Kevin O Leary

Kevin O Leary Keynotes - The Kevin O’Leary speeches focus on the importance of investing in technology. O’Leary is an... Need Inspiration?

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Kevin O'Leary's financial speech builds momentum by establishing how much opinions have changed when it comes to investment. He says people were willing to take risks three years ago, but now all people want to do is preserve. He explains that this is because the baby boomers are retiring and they want to be safe with their money.

O'Leary says that the world outside North America is growing rapidly faster now, and they're leaving North Americans behind. His reasoning behind this is due to money leaving North America as a result of there being no returns. The market here is stagnant and decreasing at an alarming rate.

Kevin ends his financial speech with this powerful take home quote, "Money has no soul, it just pursues the path of least resistance with the highest return."