Zach Ahern Captures Surreal Scenarios from his Imaginative Mind

 - Dec 14, 2011
References: zackahern & whokilledbambi
After stumbling upon the work of Zach Ahern, I can honestly say he's one of my favorite photographers. It isn't his composition skills that impress me, though he's clearly talented in that department. It's his ability to capture cartoon-like daydream scenarios in the tangible world that really speaks to me as a creative kin.

For instance, one of these Zach Ahern photographs depicts a man who's been brutally ravaged by a hail of arrows from cupid. Another features a youth sitting and sulking with a personal-sized rain cloud looming over his head. And I can't gloss over the hilarious image of Santa Claus smoking a joint with a bottle of whiskey in hand. These zany thoughts and ideas have all gone through the minds of imaginative teens and young adults, but only Ahern has been able to actualize those thoughts into something that isn't an illustration.