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Top 40 Commercial Trends in September

1 Top 40 Commercial Trends in September

From Student Prodigy Campaigns to Shoppable Music Videos • 4,054 views
Inhaled Insulin Ads

2 Inhaled Insulin Ads

These Ads Demonstrate a Better Way for Patients to Manage Diabetes • 2,099 views
Illusory Solar Photoshoots

3 Illusory Solar Photoshoots

The Pelicans' Anthony Davis Plays Ball with the Sun in These Photos • 1,112 views
Branded Farm Visits

4 Branded Farm Visits

This Hellmann's Brazil Campaign Invited Fans to Its Tomato Fields • 780 views
Upside Down Fast Food Ads

5 Upside Down Fast Food Ads

McDonald's Transfroms McFlurries to Target Portugal's Love for Popsicles • 404 views
Hidden Domestic Abuse Marketing

6 Hidden Domestic Abuse Marketing

This Home Decor Magazine Will Make You Take a Second Look • 258 views
Technology-Mocking Ads

7 Technology-Mocking Ads

This IKEA Singapore Image Celebrates Old-Fashioned Pencils • 176 views
Athlete-Mimicking Commercials

8 Athlete-Mimicking Commercials

David Beckham and Kevin Hart Star in This Comedic H&M Ad • 133 views
Robotic Swordsman Videos

9 Robotic Swordsman Videos

This Yaskawa Stunt Pits a Robot Against a Capable Swordsman • 61 views
Humanized Fitness Ads

10 Humanized Fitness Ads

GoodLife's 'The Struggle is Real' Campaign Uses Real People's Tweets • 53 views
Uplifting Running Commercials

11 Uplifting Running Commercials

Nike Celebrates the Last Place Runner in its 'Loser' Ad Spot • 53 views
Cinematic Virtual Reality Ads

12 Cinematic Virtual Reality Ads

MINI Used Virtual Reality Short Films in Its New Campaign • 51 views
Stereotype-Fighting Fashion Campaigns

13 Stereotype-Fighting Fashion Campaigns

This Promotional Video Features Unconventional Models • 49 views
Realistic Weightloss Ads

14 Realistic Weightloss Ads

The Weight Watchers "If You're Happy" Campaign Showcases Emotional Eating • 49 views
Milk-Pairing Ad Campaigns

15 Milk-Pairing Ad Campaigns

The Famous 'Got Milk' Campaign Has Been Revamped to Include Food • 46 views
Family-Bonding Food Commercials

16 Family-Bonding Food Commercials

IKEA's 'Together We Eat' Campaign Wants to Get to Know Your Family • 44 views
Senior Influenza PSAs

17 Senior Influenza PSAs

The 'Flu + You' Program Reminds the Elderly to Get Their Annual Shots • 44 views
Cinematic Fast Food Commercials

18 Cinematic Fast Food Commercials

These McDonald's Ads are Parodies of Famous Scenes in Film • 37 views
Secret Agent Beer Ads

19 Secret Agent Beer Ads

This Heineken Ad Features a High-Speed Chase for the 007 Film 'Spectre' • 35 views
Heartbreaking Disease Videos

20 Heartbreaking Disease Videos

This Heart Disease Awareness Features a Father and Son Saying Goodbye • 35 views


Top 50 Commercials Trends in August

1 Top 50 Commercials Trends in August

From Progressive Telecom Ads to Child Cooking Campaigns • 8,088 views
Fashion-Based Biopics

2 Fashion-Based Biopics

Kristen Stewart Plays Coco Chanel in Karl Lagerfeld's Short Film • 869 views
High Fashion Mobile Campaigns

3 High Fashion Mobile Campaigns

Samsung's Recent Smartphone Ads Star Models Xiao Wen and Bella Hadid • 821 views
Floating Fast Food Barges

4 Floating Fast Food Barges

A&W Creates a Floating Restaurant with a Water Accessible Drive Thru • 729 views
Comedic Brand Channels

5 Comedic Brand Channels

Grace Helbig Works with Marriott Hotels in a Fun Digital Campaign • 274 views
Personalized Deodorant Commercials

6 Personalized Deodorant Commercials

This Axe Brazil Ad Changes Its Plot Based on User's Interests • 170 views
Football-Branded Beer Cans

7 Football-Branded Beer Cans

These Bud Light Beer Cans Promote the NFL with Team-Specific Logos • 141 views
Chromatic Footwear Campaigns

8 Chromatic Footwear Campaigns

Foot Locker's 'Don't Go Unnoticed' Campaign Stars Bold Sneakers • 110 views
Camouflage Publicity Ads

9 Camouflage Publicity Ads

Jaguar's F-Pace SUV Shows off its Extreme Weather Adaptability • 104 views
Nano-Brewery Spoof Ads

10 Nano-Brewery Spoof Ads

This Cheeky Ad Pokes Fun at the Explosive Craft Beer Industry • 98 views
Elderly Accessory Campaigns

11 Elderly Accessory Campaigns

Ethel and Frank's Mockery Ads Star Granny Supermodels • 88 views
Fairytale Banking Commericals

12 Fairytale Banking Commericals

RBC Retells Classic Stories to Show the Benefits of Mobile Banking • 86 views
Canadian Beard-Honoring Ads

13 Canadian Beard-Honoring Ads

This Humorous Ad Promotes 'Dollar Beard Club' Shipping to Canada • 85 views
Uplifting School Commercials

14 Uplifting School Commercials

Old Navy's School Commercial Shares a Message from Boys & Girls Clubs • 82 views
Parenting Baby Wipes

15 Parenting Baby Wipes

Tommee Tippee's 'Advice Wipes' are Made From Recycled Parenting Publications • 69 views
High-Intensity Training Commercials

16 High-Intensity Training Commercials

The Under Armour #RuleYourself Ad Stars Steph Curry • 67 views
Immersive Car Creation Videos

17 Immersive Car Creation Videos

This 360-Degree Virtual Reality Ad Tours the Infinity QX30 Interior • 59 views
Defensive Deodorant Ads

18 Defensive Deodorant Ads

This Old Spice Ad Features Two Men Promoting Different Grooming Products • 50 views
Student Prodigy Campaigns

19 Student Prodigy Campaigns

Dell's Back-to-School Campaign Introduces 'The New Experts' • 43 views
Celebrity Mascot Ads

20 Celebrity Mascot Ads

KFC Has a SNL Star Play Colonel Sanders in Its Celebrity Commercials • 42 views