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The Barack Obama 2012 DNC speech brought audience members at this year's Democratic National Convention to tears and to their feet. Following the speeches of Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, Barack was able to drive home his vision for the second term of Presidency while acknowledging his first term.

The speeches that were delivered at the DNC were monumentally important for the Democratic party in this election season. Motivating the American vote was a key goal going in -- something that was definitely achieved by Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton alone.

As Barack Obama makes his bid for a second term presidency, he faces many challenges. While he toted the idea of 'Hope' for his 2008 election and produced many interesting ideas, many feel his performance fell short. As a result, going into this election is going to be more difficult, more challenging and he's going to have to offer something more than merely the idea of hope. In the 2012 election, one of the main points of contention lay in the economic progress of the American nation. The make it or break it moment for the U.S election come November rests on both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's economic ideas (or lack thereof).

The Barack Obama 2012 DNC speech brought the convention to a satisfying close and instilled a sense of motivation in his constituency.