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Star-Studded Holiday Campaigns

1 Star-Studded Holiday Campaigns

The New H&M Holiday Campaign Features Singer Katy Perry • 2,164 views
Outrageous Baby-Making Ads

2 Outrageous Baby-Making Ads

This 'Do It for Mom' Ad Asks Danes to Reward Grandmothers with Babies • 284 views
Debt-Reminding Christmas Ads

3 Debt-Reminding Christmas Ads

This Interac Debit Ad Reminds Shoppers of Credit Card Debt • 179 views
Interactive Pork Campaigns

4 Interactive Pork Campaigns

Quebec Hog Farmers' New Campaign Promotes the Versatility of Pork • 171 views
Truck Tribute Corn Mazes

5 Truck Tribute Corn Mazes

In This Ford Commercial a Farmer Creates a Corn Illustration of the F-150 • 93 views
Dance Battle Videos

6 Dance Battle Videos

Kendall Jenner Dances in the New Balmain X H&M Campaign Music Video • 93 views
Firework-Launching Soda Bottles

7 Firework-Launching Soda Bottles

Coca-Cola's 'Wish in a Bottle' Creates Shooting Stars in the Sky • 84 views
Scent-Mimicking Candles

8 Scent-Mimicking Candles

Airwick Gives 'The Gift of Home' by Capturing Scents of Different Houses • 76 views
Touching Remembrance Ads

9 Touching Remembrance Ads

Bell's Remembrance Day Ads Tell a Story About a Young Girl • 75 views
Snow-Filled Sportswear Ads

10 Snow-Filled Sportswear Ads

The Nike Snow Day Campaign Encourages People to "Get Out Here" • 66 views
Fashion Confidence Campaigns

11 Fashion Confidence Campaigns

Amazon Fashion Encourages Women to Embrace Their Beauty Differences • 65 views
Nativity-Inspired Accessory Ads

12 Nativity-Inspired Accessory Ads

The Humorous Mulberry Miracle Ad Replaces Baby Jesus with a Purse • 60 views
Rivalry Truce Ads

13 Rivalry Truce Ads

CEOs of Coke and Pepsi Made a Truce Commercial in Celebration of Veterans Day • 60 views
Vegan Christmas Commercials

14 Vegan Christmas Commercials

This Hallmark Holiday Ad Features a Vegan Christmas Dinner • 59 views
Punny Furniture Ads

15 Punny Furniture Ads

IKEA Malaysia Promotes Its Upcoming Sale with Various IKEA Puns • 53 views
Color-Changing Pop Cans

16 Color-Changing Pop Cans

These Coca-Cola Cans Change as They Warm in the 'Coke Come Alive' Campaign • 53 views
Autism Awareness Campaigns

17 Autism Awareness Campaigns

This Animated Short Tells Parents About the Early Signs of Autism • 51 views
Pop-Up Christmas Campaigns

18 Pop-Up Christmas Campaigns

Kohl's Pop-Up Truck Encourages People to Share Traditions Online • 50 views
Fortuitous Speaker Ads

19 Fortuitous Speaker Ads

This Ad for the Samsung 'Radiant 360' Shows a Man Living in the Sweet Spot • 46 views
Celebrity Coffee Ads

20 Celebrity Coffee Ads

George Clooney Teaches Danny Devito Good Taste in This Nespresso Ad • 43 views


Top 45 Commercials Trends in October

1 Top 45 Commercials Trends in October

From Empowering Girl Campaigns to Realistic Weightloss Ads • 6,128 views
Top 40 Commercial Trends in September

2 Top 40 Commercial Trends in September

From Student Prodigy Campaigns to Shoppable Music Videos • 5,711 views
Hidden Domestic Abuse Marketing

3 Hidden Domestic Abuse Marketing

This Home Decor Magazine Will Make You Take a Second Look • 1,719 views
20 Examples of Health Advertising

4 20 Examples of Health Advertising

From Gruesome Diabetic Ads to Lonely Cancer Campaigns • 1,053 views
Interactive Retirement Commercials

5 Interactive Retirement Commercials

This Retirement Ad Lets Viewers See Potential Futures for 2045 • 685 views
15 Commemorative Campaign Examples

6 15 Commemorative Campaign Examples

From Anniversary Travel Ads to Historic Retailer Commercials • 589 views
Motorized Postal Package Ads

7 Motorized Postal Package Ads

This Ad by the Swiss Post Shows Packages Being Delivered to Tourists • 512 views
Complimentary Traffic Lights

8 Complimentary Traffic Lights

This Campaign Encourages Pedestrians to Give Compliments to Others • 410 views
Healthy Canned Soup Campaigns

9 Healthy Canned Soup Campaigns

'Healthy Request' is a Customer-Focused Campaign from Campbell's • 330 views
Young Love Healthcare Ads

10 Young Love Healthcare Ads

This UnitedHealthcare Ad Shows a Young Boy Catch Pink Eye from His Crush • 219 views
Homeless Shelter Stunts

11 Homeless Shelter Stunts

This Fake Shelter Raised Concerns for an Affluent Toronto Neighborhood • 162 views
Mobile Fast Food Ads

12 Mobile Fast Food Ads

These Wendy's Ads on Facebook Will Show How The Brand's Burgers are Made • 146 views
Mutant Superhuman Candies

13 Mutant Superhuman Candies

This Campaign Re-Imagines M&Ms as the Official Candy of the X-Men Movie • 132 views
Cheesy Political Ads

14 Cheesy Political Ads

The Newest Ad Spot for Cheetos Pokes Fun at the Upcoming Elections • 128 views
Empowering Girl Campaigns

15 Empowering Girl Campaigns

Dove's Newest Ad Promotes Self-Esteem Boosting for Girls • 112 views
Uplifting Running Commercials

16 Uplifting Running Commercials

Nike Celebrates the Last Place Runner in its 'Loser' Ad Spot • 90 views
Precious Hand Commercials

17 Precious Hand Commercials

Jurlique's Hand Care Ad Reminds How Valuable Our Hands Are • 82 views
Empathetic Motherhood Films

18 Empathetic Motherhood Films

This Short 'End Mommy Wars' Documentary Exposes Motherhood Truths • 78 views
LGBT-Friendly Insurance Ads

19 LGBT-Friendly Insurance Ads

This Touching Health Insurance Ad Targets the LGBT Community • 78 views
Beer-Pouring Typewriters

20 Beer-Pouring Typewriters

Czech Beer Brand Staropramen Created the First Type-Controlled Draught • 78 views