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20. Futuristically Alloyed Editorials

Laura Kampan Stars in Numéro Tokyo's May 2014 Issue (GALLERY)
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Gender-Swapped CartoCharacters

1 Gender-Swapped CartoCharacters

Deviantartist Sakimi Chan Creates Gender-Swapped Disney Characters • 50,151 views
Superhero Pin-Up Illustrations

2 Superhero Pin-Up Illustrations

Ant Lucia Illustrated Pin-Up Versions of Female Superheroes • 13,217 views
Miami Supermom Editorials

3 Miami Supermom Editorials

The Glamour US May 2014 Proves Motherhood Doesn't Need to Slow You Down • 12,020 views
Asianic Protest Editorials

4 Asianic Protest Editorials

'SHUT DOWN' by Tom Potisit and Marty Angsakul Highlights Social Issues • 11,785 views
Guest of Honor Epic Exits

5 Guest of Honor Epic Exits

Memorable Exits Worthy of a Guest of Honor (SPONSORED) • 9,565 views
31 Alluring Emma Watson Features

6 31 Alluring Emma Watson Features

From Sultry Celeb Editorials to Leggy Starlet Spreads • 8,341 views
Iconic Rapper Painting Makeovers

7 Iconic Rapper Painting Makeovers

Blog B4XVI Compares Rap Music Artists and Famous Paintings • 5,974 views
Villainous Whispering Memes

8 Villainous Whispering Memes

The Hail Hydra Meme Has Captain America Fans Feeling Villainous • 4,705 views
Occult Nature Editorials

9 Occult Nature Editorials

The Flair Magazine April 2014 issue Explores Duality • 4,539 views
Quoted Television Movie Mashups

10 Quoted Television Movie Mashups

These Game of Thrones Mixes with Mean Girls are Hilarious • 4,154 views
Unruly Rocker Editorials

11 Unruly Rocker Editorials

Tess Hellfeuer Gets Rebellious for Maire Claire Italia April 2014 Issue • 3,904 views
32 Intricate Cosplay Outfits

12 32 Intricate Cosplay Outfits

From Meticulous Comic Book Armor to Hybrid Disney Hero Cosplay • 3,751 views
Leisurely Heroine Fashion Illustrations

13 Leisurely Heroine Fashion Illustrations

Mingjue Helen Chen Casually Reimagined DC Characters • 2,777 views
Pictionary-Styled Music Posters

14 Pictionary-Styled Music Posters

Literal Rock Band Icons by Tata & Friends is Playful and Cheerful • 2,727 views
Daily Activity Geniuses Charts

15 Daily Activity Geniuses Charts

This Geniuses Chart Explains How They Spent Their Days • 2,598 views
Futuristically Alloyed Editorials

16 Futuristically Alloyed Editorials

Laura Kampan Stars in Numéro Tokyo's May 2014 Issue • 2,547 views
Unusual Sports Photography

17 Unusual Sports Photography

This Sports Photo Series is Both Bizarre and Interesting • 2,417 views
Band Evolution Illustrations

18 Band Evolution Illustrations

Danilo Agutoli Drew Beatles' Outfits from Over the Years • 2,298 views
Witch-Inspired Boho Fashion

19 Witch-Inspired Boho Fashion

The L’Officiel Netherlands April-May 2014 Editorial Stars Kim Noorda • 2,275 views
Self-Assured Diva Editorials

20 Self-Assured Diva Editorials

Beyoncé Bares All in the Out Magazine May 2014 Issue • 2,175 views


20 Outrageously Awesome Selfies

1 20 Outrageously Awesome Selfies

Find Out How Your Selfies Can Make You a Star (SPONSORED) • 62,334 views
Swapped Social Media Logos

2 Swapped Social Media Logos

Fabio Di Corleto Illustrated Popular Web Brands with Swapped Logos • 15,540 views
46 Funny Office Pranks

3 46 Funny Office Pranks

From Goofy Gag Thumb Drives to Office Diversion Dolls • 13,904 views
75 Bold Business Cards

4 75 Bold Business Cards

From Pop Culture Business Acumens to Laser-Cut Designs • 13,724 views
Social Media-Integrated Paintings

5 Social Media-Integrated Paintings

Nastya Ptichek Reimagines Paintings with Social Networking • 13,255 views
City-Destroying Graffiti

6 City-Destroying Graffiti

The Bruce Lee Street Art by OakOak is Demolishing a City in France • 10,389 views
Ocean-Frolicking Denim Editorials

7 Ocean-Frolicking Denim Editorials

The Vogue Paris April 2014 Stars Andreea Diaconu • 9,367 views
Sorrowful Pop Culture Illustrations

8 Sorrowful Pop Culture Illustrations

JSalvador Depicts Emo Pop Culture Icons in these Paintings • 8,447 views
25 Memorable Mugshot Pieces

9 25 Memorable Mugshot Pieces

From Celebrity Mugshot Masterpieces to Vintage Gangster Lookbooks • 8,257 views
Harajuku Girl Portraits

