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Artistic Golden Brand Makeovers

1 Artistic Golden Brand Makeovers

This Photo Series Takes 'Gold Edition' Marketing to the Extreme • 905 views
High Fashion Mobile Campaigns

2 High Fashion Mobile Campaigns

Samsung's Recent Smartphone Ads Star Models Xiao Wen and Bella Hadid • 698 views
Fashion-Based Biopics

3 Fashion-Based Biopics

Kristen Stewart Plays Coco Chanel in Karl Lagerfeld's Short Film • 678 views
Floating Fast Food Barges

4 Floating Fast Food Barges

A&W Creates a Floating Restaurant with a Water Accessible Drive Thru • 317 views
Comedic Brand Channels

5 Comedic Brand Channels

Grace Helbig Works with Marriott Hotels in a Fun Digital Campaign • 214 views
Hilarious Ink Cartridge Ads

6 Hilarious Ink Cartridge Ads

These ecofill Ads Illustrate the Importance of Printer Cartridges • 121 views
Camouflage Publicity Ads

7 Camouflage Publicity Ads

Jaguar's F-Pace SUV Shows off its Extreme Weather Adaptability • 84 views
Chromatic Footwear Campaigns

8 Chromatic Footwear Campaigns

Foot Locker's 'Don't Go Unnoticed' Campaign Stars Bold Sneakers • 80 views
Elderly Accessory Campaigns

9 Elderly Accessory Campaigns

Ethel and Frank's Mockery Ads Star Granny Supermodels • 75 views
Canadian Beard-Honoring Ads

10 Canadian Beard-Honoring Ads

This Humorous Ad Promotes 'Dollar Beard Club' Shipping to Canada • 71 views
Beer-Opening Tooth Implants

11 Beer-Opening Tooth Implants

Salta's Latest Ad Gives Three Rugby Players a New Tooth • 61 views
Parenting Baby Wipes

12 Parenting Baby Wipes

Tommee Tippee's 'Advice Wipes' are Made From Recycled Parenting Publications • 61 views
Fairytale Banking Commericals

13 Fairytale Banking Commericals

RBC Retells Classic Stories to Show the Benefits of Mobile Banking • 57 views
Uplifting School Commercials

14 Uplifting School Commercials

Old Navy's School Commercial Shares a Message from Boys & Girls Clubs • 54 views
High-Intensity Training Commercials

15 High-Intensity Training Commercials

The Under Armour #RuleYourself Ad Stars Steph Curry • 54 views
Cartoon-Inspired Sneaker Ads

16 Cartoon-Inspired Sneaker Ads

The New Nike Campaign Features Blake Griffin & Marvin the Martian • 43 views
Immersive Car Creation Videos

17 Immersive Car Creation Videos

This 360-Degree Virtual Reality Ad Tours the Infinity QX30 Interior • 43 views
Defensive Deodorant Ads

18 Defensive Deodorant Ads

This Old Spice Ad Features Two Men Promoting Different Grooming Products • 42 views
Student Prodigy Campaigns

19 Student Prodigy Campaigns

Dell's Back-to-School Campaign Introduces 'The New Experts' • 34 views
Exhilarating Day Job Ads

20 Exhilarating Day Job Ads

The Lucozade Energy Drink Makes Boring Jobs and Tasks Exciting • 29 views


Top 65 Travel Trends in August

1 Top 65 Travel Trends in August

From Nationwide Scavenger Hunts to Gourmet Airplane Menus • 6,562 views
23 Storytelling Marketing Campaigns

2 23 Storytelling Marketing Campaigns

From Comedic Branded Webisodes to Aspirational Lifestyle Ads • 4,535 views
55 Emotional Marketing Campaigns

3 55 Emotional Marketing Campaigns

From Modern Fatherhood Ads to Emotive Music Commercials • 2,922 views
32 Latin Marketing Campaigns

4 32 Latin Marketing Campaigns

From Social Donation Campaigns to Surreal Alzheimer Ads • 2,227 views
35 Examples of Memorable Commercials

5 35 Examples of Memorable Commercials

From Empowering Feminist Ads to LGBTQ Snack Campaigns • 1,932 views
Emotive Hispanic Campaigns

6 Emotive Hispanic Campaigns

This Heartwarming Kraft Singles Ad Tells the Story of Two Young Girls • 812 views
Familial Fast Food Ads

7 Familial Fast Food Ads

The KFC 'Together' Campaign Highlights Family Dinner Traditions • 571 views
10 Viral Hispanic Commercials

8 10 Viral Hispanic Commercials

From Bacon-Filled Film Festival Ads to Cross-Cultural Beer Campaigns • 533 views
Daily Kindness Newscasts

9 Daily Kindness Newscasts

This Series of Heartwarming Airbnb Ads Highlights Human Kindness • 528 views
Bilingual Cereal Commercials

10 Bilingual Cereal Commercials

This Cheerios Commercial is in Spanish with English Subtitles • 513 views
Hilarious Mobile Infomercial Apps

11 Hilarious Mobile Infomercial Apps

MikMak's New App Puts a Funny Twist on Horrible TV Infomercials • 485 views
Minimalist Anti-Aging Ads

12 Minimalist Anti-Aging Ads

This Olay Ad Features Katie Holmes Looking Fresh-Faced and Natural • 361 views
Tween-Targeting Vlogs

13 Tween-Targeting Vlogs

'Revved Up Rooms' Features YouTuber Meg DeAngelis Giving Room Decor Tips • 254 views
Shoplifter-Shaming Videos

14 Shoplifter-Shaming Videos

Harvey Nichols Turns Clips of People Stealing from a Store into an Ad • 213 views
Fatherhood Vows Campaigns

15 Fatherhood Vows Campaigns

The Emotional 'When I'm A Dad' Campaign Highlights Fatherhood • 191 views
Emotive Music Commercials

16 Emotive Music Commercials

This Moving 'First Song' Spotify Ad Highlights the Gift of Hearing • 147 views
Male-Targeted Skincare Ads

17 Male-Targeted Skincare Ads

Garnier's Acno Fight Ad Presents an All-In-One Skincare Remedy for Men • 138 views
Customized Profile Picture Upgrades

18 Customized Profile Picture Upgrades

The #PimpMyProfile Coors Campaign Upgraded User Photos • 109 views
Unexpected Farmyard Friendship Ads

19 Unexpected Farmyard Friendship Ads

The Ad is the Latest in Airbnb's Series of Heartwarming News • 108 views
Celestial Beer Cans

20 Celestial Beer Cans

Moosehead Launches a Simple Beer in Space in a Showstopping Way • 107 views