ZombieMax are Real Bullets Specially Designed to Take Out Real Zombies

 - Oct 17, 2011
References: hornady & geekologie
With all the marketing and popular support behind the zombie myth, the undead are slowly lumbering from the fictitious world and becoming a real concern -- luckily, ZombieMax brand bullets will stop them dead in their tracks.

Having become bored with the typical "bad guy" targets, shooting ranges and weapon conventions have steadily begun introducing zombie-themed events to the applause of gun enthusiasts. Not only does the undead beg to be shot in the head (the most challenging target), but shooting them doesn't come with any associated shame. Capitalizing on the industry-wide desire to whack the living dead, weapons manufacturer Hornady has released a specialized series of zombie-killing bullets. The ZombieMax bullets are hollow-pointed, meaning they'll do added damage to bone and tissue, and each round has a glowing, green tip to ensure accuracy during nighttime engagement. Happy hunting!