10 Harajuku Girl Portraits

Tokyo Adorned by Thomas Card Captures Cartoonish Street Styles • 8,152 views
100 Outrageous Public Prank Ideas

11 100 Outrageous Public Prank Ideas

From Slimy Sneeze Pranks to Hilarious Hand-Holding Pranks • 8,037 views
Disfigured Teenage Turtle Memes

12 Disfigured Teenage Turtle Memes

The Michelangelo Meme Pokes Fun at the Turtle's New Appearance • 7,973 views
Edible Spring Time Images

13 Edible Spring Time Images

Dan Cretu and Pizza Hut Restaurants Create Art Using Salad Ingredients • 7,953 views
Miniature Fantasy Film Abodes

14 Miniature Fantasy Film Abodes

This Little Hobbit Hole is One in Which You Can Actually Live • 7,861 views
Comical Personified Snack Doodles

15 Comical Personified Snack Doodles

The 'Orange Is The New Snack' Food Blog Brings Meals to Life • 7,475 views
Pop Culture Business Cards

16 Pop Culture Business Cards

Benedetto Papi and Edoardo Santamato Imagine Icons with Everyday Jobs • 7,375 views
Marie Antoinette-Inspired Editorials

17 Marie Antoinette-Inspired Editorials

The Vogue Germany April 2014 Photoshoot is Full of Decadence • 6,976 views
House-Sitting Photo Pranks

18 House-Sitting Photo Pranks

This Prankster Sent Photoshopped Updates to a Homeowner on Vacation • 6,896 views
Be That Guest of Honor

19 Be That Guest of Honor

How to Make a Memorable Entrance (SPONSORED) • 6,867 views
Amazonian Sporty Editorials

20 Amazonian Sporty Editorials

The Fashion Magazine 'Track & Heeled' Photoshoot Stars Kristen M • 6,783 views


48 Comically Altered Disney Characters

1 48 Comically Altered Disney Characters

From Retouched Disney Princesses to Animated Disney Selfies • 92,177 views
54 Modern Disney Princess Makeovers

2 54 Modern Disney Princess Makeovers

These Modern Disney Princesses Come into the 21st Century • 90,968 views
Distorted Beauty Photo Series

3 Distorted Beauty Photo Series

This Socially Revealing Photo Series Examines Beauty and Self Worth • 65,821 views
30 Dark Disney Princesses

4 30 Dark Disney Princesses

From Combustible Princess Videos to Violent Princess Street Art • 56,356 views
Frightening Childhood Icon Illustrations

5 Frightening Childhood Icon Illustrations

Sarrailh Draws More Scary Cartoon Characters • 46,380 views
Unflattering Skater Face Photos

6 Unflattering Skater Face Photos

These Olympic Figure Skaters Were Photographed with Odd Faces • 31,655 views
36 Incredible Batman Products

7 36 Incredible Batman Products

From Superhero Throwing Knives to Vigilante-Inspired Heels • 29,179 views
Terrifying Childhood Icon Illustrations

8 Terrifying Childhood Icon Illustrations

Sylvain Sarrailh Makes Dark Cartoon Character Art • 26,703 views
Trapped Pet Photography

9 Trapped Pet Photography

The Cats, Dogs and Human Furniture Series Deserves a Good Chuckle • 24,245 views
46 Pop Culture LEGO Recreations

10 46 Pop Culture LEGO Recreations

From LEGO TV Show Sets to Nostalgic Sitcom Figurines • 24,000 views
Budget Cosplayer Costumes

11 Budget Cosplayer Costumes

Lowcostcosplay Makes Intentionally Cheap Cosplay from Household Items • 21,541 views
Sensually Coupled Editorials

12 Sensually Coupled Editorials

The Numero Russia March 2014 Issue is Covered by Pat Cleveland • 20,677 views
Realistic Cartoon Characters

13 Realistic Cartoon Characters

This Realistic Homer Simpson Drawing is a Shocking Sight to Behold • 18,758 views
Disney-Inspired Engagement Rings

14 Disney-Inspired Engagement Rings

These Disney Engagement Rings are Inspired by the Film Frozen • 18,505 views
Tattoo-Covered Celeb Portraits

15 Tattoo-Covered Celeb Portraits

Shopped Tattoos's Inked Celebrities Gallery is Shocking and Fun • 13,464 views
Coquettish 60s Hair Styles

16 Coquettish 60s Hair Styles

The Sixties-Mod Side Swept Hair Style is Back with a Vengeance • 12,934 views
Sickly Boyish Editorials

17 Sickly Boyish Editorials

The Unleash Editorial by Photographer Leo B is Filled with Baggy Clothing • 11,890 views
43 Pop Culture LEGO Sets

18 43 Pop Culture LEGO Sets

From Meth Lab Building Block Sets to Fantasy Toy Block Figurines • 11,783 views
Fairy Tale-Inspired Fashion Lines

19 Fairy Tale-Inspired Fashion Lines

The Red Valentino Fall 2014 Lookbook is Graphically Cartoonish • 11,709 views
Illusionary Beauty Editorials

20 Illusionary Beauty Editorials

The Nonsens TUSH Image Series Plays with Perception • 11,702 views