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John Gerzema

John Gerzema Keynotes - The John Gerzema speeches focus on the shift in consumer behavior, and the impact it is having on... Need Inspiration?

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In this speech, social theorist, author and consultant to some of the world's most influential corporate leaders, John Gerzema discusses the new role of consumers today. John argues that since the recession, today's consumer is more powerful than ever. John Gerzema argues that consumers today have the power to not only hold brands and corporations accountable for their actions, but to also create a smarter and more sustainable spending culture.

John explains how today's consumer is much more cautious and conscious when it comes to spending money; a shift from the mindless consumer to the mindful consumer is taking place. As a result, businesses and brands are having to change the quality of the products they create as well as adapt to new preferences and needs. John Gerzema offers a positive perspective of economic instability because it forces everyone to reevaluate and adopt smarter methods and practices.