From Sunblock-Infused Cosmetics to Ayurvedic Sunscreen Shampoos

 - Jan 19, 2016
These multi-purpose suncare products range from sunblock-infused cosmetics that help women pare down their makeup routine to ayurvedic sunscreen shampoos that help to improve the strength and appearance of hair. Indeed, suncare products that serve cosmetic and practical purposes are becoming increasingly popular among consumers who do not want to purchase numerous different skincare products.

As sunscreen is known to help prevent premature skin aging, it is only natural that companies would combine sunscreen with other cosmetic products. For example, there are six-in-one skincare creams that offer sun protection in the form of a liquid foundation. There are also sunblock-infused cosmetics that can be used to set makeup and protect against sun damage at the same time.

Beyond cosmetics, there are a number of multi-purpose suncare products that can be used to replace existing consumer products. Some examples include sunscreen facial cleansers, ayurvedic sunscreen shampoos and sun-blocking lip balms. These products allow consumers to protect against damaging UV rays while using products that are already a part of their daily routine.