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Top 30 Commercial Ideas in October

1 Top 30 Commercial Ideas in October

From Viral Kid Campaigns to Pet Focus Group Ads • 8,020 views
Artistic Gender Campaigns

2 Artistic Gender Campaigns

The 'My Body My Rights' Campaign Features Hyperrealistic Body Art • 2,183 views
Middle Earth Airline Commercials

3 Middle Earth Airline Commercials

Air New Zealand's Flight Safety Video is Inspired by The Hobbit • 659 views
Morbid Safety Videos

4 Morbid Safety Videos

This Halloween Safety Video Points Out More Dumb Ways to Die • 589 views
Chewing Gum Experiments

5 Chewing Gum Experiments

Beldent's Chewing Gum Test Shows How Approachable Gum Makes You Look • 518 views
Romantic Interconnected Commercials

6 Romantic Interconnected Commercials

This is a Tech Advertising Example for the Internet of Things • 509 views
Spidery Halloween Ads

7 Spidery Halloween Ads

This Spooky Skittles Spot is Not For Arachnophobes • 471 views
Monstrous Chocolate Campaigns

8 Monstrous Chocolate Campaigns

The Snickers Halloween Commercial Plays on People's Scary Sides • 463 views
Web Wellness Campaigns

9 Web Wellness Campaigns

The Don't Google It Medical Campaign Reminds You to Be Wary of Web Searches • 444 views
Awkward Family Commercials

10 Awkward Family Commercials

This Heartwarming Holiday Ad Series was Directed by Sofia Coppola • 414 views
Drag Queen Commercials

11 Drag Queen Commercials

The Starbucks Drag Queen Commercial is Campy and Fun • 406 views
Personified Breakfast Cartoons

12 Personified Breakfast Cartoons

Denny's Promotes Its Breakfast Menu by Animating 'The Grand Slams' • 360 views
Jolly Tech Commercials

13 Jolly Tech Commercials

This Commercial by the Source Tells a Modern Christmas Carol • 258 views
Dystopic Toy Commercials

14 Dystopic Toy Commercials

This Action Figure for Girls Ad by GoldieBlox Puts Brains Over Beauty • 258 views
Penguin Parody Videos

15 Penguin Parody Videos

Redshirt Films' Parody Commercial Puts a New Spin on John Lewis' Ad • 247 views
Imaginary Companion Ads

16 Imaginary Companion Ads

This John Lewis Christmas Commercial Stars a Boy and His Penguin Friend • 198 views
Celeb-Starring Gamer Ads

17 Celeb-Starring Gamer Ads

This New Advanced Warfare Call of Duty Trailer Features Taylor Kitsch • 101 views
Charitable Celeb Bed Auctions

18 Charitable Celeb Bed Auctions

Alan Thicke is Auctioning Off His Bed for Habitat for Humanity • 71 views
Dancing Celebspawn Ads

19 Dancing Celebspawn Ads

This New Holiday-Themed Burberry Commercial Features Romeo Beckham • 44 views


16 Scary Marketing Approaches

1 16 Scary Marketing Approaches

From Villainous Vampiric Ads to Scary Shoe Promotions • 20,330 views
45 Examples of Bizarre Advertising

2 45 Examples of Bizarre Advertising

From Immersive Beer Campaigns to Disappearing Floor Stunts • 5,631 views
Crude Gender Equality Ads

3 Crude Gender Equality Ads

Sarah Silverman Discusses the Wage Gap and the Equal Payback Project • 1,297 views
21 Celebrity-Endorsed Beverages

4 21 Celebrity-Endorsed Beverages

From Heroic Beer Promotions to Basketball Star Sodas • 1,225 views
Empowering Shampoo Ads

5 Empowering Shampoo Ads

This Pantene Shampoo Commercial Reminds Women to be Needlessly Unapologetic • 1,202 views
Unwanted Male Attention Spoofs

6 Unwanted Male Attention Spoofs

The CockBlok Cream for Women is Laced with Phermones to Repel Men • 1,167 views
Elephant Tourism Spoofs

7 Elephant Tourism Spoofs

'Authentic Elephant Rides' Reveals the Truth Behind Elephant Rides • 1,078 views
Female-Empowering Ads

8 Female-Empowering Ads

The Verizon Inspire Her Mind Campaign Focuses on Intelligence Over Looks • 974 views
Comedic Basketball Campaigns

9 Comedic Basketball Campaigns

Chris Paul & Blake Griffin Star In the Jordan Brand Comedy Sketches • 851 views
Awkward Android Ads

10 Awkward Android Ads

This Old Spice Ad Features a 'Mandroid' Trying His Best to be a Man • 847 views
Preventative Prescription PSAs

11 Preventative Prescription PSAs

This Commercial Raises Awareness About Violence Against Children • 814 views
Valet Parking Pranks

12 Valet Parking Pranks

Volvo's Car Prank Preys on a New Valet on His First Day on the Job • 740 views
Deceptive Texting Ads

13 Deceptive Texting Ads

Starbucks' Coffee Commercial Shows That Chatting Face-to-Face Wins • 694 views
Beer-Submerged Phone Tests

14 Beer-Submerged Phone Tests

Reviveaphone Shows That iPhone 6 Dropped into Beer Doesn't Phase It • 640 views
Uncouth Feminist Videos

15 Uncouth Feminist Videos

Little Girls Drop F-Bombs for Feminism in This Viral Marketing Campaign • 593 views
Protesting Snack Ads

16 Protesting Snack Ads

PopChips' Potato Chip Commercial Speaks Out Against Potato Cruelty • 574 views
Upscale Cookie Campaigns

17 Upscale Cookie Campaigns

Oreo Snack Hacks Introduces Different Ways to Enjoy the Common Dessert • 561 views
Frightening Friendship Ads

18 Frightening Friendship Ads

Skittles' Halloween Candy Ad Tells an Unusual Tale of Friendship • 538 views
Pizza Assistant Commercials

19 Pizza Assistant Commercials

Domino's Pizza Commercial Shows 'Dom,' a Siri-Like Pizza Expert • 480 views
Dietary Halloween Ads

20 Dietary Halloween Ads

Subway's Halloween Ad Reminds Us to Watch the Calories • 476 views