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33 Female Empowerment Campaigns

1 33 Female Empowerment Campaigns

From Athletic Ads Empowering Females to Male Feminist Hashtags • 752 views
Anime Parody Promotions

2 Anime Parody Promotions

A New Simpsons Parody Shows Homer Playing Pokémon Go at the Zoo • 105 views
Adventurous Vegan Perfume Ads

3 Adventurous Vegan Perfume Ads

The Stella McCartney POP Scent is Promoted in This Short Film • 80 views
Cool Mom Ad Campaigns

4 Cool Mom Ad Campaigns

These Commercials Aim to Negate Stereotypes of At-Home Moms • 65 views
Comical Local Ads

5 Comical Local Ads

Kentucky for Kentucky Released a Comical Commercial About the Kentucky Fun Mall • 51 views
Transgender Equality Campaigns

6 Transgender Equality Campaigns

This Ad About Restroom Laws Was Made to Run During Trump's Speech • 34 views
Comedian-Branded Tech Ads

7 Comedian-Branded Tech Ads

Best Buy and Adam Devine Are Showing Consumers 'How to College' • 26 views
Trans-Positive Sports Collections

8 Trans-Positive Sports Collections

H & M Released a Video for Its 'Every Victory' Collection • 26 views
Lending Library Campaigns

9 Lending Library Campaigns

The Toronto Tool Library Advertises It Has Tools for (Almost) Anything • 25 views
Heartwarming Airport Ads

10 Heartwarming Airport Ads

Heathrow Celebrates 70 Years of Travel with Its 'First Flight' Ad • 23 views
Child Safety Car Commercials

11 Child Safety Car Commercials

This Car Ad Addresses the Anxieties That First Time Parents Feel • 20 views
Toast-Based Butter Ads

12 Toast-Based Butter Ads

The 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' Ad Features a Wi-Fi Enabled Toaster • 16 views
Personalized Fatherhood Campaigns

13 Personalized Fatherhood Campaigns

This Ad Negates Stereotypes of Incompetent First-Time Fathers • 16 views
Humorous Child Care Ads

14 Humorous Child Care Ads

This Ad Shows the First Time a Father is Left Alone to Care for His Baby • 16 views
Superhero Streaming Ads

15 Superhero Streaming Ads

This Netflix Ad Enlists Vine Star 'BatDad' to Promote the Site • 14 views
Sitcom-Inspired Pizza Ads

16 Sitcom-Inspired Pizza Ads

Daiya's Dairy-Free Pizza Commercial is 'Cheesier Than Ever' • 12 views
Fast Food Parody Ads

17 Fast Food Parody Ads

Mcdonald's 'GRAVICHEESE Commercial Takes the 'Triple Cheeseburger' into Space • 11 views


Viral Instagram Campaigns

1 Viral Instagram Campaigns

This Selena Gomez Photo is the Most Liked Photo of All Time • 2,093 views
64 Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

2 64 Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

From Candid Fashion Campaigns to Socially Conscious Ads • 1,001 views
Spontaneous Soda Ads

3 Spontaneous Soda Ads

Coca-Cola's Ad With Jordan Spieth Takes a Creative Turn • 800 views
Satirical Award Show Campaigns

4 Satirical Award Show Campaigns

This SatirAd Points Out The Narcissistic Nature of Award Ceremonies • 697 views
Satirical Fast Fashion Commercials

5 Satirical Fast Fashion Commercials

This Old Navy Campaign Teaches Moms About Cool Clothes • 470 views
Cheeky Tourism Campaigns

6 Cheeky Tourism Campaigns

Bowen Island Urges People to "Tell Your Friends It's Awful Here" • 389 views
Twerking Drink Mixing Ads

7 Twerking Drink Mixing Ads

Semtex's 'Twerk Shaker' Commercial Revolutionizes How Drinks are Made • 337 views
Athletic Female Empowerment Ads

8 Athletic Female Empowerment Ads

Nike's New Ad Features an All-Female Cast of Indian Athletes • 234 views
Romantic Cat Food Ads

9 Romantic Cat Food Ads

This Sheba Cat Food Commercial Shows Just How Devoted Its Pet Owners Are • 207 views
Celebrity-Infused Social Activism

10 Celebrity-Infused Social Activism

We Are the Movement Enlists Stars to Speak On Racial Injustice • 142 views
Multicultural Retail Commercials

11 Multicultural Retail Commercials

Target's 'Lúcete A Tu' Manera Campaign Targets Hispanic Consumers • 124 views
Comical Masculine Scent Ads

