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Superhero Cola Cans

1 Superhero Cola Cans

Marvel Joins Forces with Coca-Cola to Bring Heroic Cans to Super Bowl 50 • 1,724 views
Astronomical Car Commercials

2 Astronomical Car Commercials

The Audi R8 Super Bowl Commercial is Set to David Bowie's 'Starman' • 145 views
Social Media Health Campaigns

3 Social Media Health Campaigns

This Facebook Campaign Spreads Awareness About the Zika Virus • 140 views
Empowering Automotive Ads

4 Empowering Automotive Ads

The MINI USA 'Defy Labels' Super Bowl 50 Ad Stars Six Celebrities • 101 views
Animal Choir Commercials

5 Animal Choir Commercials

This Super Bowl Ad Pairs the Honda Ridgeline with Singing Sheep • 98 views
Creature Hybrid Commercials

6 Creature Hybrid Commercials

Mountain Dew's Super Bowl Commercial Stars a 'Puppymonkeybaby' • 80 views
Political Beer Ads

7 Political Beer Ads

Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer Star in the Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial • 64 views
Mature Drinking Ads

8 Mature Drinking Ads

This Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial Features Helen Mirren • 59 views
Sci-Fi TV Commercials

9 Sci-Fi TV Commercials

This LG Ad for the Super Bowl Stars Liam Neeson and Producer Ridley Scott • 55 views
Familial Condiment Ads

10 Familial Condiment Ads

Heinz' Super Bowl Ad Stars a Condiment Family and a Stampede of Weiner Dogs • 54 views
Iconic Rapper Mobile Ads

11 Iconic Rapper Mobile Ads

The T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad Hilarious Parodies a Popular Song • 46 views
Athletic Beer Commercials

12 Athletic Beer Commercials

The Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial Appeals to Athletes • 43 views
Extreme Lip Balm Tests

13 Extreme Lip Balm Tests

Vaseline Uk Recently Launched an Extreme Weather Experiment • 41 views
Mysterious Fast Food Orders

14 Mysterious Fast Food Orders

Taco Bell is Pre-Selling an Exclusive Menu Item for the Super Bowl • 40 views
Celebrity Detection Ads

15 Celebrity Detection Ads

Hyundai's 'Ryanville' Super Bowl Commercial Stars Ryan Reynolds • 39 views
Sci-Fi Avocado Commercials

16 Sci-Fi Avocado Commercials

This 'Avocados From Mexico' Ad Looks at Human Life from the Future • 38 views
Celebratory Grooming Commercials

17 Celebratory Grooming Commercials

The 'Find Your Magic' Axe Super Bowl Ad Embraces Individuality • 33 views
In-Closet Car Commercials

18 In-Closet Car Commercials

This Kia Super Bowl Ad Showcases the Optima in a 'Walken Closet' • 33 views
Football Player Hairstyling Campaigns

19 Football Player Hairstyling Campaigns

The New Pantene Ad Features NFL Players and Their Daughters • 28 views
Male Body Spray Rebranding

20 Male Body Spray Rebranding

The 'Find Your Magic' Campaign Targets the Modern Man • 20 views


Top 100 Interactive Trends of 2015

1 Top 100 Interactive Trends of 2015

From Captivating Fan Experiences to Interactive Litter Bins • 21,866 views
Top 100 Commercials Trends of 2015

2 Top 100 Commercials Trends of 2015

From Bilingual Cereal Commercials to Age-Defying Ads • 7,174 views
Controversial Beauty Commercials

3 Controversial Beauty Commercials

Seoul Secret's Snowz Gluta Ad Tastelessly Promotes Skin-Whitening • 1,054 views
Internet-Obsessed Clothing Ads

4 Internet-Obsessed Clothing Ads

This 'Diesel' Line is Promoted with Bizarre Social Media References • 974 views
Outdoor Urban Gym Pop-Ups

5 Outdoor Urban Gym Pop-Ups

Fitness Supplements Brand Maxinutrition Will Host an Outdoor Gym • 771 views
Enchanting Automobile Ads

6 Enchanting Automobile Ads

The New Lexus RX Car Commercial Marries Cultural Stories with Vehicles • 319 views
10 Family-Targeted Travel Ads

7 10 Family-Targeted Travel Ads

From Vacation-Rewarding Campaigns to Guilt Trip Travel Ads • 263 views
Unified Soda Campaigns

8 Unified Soda Campaigns

Coca-Cola's 'Taste the Feeling' is the Brand's New Global Campaign • 245 views
Mysterious Restaurant Campaigns

9 Mysterious Restaurant Campaigns

The Latest Taco Bell Campaign Teases a New Product Launch • 192 views
Familial Adventure Travel Agencies

10 Familial Adventure Travel Agencies

Green Frog Adventures is Perfect Planning for Active Families • 157 views
Celebratory Spanish Language Commercials

11 Celebratory Spanish Language Commercials

This Commercial Features Untranslatable Spanish Phrases • 143 views
Humorous Six-Second Commercials

12 Humorous Six-Second Commercials

These Six-Second Ads for Trident Feature Popular Vine Stars • 122 views
Car-Centric Comedy Skits

13 Car-Centric Comedy Skits

Portlandia and Subaru Collaborated on a Funny Web Series • 96 views
Inspiring University Ad Campaigns

14 Inspiring University Ad Campaigns

This Ad Campaign Highlights One Student's Amazing Journey • 88 views
Satirical Supermarket Commercials

15 Satirical Supermarket Commercials

This Parody Ad for 'Way North Foods' Pokes Fun at Nunavut Prices • 80 views
Discerning Loan Commercials

16 Discerning Loan Commercials

SoFi's Super Bowl Ad Shows the "Great" People Who Use Its Services • 63 views
Bantering Bar Commercials

17 Bantering Bar Commercials

The Shock Top Super Bowl Ad Stars T.J. Miller and the Brand Mascot • 57 views
Female Santa Campaigns

18 Female Santa Campaigns

This Ad Asks Kids If Santa Could Be a Woman & Their Answers Raise Concerns • 52 views
Smart Speaker Ads

19 Smart Speaker Ads

The Amazon Super Bowl Commercial Reveals the Capabilities of 'Echo' • 51 views
Deathly Coffee Ads

20 Deathly Coffee Ads

Intuit's 'Small Business, Big Game' Super Bowl Spot Promotes a Coffee Company • 48 views