Zombie Family Car Stickers are a Sign of Allegiance to the Undead

 - Nov 29, 2012
References: neatoshop
Ally with the undead in the upcoming apocalypse by signalling to them with the My Zombie Family Car Stickers. Most people have caught a glimpse of the My Family Car Stickers while on the road but there are so many out there, it makes the once adorable design a little repetitive.

Even if the Mayans were correct about the end of the world, no one can predict how the world is going to end. It could be from a rain of fire, artificially intelligent robots, another Ice Age or of course, zombies. The My Zombie Family Car Stickers can keep the undead from trampling on their ‘family’s’ vehicles, leaving you and your family an unscathed getaway vehicle. Plus, if the zombie apocalypse doesn’t come, other families will be sure not to mess with the family with the weird bloody stickers on their car.