25 Cool Collages
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25 Cool Collages Photos

There is something very satisfying about creating something new out of things that already exist. Perhaps this is why so many people are drawn to collages. The concept of a collage is cutting and pasting…[More]

From Canned Meat Artwork to 3D Photo Sculptures 1

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Star Wars-Themed Lighting

1 Star Wars-Themed Lighting

Melting Photographic Paintings

2 Melting Photographic Paintings

Turntable-Inspired Phone Docks

3 Turntable-Inspired Phone Docks

Album Cover Facepaintings

4 Album Cover Facepaintings

Smartphone-Paired Syringes

5 Smartphone-Paired Syringes

Basket-Like Seats

6 Basket-Like Seats