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11. Soccer Player Sculpture Ads

‘Forever Blue’ Promotes Chelsea FC’s 2014-15 Adidas Kit (VIDEO)
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34 Personified Marketing Techniques

1 34 Personified Marketing Techniques

From Personified Cookie Commercials to Personified Ear Ads • 2,877 views
15 Eccentric Cosmetic Campaigns

2 15 Eccentric Cosmetic Campaigns

From 60s Citrus Campaigns to Cartoon Cosmetic Campaigns • 1,131 views
Cute Puppy Video Campaigns

3 Cute Puppy Video Campaigns

The Pedigree Adoption Drive Video is Direct • 378 views
Video-Centric Infographics

4 Video-Centric Infographics

'Show Me Something' Details How Video is Taking Over the Web • 357 views
Wrench-Integrated Bottle Caps

5 Wrench-Integrated Bottle Caps

The Dew Bottle Tool Puts a Wrench in a Mountain Dew Bottle's Cap • 314 views
Bespoke Beer Posters

6 Bespoke Beer Posters

Heineken’s ‘Legendary Posters’ Show Support for the Rights of Journalists • 233 views
Meaty Floral Corsages

7 Meaty Floral Corsages

The Kfc Chicken Corsage is Perfect for Prom-Going Chicken Lovers • 222 views
Profane Poverty Awareness Ads

8 Profane Poverty Awareness Ads

This Ad for the Pilion Trust Urges People to Donate to Charity • 211 views
Heartfelt Father-Daughter Ads

9 Heartfelt Father-Daughter Ads

This Tosando Music Ad Tells a Moving Tale Between Dad and Daughter • 209 views
Newborn Safety Auto Ads

10 Newborn Safety Auto Ads

Mitsubishi's 'First Ride Home' Gives Babies a Safe Ride from the Hospital • 208 views
Soccer Player Sculpture Ads

11 Soccer Player Sculpture Ads

‘Forever Blue’ Promotes Chelsea FC’s 2014-15 Adidas Kit • 125 views


Deadly Prankster Commercials

1 Deadly Prankster Commercials

The Metro Trains April Fools Day Campaign is Adorably Cautionary • 6,129 views
Easter Animal Cruelty Ads

2 Easter Animal Cruelty Ads

PETA's Easter Ad Highlights the Egg Industry's Killing of Chicks • 5,957 views
27 Examples of Discount Innovations

3 27 Examples of Discount Innovations

From Customer Loyalty Cubes to Couples-Only Discount Codes • 4,083 views
17 Retro Cartoon Marketing Techniques

4 17 Retro Cartoon Marketing Techniques

From Cartooned Color Campaigns to Comic-Inspired Brake Ads • 3,569 views
Branded Documentary Films

5 Branded Documentary Films

Pilot PMR Creates a Tongue-in-Cheek Video to Connect with Clients • 2,579 views
Family Planning Phone Commercials

6 Family Planning Phone Commercials

This Commercial for Sprint Promotes Framily Planning • 1,733 views
21 Social Good Video Campaigns

7 21 Social Good Video Campaigns

From Foxy Feline Adoption Videos to Charity A-List Dating Raffles • 1,666 views
Illustrated Anti-Bullying Ads

8 Illustrated Anti-Bullying Ads

This Anti-Bullying Campaign is Candid and Direct • 1,632 views
25 Projects to Save the Honey Bees

9 25 Projects to Save the Honey Bees

From Barren Market Campaigns to Open Sourced Beehives • 1,408 views
36 Fun Animal Adoption Campaigns

10 36 Fun Animal Adoption Campaigns

From Single Feline Dating Sites to Puppy-Injected Selfies • 1,393 views
Inspirational Makeup-Removing Ads

11 Inspirational Makeup-Removing Ads

Dermablend's 'Camo Confession' Proves Beauty is on the Inside • 1,310 views
Surreally Morphing Fashion Ads

12 Surreally Morphing Fashion Ads

Hermès' Metamorphosis Ad Quirkily Shows Off Its Products • 1,244 views
Emotional First Flight Videos

13 Emotional First Flight Videos

'Vodafone Firsts' Helped Two Dutch Grandmas Fly for the First Time • 1,200 views
Designer-Produced Short Films

14 Designer-Produced Short Films

Louis Vuitton Presents Their Designer-Produced Short Film ‘Emprise’ • 1,150 views
Interactive Shrinking Ads

