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20. Sensual Body Shaper Ads

The Lindex Spring 2014 Ad Campaign Stars Model Isabeli Fontana (GALLERY)
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50 Independent Brand Packaging Examples

1 50 Independent Brand Packaging Examples

From Mouthy Dessert Marketing to Plaited Paper Packaging • 10,506 views
Ring Sizer Business Cards

2 Ring Sizer Business Cards

Jewelry Shop 'Marrying's' Ring Stick Sneakily Finds a Woman's Ring Size • 5,781 views
Boldly Graphic Branding

3 Boldly Graphic Branding

This Authentic Branding Design is Clean and Crafty • 3,372 views
Sophisticated Beachwear Fashion Ads

4 Sophisticated Beachwear Fashion Ads

The Amanda Wakeley Summer 2014 Campaign Stars Farah Holt • 3,154 views
Satirically Honest Brand Slogans

5 Satirically Honest Brand Slogans

'Honest Slogans' Pairs Brands with Embarrassing Remarks • 2,846 views
Juxtaposed Weaponry Ads

6 Juxtaposed Weaponry Ads

The Adot Words Kill War Campaign is a Powerful Call to Peaceful Arms • 2,600 views
Curvaceous Poolside Fashion Catalogs

7 Curvaceous Poolside Fashion Catalogs

The H&M Summer 2014 Plus Sizes Campaign Stars Jennie Runk • 2,544 views
Ganja Rebranding Projects

8 Ganja Rebranding Projects

Cannabiotics Gives Pot a New Image, Inspired by Marijuana Legalization • 2,199 views
Sand Writhing Swimwear Ads

9 Sand Writhing Swimwear Ads

Calzedonia Beachwear Collection 2014 Lookbook Stars Cameron Russell • 2,111 views
Makeup-Perfecting Infographics

10 Makeup-Perfecting Infographics

This Guide Helps Women Create the Perfect Makeup Look • 2,100 views
Multi-Layered Packaging Design

11 Multi-Layered Packaging Design

Greg McNamara Kept with a Minimalist Design for Relays Headphones • 1,968 views
60 Examples of Vintage-Inspired Branding

12 60 Examples of Vintage-Inspired Branding

From Retro Pin-Up Packaging to Antique Spoon Branding • 1,806 views
Blunt Bacon Branding

13 Blunt Bacon Branding

Rachel Brown Updates the Danepak Packaging Design • 1,775 views
Vibrantly Flavorful Sardine Boxes

14 Vibrantly Flavorful Sardine Boxes

Catia Oliveira's Cicero Packaging Represents a World of Flavors • 1,691 views
42 Wonderful Water Bottle Designs

15 42 Wonderful Water Bottle Designs

From $2,500 Water Bottles to Motif Medley Marketing • 1,653 views
Model Client Handbooks

16 Model Client Handbooks

We Are Goat's Client Guide Book Advises 'Please Don't Be a D*ck' • 1,602 views
Cultural Heritage Beer Branding

17 Cultural Heritage Beer Branding

Swing Microbrewery Celebrates Quebec's Rich History • 1,592 views
Hipster Mustard Branding

18 Hipster Mustard Branding

Monsieur Moustache Mustard's Condiment Branding Identity is Witty • 1,226 views
Mexican-Inspired Art Toys

19 Mexican-Inspired Art Toys

The Mexaheads Branding and Packaging Identity is Stunning • 1,022 views
Nonchalant Luxe Accessory Ads

20 Nonchalant Luxe Accessory Ads

The Tiffany & Co. Atlas Jewelry Campaign Stars Daria Werbowy • 956 views


Raw Crafted Branding Identities

1 Raw Crafted Branding Identities

The Branding Ideas and Solutions for This Company are Spot-On • 14,831 views
75 Bold Business Cards

2 75 Bold Business Cards

From Pop Culture Business Acumens to Laser-Cut Designs • 14,702 views
Music-Loving Hippie Lookbooks

3 Music-Loving Hippie Lookbooks

The Free People Festival 2014 Catalog Prepares for Summer Events • 8,680 views
40 Strangely Flavored Grocery Store Snacks

4 40 Strangely Flavored Grocery Store Snacks

From Breast Milk Ice Cream to Soup Broth Chip Flavors • 8,282 views
40 Examples of Minimalist Packaging

5 40 Examples of Minimalist Packaging

From Thin Brand Logos to Minimalist Fragrance Branding • 8,248 views
Vibrant 70s-Inspired Branding

6 Vibrant 70s-Inspired Branding

The Visual Identity Redesign for the Freies Theater Hannover is Fun • 7,592 views
Smolderingly Vibrant Fashion Ads

7 Smolderingly Vibrant Fashion Ads

The Guess Spring 2014 Accessories Campaign Stars Megan & Heather • 7,538 views
35 Examples of Candy Packaging

8 35 Examples of Candy Packaging

From Deco Diamond Branding to Nostalgic Snack Branding • 7,126 views
Nutrition-Focused Branding

9 Nutrition-Focused Branding

RAW by Lauren Nicole Foot Uses Text to Highlight Health Benefits • 7,003 views
Versatile Health Food Packaging

