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Motivational Football Ads

1 Motivational Football Ads

The Nike Soccer American Woman Film is Part of the #NoMaybes Campaign • 332 views
Offbeat Burger Commercials

2 Offbeat Burger Commercials

McDonald's UK Embraces a Wes Anderson-Style Advert for Transparency • 284 views
Silent Pride Appreciation Ads

3 Silent Pride Appreciation Ads

This Emotional Advertisement Promotes Pride Month without Words • 233 views
Soap Opera Doll Ads

4 Soap Opera Doll Ads

These New French Toast Crunch Ads Parody the Soap Opera Formula of the '90s • 211 views
Motivational Tea Commercials

5 Motivational Tea Commercials

Lipton's Summer Stories Hope to Inspire Spontaneity and Adventure • 199 views
Antique Social Media Parodies

6 Antique Social Media Parodies

Comedy Central's 'Another Period' Promos Parody Social Media • 194 views
Feel-Good Pet Ads

7 Feel-Good Pet Ads

This Heartwarming Pet Food Ad Shows That Dogs Bring Out the Good in Us • 177 views
Coffee-Dispensing Crosswalks

8 Coffee-Dispensing Crosswalks

This Nescafé Coffee Campaign Bring Strangers Together Via Technology • 165 views
Father’s Day Breakfast Ads

9 Father’s Day Breakfast Ads

Give Dad a Perfect Breakfast in Bed with a ‘Johnsonville’ Sausage • 131 views
Experiental Tourist Ads

10 Experiental Tourist Ads

Heineken's Latest 'Cities of the World' Ad Encourages Tourists to See More • 113 views
Car-Lifting Police Officers

11 Car-Lifting Police Officers

This Car Campaign Features a Super Strong Female Cop Lifting a Taxi • 88 views
Cry-Proof Mascara Ads

12 Cry-Proof Mascara Ads

L'Oreal Waterproof Mascara was Tested on a Theater of Crying Women • 86 views
Face-Manipulating Car Ads

13 Face-Manipulating Car Ads

Honda Targets Millennials with Humor to Encourage Youth Car Consumption • 85 views
LGBT-Friendly Yogurt Ads

14 LGBT-Friendly Yogurt Ads

The Chobani Love This Life Campaign Focuses on Modern Day Relationships • 84 views
Silent Storytelling Ads

15 Silent Storytelling Ads

This Voiceless HSBC Commercial Takes Place Entirely in an Elevator • 74 views
World Pride Promotional Videos

16 World Pride Promotional Videos

Target Launched a LGBT Commercial to Celebrate World Pride Month • 46 views
Compassionate Soccer Campaigns

17 Compassionate Soccer Campaigns

Sport Club Internacional's 'Side by Side' Reduces Sports Rivalry • 38 views
Competitive Condiment Ads

18 Competitive Condiment Ads

Heinz Aims to Dominate the Ketchup and Mustard Market • 36 views
Jurassic Puppet Parodies

19 Jurassic Puppet Parodies

Sesame Street's Jurassic World Parody Features a Giant Dino Cookie • 34 views
Lunch Break Music Videos

20 Lunch Break Music Videos

KFC Created a Short Music Video Over the Span of a Lunch Hour • 28 views


Age-Defying Commercials

1 Age-Defying Commercials

Kiehl's Act Any Age Social Media Campaign is Playfully Liberating • 1,995 views
Motherly Texting Ads

2 Motherly Texting Ads

Samsung's Funny Mother's Day Ad Looks at 'Texts From Mom' • 1,772 views
Beautiful Drag Queen Campaigns

3 Beautiful Drag Queen Campaigns

Magnum's Be True to Your Pleasure Ad is Gorgeously Inspiring • 1,278 views
Comedic Insurance Commercials

4 Comedic Insurance Commercials

SNL's Coneheads Reunite to Remake Jake from State Farm Campaign • 1,141 views
Child-Inspired Home Pranks

5 Child-Inspired Home Pranks

The Nissan With Dad Campaign Focuses on Making Family a Priority • 479 views
Technology Respite Commercials

6 Technology Respite Commercials

Massage Envy Urges People to 'Unplug More Often' with a Membership • 449 views
Mini Ice Cream Trucks

7 Mini Ice Cream Trucks

Wall's Ice Cream Truck Brings Sweet Treats & Huge Smiles to Office Employees • 426 views
Barista Counselling Ads

8 Barista Counselling Ads

The In Your Corner Ad Features a Comically Inept Barista-Turned-Therapist • 411 views
Pizza Parody PSAs

9 Pizza Parody PSAs

Pizza Hut's Reveals a Two-Foot-Long Pizza & Warns People to Selfie Responsibly • 337 views
Beach Preservation Campaigns

10 Beach Preservation Campaigns

'Save the Beaches' is a Campaign to Raise Awareness of Coastline Loss • 301 views
Sentimental Dad Ads

11 Sentimental Dad Ads

Whirlpool's 'Dad and Andy' Champions Hard-Working Single Fathers • 296 views
Web Ad-Filtering Extensions

12 Web Ad-Filtering Extensions

The Advertising Filter System Lets Users Choose What Ads They See • 285 views
Rejuvinating Travel Commercials

13 Rejuvinating Travel Commercials

Florida Wants People to Visit in Order to 'Unplug and Reconnect' • 236 views
Wrestling Dad Ads

14 Wrestling Dad Ads

This Ad Features WWE Star Roman Reigns Encouraging Fatherhood Involvement • 209 views
Clothing-Constructed Billboards

15 Clothing-Constructed Billboards

The Done in One LG Washing Machine Boasts a Creative Ad Campaign • 206 views
Calming Vacation Ads

16 Calming Vacation Ads

'The World's Most Relaxing Film' Encourages a Soothing Holiday • 201 views
Hand-Drawn Speedometers

17 Hand-Drawn Speedometers

Volkswagen's Auto Marketing Stunt Curbs Speeding with Child Drawings • 196 views
Smile-Inducing Commercials

18 Smile-Inducing Commercials

Coca-Cola's 'Choose to Smile' is a Compilation of Happy Babies • 196 views
Manly Cleaning Campaigns

19 Manly Cleaning Campaigns

#SwifferDad Shows the Changing Relationship Between Men and Cleaning • 192 views
Sensory Soda Videos

20 Sensory Soda Videos

Coca-Cola Celebrates Its Fizzy Sound With a Cinematic Tribute • 190 views