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Edward Tenner

Edward Tenner Keynotes - The Edward Tenner speeches focus on unintended consequences of innovation; he provides engaging... Need Inspiration?

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Exploring a variety of unintended consequences throughout history in everything from medicine to technology and design, this Edward Tenner keynote demonstrates why society's ancestors wouldn't be able to understood the evolution of society today.

Using a wide range of fascinating examples -- such as how the use of chopsticks resulted in long term changes in the teeth of the Japanese -- Tenner explains how our choices are constantly having unintended effects.

Tenner discusses the different ways invention can benefit from emergencies and tragedies, such as the future design of ships after the lifeboats weighed down the Titanic. Tenner's speech is both compelling and fascinating, providing an engaging history of some of the world's greatest inventions and breakthroughs, all the while diagnosing the characteristic problem of today as how to close the gap between our capabilities and our foresight.