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I am dedicated to bring a carefully curated list of socially responsible and positive trends.

* Futurist/ Social Entrepreneur:
Owner of futurist strategic consultancy NEXT> by Ramla ™ –

Senior Trend Hunter @ –

Independent Art Curator, for ethnic and responsible contemporary art

* New Social Media Journalist:
Blogger at
1/ NEXT> by Ramla;
2/ A Quest for Beauty; a Lust for Life!
Founder of Earthquake-Relief WIKI Project:

* Teacher & Media Consultant:
Subjects: Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Media Studies; New Media
Writing text on Entrepreneurship in Pakistan; 21-st Century Mega Trends
Consultant on new social media using Social Networks, WIKIs, Blogs, Web 2.0 communities


Trend Reading and Prediction; New Social Media- esp. for quick citizen action; Advocacy; Public Speaking + Motivational Speaking; Strategy Planning; Future Visualization; Writing + Journalism + Performing Arts (acting/ hosting)

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MBA bi-major in Marketing; Finance