunter Photography

8 Honey Hunter Photography

Andrew Newey's Series About Honey Hunters in Nepal is Enigmatic • 6,871 views
Mini Mountainside Shelters

9 Mini Mountainside Shelters

The Cassina Refuge Tonneau is a Compact Capsule for Cozy Remote Living • 6,642 views
Stunning Geometrical Desert Art

10 Stunning Geometrical Desert Art

The 'Desert Breath' Project Looks Surreal and Other Worldly • 6,264 views
Undulating Architectural Lookouts

11 Undulating Architectural Lookouts

The Sohlbergplassen Viewpoint Elegantly Curves Around the Trees • 5,709 views
Fancy Figure-Eight Yachts

12 Fancy Figure-Eight Yachts

This Heatherwick Studio Boat Wraps the Hull Up into a Continuous Knot • 5,599 views
Hammock Lounge Hotels

13 Hammock Lounge Hotels

The Lobby of the Berlin Hotel is Filled with Hammocks • 4,563 views
Massive Art Installation Sculptures

14 Massive Art Installation Sculptures

The Wood Installation Art by Christophe Doucet is Grand • 4,478 views
Enchanting African Treehouse Havens

15 Enchanting African Treehouse Havens

This Game Reserve Lodge in South Africa is Whimsical and Sweet • 4,041 views
Eco Luxurious Island Retreats

16 Eco Luxurious Island Retreats

The Song Saa Private Island Eco Hotel is Opulent and Mesmerizing • 3,996 views
Boho Chic Beach Hairstyles

17 Boho Chic Beach Hairstyles

The Low Ponytail is the Perfect Spring Break Hairstyle • 3,697 views
Extreme Photoshopped TV Hosts

18 Extreme Photoshopped TV Hosts

The Hosts of TODAY Were Photoshopped for the Love Your Selfie Series • 3,694 views
23 Travel Stays for Introverts

19 23 Travel Stays for Introverts

From Boxed Bedding Hotels to Isolated Nap-Focused Hotels • 3,423 views
Neon Nationalistic Hotel Branding

20 Neon Nationalistic Hotel Branding

The Happy 8's Identity is Vibrantly Bold and Original • 3,418 views