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35 Examples of Memorable Commercials

1 35 Examples of Memorable Commercials

From Empowering Feminist Ads to LGBTQ Snack Campaigns • 1,457 views
Emotive Hispanic Campaigns

2 Emotive Hispanic Campaigns

This Heartwarming Kraft Singles Ad Tells the Story of Two Young Girls • 393 views
10 Viral Hispanic Commercials

3 10 Viral Hispanic Commercials

From Bacon-Filled Film Festival Ads to Cross-Cultural Beer Campaigns • 165 views
Bilingual Cereal Commercials

4 Bilingual Cereal Commercials

This Cheerios Commercial is in Spanish with English Subtitles • 163 views
Customized Profile Picture Upgrades

5 Customized Profile Picture Upgrades

The #PimpMyProfile Coors Campaign Upgraded User Photos • 51 views
Musical Software Ads

6 Musical Software Ads

A Woman Finds the Magic of Youth in This HP Sprout Commercial • 47 views
Hispanic Fast Food Ads

7 Hispanic Fast Food Ads

This Clever McDonald's Commercial Features the Latin Hit Song 'Gloria' • 46 views
Silly Endorsement Ads

8 Silly Endorsement Ads

This Hispanic Crest Commercial Pokes Fun at Profession-Based Promos • 40 views
Hispanic Road Trip Ads

9 Hispanic Road Trip Ads

This Fast-Paced Goodyear Commercial Follows One Man Through 53 Cities • 39 views
Bacon-Themed Film Festival Ads

10 Bacon-Themed Film Festival Ads

This Ad for the Chicago Latino Film Festival Has Bacon Subtitles • 33 views
Seasonal Beer Branding

11 Seasonal Beer Branding

The Corona Extra 'Dear Summer' Commercial Recounts the Season's Highlights • 28 views
Generational Software Campaigns

12 Generational Software Campaigns

The Windows 10 Commercial Connects the World Through Technology • 24 views
Uplifting Rugby Player Ads

13 Uplifting Rugby Player Ads

This Humorous Ad Shows England's Rugby Team Being Carried by Fans • 24 views
Emotional Caregiver PSAs

14 Emotional Caregiver PSAs

This AARP Ad Demonstrates How Quickly Children Can Become the Caregiver • 24 views
Wholesome Snack Branding

15 Wholesome Snack Branding

Honey Maid's Latest Commercial Depicts Real American Families • 22 views
Progressive Telecom Marketing

16 Progressive Telecom Marketing

Claro's Signs of Progress Ad Transforms a Small Community's Economy • 19 views
Heartfelt Flashback

17 Heartfelt Flashback

Brands engage consumers emotionally by referencing the passing of time • 0 views
Infant Advertising 2.0

18 Infant Advertising 2.0

Babies star in narrative TV ads that emotionally connect brand and consumer • 0 views
Media-Literate Marketing

19 Media-Literate Marketing

Brands relate to consumers by referencing a pervasive digital culture • 0 views
Promotional Authenticity

20 Promotional Authenticity

Brands take a traditional approach to commercials and marketing • 0 views


23 Storytelling Marketing Campaigns

1 23 Storytelling Marketing Campaigns

From Comedic Branded Webisodes to Aspirational Lifestyle Ads • 3,868 views
55 Emotional Marketing Campaigns

2 55 Emotional Marketing Campaigns

From Modern Fatherhood Ads to Emotive Music Commercials • 2,454 views
32 Latin Marketing Campaigns

3 32 Latin Marketing Campaigns

From Social Donation Campaigns to Surreal Alzheimer Ads • 1,337 views
Daily Kindness Newscasts

4 Daily Kindness Newscasts

This Series of Heartwarming Airbnb Ads Highlights Human Kindness • 342 views
Familial Fast Food Ads

5 Familial Fast Food Ads

The KFC 'Together' Campaign Highlights Family Dinner Traditions • 282 views
Fatherhood Vows Campaigns

6 Fatherhood Vows Campaigns

The Emotional 'When I'm A Dad' Campaign Highlights Fatherhood • 156 views
Male-Targeted Skincare Ads

7 Male-Targeted Skincare Ads

Garnier's Acno Fight Ad Presents an All-In-One Skincare Remedy for Men • 121 views
Emotive Music Commercials

8 Emotive Music Commercials

This Moving 'First Song' Spotify Ad Highlights the Gift of Hearing • 116 views
Awkward First Date Ads

9 Awkward First Date Ads

This Ad Shares One Couple's Awkward Date Ending with a McDonald's Big Mac • 100 views
Unexpected Farmyard Friendship Ads

10 Unexpected Farmyard Friendship Ads

The Ad is the Latest in Airbnb's Series of Heartwarming News • 95 views
Childhood Imagination Commericials

