Ramsey Musallam

Ramsey Musallam Keynotes - In Ramsey Musallam's speeches, he advocates for new educational paradigms that implement technology...

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Technology has become a facet of education that teachers exploit on a regular basis, and Ramsey Musallam encourages teachers to embrace new models of teaching, which he discusses in his engaging curiosity speech.

Curiosity is a facet of learning that is integral, but oftentimes those curiosities aren’t explored in a teacher’s lesson plan due to constrictions of the curriculum. In Musallam’s engaging curiosity speech, he discusses how he encourages his students to question and explore the lessons not just in the confines of the book, but exploration of it in various methodologies.

Bringing to light new levels of curiosity will provide students with an effective learning tool that’s lacking in current school systems. The learning curriculum for students should have engaging, interactive methodologies. It’s a basis of trial and error that educators should embrace.