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Eye-Opening Spanglish Commercials

1 Eye-Opening Spanglish Commercials

The AT&T Mobile Movement Campaign Targets Young Latinos • 1,639 views
Stop Motion Latte Ads

2 Stop Motion Latte Ads

Aijinomoto General Foods's Latte Art Animation Adorably Tells a Love Story • 1,248 views
Action-Encouraging Ads

3 Action-Encouraging Ads

The Together Against Bullying Campaign Urges People to 'Do Something' • 795 views
Suggestive Burger Ads

4 Suggestive Burger Ads

Carl's Jr. Burger Ad for the Super Bowl Stars a Sultry Charlotte Mckinney • 736 views
Hispanic Fast Food Campaigns

5 Hispanic Fast Food Campaigns

The McDonald's Jalapeno Double Ad Understands the Target Market • 646 views
Viral Domestic Violence PSAs

6 Viral Domestic Violence PSAs

Boys Asked to Slap a Girl and Their Response is Eye-Opening • 542 views
Passionate Clothing Commercials

7 Passionate Clothing Commercials

This JC Penney Ad Highlights Women as Enthusiastic World Cup Fans • 415 views
Candid Sportswear Commercials

8 Candid Sportswear Commercials

The New H&M Fitness Collection is Revealed in a Fun, Natural Video • 363 views
Healthy Grocery Store Commercials

9 Healthy Grocery Store Commercials

Whole Foods Market Shows How 'Values Matter' in Campaign • 350 views
Minuscule Movie Trailers

10 Minuscule Movie Trailers

Marvel and Disney's Ant-Man Trailer is Tiny • 310 views
Sneaky Beer Ads

11 Sneaky Beer Ads

This Newcastle Beer Commercial Spoofs Doritos' Super Bowl Contest • 296 views
Cranky Senior Campaigns

12 Cranky Senior Campaigns

The Taco Bell Crunchwrap Commercial is Hilariously Informative • 294 views
Snow Sports Webisodes

13 Snow Sports Webisodes

Sport Chek's First Tracks Series Appeals to Skiers and Snowboarders • 260 views
Modern Fatherhood Ads

14 Modern Fatherhood Ads

Dove Men+Care's Super Bowl Ad Shows What Real Strength Means • 248 views
Suave Senior Beer Ads

15 Suave Senior Beer Ads

This Dos Equis Beer Ad Honors 'the Most Interesting Man in the World' • 239 views
Serene Wine Ads

16 Serene Wine Ads

This Cavit Collection Ad Extols the Virtue of Old-Fashioned Wine Production • 238 views
Debonair Beer Ads

17 Debonair Beer Ads

Dos Equis Highlights the Life of the 'Most Interesting Man in the World' • 235 views
Inspiring Influencer Webisodes

18 Inspiring Influencer Webisodes

Westjet's Above and Beyond Series Highlights Inspiring Individuals • 219 views
Wealthy Diner Ads

19 Wealthy Diner Ads

This Burger King Commercial Has Two Old Rich Men Eat Lamb Burgers • 212 views
Comical Chip Ads

20 Comical Chip Ads

Tostitos Humorously Presents the 'Official Chip' of the NFL • 210 views


Top 100 Commercial Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Commercial Trends of 2014

From Poignant Anti-Abuse PSAs to Sentimental School Ads • 7,424 views
Top 30 Commercial Trends in December

2 Top 30 Commercial Trends in December

From Cheeky Celeb Commercials to Interactive Auto Ads • 3,705 views
Selfie Makeup Campaigns

3 Selfie Makeup Campaigns

Lady Gaga Stars in a Self-Photographed Shoot for Shiseido Cosmetics • 3,188 views
35 Innovative TV Marketing Campaigns

4 35 Innovative TV Marketing Campaigns

From Superhero Simulation Games to Promotional Zombie Burgers • 1,808 views
20 Humorous Holiday Ads

5 20 Humorous Holiday Ads

From Turkey Television Trailers to Un-Christmas Commercials • 1,693 views
15 Psychedelic Ad Campaigns

6 15 Psychedelic Ad Campaigns

From Psychedelic Drink Promotions to Trippy Author Advertisements • 1,641 views
70 Musical Commercial Ads

7 70 Musical Commercial Ads

From Cell Phone Symphonies to Informative Singing Alarms • 787 views
Hilariously Apologetic Commercials

8 Hilariously Apologetic Commercials

The Arby's We Have Pepsi Campaign Admits the Company Messed Up • 440 views
Competitive Gifting Ads

9 Competitive Gifting Ads

Mulberry Wants to Help You 'Win Christmas' by Giving the Best Gifts • 344 views
Festive Multi-Screen Ads

10 Festive Multi-Screen Ads

Samsung's Holiday Dreams is Told Through Many Mobile Devices • 325 views
Turkey Television Trailers

11 Turkey Television Trailers

TalkTalk TV's Gobblebox Features Turkeys Talking About Entertainment • 312 views
Alumni-Celebrating Youth Organizations

12 Alumni-Celebrating Youth Organizations

The Boys and Girls Club of Canada Honors Anthony Bennett • 307 views
Nutcracker Mashup Ads

13 Nutcracker Mashup Ads

Whistl's Delivery Ad Mashes Up Ballerinas and BMX Riders • 287 views
Festive Anti-Tech Ads

14 Festive Anti-Tech Ads

Telus' Phone Commercial Urges People to Unplug This Holiday Season • 286 views
Uncomfortable Holiday Ads

15 Uncomfortable Holiday Ads

Maille's Holiday Commercial Ad Brings an Awkward Guest to the Table • 263 views
LGBTQ Family Ads

16 LGBTQ Family Ads

This Tylenol Commercial Will Tug At Your Heart Strings • 233 views
Musical Snack Ads

17 Musical Snack Ads

Glico's 'Crisp Concert' is a Festive Musical Ad • 214 views
Alumni-Honoring Youth Groups

18 Alumni-Honoring Youth Groups

The Boys and Girls Club of Canada Celebrates Dr. Jean Clinton • 205 views
Tuneful Fatherhood Ads

19 Tuneful Fatherhood Ads

Old Spice's Dadsong is an Ode to Leaving Adolescence Behind • 200 views
Heartwarming Dad Ads

20 Heartwarming Dad Ads

The Cheerios Effect Campaign Captures Real Family Stories • 200 views