11 Childhood Imagination Commericials

This S7 Airlines Commercial Makes Kids Wildest Dreams a Reality • 79 views
Celestial Beer Cans

12 Celestial Beer Cans

Moosehead Launches a Simple Beer in Space in a Showstopping Way • 68 views
Zero Gravity Makeup Stunts

13 Zero Gravity Makeup Stunts

The IOPE Air Cushion Proves It's Applicable Without Gravity • 65 views
Enchanting Tourism Ads

14 Enchanting Tourism Ads

This Spot for Claremont, California Has a Wes Anderson Aesthetic • 62 views
Bachata Fast Food Ads

15 Bachata Fast Food Ads

This McDonald's Ad Attempts to Lure Hispanic Customers • 60 views
Kid-Directed Dating Events

16 Kid-Directed Dating Events

Mini Wheats Staged a Fun Dating Event Where Kids Were in Control • 57 views
New Dad Ads

17 New Dad Ads

Dove's Men+Care Commercial Captures Reactions to News of Becoming a Father • 54 views
Cursing Child Commercials

18 Cursing Child Commercials

'Swearing Kids' Urges Parents to Buy a Smart Car So Kids Don't Curse • 50 views
Bacon Diversity Ads

19 Bacon Diversity Ads

This Wendy's Thick Cut Bacon Ad Personifies the Meaty Snack • 49 views
Shoplifter-Shaming Videos

20 Shoplifter-Shaming Videos

Harvey Nichols Turns Clips of People Stealing from a Store into an Ad • 48 views


Motivational Football Ads

1 Motivational Football Ads

The Nike Soccer American Woman Film is Part of the #NoMaybes Campaign • 497 views
Offbeat Burger Commercials

2 Offbeat Burger Commercials

McDonald's UK Embraces a Wes Anderson-Style Advert for Transparency • 322 views
Silent Pride Appreciation Ads

3 Silent Pride Appreciation Ads

This Emotional Advertisement Promotes Pride Month without Words • 242 views
Soap Opera Doll Ads

4 Soap Opera Doll Ads

These New French Toast Crunch Ads Parody the Soap Opera Formula of the '90s • 211 views
Antique Social Media Parodies

5 Antique Social Media Parodies

Comedy Central's 'Another Period' Promos Parody Social Media • 206 views
Motivational Tea Commercials

6 Motivational Tea Commercials

Lipton's Summer Stories Hope to Inspire Spontaneity and Adventure • 202 views
Coffee-Dispensing Crosswalks

7 Coffee-Dispensing Crosswalks

This Nescafé Coffee Campaign Bring Strangers Together Via Technology • 194 views
Experiental Tourist Ads

8 Experiental Tourist Ads

Heineken's Latest 'Cities of the World' Ad Encourages Tourists to See More • 141 views
Father’s Day Breakfast Ads

9 Father’s Day Breakfast Ads

Give Dad a Perfect Breakfast in Bed with a ‘Johnsonville’ Sausage • 137 views
Cry-Proof Mascara Ads

10 Cry-Proof Mascara Ads

L'Oreal Waterproof Mascara was Tested on a Theater of Crying Women • 121 views
Car-Lifting Police Officers

11 Car-Lifting Police Officers

This Car Campaign Features a Super Strong Female Cop Lifting a Taxi • 118 views
Silent Storytelling Ads

12 Silent Storytelling Ads

This Voiceless HSBC Commercial Takes Place Entirely in an Elevator • 115 views
Face-Manipulating Car Ads

13 Face-Manipulating Car Ads

Honda Targets Millennials with Humor to Encourage Youth Car Consumption • 105 views
LGBT-Friendly Yogurt Ads

14 LGBT-Friendly Yogurt Ads

The Chobani Love This Life Campaign Focuses on Modern Day Relationships • 99 views
Compassionate Soccer Campaigns

15 Compassionate Soccer Campaigns

Sport Club Internacional's 'Side by Side' Reduces Sports Rivalry • 60 views
Family-Targeted Car Ads

16 Family-Targeted Car Ads

This Father's Day Car Ad Tells the Same Story From Dad & Daughter's View • 57 views
World Pride Promotional Videos

17 World Pride Promotional Videos

Target Launched a LGBT Commercial to Celebrate World Pride Month • 50 views
Competitive Condiment Ads

18 Competitive Condiment Ads

Heinz Aims to Dominate the Ketchup and Mustard Market • 44 views
Jurassic Puppet Parodies

19 Jurassic Puppet Parodies

Sesame Street's Jurassic World Parody Features a Giant Dino Cookie • 44 views
Lunch Break Music Videos

20 Lunch Break Music Videos

KFC Created a Short Music Video Over the Span of a Lunch Hour • 31 views