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8. Antioxidant Warrior Ads

POM Wonderful's Drink Commercial Shows the Power of Antioxidants (VIDEO)
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45 Examples of Bizarre Advertising

1 45 Examples of Bizarre Advertising

From Immersive Beer Campaigns to Disappearing Floor Stunts • 2,837 views
Female-Empowering Ads

2 Female-Empowering Ads

The Verizon Inspire Her Mind Campaign Focuses on Intelligence Over Looks • 374 views
Elephant Tourism Spoofs

3 Elephant Tourism Spoofs

'Authentic Elephant Rides' Reveals the Truth Behind Elephant Rides • 350 views
Dietary Halloween Ads

4 Dietary Halloween Ads

Subway's Halloween Ad Reminds Us to Watch the Calories • 330 views
Comedic Basketball Campaigns

5 Comedic Basketball Campaigns

Chris Paul & Blake Griffin Star In the Jordan Brand Comedy Sketches • 274 views
Micro-Sized Theater Ads

6 Micro-Sized Theater Ads

This Smart Car Ad Shows How Easy the Car Fits into Any Parking Space • 264 views
Satirical Fast Food

7 Satirical Fast Food

Food retailers integrate forms of self-mockery to comically address critiques • 0 views


16 Scary Marketing Approaches

1 16 Scary Marketing Approaches

From Villainous Vampiric Ads to Scary Shoe Promotions • 18,515 views
Top 30 Commercial Ideas in October

2 Top 30 Commercial Ideas in October

From Viral Kid Campaigns to Pet Focus Group Ads • 4,922 views
21 Celebrity-Endorsed Beverages

3 21 Celebrity-Endorsed Beverages

From Heroic Beer Promotions to Basketball Star Sodas • 914 views
Crude Gender Equality Ads

4 Crude Gender Equality Ads

Sarah Silverman Discusses the Wage Gap and the Equal Payback Project • 792 views
Empowering Shampoo Ads

5 Empowering Shampoo Ads

This Pantene Shampoo Commercial Reminds Women to be Needlessly Unapologetic • 783 views
Double Standard Shampoo Ads

6 Double Standard Shampoo Ads

Pantene's 'Labels Against Women' Ad Unmasks Gender Stereotypes • 772 views
Valet Parking Pranks

7 Valet Parking Pranks

Volvo's Car Prank Preys on a New Valet on His First Day on the Job • 682 views
Deceptive Texting Ads

8 Deceptive Texting Ads

Starbucks' Coffee Commercial Shows That Chatting Face-to-Face Wins • 597 views
Unwanted Male Attention Spoofs

9 Unwanted Male Attention Spoofs

The CockBlok Cream for Women is Laced with Phermones to Repel Men • 587 views
Beer-Submerged Phone Tests

10 Beer-Submerged Phone Tests

Reviveaphone Shows That iPhone 6 Dropped into Beer Doesn't Phase It • 514 views
Protesting Snack Ads

11 Protesting Snack Ads

PopChips' Potato Chip Commercial Speaks Out Against Potato Cruelty • 459 views
Upscale Cookie Campaigns

12 Upscale Cookie Campaigns

Oreo Snack Hacks Introduces Different Ways to Enjoy the Common Dessert • 444 views
Pizza Assistant Commercials

13 Pizza Assistant Commercials

Domino's Pizza Commercial Shows 'Dom,' a Siri-Like Pizza Expert • 413 views
Frightening Friendship Ads

14 Frightening Friendship Ads

Skittles' Halloween Candy Ad Tells an Unusual Tale of Friendship • 396 views
Outrageous Lighting Ads

15 Outrageous Lighting Ads

This Cheesy Infomercial-Style Lighting Commercial Stars Jeff Goldblum • 351 views
Surreal Supermarket Ads

16 Surreal Supermarket Ads

This Grocery Store Ad Takes a Meat Eater into a Whole New World • 279 views
8-Bit Action Videos

17 8-Bit Action Videos

Redbull's Jason Paul Arcade Run Plays Super Mario in Real Life • 266 views
Spoof Football Campaigns

18 Spoof Football Campaigns

This Ad Spoofs NFL Star Richard Sherman's Relationship With the Media • 220 views
Comedic Cookbook Commercials

19 Comedic Cookbook Commercials

The Thug Kitchen Cookbook Trailer Promotes the Tumblrs Latest Venture • 201 views


15 Recycling Campaigns

1 15 Recycling Campaigns

From Dictatorial Trash Ads to Dying Electronic Ads • 2,263 views
Disgusting Floor Cleaner Ads

2 Disgusting Floor Cleaner Ads

This Bissell Canada Ad Shows a Man Eating Off a Subway Platform Floor • 2,060 views
16 Nike Marketing Examples

3 16 Nike Marketing Examples

From Uplifting Athlete Ads to Winter-Embracing Sports Ads • 1,659 views
Gangster Granny Ads

4 Gangster Granny Ads

Kmart's 'Pay in Store' Commercial Shows How to Shop Like a Boss • 1,434 views
Doughy Ice Challenges

5 Doughy Ice Challenges

Pillsbury's Ice Bucket Challenge Video Stars a Brave Poppin' Fresh • 1,063 views
Sentimental School Ads

6 Sentimental School Ads

Canadian Tire's Back-to-School Video Targets Emotional Parents • 928 views
Epic Icy Challenges

7 Epic Icy Challenges

Old Spice's ALS Ice Bucket Video is as Epic as Expected • 848 views
Rube Goldberg Machines

8 Rube Goldberg Machines

Au Hikari's Power of Optics Campaign Revolves Around a Single Beam of Light • 842 views
Un-Christmas Commercials

9 Un-Christmas Commercials

Kmart's 'Not a Christmas Commercial' Celebrates a Merry Birthday Instead • 796 views
Ignorant Commercial Parodies

10 Ignorant Commercial Parodies

CollegeHumor's Fake Ad Markets Diet Racism to the Somewhat Prejudiced • 708 views
Alcohol-Free Pregnancy Campaigns

11 Alcohol-Free Pregnancy Campaigns

The 'Too Young to Drink' Campaign Promotes Alcohol-Free Pregnancy • 629 views
Interactive Print

12 Interactive Print

Editor Jaime Neely Discusses Her Favorite Immersive Print Campaigns • 559 views
Satirical Smartwatch Ads

13 Satirical Smartwatch Ads

Samsung's 'It Doesn't Take a Genius' Pokes Fun at the Apple Watch • 483 views
Adorable Child Pet Campaigns

14 Adorable Child Pet Campaigns

The Apparently Kid Stars in His First Ever Television Commercial • 456 views
Pet Focus Group Ads

15 Pet Focus Group Ads

Big Lots Pets Supplies' Commercial Reminds That Pets are People Too • 444 views
Furniture Catalog Spoofs

16 Furniture Catalog Spoofs

IKEA's Bookbook Catalog is Presented Like a Fancy Tech Product • 442 views
App-Connected Commercials

17 App-Connected Commercials

McDonald's Fruit Match Commercial Plays a Game with Smartphones • 442 views
Devoted Football Fan Ads

18 Devoted Football Fan Ads

This NFL Ticket Exchange Ad Stars Longtime Season Ticket Holders • 415 views
Smartphone Comparison Commercials

19 Smartphone Comparison Commercials

Between the Galaxy vs iPhone 6, Samsung Shows Who Came First • 410 views
Beautiful Birthday Campaigns

20 Beautiful Birthday Campaigns

Dove's 50th Anniversary Campaign Celebrates Beauty at Every Age • 382 views