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Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders Keynotes - As a New York Times bestselling author and former leadership coach at Yahoo!, Tim Sanders's... Need Inspiration?

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In this motivational speech, author and professional business speaker Tim Sanders shares the story of entrepreneur Paul Gavin to teach the audience how to win in business. Tim Sanders begins his speech by stating that great leaders do not motivate; great leaders inspire. He continues his speech by discussing Paul Galvin’s three business ideas in the twentieth century to offer useful tips on how to foster great leadership and a successful culture in business.

Tim Sanders introduces Paul Gavin’s business philosophy as comprising of two things: endurance and faith. Gavin believes that with endurance and faith, fear and exhaustion could always be defeated. Tim Sanders expresses the need for other businesses and teams to adopt a similar mentality. He encourages companies to take risks and make mistakes because this will yield new wisdom. Tim Sanders embraces the idea of mistakes so long as they are new mistakes.