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Top 80 Commercial Trends in September

1 Top 80 Commercial Trends in September

From Comedic Air Safety Ads to Reality Show Cereal Campaigns • 13,555 views
High-Speed Product Promotions

2 High-Speed Product Promotions

These Clips Break Down Oreo Recipes for the Brand's Stranger Flavors • 692 views
Humourous Milk Glass Ads

3 Humourous Milk Glass Ads

Dairy Farmers of Canada Sarcastically Marketed a Glass to Sell Milk • 99 views
Wacky Tourism Ads

4 Wacky Tourism Ads

'Odnarotoop' Advertises Portland for Japanese Tourists • 94 views
Majestic Biker Shoe Ads

5 Majestic Biker Shoe Ads

This Timberland Shoe Commercial Follows a Velvet-Clad Biker Named Fernando • 84 views
Fashionable Ambassador Interviews

6 Fashionable Ambassador Interviews

This H&M and Kenzo Ad Features a Candid Chance the Rapper • 78 views
Surreal Airline Ads

7 Surreal Airline Ads

This British Ad Features a Strange Flower-Covered Person and a Giant Woman • 75 views
Abstract Art-Inspired Apparel

8 Abstract Art-Inspired Apparel

COS and the Guggenheim Museum Made a Series That Honors Agnes Martin • 74 views
Celebratory Australian Ads

9 Celebratory Australian Ads

The 'Spring Lamb' Ad Highlights the Diversity of Australian Culture • 71 views
Heartwarming Furniture Ads

10 Heartwarming Furniture Ads

This Ikea France Commercial Shows a Mother Watching Her Son Grow Up • 69 views
Reversed Automotive Ads

11 Reversed Automotive Ads

Audi's Presidential Debate Commercial Plays Entirely in Rewind • 63 views
Satirical Body Wash Ads

12 Satirical Body Wash Ads

Dollar Shave Club Shows How Ridiculous Marketing to Men Can Be • 60 views
Emotional Real Beauty Ads

13 Emotional Real Beauty Ads

This Dove Campaign Commercial Shows Men React to Models & Loved Ones • 57 views
Political Slam Poetry Campaigns

14 Political Slam Poetry Campaigns

This Video from IN-Q Outlines the Importance of Voting in the US • 48 views
Love-Focused Lottery Ads

15 Love-Focused Lottery Ads

This EuroMillions Ad Considers Two People in Love Who are Destined to Win • 47 views
Rapper-Sung Chocolate Jingles

16 Rapper-Sung Chocolate Jingles

This Kit Kat Commercial Features a Halloween-Ready Chance the Rapper • 46 views
Cake-Creating Drone Commercials

17 Cake-Creating Drone Commercials

This Telia Ad Celebrates Its Mobile Network with a Band of Drones • 40 views
Blindness Awareness Campaigns

18 Blindness Awareness Campaigns

This Pedigree Ad Follows a Single Mom Who Suddenly Lost Her Sight • 39 views
Superhero Healthcare Commercials

19 Superhero Healthcare Commercials

This Philips Ad is Based on a True Story of a Kind Window Cleaner • 39 views
Feel-Good Social Experiments

20 Feel-Good Social Experiments

The Berry Company Took to the Streets to Inspire a #BerryGoodDay • 37 views


Top 80 Commercial Trends in August

1 Top 80 Commercial Trends in August

From Sporty Feminine Hygiene Ads to Heroic Streaming Campaigns • 10,451 views
Subversive Fast Fashion Ads

2 Subversive Fast Fashion Ads

The New H&M Ad Shows a Less Constricted Representation of Femininity • 1,238 views
Parent-Centered Cannabis Ads

3 Parent-Centered Cannabis Ads

The CDPHE Tells Parents to Educate Their Kids on Safe Marijuana Use • 1,108 views
Provocative Body Positivity Ads

4 Provocative Body Positivity Ads

The Newest 'Addition Elle' Campaign Stars Famed Plus-Size Models • 430 views
Theatrical Flavor Commericals

5 Theatrical Flavor Commericals

These Texas Pete Ads Show the Power of the Flavor Its Products Offer • 275 views
Disability Awareness Ads

6 Disability Awareness Ads

This Accessible Campaign Will Be Shown During the Paralympic Games • 237 views
Pleasure-Focused Chocolate Commercials

7 Pleasure-Focused Chocolate Commercials

This Dove Chocolate Ad Follows a Woman Living for Pleasure • 179 views
Influential Female Ad Campaigns

8 Influential Female Ad Campaigns

Georg Jensen's Latest Campaign Features Various Strong Women • 153 views
Offbeat Fragrance Commercials

9 Offbeat Fragrance Commercials

This Spike Jonze-Directed KENZO World Ad Defies Stereotypes • 141 views
Confessional Canine Campaigns

10 Confessional Canine Campaigns

Schmackos' 'Canine Confessions' Hears from Different Breeds • 139 views
Star-Backed Fragrance Ads

11 Star-Backed Fragrance Ads

The Gucci Guilty Jared Leto Ad Imagines Him Inheriting a Luxe Villa • 138 views
Online Positivity Campaigns

12 Online Positivity Campaigns

'Fueling Possibilities' Gives Free Gas for Positive Social Media • 136 views
Rejuvenated Airline Ads

13 Rejuvenated Airline Ads

Southwest Airlines Brought Back Its 'Wanna Get Away' Ads After a Decade • 118 views
Short Social Media Films

14 Short Social Media Films

'The Realest Real' from Kenzo Shows Natasha Lyonne as a Teen's Mom • 109 views
Jerky-Carrying Drones

15 Jerky-Carrying Drones

David Ortiz and the JerkyBot Advertise for Chef's Cut Jerky • 99 views
Unconventional Beauty Ads

16 Unconventional Beauty Ads

This Dove Commercial Follows the Story of an Androgynous Model • 90 views
Playful Denim Campaigns

17 Playful Denim Campaigns

This Diesel Ad Encourages Its Viewers to Live Freely and Stylishly • 90 views
33 Olympic Ad Campaigns

18 33 Olympic Ad Campaigns

From Future Olympian Ads to Unifying Olympic Ads • 89 views
Star-Backed Eyewear Campaigns

19 Star-Backed Eyewear Campaigns

These Willow Smith for Chanel Ads Aim to Promote Luxury Glasses • 85 views
Captivating Cat Delivery Ads

20 Captivating Cat Delivery Ads

Yamato Transport's Bizzare Commercial Follows a Feline Protagonist • 83 views