Zawya Creates a Cinema for the Enjoyment of the Blind & Visually Impaired

 - Jul 30, 2015
References: dailynewsegypt & zawyacinema
The result of the collaboration between Zawya, Masreya Media Company and Commercial International Bank as a sponsor now means that seeing a movie no longer hinges on having a pair of working eyes.

The first screening for 25 blind and visually impaired people was held in June, featuring a screening of 'Al-Nasser Saladdin' that was paired with an audio descriptor for each scene. This means that key points in the script are highlighted by the person chosen do record the voice over to accompany the film, so that the most important information can be communicated to the audience.

Beyond the cinema experience, audio description makes it possible for people with vision impairments to enjoy everything from TV to theatrical performances and exhibitions.