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The #INFINITIQ30 Challenge

1 The #INFINITIQ30 Challenge

Inifiniti Follows Five Young Creatives Behind the Wheel of the New Q30 • 4,887 views
40 Examples of Restaurant Marketing Campaigns

2 40 Examples of Restaurant Marketing Campaigns

From French Fry Films to Fast Casual Filters • 3,617 views
Top 25 Commercial Trends in November

3 Top 25 Commercial Trends in November

From Choreographed Christmas Campaigns to Slasher Candy Ads • 2,514 views
36 Examples of Airline Marketing Campaigns

4 36 Examples of Airline Marketing Campaigns

From Sci-Fi-Themed Airplanes to Snapshot Travel Ads • 1,429 views
10 Examples of Hotel Marketing Campaigns

5 10 Examples of Hotel Marketing Campaigns

From Vacation-Encouraging Ads to Wearable Duvets Stunts • 1,300 views
20 Personified Pet Ads

6 20 Personified Pet Ads

From Stylish Animal Editorials to Canine Photographer Campaigns • 841 views
Universal Marketing Parody Ads

7 Universal Marketing Parody Ads

An Agency Has Created a "Super-Ad" That Can Apply to Any Product • 209 views
Solar-Powered Christmas Displays

8 Solar-Powered Christmas Displays

This Luminous Display Makes the Case for Using Solar Energy • 201 views
Satirical Airline Ads

9 Satirical Airline Ads

Royal Jordanian's Quirky Ad References Trump's Anti-Immigration Claims • 156 views
Individuality-Celebrating Hotel Ads

10 Individuality-Celebrating Hotel Ads

The Venetian's 'Come as You Are' Ad Celebrates the Individual • 106 views
Bouncing Animal Christmas Ads

11 Bouncing Animal Christmas Ads

John Lewis' 'Buster the Boxer' Ad Celebrates the Role of Family Pets • 105 views
Shameless Christmas Commercials

12 Shameless Christmas Commercials

The '#Whatthebells' Ad Makes Fun of Early Christmas Advertising • 102 views
Lip-Syncing Rapper Commercials

13 Lip-Syncing Rapper Commercials

This Drake Apple Ad Shows Him Singing to Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' • 79 views
Barrier-Breaking Beer Ads

14 Barrier-Breaking Beer Ads

This Corona Ad Tells Mexican People to Not Let Walls Stand in Their Way • 76 views
Family-Focused Beer Ads

15 Family-Focused Beer Ads

This Holiday Heineken Commercial Stars Celebrated Actor Benicio del Toro • 74 views
Traveling Teddy Bear Commercials

16 Traveling Teddy Bear Commercials

This Heartfelt Heathrow Airport Ad Focuses on Two Grandparents • 65 views
Mystical Bathroom Fresheners

17 Mystical Bathroom Fresheners

'Unicorn Gold' is a New Bathroom Spray from Squatty Potty • 61 views
Innovation-Celebrating Laptop Ads

18 Innovation-Celebrating Laptop Ads

This New MacBook Pro Ad Shows Apple's Product as Revolutionary • 54 views
Anti-Consumerist Christmas Ads

19 Anti-Consumerist Christmas Ads

This New Edeka Ad Conveys That the Holidays Should Be About Family • 52 views
Celebrity Condom Advertisements

20 Celebrity Condom Advertisements

This Commercial Features Charlie Sheen Promoting Safe Sex • 48 views


Top 45 Commercial Trends in October

1 Top 45 Commercial Trends in October

From Heartwarming Furniture Ads to Short Social Media Films • 8,007 views
Suave Diver Mobile Ads

2 Suave Diver Mobile Ads

This iPhone 7 Commercial Highlights Some of Its Most Innovative Features • 1,222 views
Raccoon Cooking Tutorials

3 Raccoon Cooking Tutorials

Geico's 'Raccookin' Ads Feature Raccoons Parodying Food Tutorials • 189 views
360-Degree Freediving Videos

4 360-Degree Freediving Videos

Nicorette's 'One Breath' Shows a Dive by Former Smoker Daan Verhoeven • 144 views
Humourous Milk Glass Ads

5 Humourous Milk Glass Ads

Dairy Farmers of Canada Sarcastically Marketed a Glass to Sell Milk • 124 views
Satirical Anti-Gun Campaigns

6 Satirical Anti-Gun Campaigns

'Toddlers Kill' Considered the Dangers of Firearm Ownership in the US • 104 views
Millennial-Targeted Halloween Ads

7 Millennial-Targeted Halloween Ads

Svedka Series Pokes Fun at the Horrors of "First World Problems" • 96 views
German Home Imporvement Ads

8 German Home Imporvement Ads

This Commercial for Hornbach Speaks to DIY's Sense of Accomplishment • 92 views
Choreographed Headphone Ads

9 Choreographed Headphone Ads

This Bose Commercial Follows a Dancer Throughout the Streets of London • 82 views
Rapper-Sung Chocolate Jingles

10 Rapper-Sung Chocolate Jingles

This Kit Kat Commercial Features a Halloween-Ready Chance the Rapper • 76 views
Star-Studded Headphone Ads

11 Star-Studded Headphone Ads

The New Beats By Dre are Promoted by Amber Rose, Pharrell & Many More • 76 views
Feel-Good Social Experiments

12 Feel-Good Social Experiments

The Berry Company Took to the Streets to Inspire a #BerryGoodDay • 70 views
Cake-Creating Drone Commercials

13 Cake-Creating Drone Commercials

This Telia Ad Celebrates Its Mobile Network with a Band of Drones • 69 views
Cinematic Holiday Clothing Campaigns

14 Cinematic Holiday Clothing Campaigns

Burberry's New Holiday Ad Serves as a Mini Fashion Film • 67 views
Auto-Tuned Celebrity Soda Ads

15 Auto-Tuned Celebrity Soda Ads

This Humorous Sprite Commercial Features Lebron James and Lil Yatchy • 66 views
Choreographed Christmas Commercials

16 Choreographed Christmas Commercials

House of Fraser's Holiday Ad is Styled Like a Music Video • 65 views
Inspirational Underdog Ads

17 Inspirational Underdog Ads

Nike's 'Come Out of Nowhere' Campaign Celebrates All the Underdogs • 62 views
Loud-Mouthed Restaurant Ads

18 Loud-Mouthed Restaurant Ads

KFC's New Ad Features a Shouting Match Over Its Chicken Share Bucket • 60 views
Inspiring Athlete Campaigns

19 Inspiring Athlete Campaigns

This Paul Podba Adidas Ad Highlights the Star's Journey to Success • 57 views
Superhero Healthcare Commercials

20 Superhero Healthcare Commercials

This Philips Ad is Based on a True Story of a Kind Window Cleaner • 56 views