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10. Long-Lasting Golden Bags

House of Borgezie's Luxury Handbag Comes with a 1,000-Year Guarantee (GALLERY)
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Clock Tower Penthouses

1 Clock Tower Penthouses

Apartment 16 in Brooklyn's Main Street Sits Inside a Clock Tower • 3,187 views
Luxury Launch Apps

2 Luxury Launch Apps

The VeryFirstTo App Announces All of the Latest Luxury Launches • 2,312 views
Limited Edition Luxury Cars

3 Limited Edition Luxury Cars

The New Aston Martin Super Saloon Will Only be Sold in the Middle East • 2,129 views
Ethereal Ethical Fashion

4 Ethereal Ethical Fashion

Beulah London Counts Princesses as Their Customers But Cause is Still Key • 1,346 views
Luxury Lifestyle Apps

5 Luxury Lifestyle Apps

The Quintessentially Lifestyle App Has Perks for Members and Non-Members • 1,163 views
Extravagant Platnium Cases

6 Extravagant Platnium Cases

These Luxurious iPhone 6 Cases Come with Diamond Embellishments • 868 views
Atypical Table Tennis Designs

7 Atypical Table Tennis Designs

The Easter Island Ping Pong Table Cyprien Chabert is Complex • 483 views
Sophisticated Mundane

8 Sophisticated Mundane

Consumers who can't afford luxury opt for luxe-branded regular products • 0 views


Opulent Personal Watercraft

1 Opulent Personal Watercraft

The Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod Watercraft is Luxuriously Indulgent • 17,453 views
14 Bizarre Spa Services

2 14 Bizarre Spa Services

From Bee Venom Therapy to Burning Beauty Treatments • 10,963 views
39 Examples of Premium Spirits Packaging

3 39 Examples of Premium Spirits Packaging

From Crystalized Vodka Vessels to Leopard-Print Wines • 10,862 views
25 Examples of Premium Food Packaging

4 25 Examples of Premium Food Packaging

From Gift-Wrapped Grains to Decadent Grocery Packaging • 7,299 views
Drug Jewelry Designs

5 Drug Jewelry Designs

Cathedral Collection by Damien Hirst is Inspired by His Famous Installations • 6,403 views
Ultra Lightweight Bikes

6 Ultra Lightweight Bikes

The S-Works Mclaren Tarmac is 10% Lighter Than the Previous S-Works Tarmac • 5,176 views
Luxurious Lifestyle Hotels

7 Luxurious Lifestyle Hotels

The New Le Méridien Zhengzhou Hotel is Contemporary and Cultural • 4,218 views
Precious Metal Credit Cards

8 Precious Metal Credit Cards

Mastercards' Pure + Solid Luxury Credit Cards Are Made with Real Metal • 3,520 views
Versailles-Inspired Collections

9 Versailles-Inspired Collections

The Chanel Fall/Winter 2014 Collection is Structured • 3,125 views
46 Royal Baby Birthday Gifts

10 46 Royal Baby Birthday Gifts

In Celebration of Prince George's First Birthday • 2,989 views
Luxuriously Literary Bathtubs

11 Luxuriously Literary Bathtubs

The Comfort Tank Bathtub Offers a Luxurious Place to Relax • 2,855 views
Lounging Safari Photoshoots

12 Lounging Safari Photoshoots

The BALMAIN Paris Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign Channels a Hip-Hop Vibe • 2,813 views
Extravagant Automotive Phones

13 Extravagant Automotive Phones

The Bentley Vertu Signature Touch Luxury Phone Costs $11,000 • 2,684 views
Fox Den Window Displays

14 Fox Den Window Displays

This Vibrant Hermes Window Display Shows a Fox at Home • 2,670 views
$1.3 Million Surfboards

15 $1.3 Million Surfboards

Roy Stuart's Wooden Surfboard Design Brings Luxury to the Seas • 2,607 views
Concentric Ring Barbecues

