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18. Luxury Survival Bags

Preppi's Prepster Survival Kit Comes with Top-of-the-Line Products (GALLERY)
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Top 100 Marketing Ideas in August

1 Top 100 Marketing Ideas in August

From Ridiculous Rebranding Spoofs to One Star Motel Ads • 151,780 views
Top 35 Luxury Ideas in August

2 Top 35 Luxury Ideas in August

From Clock Tower Penthouses to Champagne Ice Cream • 25,975 views
14 Sophisticated Lunch Carriers

3 14 Sophisticated Lunch Carriers

From Luxury Lunch Packs to Sturdy Canvas Lunch Bags • 6,887 views
48 Luxurious Gadget Covers

4 48 Luxurious Gadget Covers

From Couture Tablet Protectors to Gilded iPhone Cases • 5,074 views
Lightweight Designer Bikes

5 Lightweight Designer Bikes

Le Flâneur Sportif d’Hermès Comes with a Hefty Price Tag • 4,263 views
Opulent Business Vans

6 Opulent Business Vans

The Brabus Business Lounge is a Conference Room on Wheels • 2,730 views
29 Classic Hotel Innovations

7 29 Classic Hotel Innovations

From Allergy-Free Hotel Rooms to Luxury Eco-Hotels • 1,790 views
Multimedia Ping Pong Tables

8 Multimedia Ping Pong Tables

The Stiga Studio Table Has Subwoofers and Bluetooth Connectivity • 1,516 views
Luxury Baby Boosters

9 Luxury Baby Boosters

Micuna's Ovo Luxury High Chair is a Special Edition Release • 1,429 views
Mixed Material Clocks

10 Mixed Material Clocks

Dutch-Based Studio PS Created the MOAK Clock • 1,249 views
Pre-Loaded Luxury Totes

11 Pre-Loaded Luxury Totes

Jam Love's Luxury Bag Comes with the 5 Items That Women Desire Most • 977 views
Sarcastic Apparel Projects

12 Sarcastic Apparel Projects

A Kickstarter Project that Promises Lousy Shirt Rewards • 570 views
Personalized Hotel Loyalty Programs

13 Personalized Hotel Loyalty Programs

IBEROSTAR's Superfan Program Rewards Extremely Loyal Guests • 442 views
Futuristic Personal Submarines

14 Futuristic Personal Submarines

The DeepFlight Dragon Submersible is Incredible Easy to Pilot • 319 views
Multi-Use Faux Furs

15 Multi-Use Faux Furs

Multi-functional Luxury by Heli Miikkulainen-Gilbert can be Worn 7 Ways • 156 views
Mixology Resurgence

16 Mixology Resurgence

Classic bartending sees a revival as consumers crave nostalgic indulgence • 0 views


50 Luxury Items for Pets

1 50 Luxury Items for Pets

From Extravagant Pet Furniture to Luxury Pet Vacations • 18,124 views
30 Futuristic Jet Designs

2 30 Futuristic Jet Designs

From Mind-Controlled Jetliners to Fuel-Efficient Airplanes • 18,013 views
Evil Sorceress Footwear

3 Evil Sorceress Footwear

Christian Louboutin's Maleficent Shoes Are Wickedly Stylish • 10,569 views
Bulletproof Luxury Cars

4 Bulletproof Luxury Cars

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Guard Can Withstand a Bomb in Style • 9,062 views
56 Back to School Lunch Bags

5 56 Back to School Lunch Bags

From Anti-Theft Lunch Bags to DIY Notebook Lunch Bags • 6,934 views
Cookie Footwear Collections

6 Cookie Footwear Collections

The Edible Jimmy Choo Collection Includes Shoe-Shaped Cookies • 5,776 views
Sassy Fashion Ads

7 Sassy Fashion Ads

The Latest Oscar de la Renta Campaign is Full of Fierce Attitude • 4,303 views
Bed-Like Airline Seats

8 Bed-Like Airline Seats

Abercrombie & Kent's Jet Seats Recline into a Comfortable Bed on a Plane • 4,217 views
Food-Inspired Fashion Shops

9 Food-Inspired Fashion Shops

Anya Hindmarch's Fashion Pop Up Presents Luxury Goods Like Groceries • 4,115 views
Snowflake-Shaped Floating Hotels

10 Snowflake-Shaped Floating Hotels

The Krystall Hotel Will Offer Best View of the Aurora Borealis • 3,430 views
Cutting-Edge Submersibles

11 Cutting-Edge Submersibles

This U-Boat Worx Compact Submersible Lets You Explore the Ocean Depths • 3,357 views
Eco 80s Sportscar Revivals

