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Bill Gates Keynotes - Bill Gates' keynote career began shortly after he resigned as the CEO of Microsoft. Having founded... Need Inspiration?

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In this speech, Bill Gates discusses the state budgets for education in the United States. As Gates explains, today’s state budgets for education are continuing to decrease at an exceedingly rapid rate, creating serious barriers and challenges for students and teachers all over the country. Bill Gates demonstrates how budget cuts lead to raised class sizes, smaller staffs and increased university and community college tuition, all of which have a seriously negative impact on the quality of a child’s education. 

Gates identifies a lack of accountability, scrutiny and honest politics as the root causes of education budget deficits. He insists that the small agendas and personal interests of those controlling state budgets will be responsible for the breakdown of the American education system. Bill Gates believes that a better understanding and more transparent bureaucracy will help alleviate the education-related problems plaguing the country today.