16 Concentric Ring Barbecues

The Kara Barbecue by Cesarre is a Super Modern Outdoor Grill • 2,569 views
Party Spring Water Packaging

17 Party Spring Water Packaging

ENVI's Natural Spring Water Comes Packaged in Bright Bottles • 2,512 views
Eccentrically Dramatic Dresses

18 Eccentrically Dramatic Dresses

The Alexis Mabille Fall 2014 Couture Line is Inspired by Menswear • 2,448 views
Philanthropic Vacation Packages

19 Philanthropic Vacation Packages

The Getaway2Give Collection Generates Charitable Donations • 2,304 views
Artisan Water Branding

20 Artisan Water Branding

New Zealand Artesian Luxury Water Bottles Are Stamped with Opulence • 2,254 views


Top 90 Unique Trends in June

1 Top 90 Unique Trends in June

From Japanese Male Face Slimmers to Insect Protein Powder • 84,452 views
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in June

2 Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in June

From Transparent Tennis Tables to Geometric Canine Accessories • 53,125 views
Top 100 Fashion Trends in June

3 Top 100 Fashion Trends in June

From Romantic Rocker Editorials to Flirty Summer Catalogs • 34,603 views
100 Products for the Powerball Winner

4 100 Products for the Powerball Winner

From $1 Million Smartphones to Billionaire Toilet Paper • 27,481 views
Top 30 Luxury Trends in June

5 Top 30 Luxury Trends in June

From Poolside Champagne Bars to Aerial Wine Tours • 23,533 views
Colorful Luxury Yachts

6 Colorful Luxury Yachts

Vasily Klyukin Designs High-Class Boats with Flair • 20,356 views
Glamorously Dark Editorials

7 Glamorously Dark Editorials

Don't Come Back Here by Aleksandra Zaborowska Stars Model Ania • 8,360 views
Sleek Origami Superyachts

8 Sleek Origami Superyachts

Vasily Klyukin's Blue Boat is the Equivalent of a Sports Car on Water • 8,028 views
23 Movie Theatre Design Ideas

9 23 Movie Theatre Design Ideas

From Levitating Circular Cinemas to Interactive Movie Theatres • 7,565 views
Elegant Swan Superyachts

10 Elegant Swan Superyachts

Vasily Klyukin's White Swan Boat is a Luxury Yacht Design Concept • 6,671 views
Champagne-Carrying Clutches

11 Champagne-Carrying Clutches

The Clicquot Clutch Exudes Luxury • 6,423 views
Spiked Technicolor Sneakers

12 Spiked Technicolor Sneakers

The Christian Louboutin Spikes Capsule Collection is Vibrantly Edgy • 5,586 views
Sophisticated Parisian Editorials

13 Sophisticated Parisian Editorials

Marine Deleeuw Models Bergdorf Goodman's Pre-Fall 2014 Line • 5,511 views
Comfortable Luxury Airline Services

14 Comfortable Luxury Airline Services

JetBlue Mint Provides Premium Perks for a Lower Cost • 5,239 views
Gilded Tooth Accessories

15 Gilded Tooth Accessories

The Dubai Liberty Dental Clinic's Golden Grill Costs a Whopping $153,000 • 4,964 views
Interactive Tailoring Mirrors

16 Interactive Tailoring Mirrors

Brioni's Virtual Mirror Will Let Men Build & Preview Bespoke Suits • 4,885 views
Comfortable Luxury Cinemas

17 Comfortable Luxury Cinemas

Bangkok's Embassy Diplomat Screens Makes Movie-Watching Decadent • 4,720 views
$100 Million Private Jets

18 $100 Million Private Jets

Donald Trump's Custom Boeing 757 is Lavish and Dripping in Gold • 4,229 views
27 Examples of African Architecture

19 27 Examples of African Architecture

From Easily Adaptable Abodes to Luxuriously Domed Retreats • 4,085 views
Fierce Predatory Yachts

20 Fierce Predatory Yachts

Vasily Klyukin's Luxury Yacht Design Concept Has a Shark-Like Shape • 3,883 views