This Titanium Dioxide Concentrate Can Be Combined with Moisturizer

 - Jan 19, 2016
References: lingskincare
Ling New York, a Chinese-based skincare brand ensures users are protected from the sun's rays at all times with its Titanium Dioxide concentrate. While sunscreen is recommended as a daily skincare remedy that prevents aging and sun damage, many forget to apply it as often as they should.

This Titanium Dioxide concentrate protects one's skin from harmful UV rays and can be combined with a daily moisturizer or liquid foundation mixture. Once mixed with a hint of Titanium Dioxide, these products are instantly transformed into invisible sun shields.

While traditional sunscreens or sun care makeup products are popular in preventing UVA and UVB light damage, this highly concentrated serum lets users customize their skincare routine. Appealing to experimental beauty buffs, this DIY-inspired product gives users full control of their sun care regimen in order to best suit varying skin types.