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A Day in Taiwan with Godfrey Gao

1 A Day in Taiwan with Godfrey Gao

Godfrey Gao Explores His Homeland in the Stunning Infiniti Q30 • 7,101 views
Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish

2 Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish

This Edible KFC Nail Polish Comes in Two Flavors • 128 views
Combined Pet Food Campaigns

3 Combined Pet Food Campaigns

Mars Petcare's 'Mix Mania' Encourages Mixing Wed and Dry Dog Food • 82 views
Millennial Pension Plan Advertising

4 Millennial Pension Plan Advertising

One YouTuber Learns the Importance of Ontario Pension Plans • 82 views
Communicative Dog Doormats

5 Communicative Dog Doormats

The 'miss-U-mat' of Reminds Owners of Lonely Pets Waiting by the Door • 79 views
Hair-Loving Campaigns

6 Hair-Loving Campaigns

Dove's Hair Campaign Shows Women to Love their Personal Style and Beauty • 66 views
Celebrity-Endorsed Connected Runners

7 Celebrity-Endorsed Connected Runners

Under Armour's New Smart Shoe is Endorsed by Dwayne Johnson • 62 views
Shoe Employee Documentary Series

8 Shoe Employee Documentary Series

This Reebok Ad is Part of a Promotional Short Documentary Series • 56 views
Honest Acne Commericials

9 Honest Acne Commericials

Clearasil Creates an Ad that Admits "We Know Acne, We Don't Know Teens" • 49 views
Offbeat Candy Commercials

10 Offbeat Candy Commercials

This Quirky Trolli Candy Ad Introduces a Man's Sour Tooth • 47 views
Illuminating Smartphone Commercials

11 Illuminating Smartphone Commercials

This Samsung Commercial Shows Off the Galaxy S7's Camera • 47 views
Millennial Car Commercials

12 Millennial Car Commercials

This Millennial Car Ad Likens a Car-Finding Service to Tinder • 41 views
Sci-Fi-Themed Airplanes

13 Sci-Fi-Themed Airplanes

Japanese Airline ANA is Flying Star Wars Airplanes Around the Globe • 36 views
Parody Promotion Videos

14 Parody Promotion Videos

Actress Margot Robbie Parodies 'American Psycho' for Vogue • 36 views
In-Store Dairy Farm Projections

15 In-Store Dairy Farm Projections

Waitrose's 'Live from the Farm' Campaign Showcased Product Origins • 35 views
Heartfelt Breakfast Commercials

16 Heartfelt Breakfast Commercials

This McDonald's Advertisement Shows the Need for All Day Breakfast • 34 views
Choreographed Japanese App Ads

17 Choreographed Japanese App Ads

This Japanese Commercial Uses Beautiful Choreography for Promotion • 33 views
Buried Travel Ads

18 Buried Travel Ads

GNV's Cruise Marketing Stunt Has Dogs Discover Toys with Ads on Them • 31 views
Emotional Olympic Commercials

19 Emotional Olympic Commercials

P&G's 'Thank You, Mom' Triumphs Mothers Who Gave Athletes Strength • 25 views
Child Refugee Videos

20 Child Refugee Videos

This Save the Children Video Follows Up on a Shocking and Powerful Film • 25 views


Top 35 Commercial Ideas in April

1 Top 35 Commercial Ideas in April

From Costumed Adoption Campaigns to Hairy Pollution PSAs • 3,238 views
Multi-Tasking Driving Ads

2 Multi-Tasking Driving Ads

This Holiday Autos Ad Features Five Inventions for Travelers • 3,152 views
Trippy Cartoon Indents

3 Trippy Cartoon Indents

The Simpsons on FX Introduces Refreshed Promos for the Iconic Show • 1,382 views
Telenovela Spicy Snack Campaigns

4 Telenovela Spicy Snack Campaigns

'Botanas Del Cielo' is a Telenovela-Inspired Four-Part Series • 431 views
AI Creative Directors

5 AI Creative Directors

Advertising Agency McCann Japan Employed a Robot to Create Commercials • 313 views
Ephemeral E-Commerce Advertising

6 Ephemeral E-Commerce Advertising

Shoppable Snapchat Ads Allow Consumers to Swipe Up to Purchase • 246 views
Telenovela-Inspired Baseball Commercials

7 Telenovela-Inspired Baseball Commercials

The 'Mi Amor Dos' MLB Giants Ad is Passionately Fun • 204 views
Instagram-Inspired TV Ads

8 Instagram-Inspired TV Ads

This TV Advertisement from Menlook is Constructed of Instagram Photos • 149 views
Single Women Campaigns

9 Single Women Campaigns

Skincare Brand SK-ll Brings to Light a Unique Struggle for Chinese Women • 121 views
Virtual Conflict PSAs

10 Virtual Conflict PSAs

This UNICEF Ad Uses a Virtual Girl to Highlight Kids Affected by Conflict • 102 views
Natural Movement Sport Ads

11 Natural Movement Sport Ads

The Nike Revolution in Motion Campaign Stars Serena Williams and More • 96 views
Fictional Biopic Ads

12 Fictional Biopic Ads

The Apple TV Father Time Campaign Stars Michael B. Jordan and Kobe Bryant • 78 views
Stamp-Collecting Soda Campaigns

13 Stamp-Collecting Soda Campaigns

'Coke ON' Challenges Fans to Collect Stamps for Free Drinks • 65 views
Time Traveling Proposals

14 Time Traveling Proposals

Pandora Helps One Man Make a Unique Proposal from the Future • 57 views
Smart Stadium Screens

15 Smart Stadium Screens

Epson's 'Glass Sheet' Provides Real-Time Game Information • 52 views
Culinary Creativity Webseries

16 Culinary Creativity Webseries

#TuTwist Stars Latinas Who Passionately Create in the Kitchen • 49 views
Latin Rental Car Commercials

17 Latin Rental Car Commercials

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Spanish Commercial is Tagline-Focused • 46 views
Touching Food Waste PSAs

18 Touching Food Waste PSAs

This Save the Food PSA Delivers a Powerful Message About Food Waste • 45 views
Fun-Encouraging Beer Ads

19 Fun-Encouraging Beer Ads

The El Bud Light Party 'Estamos Unidos' Super Bowl Spot is Lighthearted • 43 views
Boxing Bicultural Beer Ads

20 Boxing Bicultural Beer Ads

This Macho Ad is the First Tecate National Campaign in the US • 43 views