Paul Ekman

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Psychologist Paul Ekman talks about how to control one's impulses and actions in this emotional control speech. Ekman says that everyone wants to be able to control their emotional outbursts, but that's not always an easy thing. He discusses how to spot signs of a coming outburst and prevent it from happening.

Paul Ekman encourages people to keep a kind of emotional trigger diary. This would involve writing down what makes someone angry, so that they can go back and review it later. This lets people check for patterns and see if there's something specific that's upsetting or angering them. Knowing what one's triggers are can help people to avoid having an outburst.

Ekman says it's important to try and separate impulse and action. Ultimately Ekman says that people need to figure out what it is that really upsets them and then consciously try to stay calm when it comes up again.