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Parent-Centered Cannabis Ads

1 Parent-Centered Cannabis Ads

The CDPHE Tells Parents to Educate Their Kids on Safe Marijuana Use • 968 views
Subversive Fast Fashion Ads

2 Subversive Fast Fashion Ads

The New H&M Ad Shows a Less Constricted Representation of Femininity • 707 views
Theatrical Flavor Commericals

3 Theatrical Flavor Commericals

These Texas Pete Ads Show the Power of the Flavor Its Products Offer • 268 views
Provocative Body Positivity Ads

4 Provocative Body Positivity Ads

The Newest 'Addition Elle' Campaign Stars Famed Plus-Size Models • 244 views
Pleasure-Focused Chocolate Commercials

5 Pleasure-Focused Chocolate Commercials

This Dove Chocolate Ad Follows a Woman Living for Pleasure • 163 views
Influential Female Ad Campaigns

6 Influential Female Ad Campaigns

Georg Jensen's Latest Campaign Features Various Strong Women • 126 views
Star-Backed Fragrance Ads

7 Star-Backed Fragrance Ads

The Gucci Guilty Jared Leto Ad Imagines Him Inheriting a Luxe Villa • 124 views
Disability Awareness Ads

8 Disability Awareness Ads

This Accessible Campaign Will Be Shown During the Paralympic Games • 121 views
Offbeat Fragrance Commercials

9 Offbeat Fragrance Commercials

This Spike Jonze-Directed KENZO World Ad Defies Stereotypes • 117 views
Rejuvenated Airline Ads

10 Rejuvenated Airline Ads

Southwest Airlines Brought Back Its 'Wanna Get Away' Ads After a Decade • 81 views
Star-Backed Eyewear Campaigns

11 Star-Backed Eyewear Campaigns

These Willow Smith for Chanel Ads Aim to Promote Luxury Glasses • 80 views
33 Olympic Ad Campaigns

12 33 Olympic Ad Campaigns

From Future Olympian Ads to Unifying Olympic Ads • 79 views
Fast Food Football Teams

13 Fast Food Football Teams

The Kentucky Buckets is a Fictional Football Team Created by KFC • 64 views
80s School Supply Ads

14 80s School Supply Ads

This Walmart Commercial Shows Kids Reinterpreting a Whitesnake Song • 63 views
Enchanting Theme Park Ads

15 Enchanting Theme Park Ads

The 'Wongderland' Commercials Show Services That are Made from Dreams • 63 views
Short Social Media Films

16 Short Social Media Films

'The Realest Real' from Kenzo Shows Natasha Lyonne as a Teen's Mom • 63 views
Online Positivity Campaigns

17 Online Positivity Campaigns

'Fueling Possibilities' Gives Free Gas for Positive Social Media • 59 views
Playful Denim Campaigns

18 Playful Denim Campaigns

This Diesel Ad Encourages Its Viewers to Live Freely and Stylishly • 59 views
Sexism-Fighting Tennis Ads

19 Sexism-Fighting Tennis Ads

Nike's 'Unlimited Greatness' Considers the Success of Serena Williams • 55 views
Personified Beef Ads

20 Personified Beef Ads

This Wendy's Commercial Shows That Frozen Beef Patties Aren't Welcome • 52 views


100 Aquatic-Based Inspirations

1 100 Aquatic-Based Inspirations

From Serene Underwater Ads to Upcycled Ocean Trash Sneakers • 13,921 views
Top 80 Commercial Trends in August

2 Top 80 Commercial Trends in August

From Sporty Feminine Hygiene Ads to Heroic Streaming Campaigns • 9,600 views
Top 35 Commercials Trends in July

3 Top 35 Commercials Trends in July

From Sporty Feminine Hygiene Ads to Comedic Food Documentaries • 8,031 views
Curvy Athlete Denim Campaigns

4 Curvy Athlete Denim Campaigns

Ronda Rousey & Buffalo Jeans Promote Denim Made for Curvy Women • 3,637 views
Future Olympian Ads

5 Future Olympian Ads

This 'Fatherly' Ad Shows Kids with Incredible Talent and Supportive Parents • 1,319 views
Retro Automobile Ad Collections

6 Retro Automobile Ad Collections

'Automobile Design Graphics' Gathers Artful 20th Century Brochures • 979 views
Parody Pop Ads

7 Parody Pop Ads

In Reference to a Cindy Crawford Pepsi Ad, 'SumOfUs' Reveals the Brand's Eco Damage • 869 views
Vertical Video Ads

8 Vertical Video Ads

The 'Flipboard' App Has a New Video Feature for Advertisers • 858 views
Promoted Social Media Videos

9 Promoted Social Media Videos

Pinterest is Rolling out a 'Promoted Videos' Feature for Advertisers • 335 views
Nostalgic Fast Food Infomercials

10 Nostalgic Fast Food Infomercials

A & W Restaurants Advertised Its Root Beer Mugs with a Retro Ad • 283 views
Poetic Multicultural Smartphone Ads

11 Poetic Multicultural Smartphone Ads

This iPhone Commercial Features the Voice of Maya Angelou • 232 views
Anti-Abuse Beer Ads

12 Anti-Abuse Beer Ads

'Cerveza Tecate' Defines Men By How They Treat Women in This Commercial • 223 views
Visualized Home Temperature Commercials

13 Visualized Home Temperature Commercials

Mitsubishi Electric's Ads Show Custom Home Temperatures • 196 views
Scanning App Commercials

14 Scanning App Commercials

This Commercial Was Created for a Scanning App Targeted at Students • 194 views
11 Childhood-Focused Olympic Ads

15 11 Childhood-Focused Olympic Ads

From Nursery Pep Talks to Nostalgic Cereal Promotions • 191 views
Accepting Hair Color Commercials

16 Accepting Hair Color Commercials

This Clairol Hair Color Ad Stars Transgender Model Tracey Norman • 190 views
Criminal Car Rental Ads

17 Criminal Car Rental Ads

This Commercial Features Prisoners Escaping with a Rented Car • 176 views
Comedic Kids

18 Comedic Kids' Fashion Ads

This Old Navy Back to School Ad Features Amy Schumer as the Cool Aunt • 134 views
Personified Food Pop-Ups

19 Personified Food Pop-Ups

This Human Fast Food Vending Machine Surprises People at a Laundromat • 127 views
Realistic Back-to-School Ads

20 Realistic Back-to-School Ads

The New Staples Ad Deals with Kids Destroying Their School Supplies • 113 views