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42 Necessities for the Metro Male

1 42 Necessities for the Metro Male

From Viral Dutch Beauty Ads to Metrosexual MakeUp • 14,431 views
Life-Changing Adventures

2 Life-Changing Adventures

Heineken Encourages People Not To Leave Their Dreams Behind At the Bar • 10,971 views
29 Personal Touch Promotions

3 29 Personal Touch Promotions

From Snail Mail Beer Campaigns to Candid Camera Commercials • 7,880 views
50 Examples of Incentivized Innovations

4 50 Examples of Incentivized Innovations

From Paperless Loyalty Apps to Smart Discount Cards • 5,250 views
Top 30 Commercial Trends in February

5 Top 30 Commercial Trends in February

From Suave Senior Ads to Multicultural Burger Campaigns • 3,446 views
Kinky Film Spoofs

6 Kinky Film Spoofs

Trojan's Spoof Ad Takes a Stab at Fifty Shades of Grey • 1,613 views
Waiting Dog Ads

7 Waiting Dog Ads

The Coldwell Banker Commercial Will Brighten Anyone's Day • 1,606 views
Furniture Branded Emojis

8 Furniture Branded Emojis

The IKEA Emoticons App Hopes to Streamline Domestic Texting • 523 views
Snarky Beer Ads

9 Snarky Beer Ads

Ninkasi Brewing Responds to Budweiser's Super Bowl Ad • 400 views
Cartoon Tracker Commercials

10 Cartoon Tracker Commercials

Tempo Video Paints a Friendly Picture of Innovative Wrist-Worn Tech • 395 views
Cinematic Athlete Campaigns

11 Cinematic Athlete Campaigns

Adidas Encourages Young Athletes with Their Sport 15 Film Series • 365 views
Sumo Rocker Commercials

12 Sumo Rocker Commercials

Domoco Healthcare Promotes Its Health Gadget in an Unlikely Way • 349 views
Playfully Suggestive Designs

13 Playfully Suggestive Designs

This New Conti Bier Can Design by WMcCann is Funny and Flirty • 342 views
Time-Sensitive Commercials

14 Time-Sensitive Commercials

The Microsoft Band Commercial Targets Busy Millennials • 326 views
Parisian Proposal Videos

15 Parisian Proposal Videos

The Proposal by Cartier Features Three Romantic Storylines • 317 views
Emotive Travel Campaigns

16 Emotive Travel Campaigns

Cathay Pacific's Life Well Travelled Campaign Markets Wanderlust • 292 views
Tearjerker Tissue Ads

17 Tearjerker Tissue Ads

Scotties Has Remarkable Women Share Their Cancer Survivor Stories • 290 views
Versatile Wearable Commercials

18 Versatile Wearable Commercials

Fitbit's Find Your Fit Campaign Appeals to a Large Demographic • 289 views
Educational Candy ATMs

19 Educational Candy ATMs

The Sberbank Candy ATM Entertains Children While Parents Bank • 281 views
Pseudo Celibacy PSAs

20 Pseudo Celibacy PSAs

The Celibacy Challenge is a Satirical Critique of the Gay Blood Ban • 272 views


13 Catchy Super Bowl Commercials

1 13 Catchy Super Bowl Commercials

From Puppy-Rescuing Ads to Suggestive Burger Ads • 5,682 views
Eye-Opening Spanglish Commercials

2 Eye-Opening Spanglish Commercials

The AT&T Mobile Movement Campaign Targets Young Latinos • 2,725 views
Stop Motion Latte Ads

3 Stop Motion Latte Ads

Aijinomoto General Foods's Latte Art Animation Adorably Tells a Love Story • 1,919 views
Suggestive Burger Ads

4 Suggestive Burger Ads

Carl's Jr. Burger Ad for the Super Bowl Stars a Sultry Charlotte Mckinney • 997 views
Action-Encouraging Ads

5 Action-Encouraging Ads

The Together Against Bullying Campaign Urges People to 'Do Something' • 990 views
Hispanic Fast Food Campaigns

6 Hispanic Fast Food Campaigns

The McDonald's Jalapeno Double Ad Understands the Target Market • 835 views
Fashionable Tissue Boxes

7 Fashionable Tissue Boxes

The Kleenex Style Studio Helps People Keep Homes Chic • 712 views
Viral Domestic Violence PSAs

8 Viral Domestic Violence PSAs

Boys Asked to Slap a Girl and Their Response is Eye-Opening • 705 views
Cinematic Tissue Campaigns

9 Cinematic Tissue Campaigns

This Kleenex Tissues Campaign Reenacts Famous Scenes from Pop Culture • 534 views
Puppy-Rescuing Ads

10 Puppy-Rescuing Ads

This Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Has a Clydesdale Horse Rescue a Lost Dog • 523 views
Cranky Senior Campaigns

11 Cranky Senior Campaigns

The Taco Bell Crunchwrap Commercial is Hilariously Informative • 517 views
Passionate Clothing Commercials

12 Passionate Clothing Commercials

This JC Penney Ad Highlights Women as Enthusiastic World Cup Fans • 510 views
Healthy Grocery Store Commercials

13 Healthy Grocery Store Commercials

Whole Foods Market Shows How 'Values Matter' in Campaign • 502 views
Super Bowl Lullabies

14 Super Bowl Lullabies

Squarespace Shows Capabilities with a Site for Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes • 485 views
Comical Parenting Ads

15 Comical Parenting Ads

Similac's Commercial Reveals the Realities of Competitive Parenting • 428 views
Sneaky Beer Ads

16 Sneaky Beer Ads

This Newcastle Beer Commercial Spoofs Doritos' Super Bowl Contest • 382 views
Disturbing Domestic Violence Ads

17 Disturbing Domestic Violence Ads

The No More Superbowl Ad Offers a Haunting Look at Domestic Abuse • 378 views
Nostalgic Auto Ads

18 Nostalgic Auto Ads

This BMW Super Bowl Commercial Goes Back in Time to 1994 • 349 views
Heartwarming Hockey Ads

19 Heartwarming Hockey Ads

Canada's Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Gives Back to Those Who Make Goals Happen • 344 views
Animalistic Drink Ads

20 Animalistic Drink Ads

This TNT Energy Drink Ad Stars a Gym-Loving Rhino • 341 views