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20. Extravagant Cyborg Editorials

Glassbook Magazine's Avante Garde Story Visually Translates the Term (GALLERY)
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Disney Princess Pin-Ups

1 Disney Princess Pin-Ups

DeviantART User KittRen Transforms Disney Characters into Sultry Vixens • 178,171 views
Top 100 Marketing Ideas in August

2 Top 100 Marketing Ideas in August

From Ridiculous Rebranding Spoofs to One Star Motel Ads • 152,560 views
Top 100 Unique Ideas in August

3 Top 100 Unique Ideas in August

From Octopus Coffee Stands to Root Vegetable Ice Creams • 145,916 views
Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in August

4 Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in August

From Disney Princess Superheroes to Satirical Selfie Sketches • 68,520 views
Cosmetic Celeb Cosplay

5 Cosmetic Celeb Cosplay

Artist Hikaru Cho Turns Regular Guys into Hollywood Stars Using Makeup • 20,500 views
15 Hunger Games Fashion Examples

6 15 Hunger Games Fashion Examples

From Warrior-Themed Editorials to Fantasy Film Cosmetics • 7,608 views
Chromatic Lingerie Editorials

7 Chromatic Lingerie Editorials

Glassbook Magazine's Red Room Story is Elegantly Suggestive • 6,581 views
26 Creative Disney Photos

8 26 Creative Disney Photos

From Stunning Magical Photography to Chic Disney Editorials • 6,231 views
Vigilante-Branding Irons

9 Vigilante-Branding Irons

Mark Your Territory with the Niquegeek Batman Branding Iron • 4,907 views
Conceptual Statement Tee Catalogs

10 Conceptual Statement Tee Catalogs

Mai Gidah's Latest Lookbook Features Artful Sportswear Styles • 4,561 views
Black Tie Track Suits

11 Black Tie Track Suits

The Traxedo Offers Runners a more Sophisticated Look While Jogging • 3,884 views
Vanguard Punk Editorials

12 Vanguard Punk Editorials

Glassbook Magazine's Shine On Image Series Highlights the Pink Pixie Coif • 3,855 views
Oppressive Wall Photography

13 Oppressive Wall Photography

These Photos Capture the Palestinian View of the Separation Wall • 3,814 views
53 Pop Culture USBs

14 53 Pop Culture USBs

From Fantasy Flash Drives to Sci-Fi Storage Devices • 3,610 views
Architecturally Sleek Editorials

15 Architecturally Sleek Editorials

Glassbook Magazine's Logical Fashion Story Epitomizes Elegance • 2,563 views
Extravagant Cyborg Editorials

16 Extravagant Cyborg Editorials

Glassbook Magazine's Avante Garde Story Visually Translates the Term • 2,410 views
Psychedelic Art Attire

17 Psychedelic Art Attire

C S’TUDIO's No.221 Collection Embraces Artful Textile Patterns • 2,371 views
100 Cute Hello Kitty Products

18 100 Cute Hello Kitty Products

Even Though Hello Kitty is Not a Cat, These Products Are Purr-fect • 2,319 views
Vanguard Haircut Editorials

19 Vanguard Haircut Editorials

F****** Young! Online's Boy You Are a Star Story is Youthfully Styled • 2,309 views
Streamlined Minimalism Editorials

20 Streamlined Minimalism Editorials

Gary Chew's Concrete Desert Image Series is Architectural • 2,250 views


Punk Princess Illustrations

1 Punk Princess Illustrations

Emmanuel Viola Turns Popular Disney Princesses into Tattooed Rebels • 75,163 views
15 Funny Wedding Finds

2 15 Funny Wedding Finds

From Cheeky Bridal Cutlery to Matching Engagement Photos • 64,336 views
Profane Disney Princesses

3 Profane Disney Princesses

Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros Imagines Cartoons in Subversive Situations • 59,935 views
Comical Adult Film Photography

4 Comical Adult Film Photography

This Issue of Useful Photography Focuses on Opening Scenes • 39,534 views
20 Pop Culture Tattoos

5 20 Pop Culture Tattoos

From Fantasy Cat Meme Tattoos to Marvel Motorcycle Tattoos • 37,491 views
Humanized Sea Creature Cartoons

6 Humanized Sea Creature Cartoons

Spongebob Squarepants and Friends Get a Realistic Makeover • 35,349 views
51 Memorable Red Carpet Looks

7 51 Memorable Red Carpet Looks

These VMA Red Carpet Fashion Moments Range from Chic to Shocking • 23,077 views
Sacrificial Romance Cards

8 Sacrificial Romance Cards

This Funny Greeting Card Expresses How Far You'll Go for Mr. Right • 22,236 views
Celebrity Self-Portrait Books

9 Celebrity Self-Portrait Books

The Kim Kardashian Selfie Book Boasts 352 Pages of Her Face • 20,474 views
Dangerous Femme Fetale Photography

