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Advisory Clients (including private workshop and keynotes)
Trend Report Urgency Learn how brands like Nestle, Kellogg's, and Dominos rely on our custom trend platforms and innovation advisory...
Trend Hunter Advisory
"I could see 60 marketers playing on the Platform for 2 days a week. I like it for competitive intelligence."
trend report client kelloggs
Join leading brands, and maybe even your competitors, who rely on our innovation workshops, unrivaled trend platform and award-winning approach to innovation.

It all begins with a few conversations to assess your needs, and eventually a keynote or workshop. In most cases, I teach organizations how to create a culture of innovation, thrive during times of chaos and reinvent during times of change. These lessons will stem from my award-winning book, Exploiting Chaos, and my experience delivering 250+ keynotes and workshops in the last 4 years, which you can read about HERE.

Next, you'll work with our research experts to recreate the power of Trend Hunter with a Custom Trend Platform for your brand. This will expand your team's reach with the collective insight of 110,000 global trend hunters, 175,000 innovative ideas and consumers insights from more than 50,000,000 people.

Your platform is fully customizable, allowing each individual on your team to track custom topics and categories. Plus you gain special access to our PRO Trends™; crowd-filtered insight to help you identify usable opportunities from other industries. Finally, we include monthly webinars, thousands of training videos and our dedicated research experts, who are just an email away.

Jeremy Gutsche
Chief Trend Hunter & Award-Winning Author
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Cutting Edge Strategies

Trend Hunter Advisory is driven by innovation expert and award-winning author, Jeremy Gutsche. With a background in management consulting and success at the cutting edge of innovation, Jeremy's brings a rare perspective on how to unleash innovation. From audiences of 4,000 people to the homes of billionaires, Jeremy has inspired innovation around the world at 396 events for 297,000 people.

"Gutsche is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the planet, well-regarded as the top trend-spotter in the world... The most energizing, inspiring and applicable piece of stand-up I have ever seen. And I've heard Bill Clinton... Bill Gates... and Tony Robbins." - The Sun Newspaper

"Most Inspiring ... Most Creative"

Join clients like: General Mills, Merck, Turner Broadcasting, InterContinental Hotels, Mars, Petsmart, Rogers, Mattel, Cadbury, Nestle-Purina, Bristol-Myers Squibb, The Calgary Stampede, Gore Financial, Cogeco Cable, Calgary Economic Development, Kansas City Economic Development, entrepreneurial start-ups, municipalities, hospital associations, universities, school boards.

"The most inspiring offsite in 7 years." - Director, Cadbury/Kraft

"The most creative session we've ever had. I don't think our team would have achieved the insight we did had it not been for Jeremy. He helped us sharpen our focus on some key strategic initiatives which will lead to game-changing results."
- CEO, GORE Mutual

Customizable Dashboard
NEW! Customizable Dashboard

Filter through noise with our revolutionary, customizable dashboard, called the "Netflix of New Ideas"

  • PERSONALIZED - Get recommendations based on your past interests and your team.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Track innovations and trends based on your industry, keywords and competitors.
  • e.g. Nestle - For example, Nestle might track chocolate (900 ideas), food (5,000 ideas), beverages (2,000), and competitors like Cadbury and Coke.
  • FILTERING - Choose your viewing mode (gallery / reading), create custom lists, demographic filters and reports.
  • HOURLY UPDATES - See what you missed and stay on top of your top categories.
2013 Trend Report
Unrivaled Trend Reports

Understand the evolving consumer mindset with full access to our industry trend reports.

  • CROWDSOURCED CONSUMER INSIGHT™ - All report content is based on our PRO Trends™, which derive from our proprietary technique for identifying patterns of opportunity
  • FULL ACCESS to Trend Reports .com
  • 100,000+ EXAMPLES - Thousands of examples, hyperlinked to articles and videos.

  • PDF Sample
"We love the new Trend Platform. We believe it's awesome. It's a great way to look at what consumers are looking for in the future... use it!“ trend report client kelloggs
Crowd Filtered Insight
Crowdsourced Consumer Insight™
  • CROWDSOURCED - We crowdsource ideas from 166,069 trend spotters in 190 countries, the world's largest, most popular, most updated trend spotting network.
  • CROWD FILTERED -Taking this concept a leap further, we leverage 2,404,000,000 views of data to quantify performance and identify patterns, which we call, PRO Trends™.
Pro Trends
3,779 PRO Trends™
  • INSPIRING - Each PRO Trend is a theme based on multiple examples of high-performing micro-trends. We look for themes that could be inspiring across a range of industries.
  • QUANTIFIED - Quantified scoring separates our methodology from ‘random inspiration’ and ‘gut instinct’.
"I use the Trend Hunter Platform all the time. I really appreciate everything Trend Hunter does. I love the PRO Trends and it makes our jobs a lot easier." trend report client dominos
Trends Updated Hourly
273,973 Examples, Updated Hourly
  • #1 LARGEST & MOST-UPDATED - Gain professional-level access to the world’s largest database of new ideas.
  • ADVANCED TOOLS - Leverage advanced, searchable access in your customizable dashboard.
Award-Winning Coverage
#1 in Trends

WORK WITH THE BEST - When you bring Trend Hunter Advisory to your team, you are giving them the best, most cutting edge trend content, sourced everywhere from The Economist and CNN to CEOs and celebrities, like Kanye West. As MTV puts it, “Find out what’s cool before it’s cool at!”

