Cross-Dressing Masked Wrestlers
Photos of Cross-Dressing Masked Wrestlers (Via: thelondonpaper, galleries.thelondonpaper)

Cross-Dressing Masked Wrestlers Photos

A group of cross-dressing wrestlers from Mexico called 'Lucha Libre' will be performing in England this month. The exotic performers represent vintage Mexican wrestling with the colorful and creative…[More]

Mexico's 'Lucha Libre' Troupe 1Mexico's 'Lucha Libre' Troupe 2Mexico's 'Lucha Libre' Troupe 3Mexico's 'Lucha Libre' Troupe 4Mexico's 'Lucha Libre' Troupe 5Mexico's 'Lucha Libre' Troupe 6Mexico's 'Lucha Libre' Troupe 7Mexico's 'Lucha Libre' Troupe 8Mexico's 'Lucha Libre' Troupe 9Mexico's 'Lucha Libre' Troupe 10

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