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5. Epic Icy Challenges

Old Spice's ALS Ice Bucket Video is as Epic as Expected (VIDEO)
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Comical Spelling Commercials

1 Comical Spelling Commercials

This Old Navy Ad Stars Amy Poehler as a Sassy Spelling Bee Moderator • 426 views
Hypnotic Furniture Stunts

2 Hypnotic Furniture Stunts

IKEA's Furniture Ad Spellbinds a Real Couple with Hypnosis • 370 views
Hilarious Menstruation Ads

3 Hilarious Menstruation Ads

This Feminine Hygiene Ad Wants You to Stop Beating Around the Bush • 84 views
Doughy Ice Challenges

4 Doughy Ice Challenges

Pillsbury's Ice Bucket Challenge Video Stars a Brave Poppin' Fresh • 81 views
Epic Icy Challenges

5 Epic Icy Challenges

Old Spice's ALS Ice Bucket Video is as Epic as Expected • 40 views


29 Humorous Mobile Marketing Techniques

1 29 Humorous Mobile Marketing Techniques

From Smartphone Brawl Videos to Dragon Dodging Cell Ads • 5,565 views
30 Viral Video Ads

2 30 Viral Video Ads

From Evil Baby Viral Pranks to Daredevil Chicken Stunts • 4,481 views
25 Athletic Advertising Approaches

3 25 Athletic Advertising Approaches

From Pixelated Athlete Ads to Voyeuristic Athletics Ads • 2,266 views
28 Food-Sponsored Campaigns

4 28 Food-Sponsored Campaigns

From Seductive Drink Campaigns to Hearty Food Campaigns • 1,976 views
15 POV Shot Marketing Videos

5 15 POV Shot Marketing Videos

From Camera-Embedded Soccer Balls to Urban Speed Cycling Campaigns • 1,605 views
20 Funny Family Ads

6 20 Funny Family Ads

These Ads for Families Use Humor to Connect with Consumers • 1,478 views
Magical Reflective Denim

7 Magical Reflective Denim

The Naked & Famous Reflective Denim Debut is Raw Genius • 1,388 views
Magical 10-Second Ads

8 Magical 10-Second Ads

Wokker's Newest Food Campaign is a Series of Quick, Illusion-Filled Ads • 1,167 views
Unskippable Safety Ads

9 Unskippable Safety Ads

Ford's Road Safety Ad on YouTube Shows That Buckling Up Takes Seconds • 1,027 views
Silly Social Networking Parodies

10 Silly Social Networking Parodies

Adobe's Woo Woo Social Network Parody Shows Careless Marketing • 1,006 views
27 Sci-Fi Campaigns

11 27 Sci-Fi Campaigns

From Sci-Fi Hospital Commercials to Cinematic Canine Choirs • 983 views
Haunted Apartment Pranks

12 Haunted Apartment Pranks

Lejebolig's Haunted House Prank Reminds House Hunters to Beware • 944 views
Powerful Racism PSAs

13 Powerful Racism PSAs

The Invisible Discriminator Illuminates Latent Racism • 907 views
11 Rafael Nadal Parera Appearances

14 11 Rafael Nadal Parera Appearances

From Tennis Star Statues to Stripping Tennis Star Ads • 858 views
Anime Banking Campaigns

15 Anime Banking Campaigns

Okinawa’s Bank of the Ryukyus Bank Ad Campaign Stars Colorful Characters • 818 views
28 Heartfelt Family Ad Campaigns

16 28 Heartfelt Family Ad Campaigns

From Mom-Appreciating Auto Ads to Father-Bonding Burger Ads • 795 views
Shark Attack Drink Ads

17 Shark Attack Drink Ads

Southern Comfort's Alcoholic Drink Ad Features a Scary Shark Manicure • 743 views
Courageous Cancer Campaigns

18 Courageous Cancer Campaigns

The Fearless Challenge Cancer Campaign is for Taking on Worst Fears • 738 views
16 Mature Child Marketing Tactics

19 16 Mature Child Marketing Tactics

From Hipster Kids Smartphone Ads to Truthful Toy Doll Ads • 707 views
26 Maternal Marketing Techniques

20 26 Maternal Marketing Techniques

From Mini-Me Nappy Ads to Holiday Home Video Ads • 600 views


36 Body Positive Campaigns

1 36 Body Positive Campaigns

In Celebration of the Release of the ESPN Body Issue 2014 • 3,734 views
24 Inspirational Ads

2 24 Inspirational Ads

From Inspirational Makeup-Removing Ads to Amputee Soccer Player Ads • 3,426 views
Chromatic Vaporized Dyes

3 Chromatic Vaporized Dyes

THE UNSEEN Has Developed a Dye That Changes Hue When in Contact with Air • 1,280 views
Hipster Kids Smartphone Ads

4 Hipster Kids Smartphone Ads

The Amazon Fire Phone Campaign Cleverly Expands Demographic • 1,237 views
Burger Love Songs

5 Burger Love Songs

Wendy's Pretzel Love Song Encore Returns to Turn More Tweets into a Silly Song • 732 views
Daredevil Chicken Stunts

6 Daredevil Chicken Stunts

McDonald's Chicken Legend Lives Up to Its Name with a Daredevil Stunt • 694 views
Musical Meme Videos

7 Musical Meme Videos

The Pouty Grumpy Cat Music Video for Purina is Called 'Cat Summer' • 685 views
Clownfish-Killing Commercials

8 Clownfish-Killing Commercials

This Controversial Ad Aims to Protect the Great Barrier Reef • 681 views
Sensual Undressing Advertisements

9 Sensual Undressing Advertisements

The 'Undress Me' Video Has Strangers Disrobing Each Other • 658 views
Choreographed Car Ads

10 Choreographed Car Ads

This Toyota Car Ad Encourages You to Bust Out the Moves & Do the Wakudoki • 649 views
Cat Meme Cereal Ads

11 Cat Meme Cereal Ads

This Honey Nut Cheerios Ad Features Buzz Meeting Grumpy Cat • 477 views
Branded Town Advertising

12 Branded Town Advertising

The Mysterious Bud Light Town Whatever, USA is For Adventurous People • 465 views
Compliant Beer Ads

13 Compliant Beer Ads

This Heineken Beer Commercial Stars Neil Patrick Harris Begging to Take a Sip • 370 views
Futuristic Tech Spoofs

14 Futuristic Tech Spoofs

Toshiba's Tech Ad Pokes Fun at Silicon Valley & the Tech Industry • 360 views
Self-Conscious Selling

15 Self-Conscious Selling

Trend Hunter's Courtney Scharf Discusses Industry Mocking Advertising • 352 views
Thrilling Smartphone Case Ads

16 Thrilling Smartphone Case Ads

The Lifeproof Brand Campaign Targets Those Living on the Edge • 329 views
Revived Beer Ads

17 Revived Beer Ads

Carlton Draught Revives a Vintage Beer Commercial from the 80s • 321 views
Bawling Baby Ads

18 Bawling Baby Ads

This Heartwarming Mobile Ad Proves That Technology Will Never Replace Love • 299 views
Artistic Camper Ads

19 Artistic Camper Ads

This Kleenex Commercial Uses the Tissue To Create Dusty Rear Window Art • 298 views
Father-Anthem Cereal Ads

20 Father-Anthem Cereal Ads

Peanut Butter Cheerios #HowtoDad Campaign is Hilariously Endearing • 286 views