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15 Psychedelic Ad Campaigns

1 15 Psychedelic Ad Campaigns

From Psychedelic Drink Promotions to Trippy Author Advertisements • 1,407 views
Hilariously Apologetic Commercials

2 Hilariously Apologetic Commercials

The Arby's We Have Pepsi Campaign Admits the Company Messed Up • 405 views
Tearjerking Christmas Videos

3 Tearjerking Christmas Videos

WestJet's 'Christmas Miracle' Brought Snow to the Dominican Republic • 366 views
Competitive Gifting Ads

4 Competitive Gifting Ads

Mulberry Wants to Help You 'Win Christmas' by Giving the Best Gifts • 289 views
Alumni-Celebrating Youth Organizations

5 Alumni-Celebrating Youth Organizations

The Boys and Girls Club of Canada Honors Anthony Bennett • 285 views
70 Musical Commercial Ads

6 70 Musical Commercial Ads

From Cell Phone Symphonies to Informative Singing Alarms • 282 views
Festive Anti-Tech Ads

7 Festive Anti-Tech Ads

Telus' Phone Commercial Urges People to Unplug This Holiday Season • 252 views
Nutcracker Mashup Ads

8 Nutcracker Mashup Ads

Whistl's Delivery Ad Mashes Up Ballerinas and BMX Riders • 230 views
Turkey Television Trailers

9 Turkey Television Trailers

TalkTalk TV's Gobblebox Features Turkeys Talking About Entertainment • 217 views
Heartwarming Dad Ads

10 Heartwarming Dad Ads

The Cheerios Effect Campaign Captures Real Family Stories • 192 views
Tuneful Fatherhood Ads

11 Tuneful Fatherhood Ads

Old Spice's Dadsong is an Ode to Leaving Adolescence Behind • 191 views
Musical Snack Ads

12 Musical Snack Ads

Glico's 'Crisp Concert' is a Festive Musical Ad • 190 views
Alumni-Honoring Youth Groups

13 Alumni-Honoring Youth Groups

The Boys and Girls Club of Canada Celebrates Dr. Jean Clinton • 186 views
One-Shot Diorama Ads

14 One-Shot Diorama Ads

The Welcome to Airbnb Campaign Features a Delightfully Handmade Miniature Set • 177 views
Meaningful Holiday Campaigns

15 Meaningful Holiday Campaigns

Lululemon's Holiday Christmas Campaign Reminds You to Give Presence • 156 views
Mountainous Holiday Trees

16 Mountainous Holiday Trees

Air New Zealand Set Up a Giant Christmas Tree on a Big Hill • 141 views
Youth Organization Campaigns

17 Youth Organization Campaigns

Canada's Boys and Girls Club Pays Tribute to NHL Player Taylor Hall • 89 views
Mobile Sentimentality

18 Mobile Sentimentality

Service providers turn to humanized campaign elements for consumer appeal • 0 views
Kidcentric Aesthetic

19 Kidcentric Aesthetic

The glamorization of the childlike infiltrates aesthetics across industries • 0 views
Satirical Dad

20 Satirical Dad

Fathers are humorously represented in ads to showcase modern paternal figures • 0 views


Artistic Gender Campaigns

1 Artistic Gender Campaigns

The 'My Body My Rights' Campaign Features Hyperrealistic Body Art • 3,572 views
Cute Testicular Cancer Campaigns

2 Cute Testicular Cancer Campaigns

Furballs by DentsuBos Likens Guinea Pigs to Testes • 1,577 views
17 Party Marketing Examples

3 17 Party Marketing Examples

From Staged Beer Party Ads to Virtual Masquerade Experiences • 1,518 views
Morbid Safety Videos

4 Morbid Safety Videos

This Halloween Safety Video Points Out More Dumb Ways to Die • 653 views
Romantic Interconnected Commercials

5 Romantic Interconnected Commercials

This is a Tech Advertising Example for the Internet of Things • 570 views
Feminine Moustache Videos

6 Feminine Moustache Videos

This Ad Shows a Guy & a Girl in a Movember Moustache Competition • 559 views
Awkward Family Commercials

7 Awkward Family Commercials

This Heartwarming Holiday Ad Series was Directed by Sofia Coppola • 520 views
Jolly Tech Commercials

8 Jolly Tech Commercials

This Commercial by the Source Tells a Modern Christmas Carol • 478 views
Drag Queen Commercials

9 Drag Queen Commercials

The Starbucks Drag Queen Commercial is Campy and Fun • 477 views
Web Wellness Campaigns

10 Web Wellness Campaigns

The Don't Google It Medical Campaign Reminds You to Be Wary of Web Searches • 460 views
Pangolin-Benefiting Royal Commercials

11 Pangolin-Benefiting Royal Commercials

This Prince William Ad Encourages People to Play Angry Birds • 430 views
Personified Breakfast Cartoons

12 Personified Breakfast Cartoons

Denny's Promotes Its Breakfast Menu by Animating 'The Grand Slams' • 373 views
Dancing Digital Payment Commercials

13 Dancing Digital Payment Commercials

This Weird Ad Announces the Snapchat Snapcash Feature • 371 views
Jolly Underwear Ads

14 Jolly Underwear Ads

Kmart and Joe Boxer's Jingle Bellies Brings Back the 'Jingle Joes' • 322 views
Cold Weather Workout Campaigns

15 Cold Weather Workout Campaigns

The Nike Choose Your Winter Commercial Stars Comedian Chris O'Dowd • 321 views
Car Sale Spoofs

16 Car Sale Spoofs

Oak Lawn Toyota's Keys in a Box Parody Riffs Off of a SNL Classic • 320 views
Crowdfunding Commercial Spoofs

17 Crowdfunding Commercial Spoofs

Jena Friedman Parodies Sites Like Kickstarter in This Fake Ad • 310 views
Dystopic Toy Commercials

18 Dystopic Toy Commercials

This Action Figure for Girls Ad by GoldieBlox Puts Brains Over Beauty • 304 views
Penguin Parody Videos

19 Penguin Parody Videos

Redshirt Films' Parody Commercial Puts a New Spin on John Lewis' Ad • 294 views
Anti-Bystander Campaigns

20 Anti-Bystander Campaigns

The It's On Us Campaign Continues with a PSA from the White House • 276 views