Al Seckel

Al Seckel Keynotes - Al Seckel's speeches showcase how the perception takes place in the human mind. As an authority... Need Inspiration?

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Al Seckel discusses how visual illusions can please audiences in his visual illusion speech.

Oftentimes the visual perception of individuals are fooled into seeing certain objects through visually trickery as discussed by Seckel. In his visual illusion speech, Seckel discusses the facets about the concept of visual trickery and why people find it enjoyable.

Violating certain expectations can oftentimes result in pleasing audiences, because it's something they don't expect. The same type of violation can also be pleasant through visual illusions. People are able to see depth, color and texture in most objects, which are fundamental factors in fulfillment according to Seckel. People find these visual stimulations enjoyable, which can be exploited by companies to provide their consumers with interesting and engaging graphics.