Pimped-Out Bicycles
Photos of Pimped-Out Bicycles (Via: neoncobra.blogspot)

Pimped-Out Bicycles Photos

Dekochari is the new craze for decorating bicycles that is sweeping Japan, and I predict Trend Hunter. It’s the kids’ version of pimping out your truck, only it’s done with bicycles. In Dekochari,…[More]

Dekochari Pedal Craze Sweeps Tokyo 1Dekochari Pedal Craze Sweeps Tokyo 2Dekochari Pedal Craze Sweeps Tokyo 3Dekochari Pedal Craze Sweeps Tokyo 4Dekochari Pedal Craze Sweeps Tokyo 5Dekochari Pedal Craze Sweeps Tokyo 6

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