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Sir Ken Robinson

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Sir Ken Robinson, one of the world's most famous education innovation keynote speakers, discusses the human resource crisis facing the modern world in this redefining education speech. This crisis, he argues, is just as severe, has the same origin as and needs to be addressed with the same seriousness as the climate crisis.

He argues that humans today make very poor use of their talents and skills. Many people go through life without even really knowing their talents or assume they aren't skilled at anything. Robinson pinpoints today's education system as the culprit. "Education, " he states, "dislocated people from their natural talents." These "human resources," like natural resources, have to found and they are buried deep.

Education reform, according the Robinson, is of no use because it simply means changing a system that is already broken. His redefining education speech suggests transforming today's system to foster the creative talents and skills of children.