15 Interactive Shrinking Ads

This Anti-Bullying Film Gets Shorter Each Time You Share it on Facebook • 1,063 views
Video View Donation Campaigns

16 Video View Donation Campaigns

This Donation-Raising Video Aims to Help 32 Kids in Need • 924 views
Burger-Loving Mutant Campaigns

17 Burger-Loving Mutant Campaigns

The Carl's Jr Mystique Commercial Tells People to Man Up • 903 views
Charitable Emoticon Campaigns

18 Charitable Emoticon Campaigns

This PETA Ad Uses Emoji Conversations to Get a Big Message Out Fast • 899 views
Sterotype-Reversing Ads

19 Sterotype-Reversing Ads

This Women Empowering Ad Flips Stereotypes Upside Down • 899 views
Creative Water Conservation Ads

20 Creative Water Conservation Ads

Colgate Shows the Wasted Water From Brushing Your Teeth • 884 views


Top 5 Hipster Fallacies About Taxes

1 Top 5 Hipster Fallacies About Taxes

Help Solve the 'Hipster Tax Crisis' (SPONSORED) • 8,649 views
66 Olympics-Inspired Ads

2 66 Olympics-Inspired Ads

From Glitchy Cars to LGBT Luging, the Sochi 2014 Olympics Has It All • 2,273 views
Social Promotion Giveaway Trips

3 Social Promotion Giveaway Trips

Travelocity is Giving Away a Dream Trip with the Phrase #iWannaGo • 2,263 views
Cleverly Evolving Tea Campaigns

4 Cleverly Evolving Tea Campaigns

Tetley Tea Makes Sure It Isn't Left Behind with Its Evolving Ads • 1,379 views
Break Up Gum Commercials

5 Break Up Gum Commercials

Sarah Silverman Breaks Up with her Coffee Breath in this Orbit Gum Ad • 1,042 views
Gender Conversation Campaigns

6 Gender Conversation Campaigns

'My Body My Rights' is a Social Activist Campaign Against Violence • 1,020 views
Sports Star Literacy Campaigns

7 Sports Star Literacy Campaigns

This Typeface Was Pounded by a Ukrainian Boxer for Awareness • 925 views
Social Driven Flu Trackers

8 Social Driven Flu Trackers

Avoid the Flu Areas with the Softsoap Social Media Flu Tracker • 910 views
Enchanting Eco Lighting Ads

9 Enchanting Eco Lighting Ads

IKEA Promotes the Natural Beauty of Energy Efficient LED Lightbulbs • 868 views
Boundary-Pushing Sports Ads

10 Boundary-Pushing Sports Ads

Nike’s Winter Wonderland Boosts Perseverance & Self-Improvement • 840 views
Full-Screen Tablet Ads

11 Full-Screen Tablet Ads

Apple May Roll Out Full-Screen Ads in Apps for iPhones and iPads • 799 views
Niche Gathering Videos

12 Niche Gathering Videos

'We Are Not Alone' by Facebook Celebrates Finding Friends • 770 views
Naughty Vapour Cigarette Commercials

13 Naughty Vapour Cigarette Commercials

The Vapour Zone Commercial is Hilriously Flavorful • 759 views
Turtle-Inspired Noodle Makeovers

14 Turtle-Inspired Noodle Makeovers

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are Turned Into Kraft Dinner Noodles • 755 views
Celebrity Female Empowerment Ads

15 Celebrity Female Empowerment Ads

The CoverGirl 'Girls Can' Campaign is Candid and Inspirational • 750 views
War-Injected Childhood Videos

16 War-Injected Childhood Videos

Save the Children's 'Second a Day' Shows the Effect of War on Kids • 705 views
Garbage Truck Makeovers

17 Garbage Truck Makeovers

The Saatchi & Saatchi Garbage Ice Cream Truck Marketing Campaign is Sweet • 699 views
Shocking Live Birth Adverts

18 Shocking Live Birth Adverts

Save The Children's Woman Giving Birth Video Delivers a Harsh Message • 697 views
Electric Innovation Ads

19 Electric Innovation Ads

This GE Ad Highlights the Company's Achievements Whimsically • 689 views
Personal Wine-Making Gadgets (UPDATE)

20 Personal Wine-Making Gadgets (UPDATE)

The Miracle Machine That Turns Water into Wine is a PR Hoax • 668 views