10 Versatile Health Food Packaging

Containers for Plus Kitchen Foods Make Eating Healthy a Snap • 6,984 views
Easter Animal Cruelty Ads

11 Easter Animal Cruelty Ads

PETA's Easter Ad Highlights the Egg Industry's Killing of Chicks • 6,284 views
Deadly Prankster Commercials

12 Deadly Prankster Commercials

The Metro Trains April Fools Day Campaign is Adorably Cautionary • 6,155 views
53 Vodka Branding Concepts

13 53 Vodka Branding Concepts

From Alcoholic Bomb Branding to Intergalactic Booze Labels • 5,667 views
Charitable Testicle Waxings

14 Charitable Testicle Waxings

Men Participate in Not-The-Sac Wax For Testicular Cancer Canada • 5,341 views
76 Unusual Animal Conservation Efforts

15 76 Unusual Animal Conservation Efforts

From Shark-Saving Shirts to Brazilian Bird Ringtones • 5,164 views
Bursting Floral Photography

16 Bursting Floral Photography

Nick Meek Captures High Detail for the Sony 4k TV Ad • 4,961 views
Dainty Gown Fashion Ads

17 Dainty Gown Fashion Ads

The Simona Semen SS14 Campaign Stars Model Malina Cristisor • 4,679 views
Beach Babes Fashion Ads

18 Beach Babes Fashion Ads

The Guess Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign is Sunny and Sensual • 4,637 views
Decreasing Origami Cartons

19 Decreasing Origami Cartons

The U Shape Travel Set Conveniently Downsizes During Your Trip • 4,603 views
Tropically Casual Lookbooks

20 Tropically Casual Lookbooks

The Mango Summer 2014 Catalog Stars Model Andreea Diaconu • 4,527 views


Femme Fatale Swimwear Ads

1 Femme Fatale Swimwear Ads

The Beach Bunny Spring 2014 Campaign Stars Model Irina Shayk • 19,839 views
66 Examples of Macho Branding

2 66 Examples of Macho Branding

These Masculine Branding Styles Spread the Testosterone Around • 18,154 views
Psychedelic Street Fashion Lookbooks

3 Psychedelic Street Fashion Lookbooks

Lazy Oaf's Spring '14 Women's Lookbook is Wild • 12,497 views
Fairy Tale-Inspired Fashion Lines

4 Fairy Tale-Inspired Fashion Lines

The Red Valentino Fall 2014 Lookbook is Graphically Cartoonish • 11,728 views
Vibrant Vintage Brewpub Branding

5 Vibrant Vintage Brewpub Branding

The Freehouse's Contemporary Brand Identity Gets It Just Right • 11,625 views
Censored Adult Diaper Ads

6 Censored Adult Diaper Ads

The Attends Super Plus Underwear Campaign Makes You Feel Naked • 11,307 views
90 Fast Food Fashion Examples

7 90 Fast Food Fashion Examples

From Sugar Addict Editorials to Burger-Printed Apparel • 11,191 views
100 Novelty Wine Bottles

8 100 Novelty Wine Bottles

From Funny Faced Vino to Dracula-Inspired Wines • 11,089 views
Belly Ice Cream Ads

9 Belly Ice Cream Ads

The French Ministry of Health Campaign Addresses Child Obesity Concerns • 10,896 views
90 China Vogue Fashion Editorials

10 90 China Vogue Fashion Editorials

From Layered Leather Editorials to Distressed Photoshoots • 10,848 views
Video Game Business Cards

11 Video Game Business Cards

This Business Card Acts as a Mobile Video Game • 10,264 views
Implement-Patterned Packages

12 Implement-Patterned Packages

Cook Packaging Celebrates the Tools Necessary for Artistic Food Prep • 10,092 views
50 Innovative Subway Ad Campaigns

13 50 Innovative Subway Ad Campaigns

From LEGO Subway Stations to Animated Subvertising • 10,009 views
53 Examples of Coffee Branding

14 53 Examples of Coffee Branding

From Enchanting Christmas Cups to Redesigned Pop Culture Brands • 10,001 views
Minimally Quirky Lookbooks

15 Minimally Quirky Lookbooks

The Cacharel Fall 2014 Campaign Features Femininely Loose Silhouettes • 9,062 views
22 Textured Packaging Designs

16 22 Textured Packaging Designs

From Crumpled Paper Bag Packaging to Origami Beer Labels • 8,661 views
Top 5 Hipster Fallacies About Taxes

17 Top 5 Hipster Fallacies About Taxes

Help Solve the 'Hipster Tax Crisis' (SPONSORED) • 8,654 views
Integrated Camera Packaging

18 Integrated Camera Packaging

Fedrigoni Leica Uses Paper Thin Design to Combine Product with Casing • 8,372 views
Edible Spring Time Images

19 Edible Spring Time Images

Dan Cretu and Pizza Hut Restaurants Create Art Using Salad Ingredients • 8,004 views
Chinese Character Logo Makeovers

20 Chinese Character Logo Makeovers

These Logos Swap Western Type with Chinese Characters • 7,591 views