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12. Poignant Baseball Player Commercials

The Derek Jeter Farewell Campaign for Gatorade is Emotional (VIDEO)
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Adorable Child Pet Campaigns

1 Adorable Child Pet Campaigns

The Apparently Kid Stars in His First Ever Television Commercial • 375 views
Devoted Football Fan Ads

2 Devoted Football Fan Ads

This NFL Ticket Exchange Ad Stars Longtime Season Ticket Holders • 282 views
Bizarre Football Ads

3 Bizarre Football Ads

This NFL on Fox Ad Features TV Broadcasters Leading Alternate Lives • 224 views
Interactive Print

4 Interactive Print

Editor Jaime Neely Discusses Her Favorite Immersive Print Campaigns • 188 views
Tech-Obsessed Holiday Ads

5 Tech-Obsessed Holiday Ads

Apple's Holiday Commercial Shows Why Kids Are Always on Their Phones • 174 views
Bizarre Chewing Gum Ads

6 Bizarre Chewing Gum Ads

This Lotte Fit's Chewing Gum Ad Stars a Giant Cat • 173 views
Power Tool Rebranding

7 Power Tool Rebranding

The New Black+Decker Logo Includes a New Spelling and Modern Design • 154 views
DIY-Promoting Football Ads

8 DIY-Promoting Football Ads

This NFL Ad Campaign Urges People to Finish Home Improvement Projects • 146 views
Smartphone Comparison Commercials

9 Smartphone Comparison Commercials

Between the Galaxy vs iPhone 6, Samsung Shows Who Came First • 131 views
Deceptive Park Advertisements

10 Deceptive Park Advertisements

Nightmare Realm Has People Describe Their 'First Time' • 130 views
Envious Smartphone Ads

11 Envious Smartphone Ads

This Samsung Ad Pokes Fun at the iPhone 6's Bigger Display • 106 views
Poignant Baseball Player Commercials

12 Poignant Baseball Player Commercials

The Derek Jeter Farewell Campaign for Gatorade is Emotional • 18 views


Disgusting Floor Cleaner Ads

1 Disgusting Floor Cleaner Ads

This Bissell Canada Ad Shows a Man Eating Off a Subway Platform Floor • 1,659 views
15 Recycling Campaigns

2 15 Recycling Campaigns

From Dictatorial Trash Ads to Dying Electronic Ads • 1,649 views
Gangster Granny Ads

3 Gangster Granny Ads

Kmart's 'Pay in Store' Commercial Shows How to Shop Like a Boss • 1,210 views
16 Nike Marketing Examples

4 16 Nike Marketing Examples

From Uplifting Athlete Ads to Winter-Embracing Sports Ads • 1,096 views
Doughy Ice Challenges

5 Doughy Ice Challenges

Pillsbury's Ice Bucket Challenge Video Stars a Brave Poppin' Fresh • 1,026 views
Sentimental School Ads

6 Sentimental School Ads

Canadian Tire's Back-to-School Video Targets Emotional Parents • 906 views
Epic Icy Challenges

7 Epic Icy Challenges

Old Spice's ALS Ice Bucket Video is as Epic as Expected • 823 views
Ignorant Commercial Parodies

8 Ignorant Commercial Parodies

CollegeHumor's Fake Ad Markets Diet Racism to the Somewhat Prejudiced • 675 views
Rube Goldberg Machines

9 Rube Goldberg Machines

Au Hikari's Power of Optics Campaign Revolves Around a Single Beam of Light • 643 views
Un-Christmas Commercials

10 Un-Christmas Commercials

Kmart's 'Not a Christmas Commercial' Celebrates a Merry Birthday Instead • 622 views
Alcohol-Free Pregnancy Campaigns

11 Alcohol-Free Pregnancy Campaigns

The 'Too Young to Drink' Campaign Promotes Alcohol-Free Pregnancy • 555 views
Furniture Catalog Spoofs

12 Furniture Catalog Spoofs

IKEA's Bookbook Catalog is Presented Like a Fancy Tech Product • 420 views
Satirical Smartwatch Ads

13 Satirical Smartwatch Ads

Samsung's 'It Doesn't Take a Genius' Pokes Fun at the Apple Watch • 410 views
Pet Focus Group Ads

14 Pet Focus Group Ads

Big Lots Pets Supplies' Commercial Reminds That Pets are People Too • 364 views
App-Connected Commercials

