Zinka Sunscreen Naturally Protects Skin from Harmful UV Rays

 - Jan 16, 2016
References: zinka.co.za
South African sun care brand Zinka produces a naturally sourced zinc oxide sunscreen that soothes irritated skin while protecting wearers from harmful UV rays. For many, summer breaks are spent sunbathing or barbecuing outdoors but with prolonged sun exposure come wrinkles, age spots and skin irritations. Designed for outdoorsy consumers, ZInka works to protect users in the summer but is also a popular product among thrill-seekers like hikers, skiers and snow-boarders. What's even more unique about this product range is that its waterproof and that it comes in 8 fun colors.

This unique zinc oxide sunscreen protects wearers naturally and contains no added chemical preservatives -- often found in many competing sun care products on the market. Often used as a cure for common rashes or skin abrasions, zinc oxide soothes sunburned skin while simultaneously protecting users from additional sun damage. This sunscreen product is not only natural but is also save for those with sensitive skin.