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Happiness-Focused Fitness Ads

1 Happiness-Focused Fitness Ads

Blink Fitness Highlights Its Many Different Members in These Fun Ads • 798 views
Meditating Model Ads

2 Meditating Model Ads

This Kendall Jenner Video is a Part of LOVE Magazine's Advent Calendar • 86 views
Equality-Promoting Car Ads

3 Equality-Promoting Car Ads

This Audi Car Ad Targets Girls Who Want to Play with "Toys for Boys" • 52 views
Millennial-Focused Deodorant Ads

4 Millennial-Focused Deodorant Ads

This Secret Ad Shows Two Young Women Preparing to Pitch a Client • 51 views
High-Energy Athlete Partnerships

5 High-Energy Athlete Partnerships

This Dak Prescott adidas Commercial Features Rapper Desiigner • 49 views
Stop-Motion Sci-Fi Toy Films

6 Stop-Motion Sci-Fi Toy Films

Star Wars' 'Go Rogue' is Directed by Tucker Barrie and Dan Mackenzie • 45 views
Three-Dimensional Apparel Campaigns

7 Three-Dimensional Apparel Campaigns

Human Habit's New Campaign Features Its Graphic Clothing • 43 views
Shaving Subscription Service Ads

8 Shaving Subscription Service Ads

This Commercial for Harry's Outlines the Reasons for Its Origin • 43 views
Comparative Laundry Detergent Ads

9 Comparative Laundry Detergent Ads

This OMO Ad Likens Bad Detergent to a Terrible Car Wash • 33 views
Saturated University Promotions

10 Saturated University Promotions

Deakin University's Think Young Ad Encourages Innovative Thinking • 31 views
Supernatural Luxury Wear Campaigns

11 Supernatural Luxury Wear Campaigns

This Spring/Summer Givenchy Campaign Has an Eerie Plot • 28 views
Poetic Designer Fashion Commercials

12 Poetic Designer Fashion Commercials

This Prada Resort Ad Follows a Supremely Stylish Man and Woman • 27 views
Family-Oriented University Campaigns

13 Family-Oriented University Campaigns

This University of Phoenix Student Ad Considers Its Alumni • 26 views
Surreal Higher Education Campaigns

14 Surreal Higher Education Campaigns

This Australian University's Ad Shows the Power of Teamwork • 26 views
Funny Branded Parenting Videos

15 Funny Branded Parenting Videos

WhatsUpMoms Teamed Up with Resolve for 'THE IN-LAWS ARE COMING!!!' • 20 views


Top 25 Commercial Trends in November

1 Top 25 Commercial Trends in November

From Choreographed Christmas Campaigns to Slasher Candy Ads • 3,453 views
20 Personified Pet Ads

2 20 Personified Pet Ads

From Stylish Animal Editorials to Canine Photographer Campaigns • 1,297 views
Universal Marketing Parody Ads

3 Universal Marketing Parody Ads

An Agency Has Created a "Super-Ad" That Can Apply to Any Product • 268 views
Solar-Powered Christmas Displays

4 Solar-Powered Christmas Displays

This Luminous Display Makes the Case for Using Solar Energy • 231 views
Santa-Attracting Hospital Campaigns

5 Santa-Attracting Hospital Campaigns

'SickKids VS Missing Home' Addresses Kids' Holiday Concerns • 208 views
Innuendo-Heavy Condom Ads

6 Innuendo-Heavy Condom Ads

This Trojan Commercial Playfully Explores the Qualities of Its Products • 161 views
Celebrity Condom Advertisements

7 Celebrity Condom Advertisements

This Commercial Features Charlie Sheen Promoting Safe Sex • 155 views
Corrective Sexual Education Ads

8 Corrective Sexual Education Ads

This Ontario Sexual Education Ad Shows the Value of New Curriculum • 151 views
Heartwarming Language-Learning Ads

9 Heartwarming Language-Learning Ads

Allegro's 'English for Beginners' Ad Features a Christmas Gift • 133 views
Emotional Teddy Bear Holiday Ads

10 Emotional Teddy Bear Holiday Ads

Interflora's Ad Considers the Value of Giving to Loved Ones • 119 views
Responsible Alcohol Consumption Ads

11 Responsible Alcohol Consumption Ads

Heineken's Sponsorship for Formula 1 Promotes Safe Drinking • 118 views
Traveling Teddy Bear Commercials

12 Traveling Teddy Bear Commercials

This Heartfelt Heathrow Airport Ad Focuses on Two Grandparents • 108 views
Emotionally Expressive Holiday Ads

13 Emotionally Expressive Holiday Ads

This Minute Maid Campaign Stresses Family Over Commodities • 100 views
Lip-Syncing Rapper Commercials

14 Lip-Syncing Rapper Commercials

This Drake Apple Ad Shows Him Singing to Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' • 98 views
Musical Chair Short Films

15 Musical Chair Short Films

COS' Film Depicts Designers Playing Musical Chairs with Their Own Pieces • 96 views
Anti-Consumerist Christmas Ads

16 Anti-Consumerist Christmas Ads

This New Edeka Ad Conveys That the Holidays Should Be About Family • 69 views
Innovation-Celebrating Laptop Ads

17 Innovation-Celebrating Laptop Ads

This New MacBook Pro Ad Shows Apple's Product as Revolutionary • 67 views
Lovestruck Doll Commercials

18 Lovestruck Doll Commercials

This McDonald's Christmas Ad Follows a Vintage Toy Looking for Love • 65 views
Paraglider-Pulling Trucks

19 Paraglider-Pulling Trucks

'The Flying Passenger' Will Feature a Volvo Truck Hauling a Glider • 60 views
Resilient Mother Campaigns

20 Resilient Mother Campaigns

The Flower Service 'Teleflora' Released a Powerful Ad About Mothers • 57 views