12 Eco 80s Sportscar Revivals

The New Toyota Supra Sports Three Electric Engines • 3,236 views
Bespoke Designer Footwear

13 Bespoke Designer Footwear

Stuart Weitzman's SWxYOU Series Can Now Be Made into Custom Heels • 3,032 views
Glittering Gold Shirts

14 Glittering Gold Shirts

An Indian Businessman Commissioned a Pure Gold Shirt • 2,684 views
Luxurious Fashion House Pens

15 Luxurious Fashion House Pens

Hermes and Marc Newson Collaborate to Make the 'Nautilus' • 2,594 views
$300 Designer Lipsticks

16 $300 Designer Lipsticks

Givenchy's Le Rouge Lipstick is a Luxurious Limited Edition • 2,172 views
Extravagant Birthday Cupcakes

17 Extravagant Birthday Cupcakes

This $900 Gourmet Cupcake Was Made as a Special Birthday Surprise • 2,101 views
Decadent Hot Dogs

18 Decadent Hot Dogs

Dougie Dog's Dragon Dog is an Expensive Hot Dog That Costs $100 • 2,082 views
Pianist Cognac Cases

19 Pianist Cognac Cases

Camus' Cognac Organoleptic Piano Case is a Masterpiece • 1,859 views
Panoramic Windowless Jets

20 Panoramic Windowless Jets

The IXION Has Cameras to Give People Expansive Views • 1,665 views


Top 45 Luxury Trends in July

1 Top 45 Luxury Trends in July

From Champagne-Carrying Clutches to Gilded Tooth Accessories • 41,061 views
34 Examples of Premium Spirits Packaging

2 34 Examples of Premium Spirits Packaging

From Crystalized Vodka Vessels to Leopard-Print Wines • 14,929 views
13 Bizarre Spa Services

3 13 Bizarre Spa Services

From Bee Venom Therapy to Burning Beauty Treatments • 13,365 views
24 Examples of Premium Food Packaging

4 24 Examples of Premium Food Packaging

From Gift-Wrapped Grains to Decadent Grocery Packaging • 13,227 views
Drug Jewelry Designs

5 Drug Jewelry Designs

Cathedral Collection by Damien Hirst is Inspired by His Famous Installations • 8,947 views
Clock Tower Penthouses

6 Clock Tower Penthouses

Apartment 16 in Brooklyn's Main Street Sits Inside a Clock Tower • 8,081 views
Ultra Lightweight Bikes

7 Ultra Lightweight Bikes

The S-Works Mclaren Tarmac is 10% Lighter Than the Previous S-Works Tarmac • 7,468 views
46 Royal Baby Birthday Gifts

8 46 Royal Baby Birthday Gifts

In Celebration of Prince George's First Birthday • 7,219 views
Luxurious Lifestyle Hotels

9 Luxurious Lifestyle Hotels

The New Le Méridien Zhengzhou Hotel is Contemporary and Cultural • 7,082 views
Limited Edition Luxury Cars

10 Limited Edition Luxury Cars

The New Aston Martin Super Saloon Will Only be Sold in the Middle East • 6,715 views
Artisan Water Branding

11 Artisan Water Branding

New Zealand Artesian Luxury Water Bottles Are Stamped with Opulence • 5,342 views
Versailles-Inspired Collections

12 Versailles-Inspired Collections

The Chanel Fall/Winter 2014 Collection is Structured • 5,165 views
Modern Gem Jewelry

13 Modern Gem Jewelry

The Maison Martin Margiela Jewelry Collection Can Be Heirlooms • 4,552 views
Soccer Superstar Shoes

14 Soccer Superstar Shoes

The CR7 Footwear Collection is Inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo's Personality • 4,364 views
Luxury Launch Apps

15 Luxury Launch Apps

The VeryFirstTo App Announces All of the Latest Luxury Launches • 4,343 views
Ethereal Ethical Fashion

16 Ethereal Ethical Fashion

Beulah London Counts Princesses as Their Customers But Cause is Still Key • 4,336 views
Lounging Safari Photoshoots

17 Lounging Safari Photoshoots

The BALMAIN Paris Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign Channels a Hip-Hop Vibe • 4,223 views
Concentric Ring Barbecues

18 Concentric Ring Barbecues

The Kara Barbecue by Cesarre is a Super Modern Outdoor Grill • 4,215 views
Eccentrically Dramatic Dresses

19 Eccentrically Dramatic Dresses

The Alexis Mabille Fall 2014 Couture Line is Inspired by Menswear • 4,145 views
Extravagant Platnium Cases

20 Extravagant Platnium Cases

These Luxurious iPhone 6 Cases Come with Diamond Embellishments • 3,851 views