Ben Dubin-Thaler

Ben Dubin-Thaler Keynotes - Ben Dubin-Thaler keynote speeches discuss more effective ways to incorporate hands-on science... Need Inspiration?

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Witty and engaging, Ben Dubin-Thaler talks about an innovative new way to get students interested in science in this science by bus keynote. The Biobus is a project that allows children who would not normally be afforded the opportunity to interact in interesting science experiments the chance to participate in some state of the art activities.

The bus is equipped with extremely high-tech equipment making it possible to zoom up on the cellular activities of various organisms. Getting away from textbook learning, this project makes it possible for students to become aware of the potential for exciting projects in science.

Innovations like the Biobus encourage interactive engagement by incorporating the students into the activity and demonstrating rather than saying how science can be fascinating.