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Anthony Galie

Anthony Galie Keynotes - Presented by an experienced keynote speaker, Anthony Galie's speeches are motivating and dynamic.... Need Inspiration?

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In this motivation keynote, author and professional speaker Anthony Galie discusses a variety of simple changes people can make in their everyday lives to increase their motivation and efficiency. Galie presents steps to help individuals program their own success.

He begins his speech by making it very clear that the most successful people from a wide range of industries today do not set goals once a year. These individuals are doing something every single day to maintain their motivation and determination to accomplish their goals. Similar to exercising, setting goals is something that has to be done very regularly to see results.

Small tasks such as writing down your goals three times a day on a piece of paper to listening to a recording of them and even creating a clutter-free work environment can all have huge impacts on motivation. Consciously creating constant reminders not only holds someone accountable to their goals, but also has them reflecting on them continuously.