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Joe Gebbia

Joe Gebbia Keynotes - The Joe Gebbia speeches provide tips on how to successfully launch a business. Gebbia is the CPO &... Need Inspiration?

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Joe Gebbia shares the exciting and inspiring entrepreneurial story of AirBnb in his travel booking keynote. AirBnB is a website that connects people all over the world and creates unique travel experiences and vacations.

The overarching message of his keynote is that a majority of the services provided by the site were not thought of by the founders but the site's users and customers. The site itself serves as a tremendous example of what can happen on a platform that connects millions of people all over the world.

The creative use of spaces and services that were offered on the site were a direct result from the site existing, but they would not have been available had users not become involved. Gebbia's travel booking keynote demonstrates the power of crowd-sourcing and the empowered nature of consumers today.