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11. Dancing Denim Commercials

This Beautiful Ballerina Ad Shows Off AG Jean's Contour 360 Jeggings (VIDEO)
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25 Athletic Advertising Approaches

1 25 Athletic Advertising Approaches

From Pixelated Athlete Ads to Voyeuristic Athletics Ads • 895 views
Choreographed Car Ads

2 Choreographed Car Ads

This Toyota Car Ad Encourages You to Bust Out the Moves & Do the Wakudoki • 448 views
27 Sci-Fi Campaigns

3 27 Sci-Fi Campaigns

From Sci-Fi Hospital Commercials to Cinematic Canine Choirs • 401 views
10 Mature Child Marketing Tactics

4 10 Mature Child Marketing Tactics

From Hipster Kids Smartphone Ads to Truthful Toy Doll Ads • 284 views
Imaginary Charity Ads

5 Imaginary Charity Ads

'CareDrop' is an Imaginary Charitable Venture Inspired by Apple's 'Airdrop' • 249 views
Oversized Car Prankvertisements

6 Oversized Car Prankvertisements

This Smart Car Prank Shows How Impractical Big City Cars Are • 235 views
27 Maternal Marketing Techniques

7 27 Maternal Marketing Techniques

From Mini-Me Nappy Ads to Holiday Home Video Ads • 203 views
Illusory Vehicle Ads

8 Illusory Vehicle Ads

This Ford Israel Print Ad is a Clever Optical Illusion • 159 views
Super Skinny Dispensers

9 Super Skinny Dispensers

This Diet Coke Advert Introduces the Thinnest Vending Machine in the World • 106 views
Dancing Denim Commercials

10 Dancing Denim Commercials

This Beautiful Ballerina Ad Shows Off AG Jean's Contour 360 Jeggings • 95 views
Awkward Marketing

11 Awkward Marketing

Taking a realistic approach, ads reference awkward family situations • 0 views
Humorizing Maternity

12 Humorizing Maternity

A comical spotlight is put on moms to showcase a fun side to adulthood • 0 views
Adultized Adolescence

13 Adultized Adolescence

Campaigns feature kids in a mature manner to reflect a confident generation • 0 views


25 Inspirational Ads

1 25 Inspirational Ads

From Inspirational Makeup-Removing Ads to Amputee Soccer Player Ads • 2,994 views
36 Body Positive Campaigns

2 36 Body Positive Campaigns

In Celebration of the Release of the ESPN Body Issue 2014 • 2,582 views
Chromatic Vaporized Dyes

3 Chromatic Vaporized Dyes

THE UNSEEN Has Developed a Dye That Changes Hue When in Contact with Air • 1,224 views
Burger Love Songs

4 Burger Love Songs

Wendy's Pretzel Love Song Encore Returns to Turn More Tweets into a Silly Song • 695 views
Musical Meme Videos

5 Musical Meme Videos

The Pouty Grumpy Cat Music Video for Purina is Called 'Cat Summer' • 656 views
Hipster Kids Smartphone Ads

6 Hipster Kids Smartphone Ads

The Amazon Fire Phone Campaign Cleverly Expands Demographic • 642 views
Clownfish-Killing Commercials

7 Clownfish-Killing Commercials

This Controversial Ad Aims to Protect the Great Barrier Reef • 636 views
Sensual Undressing Advertisements

8 Sensual Undressing Advertisements

The 'Undress Me' Video Has Strangers Disrobing Each Other • 606 views
Android Deodorant Ads

9 Android Deodorant Ads

The New Face of Old Spice Commercials is the One and Only Mandroid • 581 views
Daredevil Chicken Stunts

10 Daredevil Chicken Stunts

McDonald's Chicken Legend Lives Up to Its Name with a Daredevil Stunt • 558 views
Cat Meme Cereal Ads

11 Cat Meme Cereal Ads

This Honey Nut Cheerios Ad Features Buzz Meeting Grumpy Cat • 445 views
Branded Town Advertising

12 Branded Town Advertising

The Mysterious Bud Light Town Whatever, USA is For Adventurous People • 364 views
Futuristic Tech Spoofs

13 Futuristic Tech Spoofs

Toshiba's Tech Ad Pokes Fun at Silicon Valley & the Tech Industry • 344 views
Self-Conscious Selling

