This Collection of 'Zen Foxes' Captures the Animals at Their Most Carefree

 - Sep 18, 2015
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Professional Dutch photographer Roeselien Raimond perfectly encapsulates the laid-back attitude of the wild red fox with her photo collection 'Zen Foxes.'

Giving off an absolutely idyllic vibe of well-being, the wild foxes photographed by Raimond are each pictured with a look of complete content on their faces. With their eyes closed and almost a smile pursing their lips, each of the subjects of Zen Foxes seem totally at peace with their world and surroundings.

Raimond describes wild foxes as being both masters of the state of happiness and being right in the moment. She explains that for these foxes there is "no need for yoga classes or meditation courses, since relaxing is their second nature. They don’t spend hours thinking how to live a fulfilling live, they rather spend their time just living it."