15 App-Connected Commercials

McDonald's Fruit Match Commercial Plays a Game with Smartphones • 360 views
Beautiful Birthday Campaigns

16 Beautiful Birthday Campaigns

Dove's 50th Anniversary Campaign Celebrates Beauty at Every Age • 335 views
Bar Story Campaigns

17 Bar Story Campaigns

Jack Daniels' Tales of Whiskey Celebrates Genuine American Bars • 321 views
Chatty Assistant Ads

18 Chatty Assistant Ads

Microsoft's Siri vs. Cortana Commercial Makes Fun of Apple's Assistant • 300 views
Superior Tablet Ads

19 Superior Tablet Ads

Samsung's Tablet Comparison Video Pits the Galaxy Tab S Against Apple's iPad • 296 views
Surprising Anti-Smoking Ads

20 Surprising Anti-Smoking Ads

This Anti-Smoking Commercial Shows a Kid Trying Not to Breathe • 295 views


29 Humorous Mobile Marketing Techniques

1 29 Humorous Mobile Marketing Techniques

From Smartphone Brawl Videos to Dragon Dodging Cell Ads • 5,945 views
30 Viral Video Ads

2 30 Viral Video Ads

From Evil Baby Viral Pranks to Daredevil Chicken Stunts • 5,522 views
25 Athletic Advertising Approaches

3 25 Athletic Advertising Approaches

From Pixelated Athlete Ads to Voyeuristic Athletics Ads • 3,114 views
28 Food-Sponsored Campaigns

4 28 Food-Sponsored Campaigns

From Seductive Drink Campaigns to Hearty Food Campaigns • 2,317 views
20 Funny Family Ads

5 20 Funny Family Ads

These Ads for Families Use Humor to Connect with Consumers • 1,757 views
15 POV Shot Marketing Videos

6 15 POV Shot Marketing Videos

From Camera-Embedded Soccer Balls to Urban Speed Cycling Campaigns • 1,751 views
16 Mature Child Marketing Tactics

7 16 Mature Child Marketing Tactics

From Hipster Kids Smartphone Ads to Truthful Toy Doll Ads • 1,747 views
Magical Reflective Denim

8 Magical Reflective Denim

The Naked & Famous Reflective Denim Debut is Raw Genius • 1,649 views
27 Sci-Fi Campaigns

9 27 Sci-Fi Campaigns

From Sci-Fi Hospital Commercials to Cinematic Canine Choirs • 1,312 views
Magical 10-Second Ads

10 Magical 10-Second Ads

Wokker's Newest Food Campaign is a Series of Quick, Illusion-Filled Ads • 1,305 views
Chromatic Vaporized Dyes

11 Chromatic Vaporized Dyes

THE UNSEEN Has Developed a Dye That Changes Hue When in Contact with Air • 1,292 views
28 Heartfelt Family Ad Campaigns

12 28 Heartfelt Family Ad Campaigns

From Mom-Appreciating Auto Ads to Father-Bonding Burger Ads • 1,156 views
Anime Banking Campaigns

13 Anime Banking Campaigns

Okinawa’s Bank of the Ryukyus Bank Ad Campaign Stars Colorful Characters • 1,140 views
All-Purpose Denim Campaigns

14 All-Purpose Denim Campaigns

Mark's Jean's Campaign Touts Denim as the Go-To Pants for Men • 1,104 views
Unskippable Safety Ads

15 Unskippable Safety Ads

Ford's Road Safety Ad on YouTube Shows That Buckling Up Takes Seconds • 1,097 views
Silly Social Networking Parodies

16 Silly Social Networking Parodies

Adobe's Woo Woo Social Network Parody Shows Careless Marketing • 1,061 views
Haunted Apartment Pranks

17 Haunted Apartment Pranks

Lejebolig's Haunted House Prank Reminds House Hunters to Beware • 968 views
Powerful Racism PSAs

18 Powerful Racism PSAs

The Invisible Discriminator Illuminates Latent Racism • 928 views
11 Rafael Nadal Parera Appearances

19 11 Rafael Nadal Parera Appearances

From Tennis Star Statues to Stripping Tennis Star Ads • 890 views
Courageous Cancer Campaigns

20 Courageous Cancer Campaigns

The Fearless Challenge Cancer Campaign is for Taking on Worst Fears • 884 views