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Top 35 Commercial Ideas in April

1 Top 35 Commercial Ideas in April

From Costumed Adoption Campaigns to Hairy Pollution PSAs • 2,658 views
Multi-Tasking Driving Ads

2 Multi-Tasking Driving Ads

This Holiday Autos Ad Features Five Inventions for Travelers • 2,309 views
Trippy Cartoon Indents

3 Trippy Cartoon Indents

The Simpsons on FX Introduces Refreshed Promos for the Iconic Show • 1,221 views
Telenovela Spicy Snack Campaigns

4 Telenovela Spicy Snack Campaigns

'Botanas Del Cielo' is a Telenovela-Inspired Four-Part Series • 371 views
AI Creative Directors

5 AI Creative Directors

Advertising Agency McCann Japan Employed a Robot to Create Commercials • 224 views
Telenovela-Inspired Baseball Commercials

6 Telenovela-Inspired Baseball Commercials

The 'Mi Amor Dos' MLB Giants Ad is Passionately Fun • 201 views
Instagram-Inspired TV Ads

7 Instagram-Inspired TV Ads

This TV Advertisement from Menlook is Constructed of Instagram Photos • 125 views
Single Women Campaigns

8 Single Women Campaigns

Skincare Brand SK-ll Brings to Light a Unique Struggle for Chinese Women • 100 views
Virtual Conflict PSAs

9 Virtual Conflict PSAs

This UNICEF Ad Uses a Virtual Girl to Highlight Kids Affected by Conflict • 91 views
Stamp-Collecting Soda Campaigns

10 Stamp-Collecting Soda Campaigns

'Coke ON' Challenges Fans to Collect Stamps for Free Drinks • 52 views
Time Traveling Proposals

11 Time Traveling Proposals

Pandora Helps One Man Make a Unique Proposal from the Future • 50 views
Smart Stadium Screens

12 Smart Stadium Screens

Epson's 'Glass Sheet' Provides Real-Time Game Information • 50 views
Culinary Creativity Webseries

13 Culinary Creativity Webseries

#TuTwist Stars Latinas Who Passionately Create in the Kitchen • 47 views
Latin Rental Car Commercials

14 Latin Rental Car Commercials

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Spanish Commercial is Tagline-Focused • 44 views
Fun-Encouraging Beer Ads

15 Fun-Encouraging Beer Ads

The El Bud Light Party 'Estamos Unidos' Super Bowl Spot is Lighthearted • 40 views
Boredom-Banishing Car Commercials

16 Boredom-Banishing Car Commercials

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Vehicle Commercial is Humorous • 39 views
Boxing Bicultural Beer Ads

17 Boxing Bicultural Beer Ads

This Macho Ad is the First Tecate National Campaign in the US • 38 views
Touching Food Waste PSAs

18 Touching Food Waste PSAs

This Save the Food PSA Delivers a Powerful Message About Food Waste • 37 views
Inclusive Underwear Campaigns

19 Inclusive Underwear Campaigns

The New Selfridges Ad Features Many Different Body Types • 34 views
Hispanic Actress Cosmetic Ads

20 Hispanic Actress Cosmetic Ads

The L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Firming Cream Ad Features Eva Longoria • 31 views


Top 60 Commercial Ideas in March

1 Top 60 Commercial Ideas in March

From Outrageous Chip Ads to Animal Choir Commercials • 11,242 views
14 Heritage Marketing Campaigns

2 14 Heritage Marketing Campaigns

From Nostalgic Basketball Videos to Carmaker Flipbook Ads • 957 views
30 Memorable Christmas Commercials

3 30 Memorable Christmas Commercials

From Comforting Holiday Campaigns to Pet-Focused Christmas Ads • 620 views
Quirky ePayment Commercials

4 Quirky ePayment Commercials

Klarna's Offbeat Ads Communicate How Smooth Payments Can Be • 477 views
Family-Focused Furniture Ads

5 Family-Focused Furniture Ads

The New Leon's Ads Emphasize the Role of Furniture in People's Lives • 375 views
Uplifting Sportswear Ads

6 Uplifting Sportswear Ads

Sport Chek's Newest Workout Commercial Connects with Female Yogis • 154 views
Unexpected Party Campaigns

7 Unexpected Party Campaigns

This Coca-Cola Ad Teleports Londoners to Ushuaïa’s Party in Ibiza • 131 views
Hairy Pollution PSAs

8 Hairy Pollution PSAs

This Ad by 'WildAid China' Conveys the Dangers of China's Air Polluttion • 127 views
Email Subject-Generating Services

9 Email Subject-Generating Services

Adobe Campaign Helps Marketers Select High-Impact Subject Lines • 97 views
Iconic Skate Brand Milestones

10 Iconic Skate Brand Milestones

The Story of Vans Campaign Celebrates 50 Years of Off the Wall • 94 views
Millennial-Targeted Popcorn Ads

11 Millennial-Targeted Popcorn Ads

This Smartfood Campaign is the First Major Effort from the Brand • 91 views
Quirky Candy Ads

12 Quirky Candy Ads

Janes Harden Stars in a Mind-Bending New Ad from Trolli • 68 views
Female-Targeted Sports Ads

13 Female-Targeted Sports Ads

This Ad for Dick's Sporting Goods Caters to Fitness-Minded Women • 66 views
Bro-Focused Food Commercials

14 Bro-Focused Food Commercials

This Jack in the Box Commercial is Designed to Appeal to Millennials • 64 views
Cereal Brand Bee-Saving Initiatives

15 Cereal Brand Bee-Saving Initiatives

Honey Nut Cheerios Wants to Help You #BringBackTheBees • 60 views
Costumed Adoption Campaigns

16 Costumed Adoption Campaigns

This Stunt Dressed Up Stray Dogs as Purebreds for Halloween • 60 views
Celeb Gloss Music Videos

17 Celeb Gloss Music Videos

Kylie Jenner Premiered a Music Video to Announce Her New Nude Lip Glosses • 60 views
Artistic Teen Campaigns

18 Artistic Teen Campaigns

Autumn de Forest Stars in this Empowering Nordrom Kids Commercial • 59 views
Lie-Detecting Test Drives

19 Lie-Detecting Test Drives

Smart Has People Test Drive a Vehicle While Taking a Lie Detector Test • 57 views
Adventurous Astronaut Commercials

20 Adventurous Astronaut Commercials

Dos Equis Sends the Most Interesting Man in the World to Space • 55 views