14 Self-Conscious Selling

Trend Hunter's Courtney Scharf Discusses Industry Mocking Advertising • 333 views
Thrilling Smartphone Case Ads

15 Thrilling Smartphone Case Ads

The Lifeproof Brand Campaign Targets Those Living on the Edge • 315 views
Smartphone Mocking Ads

16 Smartphone Mocking Ads

Samsung Throws Shade On Apple for Having a Small Screen • 303 views
Revived Beer Ads

17 Revived Beer Ads

Carlton Draught Revives a Vintage Beer Commercial from the 80s • 301 views
Bawling Baby Ads

18 Bawling Baby Ads

This Heartwarming Mobile Ad Proves That Technology Will Never Replace Love • 295 views
Compliant Beer Ads

19 Compliant Beer Ads

This Heineken Beer Commercial Stars Neil Patrick Harris Begging to Take a Sip • 292 views
Artistic Camper Ads

20 Artistic Camper Ads

This Kleenex Commercial Uses the Tissue To Create Dusty Rear Window Art • 285 views


Interactive Fur Removal Ads

1 Interactive Fur Removal Ads

This 3M Pet Hair Roller Campaign is Funny and Smart • 6,397 views
Satirical American Menus

2 Satirical American Menus

McDonald's France Parodies American Meals in its Latest Menu • 1,486 views
12 Branding Ideas for Bread

3 12 Branding Ideas for Bread

From Gift-Wrapped Grains to Color Burst Bread • 1,075 views
Ingenious Distracted Driving PSAs

4 Ingenious Distracted Driving PSAs

This Brilliant Volkswagen PSA Aired in a Hong Kong Movie Theater • 1,010 views
Unapologetic Shampoo Ads

5 Unapologetic Shampoo Ads

Pantene's 'Not Sorry' Commercial Tells Women to Be Strong • 784 views
26 Humorous Beer Commercials

6 26 Humorous Beer Commercials

From Immersive Drinking Commercials to Brash Beer Ads • 617 views
Intelligence-Empowering Ads

7 Intelligence-Empowering Ads

Inspire Her Mind By Telling Her She's Pretty Brilliant • 605 views
Chewing Gum Comparisons

8 Chewing Gum Comparisons

Beldent's 'Almost Identical' Reveals Chewing Gum Stigmas • 541 views
Hilarious Menstrual Marketing

9 Hilarious Menstrual Marketing

A Tween Lies About Getting it in HelloFlo’s Period Starter Kit Ad • 526 views
Warrior Soccer Commercials

10 Warrior Soccer Commercials

Nissin 'Samurai in Brazil' Campaign Celebrates Cup Noodles & World Cup • 511 views
Work-Skipping Sports Campaigns

11 Work-Skipping Sports Campaigns

Heineken Wants Bosses to Let Employees Watch the World Cup at Work • 380 views
Goosebump-Giving Headphone Ads

12 Goosebump-Giving Headphone Ads

This Epic World Cup Ad Promotes Beats by Dre Headphones • 371 views
Pizza-Stabilizing Devices

13 Pizza-Stabilizing Devices

To Put an End to Pizza Delivery Fails Domino's Invented the Steady Pizza • 294 views
Filmmaker-Influenced Cookie Commercials

14 Filmmaker-Influenced Cookie Commercials

This Mini Oreos Ad Has Unintentional Wes Anderson Elements • 286 views
Insane Soccer Ads

15 Insane Soccer Ads

The World Cup Old Spice Commercial is Crazier Than Its Classic Ones • 232 views
Destructive Soccer Ads

16 Destructive Soccer Ads

This Adidas World Cup Ad Shows Star Players Trashing David Beckham's House • 231 views
Auto-Infused Gaming Spoofs

17 Auto-Infused Gaming Spoofs

Nintendo's Mario Takes the Mercedes-Benz GLA for a Test Drive • 213 views
Console Commanding Commercials

18 Console Commanding Commercials

Aaron Paul is Launching People's Xbox One Controllers and Consoles • 212 views
Paternal Audition Ads

19 Paternal Audition Ads

Cardstore Created a Version of the World's Toughest Job for Dads • 152 views
Self-Deprecating Soccer Ads

20 Self-Deprecating Soccer Ads

This Landon Donovan World Cup Commercial Pokes Fun at the US Athlete • 82 views