"The winners will be those who get to the future first. Trend Hunter gets you out of the blocks fast." - Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Dashboard
Innovation eLearning
  • 2,000+ VIDEOS & 100+ COURSES - Keeep your team on the cutting edge of innovation with our curated curriculum of innovation videos, organized into courses.
  • TRACKABLE CURRICULUM - Prioritize categories based on your team's innovation needs and track educational participation.

Trend Report Extras
Award-Winning Innovation Toolkit

NEW WAYS TO INNOVATE - We'll help you kick-start innovation with a variety of extra tools, like free PDF copies of our award-winning book, "Exploiting Chaos - 150 Ways to Spark Innovation," a keynote video and monthly webinars.

"Jeremy is the most innovative speaker we've had and he inspired our group to look at our business differently. The feedback from participants was the most positive we've ever had on a speaker. In addition to the keynote, we hired Jeremy to lead a workshop with our executive team. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious and what followed was the most creative session we've ever had. I don't think our team would have achieved the insight we did had it not been for Jeremy. He helped us sharpen our focus on some key strategic initiatives which will lead to game-changing results. As if that wasn't enough, he even got us featured on CNN."
- Kevin McNeil, CEO, Gore Mutual

"We hired Jeremy to inspire us and lead a workshop for our innovation team. Our team's high level of success means that we have a very high bar and high expectations. However, Jeremy hit the ball out of the park with his energy, insights and his ability to customize the workshop. We've been raving about Jeremy around the office, which is unusual behavior after these types of events. One of our leaders said this was 'the most inspiring offsite in seven years!'"
- Linda Lee, Director, Cadbury/Kraft

5 Types of Innovation Workshops

1) INNOVATION STRATEGY WORKSHOP - How to Reinvent for 2017 (MOST POPULAR) - You have 5 ideas, your CEO has 3 ideas, your CFO is worried about something, and your team has too much to do. The workshops will help you to filter opportunity while teaching your team a toolkit for creating strategic focus and increasing your likelihood of winning.

2) CULTURE OF INNOVATION WORKSHOP - How to Supercharge Innovation - Culture eats strategy for breakfast. It doesn't matter how good your PowerPoint slides and strategy are, it matters if you can get your organization's culture able to execute change and make ideas happen. In these workshops, Jeremy teaches your team a series of tools and tactics that can supercharge your culture of innovation. Most importantly, your team will be motivated to create meaningful change.

3) NEW OPPORTUNITY WORKSHOP - How to Filter Trends & Opportunity - Micro-trends and viral innovations surround us, but once you layer on your customers, competitors and strategy, it becomes difficult to make sense of all the noise. Jeremy helps leaders implement cutting edge frameworks to filter opportunity and identify emerging trends in our chaotic world. These workshops can build upon client insights, or leverage external examples to help illustrate new techniques. Key takeaways include: a toolkit on how to filter ideas, next steps for innovation and a renewed motivation to change the world.

4) INFECTIOUS COMMUNICATION - How to Make Your Messages Stick (& Go Viral) - With 37,000,000 monthly views, Trend Hunter is a proven leader in the heart of the viral blogosphere. We are on the cutting edge of social media and want to help your organization create viral campaigns. We not only help to develop viral campaigns, we own the platform to actually launch them.

5) EXECUTIVE DISCUSSIONS / BOARD MEETINGS - Instead of booking a keynote or a structured workshops, some clients like GORE Mutual, Cogeco Cable and Calgary Economic Development have booked Jeremy for informal discussions with their executive teams and/or board of directors. In these unstructured settings, Jeremy can act as an idea catalyst, conversing about methodical innovation, creating a culture of innovation, infectious marketing and social media.

Trend Reports PLUS, get full access to Trend Reports .com
50+ downloadable reports for 1 price!
2013 Trend Report
At Trend Reports .com, you can download 50+ trend reports, including our Master 2013 trend report, quarterly updates, and the 2013 Trend Report when it becomes available. All reports reference our PRO Trends™, but they are organized by industry so you can find the research that is right for you.

Master 2012 Trend Report
Our master report features the top 272 PRO Trends™ for 2012

Q2 2012 Trend Report
Our Q3 Trend Report features the top 65 PRO Trends™ for Q2 2012

Past Trend Reports
2010 Trend Report
2009 Trend Report

Art & Design Trend Reports
Art & Design, Design, Home, Architecture, Furniture, DIY, Modern, Kitchen, Customization, Graffiti

Lifestyle Trend Reports
Lifestyle, Health, Food, Credit Crunch, Life, Drinking, Sports, Romance, Pets

Marketing Trend Reports
Marketing, Branding, Interactive, Print, Commercials, Publicity Stunts

Fashion Trend Reports
Fashion, Hip Fashion, Photography, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Fashion for Men, Hair, Shoes

Tech Trend Reports
Tech, Gadgets, Phones, Games, Photography, Multimedia, Computers, Science

Pop Culture Trend Reports
Pop Culture, Internet, Media, Humor, Videos

Eco Trend Reports

Business Trend Reports
Business, Retail, New Ventures

Unique Trend Reports
Unique, Bizarre

Life-Stages Trend Reports
Life Stages, Toys, Youth, Babies

Social Media Trend Reports
Social Media

Luxury Trend Reports
Luxury, Ultra Luxury

Social Good Trend Reports
Social Good, Activism, Charity, Education

World Trend Reports
World, Travel, Hip Hotels

Autos Trend Reports

NEW: Create custom trend reports based on YOUR TOPICS using our Build-a-Report tool!

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Dedicated Experts
• Curated Annual Trend Report
• 1-5 Monthly Topic Reports
• Sneak Previews
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• Innovation Workshop by Jeremy Gutsche
• Quarterly Conference Call w/ Jeremy
"The most inspiring offsite in 7 years." - Cadbury
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