10 Dangerous Femme Fetale Photography

Glassbook Magazine's Bond Girl Editorial is Elegantly Sultry • 17,212 views
Pop Culture Face Paint

11 Pop Culture Face Paint

Artist Laura Jenkinson's Lip Art Illustrations Reference Cartoon Icons • 16,933 views
#FFF: Fantasy Football Fantasy

12 #FFF: Fantasy Football Fantasy

NFL Brothers Star in Music Video Sequel • 15,492 views
Cartoonized Horror Movie Villains

13 Cartoonized Horror Movie Villains

Illustrator Travis Falligan Re-Imagines Bad Guys in Scoopy Doo • 14,405 views
Macabre Glamour Editorials

14 Macabre Glamour Editorials

Glassbook Magazine's Loneliness Fashion Story is Dramatically Chic • 11,990 views
Curvy Superhero Statues

15 Curvy Superhero Statues

Sébastien Livolsi's Plump Wonder Woman Embraces Her Curves • 11,969 views
Anatomical Produce Illustrations

16 Anatomical Produce Illustrations

Dan Cretu Stuns with His Latest Fruit and Vegetable Art Series • 11,611 views
Eclectic 70s Fashion

17 Eclectic 70s Fashion

Anais Pouliot is Playfully Feminine in Harper's Bazaar China • 11,566 views
91 Pop Culture T-Shirts

18 91 Pop Culture T-Shirts

From Galactic Character Tees to Parody Villan Tees • 11,081 views
Mature Child Star Editorials

19 Mature Child Star Editorials

Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe Fronts Essential Homme's Coverstory • 9,034 views
Own The Summer

20 Own The Summer

ScHoolBoy Q Features Fans Representing Summer Style in New Remix Video • 8,887 views


Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in July

1 Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in July

From Parody Princess Tees to Fantasy Sword Stilettos • 137,613 views
Intentionally Unattractive Photos

2 Intentionally Unattractive Photos

Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces is a Refreshingly Humorous Tumblr • 116,376 views
Top 100 Marketing Trends in July

3 Top 100 Marketing Trends in July

From Flip Flop Vending Machines to House-Converted Billboards • 78,052 views
Top 90 Unique Trends in July

4 Top 90 Unique Trends in July

From Parking Lot Contests to Toilet Noise Blockers • 77,103 views
Dramatically Aged Celebrities

5 Dramatically Aged Celebrities

Mashable Uses Oldify to See How Today's Stars Will Look in 60 Years • 68,969 views
70 Examples of Narcissistic Selfies

6 70 Examples of Narcissistic Selfies

From Bathroom Mirror Murals to Boastful Selfie Sweaters • 68,942 views
Ungroomed Armpit Selfies

7 Ungroomed Armpit Selfies

Chinese Teens Make Hairy Underarms Popular on Social Media • 67,143 views
Renaissance Princess Recreations

8 Renaissance Princess Recreations

This Series Turns Disney Character Artwork into Fine Art • 66,952 views
Abused Princess Ads

9 Abused Princess Ads

These Battered Disney Ads by Saint Hoax Hope to Put an End to Domestic Abuse • 65,072 views
Fighter Disney Princesses

10 Fighter Disney Princesses

This Disney Princess Crossovers Series is Fierce and Unique • 62,492 views
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in July

11 Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in July

From Cheesy Bedding Pizza to Watermelon Juice Dispensers • 57,340 views
Nerd Convention Stereotypes

12 Nerd Convention Stereotypes

Dorkly's People You See at Every Nerd Convention is Hilarious • 45,420 views
Creepy Beauty Editorials

13 Creepy Beauty Editorials

The Novembre Magazine July 2014 Issue Focuses on Experimental Looks • 45,109 views
Dangerously Armed Princesses

14 Dangerously Armed Princesses

These Disney Princesses Illustrations are Fierce and Feminine • 43,938 views
Flamboyant Superhero Mash-Ups

15 Flamboyant Superhero Mash-Ups

This Superhero Photo Series Features Avengers in Hello Kitty Gear • 40,665 views
Comically Honest Slogans (UPDATE)

16 Comically Honest Slogans (UPDATE)

These New Hilarious Slogans Will Have You Nodding in Agreement • 27,236 views
Devastated Soccer Fan Blogs

17 Devastated Soccer Fan Blogs

Tumblr Site Sad Brazilians Celebrates the Fervor of the World Cup • 23,736 views
Custom Facebook Cover Photos

18 Custom Facebook Cover Photos

Photoshopper Niki Creates Hilarious Images for her Facebook Header • 21,961 views
Inner Beauty Ads

19 Inner Beauty Ads

Stop the Beauty Madness Campaign Encourages People to Rethink Pretty • 20,169 views
100 Cosplay Ideas for Comic Con

20 100 Cosplay Ideas for Comic Con

From Fantasy Character Cosplays to Disney Ice Queen Costumes • 15,469 views