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Top 100 Commercial Trends in 2016

1 Top 100 Commercial Trends in 2016

From Criminal Car Rental Ads to Parody Pop Ads • 8,129 views
Commercial Coupon Campaigns

2 Commercial Coupon Campaigns

Dannon is Offering Mobile Coupons Through a New Television Ad • 482 views
Vlogger-Starring Beauty Campaigns

3 Vlogger-Starring Beauty Campaigns

Chinese Vlogger Papi Jiang is Set to Star in a Lily & Beauty Ad • 240 views
Commercial-Sharing Chatbots

4 Commercial-Sharing Chatbots

Kia's Messenger Bot Introduces Super Bowl Commercials in a New Way • 235 views
90s Icon Fashion Campaigns

5 90s Icon Fashion Campaigns

The Generation Gap Ad Looks Back on the Influence of Past Models • 201 views
Anti-Discrimination Fashion Campaigns

6 Anti-Discrimination Fashion Campaigns

This New Diesel Campaign Takes a Stand Against Hate • 164 views
Pro-Immigration Fashion Campaigns

7 Pro-Immigration Fashion Campaigns

This W Magazine Video Shows That Many Celebrities are Immigrants • 113 views
Romantic Fast Food Commercials

8 Romantic Fast Food Commercials

The Recent Jollibee Ads Were Designed to Touch Veiwers' Hearts • 109 views
Internet Humor Commercials

9 Internet Humor Commercials

GoDaddy Inc.'s Superbowl Commercial Makes Pop Cultural References • 104 views
Rerun Football Commercials

10 Rerun Football Commercials

This Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Was Replayed to Promote Diversity • 88 views
Honest Child Valentine

11 Honest Child Valentine's Ads

This Splendid Chocolate Commercial Shows What Kinds Think of Love • 85 views
Musical Respiratory Campaigns

12 Musical Respiratory Campaigns

Philips' Breathless Choir Helped Those with Lung Problems Sing Again • 70 views
Feminist Fashion Campaigns

13 Feminist Fashion Campaigns

This Dior Campaign Film States "WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS" • 69 views
Video Game-Inspired Chocolate Ads

14 Video Game-Inspired Chocolate Ads

These New Snickers Ads are Set Up Like Retro Video Games • 67 views
Outdated Challenge Ads

15 Outdated Challenge Ads

This Internet Ad Shows the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Years Later • 67 views
Tablet-Critiquing Commercials

16 Tablet-Critiquing Commercials

Apple's Newest iPad Pro Ads Feature Real Concerns from Twitter Users • 67 views
Condensed Pre-Roll Ads

17 Condensed Pre-Roll Ads

This 15-Second Ad from Geico Features a Shrinking Supermarket Aisle • 65 views
Humorous Hydration Ads

18 Humorous Hydration Ads

Mount Franklin's 'Perspiration Hydration' Commercial is Revealing • 57 views
Diversity-Embracing Homestay Commercials

19 Diversity-Embracing Homestay Commercials

The Airbnb Super Bowl Ad Makes a Political Statement • 53 views
Smile-Sharing Campaigns

20 Smile-Sharing Campaigns

This Colgate Ad Highlights a Brand Activation with a Positive Message • 53 views