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The Dream Island Experience

1 The Dream Island Experience

Heineken Encourages You to “Don’t Let Your Dreams Die” • 13,063 views
Top 50 Commercial Trends in March

2 Top 50 Commercial Trends in March

From Selfie-Obsessed Super Bowl Ads to Waiting Dog Video Spots • 12,621 views
Creating the Dream Island Experience

3 Creating the Dream Island Experience

Trend Hunter Goes Behind the Scenes of #TheDreamIsland • 12,553 views
The Beach Bar Experience

4 The Beach Bar Experience

Trend Hunter Chats with Sabino, Jessica & Lillo About #TheDreamIsland • 12,388 views
The Rock Star Experience

5 The Rock Star Experience

Trend Hunter Chats with German about Heineken's Dream Island Experience • 8,766 views
26 Epic Nike Campaigns

6 26 Epic Nike Campaigns

From Intense Cricket Showdowns to Motivational World Cup Ads • 3,759 views
12 Examples of Boomer-Targeted Marketing

7 12 Examples of Boomer-Targeted Marketing

From Aging Artist Campaigns to Silver Market Advertising • 1,711 views
Dapper Boomer Menswear Ads

8 Dapper Boomer Menswear Ads

The Prada Spring Summer 2015 Ad Features Pseudo-Boomer Ethan Hawke • 1,573 views
Wish-Granting Campaigns

9 Wish-Granting Campaigns

Wish Upon a Coke Brings 'Wish Booths' to India, Pakistan & the Philippines • 1,534 views
Talking Beer Billboards

10 Talking Beer Billboards

Shock Top Brewing Co. Made This Interactive Talking Beer Ad • 939 views
Emotion-Recognizing Advertising Platforms

11 Emotion-Recognizing Advertising Platforms

Virool's Video Ad Tracking Software Monitors Reactions • 899 views
Youth-Capturing Commercials

12 Youth-Capturing Commercials

The L'Oreal Age Perfect Campaign Stars Actress Helen Mirren • 781 views
Sport Idol Campaigns

13 Sport Idol Campaigns

The Nike Golf Commercial Captures a Young Rory McIlroy's Inspiration • 527 views
Airline Seating Pranks

14 Airline Seating Pranks

WestJet SmartSeats Commercial Fakes Self-Boarding Chairs for April Fool’s • 458 views
Relatable Fitness Ads

15 Relatable Fitness Ads

Nike's Better For It Campaign Amusingly Addresses Negative Inner Thoughts • 448 views
Colorful Footwear Campaigns

16 Colorful Footwear Campaigns

The New Superstar Supercolor Film Features Pharrell Williams • 422 views
Illusory Furniture Commercials

17 Illusory Furniture Commercials

OK Go's Red Star Macalline Ad Captivates with Visual Trickery • 416 views
Intoxicated Dating Ads

18 Intoxicated Dating Ads

Tinder's First Ad Video Celebrates Bud Light as the Life of the Party • 233 views
Wild Denture Ads

19 Wild Denture Ads

Fixodent Helps a Wild Lion Get His Bite Back • 205 views
Multimedia Memorial Ads

20 Multimedia Memorial Ads

This Ad Promotes the ShareLife Multimedia Remembrance Service • 145 views