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14 Examples of Noteworthy Marketing in China

1 14 Examples of Noteworthy Marketing in China

From Earth Day Ads to Sneaky Free Speech Campaigns • 784 views
Mysterious Home Furniture Ads

2 Mysterious Home Furniture Ads

The Commercials for IKEA's Sinnerlig Collection Strays from The Norm • 228 views
Viral Cat Commercials

3 Viral Cat Commercials

This German Commercial Follows Grocery Shopping Cats with a Meowing Song • 137 views
TV Series Commitment Rings

4 TV Series Commitment Rings

These Rings Stop Your Partner from Watching Selected Shows Without You • 88 views
Sun Protection Slides

5 Sun Protection Slides

Nivea's 'Sunslide' Encourages Beach Sun Protection in a Fun Way • 74 views
Cinematic Smartphone Ads

6 Cinematic Smartphone Ads

This Ad for Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 is Styled as a Thriller • 66 views
Beer POV Videos

7 Beer POV Videos

These Kirin Beer Advertisements Look at Life from the Perspective of a Beer Can • 56 views
Animated Anti-GMO PSAs

8 Animated Anti-GMO PSAs

The 'Mr. Seed' Video Educates Consumers About Organic Seeds • 56 views
Patriotic Achievement Campaigns

9 Patriotic Achievement Campaigns

The Dunkin' Donuts #KeepOn Commercial Campaign is Uplifting • 50 views
Empowering Skincare Ads

10 Empowering Skincare Ads

This SK-II Ad Fights Back Against China's 'Leftover Women' Stigma • 40 views
Promotional Disney Emojis

11 Promotional Disney Emojis

Disney Promoted 'Finding Dory' with a Teaser Video Featuring Emojis • 39 views
Celebrity Ride Share Ads

12 Celebrity Ride Share Ads

Shaq Works Undercover as a Lyft Driver for a Humorous Commercial • 36 views
Resilient Athlete Campaigns

13 Resilient Athlete Campaigns

The COC Triumphs Canadian Athletes with 'Ice in Our Veins' • 36 views
Satirical Cooking Shows

14 Satirical Cooking Shows

This Parody Video by CBC Shows a Chef's Relatable Cooking Technique • 33 views
Pro LGBT Liquor Ads

15 Pro LGBT Liquor Ads

Absolute Vodka's Ad Shows a Man Connect with His Transgender Friend • 33 views
Empowering Apparel Campaigns

16 Empowering Apparel Campaigns

This Kenzo Women's Line is Promoted with a Biker Gang Film • 33 views
Local Food Delivery Campaigns

17 Local Food Delivery Campaigns

Foodora Outlines the Benefits of Its Local Food Delivery Service • 32 views
Inedible Satirical Food Designs

18 Inedible Satirical Food Designs

This Restaurant Makes Dishes For Instagram Food Pictures • 30 views
Dramatic Olympic Campaigns

19 Dramatic Olympic Campaigns

The New Under Armour Ad Highlights the Grueling Training of an Olympian • 30 views
Fine Dining Running Rewards

20 Fine Dining Running Rewards

This Running Programs Lets You Exchange Your Miles for Food • 27 views


A Day in Taiwan with Godfrey Gao

1 A Day in Taiwan with Godfrey Gao

Godfrey Gao Explores His Homeland in the Stunning Infiniti Q30 • 7,138 views
Ephemeral E-Commerce Advertising

2 Ephemeral E-Commerce Advertising

Shoppable Snapchat Ads Allow Consumers to Swipe Up to Purchase • 358 views
Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish

3 Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish

This Edible KFC Nail Polish Comes in Two Flavors • 167 views
Emotional Sunglasses Ads

4 Emotional Sunglasses Ads

This Ray-Ban Ad Helps Shape the Brand's Identity • 128 views
In-Store Dairy Farm Projections

5 In-Store Dairy Farm Projections

Waitrose's 'Live from the Farm' Campaign Showcased Product Origins • 122 views
Natural Movement Sport Ads

6 Natural Movement Sport Ads

The Nike Revolution in Motion Campaign Stars Serena Williams and More • 109 views
Combined Pet Food Campaigns

7 Combined Pet Food Campaigns

Mars Petcare's 'Mix Mania' Encourages Mixing Wet and Dry Dog Food • 109 views
Millennial Pension Plan Advertising

8 Millennial Pension Plan Advertising

One YouTuber Learns the Importance of Ontario Pension Plans • 108 views
Communicative Dog Doormats

9 Communicative Dog Doormats

The 'miss-U-mat' of Reminds Owners of Lonely Pets Waiting by the Door • 104 views
Hair-Loving Campaigns

10 Hair-Loving Campaigns

Dove's Hair Campaign Shows Women to Love their Personal Style and Beauty • 93 views
Shoe Employee Documentary Series

11 Shoe Employee Documentary Series

This Reebok Ad is Part of a Promotional Short Documentary Series • 84 views
Fictional Biopic Ads

12 Fictional Biopic Ads

The Apple TV Father Time Campaign Stars Michael B. Jordan and Kobe Bryant • 82 views
Celebrity-Endorsed Connected Runners

13 Celebrity-Endorsed Connected Runners

Under Armour's New Smart Shoe is Endorsed by Dwayne Johnson • 81 views
Honest Acne Commericials

14 Honest Acne Commericials

Clearasil Creates an Ad that Admits "We Know Acne, We Don't Know Teens" • 70 views
Illuminating Smartphone Commercials

15 Illuminating Smartphone Commercials

This Samsung Commercial Shows Off the Galaxy S7's Camera • 67 views
Anti-Xenophobia Campaigns

16 Anti-Xenophobia Campaigns

The 'Search Racism. Find Truth' Campaign Aims to Combat Xenophobia • 55 views
Millennial Car Commercials

17 Millennial Car Commercials

This Millennial Car Ad Likens a Car-Finding Service to Tinder • 55 views
Offbeat Candy Commercials

18 Offbeat Candy Commercials

This Quirky Trolli Candy Ad Introduces a Man's Sour Tooth • 50 views
Hoverboard Cereal Ad Campaigns

19 Hoverboard Cereal Ad Campaigns

This Cinnamon Toast Crunch Ad Takes Convenience to the Extreme • 50 views
Heartfelt Breakfast Commercials

20 Heartfelt Breakfast Commercials

This McDonald's Advertisement Shows the Need for All Day Breakfast • 42 views