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100 Aquatic-Based Inspirations

1 100 Aquatic-Based Inspirations

From Serene Underwater Ads to Upcycled Ocean Trash Sneakers • 9,012 views
Top 35 Commercials Trends in July

2 Top 35 Commercials Trends in July

From Sporty Feminine Hygiene Ads to Comedic Food Documentaries • 7,411 views
Curvy Athlete Denim Campaigns

3 Curvy Athlete Denim Campaigns

Ronda Rousey & Buffalo Jeans Promote Denim Made for Curvy Women • 3,118 views
Future Olympian Ads

4 Future Olympian Ads

This 'Fatherly' Ad Shows Kids with Incredible Talent and Supportive Parents • 1,146 views
Retro Automobile Ad Collections

5 Retro Automobile Ad Collections

'Automobile Design Graphics' Gathers Artful 20th Century Brochures • 787 views
Realistic Parenting Campaigns

6 Realistic Parenting Campaigns

The Parenting Unfiltered Ad Shows the Difficulties of Raising Kids • 403 views
Parody Pop Ads

7 Parody Pop Ads

In Reference to a Cindy Crawford Pepsi Ad, 'SumOfUs' Reveals the Brand's Eco Damage • 285 views
Nostalgic Fast Food Infomercials

8 Nostalgic Fast Food Infomercials

A & W Restaurants Advertised Its Root Beer Mugs with a Retro Ad • 268 views
Vertical Video Ads

9 Vertical Video Ads

The 'Flipboard' App Has a New Video Feature for Advertisers • 231 views
Poetic Multicultural Smartphone Ads

10 Poetic Multicultural Smartphone Ads

This iPhone Commercial Features the Voice of Maya Angelou • 185 views
Accepting Hair Color Commercials

11 Accepting Hair Color Commercials

This Clairol Hair Color Ad Stars Transgender Model Tracey Norman • 148 views
Criminal Car Rental Ads

12 Criminal Car Rental Ads

This Commercial Features Prisoners Escaping with a Rented Car • 145 views
Anti-Abuse Beer Ads

13 Anti-Abuse Beer Ads

'Cerveza Tecate' Defines Men By How They Treat Women in This Commercial • 132 views
Comedic Kids

14 Comedic Kids' Fashion Ads

This Old Navy Back to School Ad Features Amy Schumer as the Cool Aunt • 107 views
Promoted Social Media Videos

15 Promoted Social Media Videos

Pinterest is Rolling out a 'Promoted Videos' Feature for Advertisers • 101 views
Boundary-Pushing Olympic Ads

16 Boundary-Pushing Olympic Ads

Nike's 'Unlimited' Campaign Goes Beyond the Brand's Signature Tagline • 92 views
Marginalized Athlete Ads

17 Marginalized Athlete Ads

Powerade's Ad Tributes Shakur Stevenson's Rise to the Olympics • 90 views
Soap Opera Furniture Ads

18 Soap Opera Furniture Ads

The 'As the Room Turns' Ad Draws Inspiration from Daytime TV • 82 views
Sporty Social Media Campaigns

19 Sporty Social Media Campaigns

Ford's New Snapchat Ad Plays on the Spirit of the Olympic Games • 79 views
Realistic Back-to-School Ads

20 Realistic Back-to-School Ads

The New Staples Ad Deals with Kids Destroying Their School Supplies • 79 views


Viral Instagram Campaigns

1 Viral Instagram Campaigns

This Selena Gomez Photo is the Most Liked Photo of All Time • 3,862 views
33 Female Empowerment Campaigns

2 33 Female Empowerment Campaigns

From Athletic Ads Empowering Females to Male Feminist Hashtags • 1,814 views
64 Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

3 64 Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

From Candid Fashion Campaigns to Socially Conscious Ads • 1,604 views
Satirical Award Show Campaigns

4 Satirical Award Show Campaigns

This SatirAd Points Out The Narcissistic Nature of Award Ceremonies • 1,557 views
Cheeky Tourism Campaigns

5 Cheeky Tourism Campaigns

Bowen Island Urges People to "Tell Your Friends It's Awful Here" • 909 views
Spontaneous Soda Ads

6 Spontaneous Soda Ads

Coca-Cola's Ad With Jordan Spieth Takes a Creative Turn • 889 views
Satirical Fast Fashion Commercials

7 Satirical Fast Fashion Commercials

This Old Navy Campaign Teaches Moms About Cool Clothes • 529 views
Comical Masculine Scent Ads

8 Comical Masculine Scent Ads

These Old Spice Commercials Show Men Claiming Power Through Scent • 471 views
Twerking Drink Mixing Ads

9 Twerking Drink Mixing Ads

Semtex's 'Twerk Shaker' Commercial Revolutionizes How Drinks are Made • 424 views
Romantic Cat Food Ads

10 Romantic Cat Food Ads

This Sheba Cat Food Commercial Shows Just How Devoted Its Pet Owners Are • 320 views
Athletic Female Empowerment Ads

11 Athletic Female Empowerment Ads

Nike's New Ad Features an All-Female Cast of Indian Athletes • 312 views
Cool Mom Ad Campaigns

12 Cool Mom Ad Campaigns

These Commercials Aim to Negate Stereotypes of At-Home Moms • 304 views
Realistic Morning Routine Ads

13 Realistic Morning Routine Ads

This Organic Valley Ad Shows What Women's Mornings are Really Like • 223 views
Celebrity-Infused Social Activism

14 Celebrity-Infused Social Activism

We Are the Movement Enlists Stars to Speak On Racial Injustice • 162 views
Anime Parody Promotions

15 Anime Parody Promotions

A New Simpsons Parody Shows Homer Playing Pokémon Go at the Zoo • 143 views
Branded Food Documentaries

16 Branded Food Documentaries

'Unbroken Ground' Highlights Patagonia's New Food Business • 142 views
Infantile Olympics Ads

17 Infantile Olympics Ads

Nike's Commercial Shows the World's Most Celebrated Athletes as Babies • 141 views
Multicultural Retail Commercials

18 Multicultural Retail Commercials

Target's 'Lúcete A Tu' Manera Campaign Targets Hispanic Consumers • 140 views
Adventurous Vegan Perfume Ads

19 Adventurous Vegan Perfume Ads

The Stella McCartney POP Scent is Promoted in This Short Film • 134 views
Comedic Fast Food Ads

20 Comedic Fast Food Ads

This Burger King Mockumentary Chronicles a Whopper Blackout • 125 views