Jeff Swartz

Jeff Swartz Keynotes - In drawing from his own experiences, the Jeff Swartz presentations offer ways to make sure... Need Inspiration?

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Timberland CEO Jeff Swartz offers leaders important advice in this management tips speech. There are many challenges involved in managing a large business, but Swartz provides people with insight and things that leaders need to remember.

Swartz says that it's important to care about employees. More important still is to make sure that all employees are familiar with company standards. Swartz claims that all of his employees can recite the company's standards and objectives back to him. It also important to make sure that employees not only know the set standards, but also understand them.

Swartz explains that finding the best people for important positions can make all the difference. He talks about working with individuals from other large companies, who adapted well to change and were able to bring something to the table. At the end of the day, Swartz says that employees also have to rise to the challenge to ensure success.