12 Comical Masculine Scent Ads

These Old Spice Commercials Show Men Claiming Power Through Scent • 110 views
Comedic Fast Food Ads

13 Comedic Fast Food Ads

This Burger King Mockumentary Chronicles a Whopper Blackout • 102 views
Empowering Feminist Campaigns

14 Empowering Feminist Campaigns

Dove's New Campaign Focuses on Something Other Than Beauty • 77 views
Branded Food Documentaries

15 Branded Food Documentaries

'Unbroken Ground' Highlights Patagonia's New Food Business • 69 views
Feature-Focused Auto Ads

16 Feature-Focused Auto Ads

Ford Mexico's 'Características' Commercial Highlights Car Capabilities • 62 views
Strength-Oriented Web Series

17 Strength-Oriented Web Series

The Fuerza Ford Web Series Showcases Mexican Boxers and the F-150 • 54 views
Next-Gen Car Commercials

18 Next-Gen Car Commercials

The 'Blackbird' Could Completely Change How Car Commercials Are Shot • 54 views
Apologetic Basketball Ads

19 Apologetic Basketball Ads

Canada Basketball Celebrated the Sport's Anniversary by Saying "Sorry" • 53 views
Imperfect Athlete Commercials

20 Imperfect Athlete Commercials

Ronda Rousey is the Star of the #NeverPerfect Reebok Campaign • 53 views


14 Examples of Noteworthy Marketing in China

1 14 Examples of Noteworthy Marketing in China

From Earth Day Ads to Sneaky Free Speech Campaigns • 1,431 views
Mysterious Home Furniture Ads

2 Mysterious Home Furniture Ads

The Commercials for IKEA's Sinnerlig Collection Strays from The Norm • 574 views
Viral Cat Commercials

3 Viral Cat Commercials

This German Commercial Follows Grocery Shopping Cats with a Meowing Song • 195 views
Emotional Sunglasses Ads

4 Emotional Sunglasses Ads

This Ray-Ban Ad Helps Shape the Brand's Identity • 142 views
Bacteria-Ridden Probiotic Ads

5 Bacteria-Ridden Probiotic Ads

Ian Wright Licks Everything to Prove His Immune System Strength • 98 views
TV Series Commitment Rings

6 TV Series Commitment Rings

These Rings Stop Your Partner from Watching Selected Shows Without You • 92 views
Sun Protection Slides

7 Sun Protection Slides

Nivea's 'Sunslide' Encourages Beach Sun Protection in a Fun Way • 86 views
Animated Anti-GMO PSAs

8 Animated Anti-GMO PSAs

The 'Mr. Seed' Video Educates Consumers About Organic Seeds • 82 views
Comparative Baby Food Ads

9 Comparative Baby Food Ads

This Gerber Baby Food Ad Makes Clear the Brand's Devotion to Its Craft • 69 views
Cinematic Smartphone Ads

10 Cinematic Smartphone Ads

This Ad for Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 is Styled as a Thriller • 66 views
Inclusive Pride Campaigns

11 Inclusive Pride Campaigns

The You Can Sit with Us Campaign Celebrates the Diversity of Pride Month • 64 views
Beer POV Videos

12 Beer POV Videos

These Kirin Beer Advertisements Look at Life from the Perspective of a Beer Can • 63 views
Promotional Disney Emojis

13 Promotional Disney Emojis

Disney Promoted 'Finding Dory' with a Teaser Video Featuring Emojis • 60 views
Patriotic Achievement Campaigns

14 Patriotic Achievement Campaigns

The Dunkin' Donuts #KeepOn Commercial Campaign is Uplifting • 59 views
Empowering Skincare Ads

15 Empowering Skincare Ads

This SK-II Ad Fights Back Against China's 'Leftover Women' Stigma • 58 views
Body Positive Apparel Campaigns

16 Body Positive Apparel Campaigns

JCPenney is Inclusive to Plus-Size in Its New Marketing Endeavors • 55 views
Rebranded Chicken Colonels

17 Rebranded Chicken Colonels

A New KFC Colonel Starred in a Series of Short Ads • 55 views
Hoverboard Cereal Ad Campaigns

18 Hoverboard Cereal Ad Campaigns

This Cinnamon Toast Crunch Ad Takes Convenience to the Extreme • 51 views
Spontaneous Candy Bar Ads

19 Spontaneous Candy Bar Ads

This Cadbury Dairy Milk for India Ad Plays on Bollywood Themes • 51 views
Resilient Athlete Campaigns

20 Resilient Athlete Campaigns

The COC Triumphs Canadian Athletes with 'Ice in Our Veins' • 48 views