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Testimonials from Trend Hunters:

Emre Ersahin It's true that works in favor of the personal brand as well. I received a request for an interview from BBC World Service, they found me on"
Emre Ersahin (Instanbul)
Target Youth

Kyla Legard I've been contacted to write a Modern Art column by a new Magazine that found me on Trend Hunter. When you search for my name on Google, my Trend Hunter portfolio shows up first!"
Kyla Legard (England)
Art History Professor

Nigel Goodwin Quite simply, I'm a Trend Hunter because I enjoy it. I like the virtual community of other trend hunters and I enjoy being part of something that is going to be huge in the future."
Nigel Goodwin (Singapore)
Business Case Writer

Hernando Gomez Salinas I want thank you because after posting in, the BBC invited me to participate in their Culture Shock program! Also, my website,, really started to take off when covered our launch."
Hernando Gomez Salinas (Argentina)
Social Communicator and Publisher of

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