Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson Keynotes - The speeches by Tavi Gevinson describe the difficulties that lie within the lives of teenage women,...

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In this Tavi Gevinson keynote the editor-in-chief and founder of RookieMag.com dispels the myths surrounding feminism and advocates that young women embrace their contradictions.

Criticizing images and impressions that exacerbate two-dimensional representations of women, Gevinson says that what makes a strong female is "a character with weaknesses and flaws, someone who is not immediately likeable but eventually relateable." In regards to the common impression towards feminism, the fashion blogger argues that it is not a guide but rather a "discussion, a conversation, a process."

Tavi Gevinson's website Rookie is a source where young teenage girls can ask questions about and find encouragement towards contradictory feelings and impressions. Signing off, Gevinson says "be like Stevie Nicks," someone who is unapologetic and embraces her flaws.